Ramiro H. Gálvez

Universidad de Buenos Aires
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires

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Institutional Affiliation: Universidad de Buenos Aires

NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2018Differences in Citation Patterns across Journal Tiers in Economics
with María Victoria Anauati, Sebastian Galiani: w25101
We analyze citations patterns of more than 6,000 economics research articles published in top five, second tier, and top field journals. In line with previous literature, we find that although top five journals’ articles generally receive more citations and the life cycles of those citations are longer, their influence (in term of citations) is overestimated: a (non-)successful top five article receives only 3.5 (4) times as many cites as an equivalently (non-)successful second tier of top field article. Our contribution is to show that this ratio is strongly associated with the field of economics research, e.g. this ratio is lowest for econometric methods papers, and with the success of articles (as measured by citation counts), e.g. in all fields of economics research, except for theory,...
August 2017Crime and Violence: Desensitization in Victims to Watching Criminal Events
with Rafael Di Tella, Lucia Freira, Ernesto Schargrodsky, Diego Shalom, Mariano Sigman: w23697
We study desensitization to crime in a lab experiment by showing footage of criminal acts to a group of subjects, some of whom have been previously victimized. We measure biological markers of stress and behavioral indices of cognitive control before and after treated participants watch a series of real, crime-related videos (while the control group watches non-crime-related videos). Not previously victimized participants exposed to the treatment video show significant changes in cortisol level, heart rate, and measures of cognitive control. Instead, previously victimized individuals who are exposed to the treatment video show biological markers and cognitive performance comparable to those measured in individuals exposed to the control video. These results suggest a phenomenon of desensit...

Published: Rafael Di Tella & Lucía Freira & Ramiro H. Gálvez & Ernesto Schargrodsky & Diego Shalom & Mariano Sigman, 2017. "Crime and violence: Desensitization in victims to watching criminal events," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, . citation courtesy of

May 2017The Life Cycle of Scholarly Articles across Fields of Research
with Sebastian Galiani: w23447
Aggregate citation behavior plays a key role in scientific knowledge diffusion, as citations document the collective and cumulative nature of knowledge production. Additionally, citations are commonly taken as input for several influential evaluative metrics used to assess researchers’ performance. Nevertheless, little effort has been devoted to understanding and quantifying how article citations evolve over the years following an article’s publication and how these trends vary across fields of research. By collecting and analyzing a dataset consisting of more than five million citations to 59,707 research articles from 12 dissimilar fields of research, we quantify how citations evolve across fields of research as articles grow older. Analyzing raw citation data spanning different periods ...
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