The NBER Reporter Winter 2004: Books

Winter 2004

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Challenges to Globalization: Analyzing the Economics

Challenges to Globalization: Analyzing the Economics, edited by Robert E. Baldwin and L. Alan Winters, will be available soon from the University of Chicago Press. This volume includes the papers and discussions from a recent International Seminar on International Trade, co-sponsored by the NBER, the Centre for Economic Policy Research in London and the SNS in Stockholm.

Many groups passionately disagree about the nature of the globalization process. This volume evaluates the economic arguments regarding globalization's relationship to democracy, its impact on the environment, and the associated expansion of trade and its effects on prices. The papers focus, among other topics, on the infamous brain drain, sweat shop labor, wage levels, and changes in production processes. Contributors to this volume look at multinational firms, foreign investment, and mergers and acquisitions. Their findings often run counter to the claim that multinational firms primarily seek countries with low wage labor. The book closes with a survey of the last fifty years of research on the relationship between international economic policies and national economic growth rates.

Baldwin is an NBER Research Associate and professor emeritus of economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Winters is professor of economics at the University of Sussex. The price of this volume is $95.00.

Governance, Regulation, and Privatization in the Asia-Pacific Region

Governance, Regulation, and Privatization in the Asia-Pacific Region, edited by Takatoshi Ito and Anne O. Krueger, will be available soon from the University of Chicago Press. It is the twelfth conference volume resulting from the NBER's East Asia Seminar on Economics.

Over the last twenty-five years, the move toward privatization and away from government regulation has accelerated. This volume is the first thorough account of the relative success of the different approaches to privatization as undertaken in Korea, China, Australia, and Japan. The contributors analyze evolving approaches to contract negotiations, shareholders' rights, expectations of transparency, and accounting procedures, and chart the tricky terrain that characterizes private sector relations with the government. Part one is theoretical in nature; part two presents country studies. The volume concludes with papers on such controversial issues as telecommunications security and federal buyouts of distressed banks.

Ito is a Research Associate in the NBER's Program on International Trade and Investment and a professor at the University of Tokyo. Krueger is currently on leave as a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research while she serves as first deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund.

This volume is priced at $95.

Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 4

Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 4, edited by Adam B. Jaffe, Josh Lerner, and Scott Stern, will be available from The MIT Press in January. This annual NBER series provides a forum for research on the interactions among public policy, the innovation process, and the economy. The discussions cover various policies that affect the ability of an economy to achieve scientific and technological progress, or the impact of science and technology on economic growth. The resulting volumes are designed to be of interest to general readers who wish to learn more about public policy, as well as to economists. Among the issues covered in this year's volume are: the changing pressures on defense R and D in the anti-terrorist era; the extent to which market failures can be used to justify expenditures on energy and environmental R and D; and the need to rethink key aspects of the patent system.

The paperback volume is priced at $25; the hardcover will cost $58. They can be ordered directly from: The MIT Press, c/o Triliteral, 100 Maple Ridge Drive, Cumberland, RI 02864, tel: 1-800-405-1619 or 401-658-4226; fax: 1-800-406-9145 or 401-531-2801; emails should be sent to

Jaffe, Lerner, and Stern are members of the NBER's Program on Productivity and Technological Change. Jaffe is also Chairman of the Economics Department at Brandeis University. Lerner is the Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking at Harvard Business School. Stern is an Associate Professor of Management and Strategy at the Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

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