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NBER Profile: Peter C. Aldrich

Peter C. Aldrich has been a Director-at-Large of the NBER since 1994. He is the founder, and recently retired Chairman, of AEW Capital Management, one of the oldest real estate investment advisors in the United States. Aldrich is also Chairman of AEGIS, LLC, an investment holding company, and Faculty Chairman of the Research Council on Global Investment of the Conference Board.

Aldrich holds a B.A. and an M.B.A. from Harvard University. He has taught at Harvard Business School, at Yale's Graduate School of Management, and is the founder of the Pension Real Estate Association.


NBER Profile: William N. Goetzmann

William N. Goetzmann is a Research Associate in the NBER's Program on Asset Pricing and the Edwin J. Beinecke Professor of Finance and Management Studies at the Yale School of Management. He has taught at the Yale School of Management for five years and taught previously at Columbia Business School for four years. He holds a B.A., an M.B.A., and a Ph.D. from Yale.

Goetzmann's research topics include the behavior of individual investors, global investing, the long-term historical performance of markets, hedge funds, mutual funds, real estate, and art as an investment. His articles have appeared in virtually all of the leading academic and practitioner-oriented finance journals and in the popular press. Goetzmann currently serves on the board of the American Finance Association. He has also served as editor of the leading academic real estate journal, Real Estate Economics.

Goetzmann has a background in arts and media management. As a documentary filmmaker, he has written and co-produced programs for "Nova" and the "American Masters" series, including a profile of the artist Thomas Eakins. A former director of Denver's Museum of Western Art, Goetzmann co-authored the award-winning book, The West of the Imagination. He currently serves as the academic advisor to "Treasure and Trade," a planned PBS series on the history of money and finance, and as executive producer and chief consultant to "Pacific Storm," a PBS documentary planned on the impact of globalization on Asia.

Will, his wife Mariko, and six-year old daughter Zoë live in New Haven, where Mariko practices architecture with the firm of Cesar Pelli and Associates and Zoë is an enthusiastic participant in NBER family functions. They enjoy taking random walks together.


NBER Profile: Elhanan Helpman

Elhanan Helpman has been a Research Associate in the NBER's Programs on International Finance and Macroeconomics and International Trade and Investment since 1985. He is also a professor of economics at Harvard University and the Archie Sherman Professor of International Economic Relations at Tel Aviv University.

Helpman received a B.A. in economics and statistics from Tel Aviv University, an M.A. in economics from the same institution, and a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University. His research focuses on international trade, economic growth, and political economy. Much of his work in these areas is summarized in his books: Market Structure and Foreign Trade (Paul R. Krugman, coauthor, MIT Press, 1985), Trade Policy and Market Structure (Krugman, coauthor, MIT Press, 1989), Innovation and Growth in the Global Economy (Gene M. Grossman, coauthor, MIT Press, 1991) and Special Interest Groups (Grossman, coauthor, MIT Press, forthcoming).

Helpman was awarded the Mahalanobis Memorial Medal by the Indian Econometric Society, the Bernhard-Harms Prize by the Institute of World Economics, and the Israel Prize. He is also a Fellow and current President of the Econometric Society, a member of the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

He is married to Ruth Helpman, a financial analyst. They have two daughters. His main hobby is the opera.


NBER Profile: Boyan Jovanovic

Boyan Jovanovic has been a Research Associate in the NBER's Program on Productivity since 1991 and is a professor of economics at New York University.

Jovanovic received a B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the London School of Economics and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago. He became an assistant professor of economics at Columbia University in 1977. In 1978, he joined the technical staff at Bell Laboratories before moving back to academia at New York University in 1983. Jovanovic was named an associate professor in 1984 and a full professor in 1986.

Jovanovic has been a visiting professor at Yale University and the University of Pennsylvania, and will spend the coming academic year at the University of Chicago. He is also a Fellow of the Econometric Society.

In his leisure time, Jovanovic enjoys listening to music and going to the theater.


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