Jakob Munch

Department of Economics
University of Copenhagen
Øster Farimagsgade 5
Building 26
DK-1353 Copenhagen K

Institutional Affiliation: University of Copenhagen

NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2016No Pain, No Gain: The Effects of Exports on Effort, Injury, and Illness
with David Hummels, Chong Xiang: w22365
In this paper we address two questions. First, how do changes in demand for work affect workers’ health? Second, how do we translate these health effects into meaningful economic terms so that we can compare the income gains associated with increased demand for work with the pain of adverse health? We combine Danish data on individuals’ health with Danish matched worker-firm data. Within job-spells, we find that as firm sales increases, workers work longer hours and suffer higher incidences of adverse health events, including work-related hospitalizations and increased use of prescription drugs for depression and heart diseases. Tracking worker cohorts over time, we show that the effects of prescription drug uses persist beyond shocks to work demand. We then develop a novel framework to co...
February 2016Offshoring and Labor Markets
with David Hummels, Chong Xiang: w22041
We survey the recent empirical literature on the effects of offshoring on wages, employment and displacement. We start with the measurement of offshoring, focusing on the use of imported inputs that could have been produced by the importing firm. We overview key theories related to offshoring and its labor market effects and survey three waves of the literature on wage effects of offshoring: those using industry data, firm data, and worker data. For each wave we highlight the identification strategies used, critically assess strengths and weaknesses, discuss connections with theory, and draw out potential policy implications of its findings. Closely related, we address a new literature that looks at the differential impact of offshoring across occupations. Finally, we survey the litera...

Published: David Hummels & Jakob R. Munch & Chong Xiang, 2018. "Offshoring and Labor Markets," Journal of Economic Literature, vol 56(3), pages 981-1028. citation courtesy of

October 2011The Wage Effects of Offshoring: Evidence from Danish Matched Worker-Firm Data
with David Hummels, Rasmus Jørgensen, Chong Xiang: w17496
We estimate how offshoring and exporting affect wages by skill type. Our data match the population of Danish workers to the universe of private-sector Danish firms, whose trade flows are broken down by product and origin and destination countries. Our data reveal new stylized facts about offshoring activities at the firm level, and allow us to both condition our identification on within-job-spell changes and construct instruments for offshoring and exporting that are time varying and uncorrelated with the wage setting of the firm. We find that within job spells, (1) offshoring tends to increase the high-skilled wage and decrease the low-skilled wage; (2) exporting tends to increase the wages of all skill types; (3) the net wage effect of trade varies substantially across workers of the sa...

Published: David Hummels & Rasmus J?rgensen & Jakob Munch & Chong Xiang, 2014. "The Wage Effects of Offshoring: Evidence from Danish Matched Worker-Firm Data," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 104(6), pages 1597-1629, June. citation courtesy of

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