2018, No. 4

NBER Affiliates' Work Appearing in Medical Journals

Many NBER-affiliated researchers publish some of their findings in medical journals that preclude pre-publication distribution. This makes it impossible to include these papers in the NBER working paper series. This is a partial listing of recent papers in this category.

The Social Genome of Friends and Schoolmates in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health
B. W. Domingue, D. W. Belsky, J. M. Fletcher, D. Conley, J. D. Boardman, K. M. Harris, PNAS, 115(4), January 2018, pp. 702–7.

Geographic Clustering of Polygenic Scores at Different Stages of the Life Course
B. W. Domingue, D. H. Rehkopf, D. Conley, J. D. Boardman, The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 4(4), April 2018, pp. 137–149.

Impacts 2 Years after a Scalable Early Childhood Development Intervention to Increase Psychosocial Stimulation in the Home: A Follow-Up of a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial in Colombia
A. Andrew, O. Attanasio, E. Fitzsimons, S. Grantham-McGregor, C. Meghir, M. Rubio-Codina, PLoS Med, 15(4), April 2018, (published online).

The Promise of Genes for Understanding Cause and Effect
D. Conley, S. Zhang, PNAS, 115(22), May 2018, (published online).

A Sibling Method for Identifying vQTLs
D. Conley, R. Johnson, B. Domingue, C. Dawes, J. Boardman, M. Siegal, PLOS ONE, 13(5), May 2018, (published online).

Adverse Selection Into and Within the Individual Health Insurance Market in California in 2014
V. Fung, C. Peitzman, J. Shi, C. Liang, W. Dow, A. Zaslavsky, B. Fireman, S. F. Derose, M. Chernew, J. P. Newhouse, J. Hsu, Health Services Research, 53(5, Part 1), May 2018, pp. 3750–69.

Gene Discovery and Polygenic Prediction from a Genome-Wide Association Study of Educational Attainment in 1.1 Million Individuals
J. J. Lee, R. Wedow, A. Okbay, E. Kong, O. Maghzian, M. Zacher, T. A. Nguyen-Viet, P. Bowers, J. Sidorenko, R. K. Linnér, M. A. Fontana, T. Kundu, C. Lee, H. Li, R. Li, R. Royer, P. N. Timshel, R. K. Walters, E. A. Willoughby, L. Yengo, 23andMe Research Team, COGENT (Cognitive Genomics Consortium), Social Science Genetic Association Consortium, M. Alver, Y. Bao, D. W. Clark, F. R. Day, N. A. Furlotte, P. K. Joshi, K. E. Kemper, A. Kleinman, C. Langenberg, R. Mägi, J. W. Trampush, S. S. Verma, Y. Wu, M. Lam, J. H. Zhao, Z. Zheng, J. D. Boardman, H. Campbell, J. Freese, K. M. Harris, C. Hayward, P. Herd, M. Kumari, T. Lencz, J. Luan, A. K. Malhotra, A. Metspalu, L. Milani, K. K. Ong, J. R. B. Perry, D. J. Porteous, M. D. Ritchie, M. C. Smart, B. H. Smith, J. Y. Tung, N. J. Wareham, J. F. Wilson, J. P. Beauchamp, D. C. Conley, T. Esko, S. F. Lehrer, P. K. E. Magnusson, S. Oskarsson, T. H. Pers, M. R. Robinson, K. Thom, C. Watson, C. F. Chabris, M. N. Meyer, D. I. Laibson, J. Yang, M. Johannesson, P. D. Koellinger, P. Turley, P. M. Visscher, D. J. Benjamin, D. Cesarini, Nature Genetics, 50, July 2018, (published online.)

Drug Mortality and Lost Life Years among U.S. Midlife Adults, 1999–2015
C. J. Ruhm, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 55(1), July 2018, pp. 11–8.

Heat, Disparities, and Health Outcomes in San Diego County's Diverse Climate Zones
K. Guirguis, R. Basu, W. K. Al‐Delaimy, T. Benmarhnia, R. E. S. Clemesha, I. Corcos, J. Guzman‐Morales, B. Hailey, I. Small, A. Tardy, D. Vashishtha, J. G. Zivin, A. Gershunov, GeoHealth, 2(7), July 2018, pp. 212–23.

Genetic Analysis of Social-Class Mobility in Five Longitudinal Studies
D. W. Belsky, B. W. Domingue, R. Wedow, L. Arseneault, J. D. Boardman, A. Caspi, D. Conley, J. M. Fletcher, J. Freese, P. Herd, T. E. Moffitt, R. Poulton, K. Sicinski, J. Wertz, K. M. Harris, PNAS, 115(31) July 2018, (published online).

