Donggyun Shin

Department of Economics
Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand

Institutional Affiliation: Victoria University of Wellington

NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2013Wage Adjustment in the Great Recession
with Michael W. Elsby, Gary Solon: w19478
Using 1979-2011 Current Population Survey data for the United States and 1975-2011 New Earnings Survey data for Great Britain, we study wage behavior in both countries, with particular attention to the Great Recession. Real wages are procyclical in both countries, but the procyclicality of real wages varies across recessions, and does so differently between the two countries. U.S. distributions of year-to-year nominal wage change show many workers reporting zero change (suggesting wage stickiness) and many reporting nominal reductions (suggesting wage flexibility), but both findings could be distorted by reporting error. The British data, which are based on employers' payroll records, show much lower prevalence of zero wage change, but still show surprisingly frequent nominal wage cuts....
May 2013Wage Adjustment in the Great Recession and Other Downturns: Evidence from the United States and Great Britain
with Michael W. L. Elsby, Gary Solon
in Labor Markets in the Aftermath of the Great Recession, David Card and Alexandre Mas, organizers
June 2008Trends in Men's Earnings Volatility: What Does the Panel Study of Income Dynamics Show?
with Gary Solon: w14075
Using Panel Study of Income Dynamics data for 1969 through 2004, we examine movements in men's earnings volatility. Like many previous studies, we find that earnings volatility is substantially countercyclical. As for secular trends, we find that men's earnings volatility increased during the 1970s, but did not show a clear trend afterwards until a new upward trend appeared in the last few years. These patterns are broadly consistent with the findings of recent studies based on other data sets.


May 2006New Evidence on Real Wage Cyclicality within Employer-Employee Matches
with Gary Solon: w12262
In the most thorough study to date on wage cyclicality among job stayers, Devereux%u2019s (2001) analysis of men in the Panel Study of Income Dynamics produced two puzzling findings: (1) the real wages of salaried workers are noncyclical, and (2) wage cyclicality among hourly workers differs between two alternative wage measures. We examine these puzzles with additional evidence from other sources. Devereux%u2019s finding of noncyclical real wages among salaried job stayers is not replicated in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth data. The NLSY data, however, do corroborate his finding of a discrepancy for hourly workers between the cyclicality of the two alternative wage measures. Evidence from the PSID Validation Study contradicts Devereux%u2019s conjecture that the discrepancy mig...

Published: Donggyun Shin & Gary Solon, 2007. "New Evidence On Real Wage Cyclicality Within Employer-Employee Matches," Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Scottish Economic Society, vol. 54(5), pages 648-660, November. citation courtesy of

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