NBER in the news - 2018

Date Source Headline Working Paper
6/15/2018 Business Weekly Our View: Fatherhood evolves in the workplace w24198 or summary
6/14/2018 Reno Gazette-Journal Let's learn from Seattle's 'head tax' debacle: Randi Thompson w24635
6/13/2018 Chattanooga Times Free Press Personal Finance: Student loan crisis: no end in sight w18745
6/13/2018 National Post (Toronto) How to win a trade war with the United States w22637
6/12/2018 The MetroWest Daily News Rising rent costs exacerbated by short-term rentals in Massachusetts w24361
6/12/2018 BusinessLIVE 'Baby killer' case shows how good evidence is only the starting point for good policy w24452
6/12/2018 Market Watch Americans who were 'scarred' by the Great Recession changed the way they spend w24696
6/12/2018 Education Week School Facilities w24639
6/11/2018 Chalkbeat Can lowering class size help integrate schools? Maybe, according to new research w24191
6/11/2018 US News & World Report Opioid Overdoses Elevated in Appalachia w24188
6/10/2018 The Times of Northwest Indiana Claiming Social Security Early Can Increase Elderly Poverty and Income Inequality w24609
6/9/2018 New York Post Why middle-aged women with kids make the best employees w21669
6/9/2018 Salon Pro-Brexit businessman met with Russian officials "multiple" times before vote w24631
6/8/2018 The New York Times Gender Letter: Yes, Britain, You Can Have More Women on Corporate Boards w19277
6/8/2018 The New York Times Thinking About Retirement? Consider Working a Little Longer w24226 or summary
6/8/2018 Market Watch The single most important retirement strategy w24226 or summary
6/7/2018 Market Watch One reason you may not see teens flipping burgers or lifeguarding this summer w24662
6/7/2018 The Wall Street Journal American Students Don't Learn Well When It's Hot Outside w24639
6/7/2018 CNBC Winning the lottery doesn't make you happier, say researchers who studied 3000 winners w24667
6/7/2018 The Wall Street Journal The Age of Tech Superheroes Must End w14140
6/7/2018 The Altamont Enterprise Providing employees paid sick leave shows a healthy self-interest w22530
6/7/2018 Bloomberg Corporate Tax Cuts May Shift Paper Profits, Not Factories w24701
6/7/2018 Why the Fed needs a new monetary policy framework
6/6/2018 Chalkbeat Mayor Bill de Blasio's specialized high school proposal clears one (small) hurdle w24191
6/5/2018 St. Catharines Standard (Canada) Lighting up the least-happy neighbourhood in Canada w24592
6/5/2018 Market Watch How to distribute food stamps to make them more effective w24665
6/5/2018 The Times-Picayune After an LSU football upset, judges give black juveniles longer sentences, study says w22611
6/4/2018 Channel NewsAsia World Cup can bring fractured nations together: Study w24666
6/4/2018 Investopedia FA Profession: Accountable for Lack of Diversity w23242 or summary
6/4/2018 Market Watch Does winning the lottery make you happier? w24667
6/4/2018 ThinkProgress It was a bad weekend for the NRA's 'good guy with a gun' myth w23510
6/2/2018 Business Times Thinking about retirement? Consider working a little longer: study w24226 or summary
6/1/2018 Chalkbeat What the F? Here are the surprising ways failing grades helped New York City schools w24639
6/1/2018 Market Watch Claiming Social Security early could lead to poverty later in life w22667 or summary & w24609
6/1/2018 Baltimore Fishbowl Plea deals punish the innocent in Gun Trace Task Force scandal w22511
6/1/2018 The New York Times Thinking About Retirement? Consider Working a Little Longer w24226 or summary
6/1/2018 Mint (India) Genetic factors may have a role to play in economic inequality w24642
5/31/2018 Market Watch Opinion: The Fed's verbal gymnastics include loads of back flips w24521
5/31/2018 US News & World Report The Heavy Toll of Opioids on America's Labor Force w24468
5/31/2018 Quartz The economic case for installing air conditioning in every school w24639
5/31/2018 The Nation How Kids and Families Pay the Real Cost of Health Inequality w23622
5/31/2018 The New York Times The Profound Social Cost of American Exceptionalism w21906 & w22667 or summary
5/31/2018 The Fiscal Times The Staggering Medical Costs Retirees Face After Age 70 w24599
5/31/2018 Education Week As the Temperature Climbs, Test Scores Drop in Schools Without Air Conditioning w24639
5/30/2018 Channel 3000 Study: Hot classrooms cause lower test scores w24639
5/30/2018 The Washington Post Another side effect of higher minimum wages: lower health-care benefits w24635
5/30/2018 CTV Toronto Study shows learning decreases in class rooms when temperatures rise w24639
5/30/2018 CTV Winnipeg Heat lowers test scores, hampers learning: study w24639
5/29/2018 The Wall Street Journal For Scientists Seeking Research Backing, Crowdfunding May Be the Answer w24402
