Camila Navajas Ahumada

Department of Economics
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive #0508
La Jolla, CA 92092-0508

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Institutional Affiliation: University of California, San Diego

NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 2020Trust and Saving in Financial Institutions
with Sebastian Galiani, Paul Gertler: w26809
We randomly assigned beneficiaries of a conditional cash transfer program in Peru to attend a 3 hour training session designed to build their trust in financial institutions. We find that the intervention: (a) significantly increased trust in banks, but had no effect on financial literacy; (b) significantly increased savings over a ten month period, and (c) had no effect of the use of accounts for transactions. The increase in savings is a 1.6 percentage point increase in the savings rate out of the cash transfer depostis, and a 0.5 percentage point increase in the savings rate out of household income.
January 2016Horizontal and Vertical Conflict: Experimental Evidence
with Sebastian Galiani, Cheryl Long, Gustavo Torrens: w21857
Two types of political conflicts of interest pervade many of the world’s societies. A horizontal conflict of interest arises when different constituencies support different policies, while a vertical conflict of interest emerges when those in charge of running the government acquire and retain rents in the process of doing so. We experimentally explore the connections between the two. We identify two sets of models that incorporate both types of conflicts: electoral models with endogenous rents, and common-agency models. We adapt these models to a laboratory setting and test their main theoretical predictions using two experiments. In both cases we find support for the proposition that more intense horizontal conflict leads to higher rents, which is one of the theoretical predictions of th...

Published: Sebastian Galiani & Cheryl Long & Camila Navajas Ahumada & Gustavo Torrens, 2019. "Horizontal and Vertical Conflict: Experimental Evidence," Kyklos, vol 72(2), pages 239-269. citation courtesy of

June 2015On the Effect of the Costs of Operating Formally: New Experimental Evidence
with Sebastian Galiani, Marcela Meléndez: w21292
This paper analyzes the impact of the elimination of the initial fixed costs of registration on the decision of informal firms to operate formally in Bogotá, Colombia. The Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá (CCB) conducts workshops for prospective formal-sector entrants and arranges personalized meetings for them with CCB agents. The CCB’s decision to significantly reduce the transaction costs of registration and the entry into force of Act No. 1429 of 2010, which eliminated the costs of the initial procedure for registering as a formal enterprise and provided exemptions from relevant taxes during the first years after formalization, provided us with an ideal experiment for studying how the elimination of the initial fixed costs of formalization would influence firms’ decision to operate formal...

Published: Galiani, Sebastian & Meléndez, Marcela & Ahumada, Camila Navajas, 2017. "On the effect of the costs of operating formally: New experimental evidence," Labour Economics, Elsevier, vol. 45(C), pages 143-157. citation courtesy of

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