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NBER Working Papers and Publications

May 2017How do the U.S and Canadian Social Safety Nets Compare for Women and Children?
with Hilary Hoynes: w23380
December 2016Bombs and Babies: US Navy Bombing Activity and Infant Health in Vieques, Puerto Rico
with Gustavo J. Bobonis, Leonardo Tovar: w22909
October 2016Small Differences that Matter: Differences in the Social Safety Net and the Implications for Women and Children
with Hilary W. Hoynes
in Public Policies in Canada and the United States, Philip Oreopoulos and David Card, organizers
April 2015Child Cash Benefits and Family Expenditures: Evidence from the National Child Benefit
with Lauren E. Jones, Kevin S. Milligan: w21101
March 2015Physician Incentives and the Rise in C-sections: Evidence from Canada
with Sara Allin, Michael Baker, Maripier Isabelle: w21022
September 2013The Changing Role of Government in Financing Health Care: An International Perspective
with Sarah Thomson: w19439

Published: Stabile, Mark, and Sarah Thomson. 2014. "The Changing Role of Government in Financing Health Care: An International Perspective." Journal of Economic Literature, 52(2): 480-518. citation courtesy of

June 2013Do Stimulant Medications Improve Educational and Behavioral Outcomes for Children with ADHD?
with Janet Currie, Lauren E. Jones: w19105

Published: Currie, Janet & Stabile, Mark & Jones, Lauren, 2014. "Do stimulant medications improve educational and behavioral outcomes for children with ADHD?," Journal of Health Economics, Elsevier, vol. 37(C), pages 58-69. citation courtesy of

October 2009Appendix to "Mental Health in Childhood and Human Capital"
with Janet Currie
in The Problems of Disadvantaged Youth: An Economic Perspective, Jonathan Gruber, editor
December 2008Do Child Tax Benefits Affect the Wellbeing of Children? Evidence from Canadian Child Benefit Expansions
with Kevin Milligan: w14624

Published: Kevin Milligan & Mark Stabile, 2011. "Do Child Tax Benefits Affect the Well-Being of Children? Evidence from Canadian Child Benefit Expansions," American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, American Economic Association, vol. 3(3), pages 175-205, August. citation courtesy of

November 2008Child Health and Young Adult Outcomes
with Janet Currie, Phongsack Manivong, Leslie L. Roos: w14482

Published: Janet Currie & Mark Stabile & Phongsack Manivong & Leslie L. Roos, 2010. "Child Health and Young Adult Outcomes," Journal of Human Resources, University of Wisconsin Press, vol. 45(3). citation courtesy of

July 2007Mental Health in Childhood and Human Capital
with Janet Currie: w13217
April 2007Mental Health in Childhood and Human Capital
with Janet Currie
in The Problems of Disadvantaged Youth: An Economic Perspective, Jonathan Gruber, editor
February 2006Short, Medium, and Long Term Consequences of Poor Infant Health: An Analysis using Siblings and Twins
with Phil Oreopoulos, Randy Walld, Leslie Roos: w11998

Published: Oreopoulos, Philip, Mark Stabile, Leslie Roos, and Randy Walld. “The Short, Medium, and Long Term Effects of Poor Infant Health.” Journal of Human Resources 43, 1 (2008): 88-138. citation courtesy of

December 2004The Integration of Child Tax Credits and Welfare: Evidence from the National Child Benefit Program
with Kevin Milligan: w10968

Published: Milligan, Kevin and Mark Stabile. “The integration of child tax credits and welfare: Evidence from the Canadian National Child Benefit program.” Journal of Public Economics 91, 1-2 (February, 2007): 305-326.

April 2004Child Mental Health and Human Capital Accumulation: The Case of ADHD
with Janet Currie: w10435

Published: Currie, Janet & Stabile, Mark, 2006. "Child mental health and human capital accumulation: The case of ADHD," Journal of Health Economics, Elsevier, vol. 25(6), pages 1094-1118, November. citation courtesy of

Access to Care, Provider Choice and Racial Disparities
with Anna Aizer, Adriana Lleras-Muney: w10445

Published: Aizer, Anna, Adriana Lleras-Muney and Mark Stabile. "Access To Care, Provider Choice, And The Infant Health Gradient," American Economic Review, 2005, v95(2,May), 248-252.

July 2003Tax Credits and the Use of Medical Care
with Michael Smart: w9855

Published: Smart, Michael and Mark Stabile. "Tax Credits, Insurance, And The Use Of Medical Care," Canadian Journal of Economics, 2005, v38(2,May), 345-365.

August 2002Socioeconomic Status and Health: Why is the Relationship Stronger for Older Children?
with Janet Currie: w9098

Published: Currie, Janet and Mark Stabile. "Socioeconomic Status And Child Health: Why Is The Relationship Stronger For Older Children?," American Economic Review, 2003, v93(5,Dec), 1813-1823.

May 2002Estimating Price Elasticities When there is Smuggling: The Sensitivity of Smoking to Price in Canada
with Jonathan Gruber, Anindya Sen: w8962

Published: Gruber, Jonathan & Sen, Anindya & Stabile, Mark, 2003. "Estimating price elasticities when there is smuggling: the sensitivity of smoking to price in Canada," Journal of Health Economics, Elsevier, vol. 22(5), pages 821-842, September. citation courtesy of

October 2001Household Responses to Public Home Care Programs
with Peter C. Coyte: w8523

Published: Stabile, Mark & Laporte, Audrey & Coyte, Peter C., 2006. "Household responses to public home care programs," Journal of Health Economics, Elsevier, vol. 25(4), pages 674-701, July. citation courtesy of

August 2001What do Self-Reported, Objective, Measures of Health Measure?
with Michael Baker, Catherine Deri: w8419

Published: Baker, Michael, Mark Stabile and Catherine Deri. "What Do Self-Reported, Objective, Measures Of Health Measure?," Journal of Human Resources, 2004, v39(4,Fall), 1067-1093. citation courtesy of

November 1997Graduation to Health Insurance Coverage: 1981-1996
with Sherry Glied: w6276

Published: Glied, S., Stabile, M. Explaining the Decline in Health Insurance Coverage among Young Men, Inquiry, 2000, 37, 3, 295-303.

Avoiding Health Insurance Crowd-Out: Evidence from the Medicare as Secondary Payer Legislation
with Sherry Glied: w6277

Published: Glied, Sherry and Mark Stabile. "Avoiding Health Insurance Crowd-Out: Evidence From The Medicare As Secondary Payer Legislation," Journal of Health Economics, 2001, v20(2,Mar), 239-260. citation courtesy of

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