Kenneth F. Scheve

Department of Political Science
Yale University
New Haven, CT 06520-8301

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Institutional Affiliation: Yale University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

January 2010Envy, Altruism, and the International Distribution of Trade Protection
with Xiaobo Lü, Matthew J. Slaughter: w15700
One important puzzle in international political economy is why lower-earning and less-skilled intensive industries tend to receive relatively high levels of trade protection. This pattern of protection holds even in low-income countries in which less-skilled labor is likely to be the relatively abundant factor of production and therefore would be expected in many standard political-economy frameworks to receive relatively low, not high, levels of protection. We propose and model one possible explanation: that individual aversion to inequality--both envy and altruism--lead to systematic differences in support for trade protection across industries, with sectors employing lower-earning workers more intensively being relatively preferred recipients for trade protection. We conduct original...

Published: “Envy, Altruism, and the International Distribution of Trade Protection,” with Xiaobo Lu and Kenneth F. Scheve, American Journal of Political Science, 56(3), 2012.

November 2002Economic Insecurity and the Globalization of Production
with Matthew Slaughter: w9339
A common claim in debates about globalization is that economic integration increases worker insecurity. Although this idea is central to both political and academic debates about international economic integration, the theoretical basis of the claim is often not clear. There is also no empirical research that has directly tested the relationship. In this paper, we argue that economic insecurity among workers may be related to riskier employment and/or wage outcomes, and that foreign direct investment may be a key factor contributing to this increased risk by making labor demands more elastic. We present new empirical evidence, based on the analysis of panel data from Great Britain collected from 1991-1999, that FDI activity in the industries in which individuals work is positively correlat...

Published: Scheve, Kenneth F. and Matthew Slaughter. “Economic Insecurity and the Globalization of Production." American Journal of Political Science 48, 4 (2004).

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