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September 2016A Doctor Will See You Now: Physician-Patient Relationships and Clinical Decisions
with Erin Johnson, David C. Chan, Jr, Daniela Carusi: w22666
We estimate the effect of physician-patient relationships on clinical decisions in a setting where the treating physician is as good as randomly assigned. OBs are 25% (4 percentage points) more likely to perform a C-section when delivering patients with whom they have a pre-existing clinical relationship (their “own patients”) than when delivering patients with whom they had no prior relationship. OBs’ decisions are consistent with receiving greater disutility from their own patients’ difficult labors. After a string of difficult labors, OBs are more likely to perform C-sections on their own patients, and this can explain the entire own patient effect.
July 2013Physicians Treating Physicians: Information and Incentives in Childbirth
with Erin M. Johnson: w19242
This paper provides new evidence on the interaction between patient information and financial incentives in physician induced demand (PID). Using rich microdata on childbirth, we compare the treatment of physicians when they are patients with that of comparable non-physicians. We exploit a unique institutional feature of California to determine how inducement varies with obstetricians' financial incentives. Consistent with PID, physicians are almost 10 percent less likely to receive a C-section, with only a quarter of this effect attributable to differential sorting of patients to hospitals or obstetricians. Financial incentives have a large effect on C-section probabilities for non-physicians, but physician-patients are relatively unaffected. Physicians also have better health outcom...

Published: Johnson, Erin M., and M. Marit Rehavi. 2016. "Physicians Treating Physicians: Information and Incentives in Childbirth." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 8(1): 115-41. citation courtesy of

November 2009Helping Workers Online and Offline: Innovations in Union and Worker Organization Using the Internet
with Richard B. Freeman
in Studies of Labor Market Intermediation , David H. Autor, editor
March 2008Helping Workers Online and Offline: Innovations in Union and Worker Organization Using the Internet
with Richard B. Freeman: w13850
This study examines two innovative efforts to provide union services to workers with the aid of low cost Internet communication: the AFL-CIO's Working America, a "community affiliate" that enrolled 2 million workers from 2004 to 2007 by canvassing them at their homes and over the Internet (; and the UK'S Trade Union Congress's, a discussion board for worker representatives to communicate about workplace issues. Working America demonstrates that workers without collective bargaining will join a union organization that communicates on-line and off-line and campaigns for worker interests in society. shows that local worker representatives can form an on-line community that shares information to improve the services they give workers....
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