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NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2018Setting with the Sun: The Impacts of Renewable Energy on Wholesale Power Markets
with Kevin Novan: w24980
June 2018Do Two Electricity Pricing Wrongs Make a Right? Cost Recovery, Externalities, and Efficiency
with Severin Borenstein: w24756
October 2017Food vs. Fuel? Impacts of Petroleum Shipments on Agricultural Prices
with Jonathan E. Hughes, Aaron Smith: w23924
June 2015Strategic Policy Choice in State-Level Regulation: The EPA's Clean Power Plan
with Stephen P. Holland, Jonathan E. Hughes, Christopher R. Knittel: w21259

Published: James B. Bushnell & Stephen P. Holland & Jonathan E. Hughes & Christopher R. Knittel, 2017. "Strategic Policy Choice in State-Level Regulation: The EPA's Clean Power Plan," American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, American Economic Association, vol. 9(2), pages 57-90, May. citation courtesy of

April 2015The U.S. Electricity Industry After 20 Years of Restructuring
with Severin Borenstein: w21113

Published: Severin Borenstein & James Bushnell, 2015. "The US Electricity Industry After 20 Years of Restructuring," Annual Review of Economics, Annual Reviews, vol. 7(1), pages 437-463, 08. citation courtesy of

March 2015Expecting the Unexpected: Emissions Uncertainty and Environmental Market Design
with Severin Borenstein, Frank A. Wolak, Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins: w20999
September 2011The Economics of Carbon Offsets
in The Design and Implementation of U.S. Climate Policy, Don Fullerton and Catherine Wolfram, editors
Comment on "Is Agricultural Production Becoming More or Less Sensitive to Extreme Heat? Evidence from U.S. Corn and Soybean Yields"
in The Design and Implementation of U.S. Climate Policy, Don Fullerton and Catherine Wolfram, editors
August 2010The Economics of Carbon Offsets
December 2009Profiting from Regulation: An Event Study of the EU Carbon Market
with Howard Chong, Erin T. Mansur: w15572

Published: “Profiting from Regulation: An Event Study of the EU Carbon Market.” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. (with Howard Chong and Erin Mansur) Vol 5, No. 4. November, 2013.

November 2009Regulation, Allocation, and Leakage in Cap-and-Trade Markets for CO2
with Yihsu Chen: w15495
September 2009The Guy at the Controls: Labor Quality and Power Plant Efficiency
with Catherine Wolfram
in International Differences in the Business Practices and Productivity of Firms, Richard B. Freeman and Kathryn L. Shaw, editors
October 2007Vertical Arrangements, Market Structure, and Competition An Analysis of Restructured U.S. Electricity Markets
with Erin T. Mansur, Celeste Saravia: w13507

Published: James B. Bushnell & Erin T. Mansur & Celeste Saravia, 2008. "Vertical Arrangements, Market Structure, and Competition: An Analysis of Restructured US Electricity Markets," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 98(1), pages 237-66, March. citation courtesy of

Local Solutions to Global Problems: Policy Choice and Regulatory Jurisdiction
with Carla Peterman, Catherine Wolfram: w13472

Published: James Bushnell & Carla Peterman & Catherine Wolfram, 2008. "Local Solutions to Global Problems: Climate Change Policies and Regulatory Jurisdiction," Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, Oxford University Press for Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, vol. 2(2), pages 175-193, Summer.

July 2007The Guy at the Controls: Labor Quality and Power Plant Efficiency
with Catherine Wolfram: w13215
December 2001Trading Inefficiencies in California's Electricity Markets
with Severin Borenstein, Christopher R. Knittel, Catherine Wolfram: w8620

Published: Borenstein, Severin, James Bushnell, Chris Knittel, and Catherine Wolfram. “Inefficiencies and Market Power in Financial Arbitrage: A Study of California's Electricity Markets." Journal of Industrial Economics 56, 2 (June 2008).

September 2000Diagnosing Market Power in California's Restructured Wholesale Electricity Market
with Severin Borenstein, Frank Wolak: w7868

Published: Borenstein, Severin, James B. Bushnell and Frank A. Wolak. "Measuring Market Inefficiencies In California's Restructured Wholesale Electricity Market," American Economic Review, 2002, v92(5,Dec), 1376-1405.

March 1998An Empirical Analysis of the Potential for Market Power in California's Electricity Industry
with Severin Borenstein: w6463

Published: Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. 47 (September 1999). citation courtesy of

November 1997The Competitive Effects of Transmission Capacity in a Deregulated Electricity Industry
with Severin Borenstein, Steven Stoft: w6293

Published: Borenstein, Severin, James Bushnell and Steven Stoft. "The Competitive Effects Of Transmission Capacity In A Deregulated Electricity Industry," Rand Journal of Economics, 2000, v31(2,Summer), 294-325. citation courtesy of

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