David Leblang

Department of Political Science
University of Virginia
S281 Gibson Hall
Charlottesville, VA 22904

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Institutional Affiliation: University of Virginia

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October 2017Populists at the Polls: Economic Factors in the 1896 Presidential Election
with Barry Eichengreen, Michael R. Haines, Matthew S. Jaremski: w23932
The 1896 presidential election between William Jennings Bryan and William McKinley has gained new salience in the wake of the 2016 contest. We provide the first systematic analysis of voting patterns in 1896, combining county-level returns with economic, financial, demographic and climatological data. Specifically, we consider the economic concerns of the Populists with falling crop prices, high interest rates and railroad monopolies. We show that Bryan did well where mortgage interest rates were high, railroad penetration was low, and crop prices had declined by most over the previous decade. Using our estimates, we show that further declines in crop prices or increases in interest rates would have been enough to tip the Electoral College in Bryan’s favor. But to change the outcome, ...
January 2003Capital Account Liberalization and Growth: Was Mr. Mahathir Right?
with Barry Eichengreen: w9427
Much ink has been spilled over the connections between capital account liberalization and growth. One reason that previous studies have been inconclusive, we show, is their failure to account for the impact of crises on growth and for the capacity of controls to limit those disruptive output effects. Accounting for these influences, it appears that controls influence macroeconomic performance through two channels, directly (what we think of as their positive impact on resource allocation and efficiency) and indirectly (by limiting the disruptive effects of crises at home and abroad). Because these influences work in opposite directions, it is not surprising that previous studies, in failing to distinguish between them, have been unable to agree whether the effect of controls tilts one w...

Published: Eichengreen, Brry and David Leblang. "Capital Account Liberalization And Growth: Was Mr. Mahathir Right?," International Journal of Finance and Economics, 2003, v8(3,Jul), 205-224. citation courtesy of

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