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NBER Bulletin on Aging and Health - Previous Issues

Issue No. 20, Summer 2007     

Consequences of Childhood Mental Health Disorders
How Investment Options Affect Portfolio Choice in Individual Accounts
Diabetes and Socioeconomic Status
Abstracts of Selected Recent NBER Working Papers
NBER Profile: Angus Deaton
Issue No. 19, Spring 2007     
Trends in Health Behaviors and Health Outcomes
Retirement Wealth in Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pension Plans
Designing Health Insurance for the Elderly
Abstracts of Selected Recent NBER Working Papers
NBER Profile: Mark V. Pauly

Issue No. 18, Winter 2006/2007     

The Effect of Prescription Drug Insurance on Utilization and Health among the Elderly
Does Watching Television Trigger Autism?
Retirement Security of the Baby Boomers: the Role of Financial Literacy and Planning
Abstracts of Selected Recent NBER Working Papers
NBER Profile: W. Kip Viscusi

Issue No. 17, Fall 2006

The Growth in the Social Security Disability Insurance Rolls
Differential Mortality, Uncertain Medical Expenditures, and the Savings Decisions of the Elderly
Using Genetic Markers to Measure the Effect of Health on Education
Abstracts of Selected Recent NBER Working Papers
NBER Profile: Christopher Ruhm

Issue No. 16, Summer 2006

The Effect of Default Options on Retirement Savings
Does Medical Care Reduce Disability? The Case of Cardiovascular Disease
The Effect of Depression on Retirement and Disability Insurance Applications
Abstracts of Selected Recent NBER Working Papers
NBER Profile: Jonathan Gruber

Issue No. 15, Spring 2006

Incentives in the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
How Do Lifecycle Investment Strategies Affect the Distribution of Re-tirement Wealth?
The Determinants of Mortality
Abstracts of Selected Recent NBER Working Papers
NBER Profile: Michael D. Hurd

Issue No. 14, Winter 2006

Will the Rising Social Security Full Retirement Age Affect the Disability Insurance Rolls?
Do Advertisements for Smoking Cessation Products Help Smokers Quit?
Health Care Expenditures in the OECD
Abstracts of Selected Recent NBER Working Papers

Issue No. 13, Fall 2005

The Effect of Medicare on Medical Expenditures, Mortality, and Spending Risk
Savings Incentives for Low- and Middle-Income Families
Options for Price Indexing Social Security
NBER Profile: Brigitte Madrian

Issue No. 12, Summer 2005

Advanced Purchase Commitments for a Malaria Vaccine
Would More Physical Education Reduce Youth Overweight?
The Effect of Report Cards on Medicare HMO Enrollment
NBER Profile: Joseph P. Newhouse

Issue No. 11, Spring 2005

Did the 1998 Master Settlement Affect Prenatal Smoking?
Can "Active Decisions" Encourage Saving in 401(k) Plans?
The Effect of Rising Health Insurance Premiums on Employment

Issue No. 10, Winter 2005

Are Trust Fund Surpluses Spent or Saved?
Does Population Aging Affect Financial Markets?
The Market for Long-Term Care Insurance

Issue No. 9, Fall 2004

Do Medical Malpractice Costs Affect the Delivery of Health Care?
Do Changes in the Stock Market Affect Retirement Decisions?
The Effect of Anti-Fraud Enforcement on Medicare Costs and Quality

Issue No. 8, Summer 2004

Social Security and Elderly Poverty
Medical Report Cards and Hospital Quality
The Effect of ADHD on Educational Outcomes

Issue No. 7, Spring 2004

Does Health Insurance Affect Health Care Utilization and Health?
Investing 401(k) Balances in Company Stock
The Effect of Air Pollution on Infant Health

Issue No. 6, Winter 2004

Errors in the Social Security Disability Award Process
Does Enrolling in Medicare HMOs Affect Mortality?
Do Longer Maternity Leaves Affect Maternal Health?

Issue No. 5, Fall 2003

How the Aging Process Changed During the 20th Century
How Hospitals Respond to Changes in Medicare Reimbursements
The Effect of Welfare Reform on the Insurance Status and Health of Low-Income Families
Issue No. 4, Summer 2003
The Market for Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Insurance
The Labor Supply Effects of SSI
How Health Declines with Age
Issue No. 3, Spring 2003
The Effect of New Drugs on Longevity
Health Insurance Subsidies, Coverage, and Costs
Marriage Penalties in Social Security Programs
Issue No. 2, Winter 2003
Social Security and Retirement Around the World
Cigarette Taxes and Prenatal Smoking
Geography, Race, and Health
The Effect of Medicaid HMOs on Spending and Health Outcomes
Issue No. 1, Fall 2002
Health Insurance Coverage
How to Increase 401(k) Saving?
The Changing Character And Dramatic Growth Of Retirement Saving In the United States
Pensions and Health in South Africa

NBER Digest

Matching Incentives Raise Saving
Medicare and Its Impact

Social Security and Early Retirement
Effects of Rising Health Insurance Premiums
Why Obesity Lowers Wages
Medicaid and the Long-Term Care Insurance Market
The Effect of Newer Drugs on Survival
The Measurement and Evolution of Health Inequality
Do Federal Government Trust Funds Raise National Saving?
How Insurance Affects Hospital Care of Accident Victims
The Effect of Price Controls on Pharmaceutical Research
Smoking, Drinking, and Drug Use Respond to Price Changes
Bulls, Bears, and Retirement Behavior

Do Hospital Report Cards Matter? Increasing Retirement Account Participation
Retirement and the Evolution of Pension Structure
Long-Term Care Insurance and Nursing Home Use
Advance Directives and Medical Care at the End of Life

Is Manual Labor Bad for Your Health?
Social Security Causes Earlier Retirement
Lower Social Security Benefits Reduced Mortality
The Purchase of Company Stock in 401(k) Plans
Public Disability Insurance and Private Health Insurance

Social Insurance Programs Have Large Labor Supply Effects
The Retirement Effects of Canada's Income Security Programs
401(k) Plans Raise Total Saving
The Path of Least Resistance in 401(k) Plans
Does Social Security Redistribute to Low Income Groups?
Why do Death Rates Decline?
Aging and Housing Equity
Incomes and Mortality Patterns

Choice, Chance, and Wealth Dispersion at Retirement
An Investment-Based Social Security System Can Benefit Low-Income Groups
Social Security Does Not Redistribute Income
Social Security Reform Can Make Things Worse

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