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January 2011The War at Home: Effects of Vietnam-Era Military Service on Post-War Household Stability
with Dalton Conley: w16671
Prior researchers have deployed the Vietnam-era draft lottery as an instrument to estimate causal effects of military service on health and income. This research has shown that effects of veteran status on mortality and earnings that appeared shortly after the war seem to have dissipated by 2000. While these are important outcomes to economists, by focusing on them, researchers may be neglecting an area of life that could be more sensitive to the psychological effects of military service: household and family life. In the present study we use the same IV approach to model the causal impact of Vietnam- era military service on four novel outcomes: residential stability, marital stability, housing tenure and extended family living arrangements. In analysis of the 2000 U.S. Census and the ...

Published: Conley, D. and J. Heerwig. 2011. “The War at Ho me: Effects of Vietnam-Era Military Service on Postwar Household Stability.” : 350–American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings) . 101: 350-54.

June 2009The Long-Term Effects of Military Conscription on Mortality: Estimates from the Vietnam-era Draft Lottery
with Dalton Conley: w15105
Research on the effects of Vietnam military service suggests that Vietnam veterans experienced significantly higher mortality than both non-Vietnam veterans and the civilian population at large. These results, however, may be biased by non-random selection into the military if unobserved background differences between veterans and non-veterans affect mortality directly. The present study generates unbiased estimates of the causal impact of Vietnam era draft eligibility on male mortality. Using records from the Vietnam draft lottery to assign decedents born 1950-1952 draft lottery numbers, the study estimates excess mortality among observed draft eligible male decedents as compared to the (1) expected proportion of draft eligible decedents given Vietnam draft eligibility cutoffs and (2) ob...

Published: Conley, D. and J. Heerwig. 2012. “The Long-Te rm Effects of Milita ry Conscription on Mortality: Estimates from the Vietnam-era Draft Lottery.” Demography . 49: 841-855.

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