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NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2020Venture Capitalists and COVID-19
with Will Gornall, Steven N. Kaplan, Ilya A. Strebulaev: w27824
May 2017And the Children Shall Lead: Gender Diversity and Performance in Venture Capital
with Sophie Q. Wang: w23454
Homophily in Entrepreneurial Team Formation
with Kevin Huang, Sophie Q. Wang: w23459
January 2017Diversity in Innovation
with Sophie Q. Wang: w23082
September 2016How Do Venture Capitalists Make Decisions?
with William Gornall, Steven N. Kaplan, Ilya A. Strebulaev: w22587

Published: Paul A. Gompers & Will Gornall & Steven N. Kaplan & Ilya A. Strebulaev, 2019. "How Do Venture Capitalists Make Decisions?," Journal of Financial Economics, . citation courtesy of

April 2015What Do Private Equity Firms Say They Do?
with Steven N. Kaplan, Vladimir Mukharlyamov: w21133

Published: Paul Gompers & Steven N. Kaplan & Vladimir Mukharlyamov, 2016. "What do private equity firms say they do?," Journal of Financial Economics, vol 121(3), pages 449-476. citation courtesy of

June 2012The Cost of Friendship
with Vladimir Mukharlyamov, Yuhai Xuan: w18141

Published: Paul A. Gompers & Vladimir Mukharlyamov & Yuhai Xuan, 2016. "The cost of friendship," Journal of Financial Economics, vol 119(3), pages 626-644.

March 2010Extreme Governance: An Analysis of Dual-Class Firms in the United States
with Joy Ishii, Andrew Metrick
in Corporate Governance, Michael Weisbach, editor
January 2010Buy Local? The Geography of Venture Capital
with Henry Chen, Anna Kovner, Josh Lerner
in Cities and Entrepreneurship, Edward L. Glaeser, Stuart S. Rosenthal and William C. Strange, organizers
June 2009Buy Local? The Geography of Successful and Unsuccessful Venture Capital Expansion
with Henry Chen, Anna Kovner, Josh Lerner: w15102

Published: Chen, Henry, Paul A. Gompers, Anna Kovner, and Josh Lerner. "Buy Local? The Geography of Successful Venture Capital Expansion." Journal of Urban Economics 67, no. 1 (January 2010).

September 2007Specialization and Success: Evidence from Venture Capital
with Anna Kovner, Josh Lerner
in Entrepreneurship: Strategy and Structure, Thomas Hellman and Scott Stern, editors
October 2006Skill vs. Luck in Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital: Evidence from Serial Entrepreneurs
with Anna Kovner, Josh Lerner, David Scharfstein: w12592

Published: Gompers, Paul, Anna Kovner, Josh Lerner, and David Scharfstein. “Performance Persistence in Entrepreneurship." Journal of Financial Economics 96 (2010): 18-32. Earlier version distributed as National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper No. 12592 and Harvard Business School Working Paper No. 09-028. (Earlier Name: “Skill vs. Luck in Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital: Evidence from Serial Entrepreneurs.”)

May 2005Venture Capital Investment Cycles: The Impact of Public Markets
with Anna Kovner, Josh Lerner, David Scharfstein: w11385

Published: Gompers, Paul & Kovner, Anna & Lerner, Josh & Scharfstein, David, 2008. "Venture capital investment cycles: The impact of public markets," Journal of Financial Economics, Elsevier, vol. 87(1), pages 1-23, January. citation courtesy of

August 2004Large Blocks of Stock: Prevalence, Size, and Measurement
with Jennifer Dlugosz, Rudiger Fahlenbrach, Andrew Metrick: w10671

Published: Dlugosz, Jennifer & Fahlenbrach, Rudiger & Gompers, Paul & Metrick, Andrew, 2006. "Large blocks of stock: Prevalence, size, and measurement," Journal of Corporate Finance, Elsevier, vol. 12(3), pages 594-618, June. citation courtesy of

January 2004Incentives vs. Control: An Analysis of U.S. Dual-Class Companies
with Joy Ishii, Andrew Metrick: w10240
December 2003Institutions, Capital Constraints and Entrepreneurial Firm Dynamics: Evidence from Europe
with Mihir Desai, Josh Lerner: w10165
July 2003Entrepreneurial Spawning: Public Corporations and the Genesis of New Ventures, 1986-1999
with Josh Lerner, David Scharfstein: w9816


January 2003Short-Term America Revisited? Boom and Bust in the Venture Capital Industry and the Impact on Innovation
with Josh Lerner
in Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 3, Adam B. Jaffe, Josh Lerner and Scott Stern, editors
February 2002Who Underreacts to Cash-Flow News? Evidence from Trading between Individuals and Institutions
with Randolph B. Cohen, Tuomo Vuolteenaho: w8793

Published: Cohen, Randolph B., Paul A. Gompers and Tuomo Vuolteenaho. "Who Underreacts To Cash-Flow News? Evidence From Trading Between Individuals And Institutions," Journal of Financial Economics, 2002, v66(2-3,Nov-Dec), 409-462. citation courtesy of

October 2001The Really Long-Run Performance of Initial Public Offerings: The Pre-NASDAQ Evidence
with Josh Lerner: w8505

Published: Journal of Finance, 58 (August 2003) 1355-1392. citation courtesy of

August 2001Corporate Governance and Equity Prices
with Joy L. Ishii, Andrew Metrick: w8449

Published: Paul Gompers & Joy Ishii & Andrew Metrick, 2003. "Corporate Governance And Equity Prices," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, MIT Press, vol. 118(1), pages 107-155, February. citation courtesy of

January 2000The Determinants of Corporate Venture Capital Success: Organizational Structure, Incentives, and Complementarities
with Josh Lerner
in Concentrated Corporate Ownership, Randall K. Morck, editor
January 1999What Drives Venture Capital Fundraising?
with Josh Lerner: w6906

Published: Paul A. Gompers & Josh Lerner & Margaret M. Blair & Thomas Hellmann, 1998. "What Drives Venture Capital Fundraising?," Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. Microeconomics, vol 1998.

December 1998Conflict of Interest in the Issuance of Public Securities: Evidence from Venture Capital
with Josh Lerner: w6847

Published: Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 42, no. 1, part 1 (April 1999): 1-29. citation courtesy of

September 1998Institutional Investors and Equity Prices
with Andrew Metrick: w6723

Published: Quarterly Journal of Economics (February 2001). citation courtesy of

The Determinants of Corporate Venture Capital Successes: Organizational Structure, Incentives, and Complementarities
with Josh Lerner: w6725

Published: Morck, Randall (ed.) Concentrated Corporate Ownership. Chicago: Universityof Chicago Press for NBER, 2000.

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