5/29/2018 Investopedia A New Tech 'Bubble' Threatens Massive Losses w23895 or summary
5/29/2018 Education Dive: Latest Education News Study: Hot classrooms lead to less learning w24639
5/29/2018 Market Watch Fed officials are basically born with their beliefs, study finds w24650
5/29/2018 Market Watch One way to improve test scores? Proper air conditioning w24639
5/29/2018 BBC Hotter years 'mean lower exam results' w24639
5/29/2018 Twin Cities Too hot for school? It was 101 inside one St. Paul classroom Tuesday w24639
5/29/2018 US News & World Report Study: Hotter Classrooms Make it Harder for Students to Learn w24639
5/29/2018 Economics21 E-Cigarettes Reduce Adult Smoking w24212
5/25/2018 Forbes Minimum Wages Might Mean Fewer Benefits, So Let's Not #Fightfor15 w24635
5/25/2018 The Huffington Post Twitter Bots May Have Delivered Donald Trump's Victory, Research Paper Says w24631
5/25/2018 ABC News Breaking down the NRA-backed theory that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun w18294 & w23510
5/25/2018 ThinkProgress The truth about the Oklahoma shooting that conservatives and the NRA can't stop talking about w23510
5/25/2018 Mint (India) Artificial intelligence predictions may not always lead to better decisions w24626
5/25/2018 Market Watch What how much you eat tells us about your retirement w24621
5/25/2018 CTV News in Canada Small communities the happiest places in Canada, study finds w24592
5/25/2018 Montgomery Advertiser Retiring Boomers leave a blue collar void w24333
5/24/2018 The Week Ex-intelligence chief James Clapper says Russia won the election for Trump. This study backs him ... w24631
5/24/2018 WXXI News Habitat for Humanity, City of Rochester tackle "zombie" homes w20593
5/24/2018 Democrat and Chronicle City, Habitat for Humanity pair up to battle zombie homes w20593
5/23/2018 Asia News International Study finds impact of lead exposure on fertility w24607
5/23/2018 Deccan Chronicle Lead exposure lowers general fertility rate: Study w24607
5/23/2018 The News Journal: Delaware news Lawsuit would change the way Delaware schools are funded w20847
5/23/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Study: Black defendants receive longer prison terms from Republican-appointed judges w24615
5/23/2018 The Asian Age Study finds impact of lead exposure on fertility w24607
5/22/2018 InsideSources How We Can Get the Middle Class Back on Track w23329
5/22/2018 The National (UAE) Twitter bots may have helped Trump and Brexit, study says w24631
5/22/2018 CNBC Silicon Valley tech bubble is larger than it was in 2000, and the end is coming w23895 or summary
5/22/2018 Market Watch This common contaminant is hurting America's fertility rates w24607
5/21/2018 Market Watch The Fed should lean against housing prices, top academic argues w24629
5/21/2018 Bloomberg Twitter Bots Helped Trump and Brexit Win, Economic Study Says w24631
5/21/2018 The Hill Twitter bots may have affected voters on Brexit, US presidential race: study w24631
5/20/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial: In Missouri, chaos reigns on right-to-work - by design. w24259
5/20/2018 The Globe and Mail Money really isn't everything: The surprising new ranking of Canada's happiest - and most ... w24592
5/19/2018 Independent When rich people marry other rich people, social and financial inequality gets worse - here's how w19829 or summary
5/18/2018 Mint (India) Decline of trade unions since the 1970s may have led to the rise in inequality w24587
5/18/2018 Santa Cruz Sentinel Letter: There are consequences to passing rent control w18125 or summary
5/18/2018 The Atlantic The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy w17159 & w19829 or summary & w19844 or summary & w21154 & w24441
5/17/2018 The Washington Post The GOP is quietly crafting work requirement waivers - for white people w23192 or summary
5/17/2018 Fatherly The United States is Spending Less on Children Than Other Developed Countries w24594
5/17/2018 The Globe and Mail China poised to take lead in artificial intelligence race w24254
5/16/2018 The Kansas City Star 'Ban the box' rewrites some employer rules w22469 or summary
5/15/2018 Prince George Citizen Science fiction to fact w23285 or summary
5/15/2018 Investopedia Transition Planning: Include the Whole Family w21270 or summary
5/15/2018 Forbes Envision Healthcare Infiltrated America's ERs. Now It's Facing A Backlash w23623 or summary
5/15/2018 Employee Ownership is a Win-Win for Workers and Companies book
5/14/2018 TimesLedger Newspapers Real estate speculators price out borough home buyers w23502
5/14/2018 National Review Two New Studies on Immigration w24510 & w24580
5/14/2018 Market Watch How immigrants help Republicans win elections w21941
5/13/2018 The New York Times When Companies Supersize, Paychecks Shrink w24307 or summary
