Hui Huang

University of Western Ontario

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Institutional Affiliation: University of Western Ontario

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June 2006Baumol-Tobin and the Welfare Costs of National Security Border Delays
with John Whalley: w12296
The implications of national security related procedures for trade flows at border points in OECD countries has become a major topic of commentary in popular press. We discuss whether the economic costs of border delays are represented solely by time spent in awaiting processing. This has been the basis of calculations in Canada-US-Ontario (2004) and Ontario Chamber of Commerce (2004, 2005) of advalorem equivalent tariff representations of the time delays involved. While time can be a significant part of the social cost of security related delays in customs clearance, added costs also arise from the behavioral response to delays and looking only at the time delays at the border can be misleading. We use a formulation where border delays occur with certainty and add to the fixed costs of...

Published: Huang, Hui & Whalley, John, 2008. "Baumol-Tobin and the welfare costs of national security border delays," Economics Letters, Elsevier, vol. 99(2), pages 290-292, May. citation courtesy of

December 2003The Use of Literature Based Elasticity Estimates in Calibrated Models of Trade-Wage Decompositions: A Calibmetric Approach
with John Whalley: w10137
How to best utilize the wide range of estimates of elasticities that characterize econometric literature when using calibrated models is the issue we address here through a blending of econometrics and calibration into calibmetrics. Econometrically generated literature based elasticity parameters are typically used in calibrated models a very simple manner, appealing to a single value. Here we explicitly incorporate the full range of values of elasticities yielded by econometric studies in both the calibration procedure employed and the uses made of a calibrated model. This is important because the ranges for such values can be large. This allows us to assess how uncertainty in exogenously specified parameter values affects the performance of calibrated models, and how much added informati...
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