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27 February 2015

Age and the Trying Out of New Ideas

The idea that older scientists are less open to new ideas than younger scientists is tested by Mikko Packalen and Jay Bhattacharya, who find that papers published in biomedicine by younger researchers are more likely to build on new ideas than are those by their older colleagues. Their study also finds that collaborations of young first authors and more-experienced last authors are more likely to try out newer ideas than are teams with other composition.

26 February 2015

Disability Insurance Incentives and Retirement

Courtney Coile explores how financial incentives from the Social Security Disability Insurance program affect retirement decisions. She finds that such incentives have a significant effect on retirement, particularly for those in poor health or with low education who may be more actively considering retirement at younger ages, and that increasing the stringency of DI screening would increase the expected working life of applicants.

25 February 2015

Environmental Engel Curves

Calculating a set of annual environmental Engel curves for the United States from 1984 to 2002, Arik Levinson and James O'Brien find that that the average amount of pollution attributable to households at every level of income has been declining over time. Most of this decline is due to a shift in consumption patterns toward less-polluting goods, rather than a drop in the level of pollution for the goods being consumed.
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Foreign-Exchange Operations and
Monetary Policy in the 20th Century

 Drawing on a trove of previously confidential data, "Strained Relations," a new NBER book from The University of Chicago Press, reveals the evolution of U.S. policy regarding currency-market intervention and its interaction with monetary policy. The authors consider how foreign-exchange intervention was affected by changes such as the abandonment of the international gold standard as well as by political and bureaucratic factors.

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The latest in our monthly collection of research summaries looks at the effects of bankruptcy on consumers, higher education and immigration policies' influences on IT workers, the U.S. manufacturing cleanup, investment bankers' impacts on early 20th century railroads, pension and Social Security payouts, and the dynamics of school reform.

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