Corrected US Opioid-Involved Drug Poisoning Deaths and Mortality Rates, 1999–2015
C. J. Ruhm, Addiction, 113(7), July 2018, pp. 1339–44.

Future Directions for the Demography of Aging
D. Bloom, N. Sudharsanan, National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine: Future Directions for the Demography of Aging: Proceedings of a Workshop, Chapter 11, July 2018, pp. 309–38.

Simplifying the Medicare Plan Finder Tool Could Help Older Adults Choose Lower-Cost Part D Plans
B. E. McGarry, N. Maestas, D. C. Grabowski, Health Affairs, 37(8), August 2018, (published online).

The Promise and Peril of Universal Health Care
D. E. Bloom, A. Khoury, R. Subbaraman, Science, 361(6404), August 2018, (published online).

Readmission Rates and Skilled Nursing Facility Utilization after Major Inpatient Surgery
L. Chen, Y. Acharya, E. C. Norton, M. Banerjee, J. D. Birkmeyer, Medical Care, 56(8), August 2018, pp. 679–85.

Variation in Prostate Cancer Treatment and Spending Among Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organizations
P. K. Modi, S. R. Kaufman, T. Borza, P. Yan, D. C. Miller, T. A. Skolarus, J. M. Hollingsworth, E. C. Norton, V. B. Shahinian, B. K. Hollenbeck, Cancer, 124(16), August 2018, pp. 3364–71.

Do Skilled Nursing Facilities Selected to Participate in Preferred Provider Networks Have Higher Quality and Lower Costs?
P. J. Huckfeldt, L. Weissblum, J. J. Escarce, P. Karaca-Mandic, N. Sood, Health Services Research, August 2018, (published online).

Does Enrollment in High‐Deductible Health Plans Encourage Price Shopping?
X. Zhang, A. Haviland, A. Mehrotra, P. Huckfeldt, Z. Wagner, N. Sood, Health Services Research, 53(S1), August 2018, pp. 2718–2734.

Documented Pain Diagnoses in Adults Prescribed Opioids: Results from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, 2006–2015
T. B. Sherry, A. Sabety, N. Maestas, Annals of Internal Medicine, September 2018, (published online).

Mandatory Medicare Bundled Payment Program for Lower Extremity Joint Replacement and Discharge to Institutional Postacute Care: Interim Analysis of the First Year of a 5-Year Randomized Trial
A. Finkelstein, Y. Ji, N. Mahoney, J. Skinner, JAMA, 320(9), September 2018, pp. 892–900.

The Effects of Active and Passive Leisure on Cognition in Children: Evidence from Exogenous Variation in Weather
T. Laidley, D. Conley, Social Forces, 97(1), September 2018, pp 129–56.

A Comprehensive Measure of the Costs of Caring for a Parent: Differences According to Functional Status
N. B. Coe, M. M. Skira, E. B. Larson, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 66(10), September 2018, pp. 2003-8.

The Impact of New Drug Launches on Longevity Growth in Nine Middle Eastern and African Countries, 2007–2015
F. R. Lichtenberg, Review of Middle East Economics and Finance, September 2018, (published online).

The Impact of New Drug Launches on Life-Years Lost in 2015 from 19 Types of Cancer in 36 Countries
F. R. Lichtenberg, Journal of Demographic Economics, 84(3), September 2018, pp. 309-354.

Effect of Peer Comparison Letters for High-Volume Primary Care Prescribers of Quetiapine in Older and Disabled Adults: A Randomized Clinical Trial
A. Sacarny, M. L. Barnett, J. Le, F. Tetkoski, D. Yokum, S. Agrawal, JAMA Psychiatry, 75(10), October 2018, (published online).

Medical Marijuana Laws and Workplace Fatalities in the United States
D. M. Anderson, D. I. Rees, E. Tekin, International Journal of Drug Policy, 60, October 2018, pp. 33-9.

Intergenerational transmission of paternal trauma among US Civil War ex-POWs
D. L. Costa, N. Yetter, H. DeSomer, PNAS, 115(44), October 2018, (published online).

Exnovation of Low Value Care: A Decade of Prostate‐Specific Antigen Screening Practices
J. Bynum, H. Passow, D. Carmichael, J. Skinner, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, October 2018, (published online).

Association between Patient Cognitive and Functional Status and Medicare Total Annual Cost of Care: Implications for Value-Based Payment
K. J. Johnston, H. Wen; J. M. Hockenberry, K. E. Joynt Maddox, JAMA Internal Medicine, 178(11), November 2018, pp. 1489-97.

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