CMS Medicare Data Available for Reuse

CMS data use is restricted to specific researchers to complete specific research projects only. ResDAC provides the required assistance in preparing documents for data requests, and CMS evaluates the requests. If CMS approves a data use request for medicare claims data, the approval is for a specific researcher to do a specific research project only. The CMS Medicare datasets below may be available for reuse by NBER affiliates. CMS does not require requestors to have a federal grant to prove funding, but the NBER currently requires an NIA grant. Any NBER researcher who gets CMS approval for a DUA request should complete the NIH Human Subjects training and read carefully and sign and return the NBER security procedures

Visit the ResDAC website for the latest instructions on how to make a reuse request, descriptions of datasets, and for assistance in preparing requests.

Please note that CMS constantly updates the requirements for making a request. All requests of any kind for CMS data must go through ResDAC to be considered by CMS. So please consult ResDAC for the correct information on how to reuse CMS data. Only ResDAC can provide current and correct advice.

One of the documents needed for a reuse request is a Letter of Support from the Original Requestor. The original requestor info and datasets are available below. Once this letter is fully and completely ready for David Wise's signature, please email an electronic copy plus the research protocol to Jean Roth. If eligible, she will provide information needed for a letter of support.

Datasets Available for Reuse

The datasets below may be avaiable for reuse. Note that CMS does not permit reuse of 100% files without a strong justification. For example, if a study is only for certain states or certain conditions, then CMS may require requestors to request extracts of that data only.

100% Denominator1999-2005
100% Part D Denominator2006-2008
100% Inpatient SAF1999-2008
100% Outpatient SAF1999-2008
100% DME SAF 2002-2008
100% HHA 1999-2008
100% Hospice 1999-2008
100% SNF 1999-2008
20% Carrier1999-2008
100% Medpar1999-2008

MCBS, NLTCS, and MPIER files may be available for a request reuse from CMS.

MCBS Access to Care1991-2008
MCBS Cost and Use1992-2006
MPIER active and inactivestart-2007:Q2

E-mail Jean Roth with questions.

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