5/12/2018 Forbes Age Discrimination And Women In The Workplace. Here's How to Avoid Getting Pushed Out w21669
5/11/2018 A Plus: Breaking News and Latest News From Around The World A Grain Of Saul: The Definitive Proof Racism Is Real - And What To Do About It w9873 or summary
5/10/2018 If we're measuring GDP wrong in a digital world, what does that say about the economy? w24514
5/10/2018 Car and Driver Electric Vehicles Tread as Lightly as the Grid They Plug Into w22862
5/9/2018 RealClearPolitics How to End Unfair Foreign Drug-Price Disparities w11114 or summary
5/9/2018 Reuters Breakingviews - Hadas: Technology is still working pretty well w24554
5/8/2018 Wired (magazine) Your Smartphone Choice Could Determine If You'll Get a Loan w24551
5/7/2018 BusinessMirror Why worry about inflation Book
5/7/2018 The Daily Iowan Rosario: Conversations on racism deserve empathy w9873 or summary
5/7/2018 Market Watch These 4 things are pushing your retirement farther away w24576
5/7/2018 CBS News New study finds there are benefits to working longer and delaying retirement w24226 or summary
5/4/2018 The Portland Press Herald Our View: Misleading marijuana claims no help to Maine policymakers w24417
5/4/2018 Financial Post Gouging the middle class must end, or the brain drain to the US will continue unabated w21024 or summary
5/4/2018 Investopedia Millennials Are Closing Mortgage Deals Faster Than Ever w24500
5/1/2018 Bloomberg As US Expansion Hits Endurance Milestone, Here's What's Next Business Cycle Dating Committee
5/1/2018 Bloomberg Big Data Could Boost Big Company Finances: Eco Research Roundup w24550 & w24554
5/1/2018 Two Cents LH Delaying Retirement by a Few Months Can Substantially Increase Your Standard of Living w24226 or summary
4/30/2018 Washington Examiner Jordan Peterson is here to explain the gender pay gap to the media w24219
4/30/2018 The New York Times Worried About Risky Teenage Behavior? Make School Tougher w23063 & w23803
4/29/2018 Forbes Middle-Aged Founders Most Successful? A New Paper Says Yes w24489
4/28/2018 Mint (India) The jobs threat from automation may be exaggerated: World Bank w24421
4/25/2018 Science Training grant recipients are more likely to get future funding w24508
4/25/2018 Governing Magazine Big Business Tax Breaks May Worsen Income Inequality w20876
4/24/2018 Time Here's The Easiest Way To Catch Up on Retirement Savings w24226 or summary
4/24/2018 Mint (India) Dinner tables, caste networks, entrepreneurship w24198 or summary
4/23/2018 Market Watch Do opioids help injured workers get back to work sooner? w24528
4/23/2018 Market Watch During a recession, these workers actually see a jump in salary w24538
4/23/2018 Market Watch Education doesn't necessarily save people from poverty w24537
4/23/2018 Nature Scientists' early grant success fuels further funding w24508
4/20/2018 The Globe and Mail A world in turmoil: What we must do to survive the coming political crisis w23285 or summary
4/20/2018 Mint (India) Can India make a universal basic income work? w24507
4/20/2018 Observer Most People Are Willing to Quit Facebook for $50 a Month w24514
4/19/2018 News Wise UC San Diego Study: Anyone Can Be an Innovator w24339
4/19/2018 Market Watch Sen. Tammy Duckworth brought her baby daughter to work — this is how much money that could save you w21913
4/18/2018 Washington Examiner America's givers are disappearing w22902
4/18/2018 Philanthropy Roundtable America's Disappearing Givers w22902
4/18/2018 Forbes Many Americans Go Broke In Retirement, But Many Others Gain Wealth In Old Age w21682
4/17/2018 Quartz How much would you pay for Facebook? w24514
4/17/2018 Bloomberg Don't Blame Airbnb for Rising Rents w24361
4/17/2018 Quartz Doing taxes is such a pain that Americans forgo billions in savings to just get it over with w23903 or summary
4/17/2018 Healthcare Dive ACA increased primary care usage, but also some risky behaviors, report finds w24511
4/17/2018 Investopedia Fintechs Give Mortgage Borrowers an Edge w24500
4/17/2018 Daily Mail Making OxyContin harder to abuse led to MORE deaths as users switched to fentanyl-laced heroin ... w24475
4/17/2018 Bloomberg Undocumented Workers Shed Light on Disability: Eco Research Wrap w24504
4/16/2018 Here's How Old You Should Be When You Start a Company, According to Science. (It's Not What ... w24489
4/16/2018 Business Insider Women often say they prefer taller men - but the reality is more complicated w20402
4/16/2018 Hitech News Daily Stereotypes Shattered! Successful Founders In Silicon Valley Are Older Than Ambitious Teenage ... w24489
4/16/2018 Quartz The overlooked resource Trump could use to increase US exports w24494
4/16/2018 Washington Examiner Dodd-Frank has hurt small business lending and may have slowed business growth, new study says w24501 or summary
4/16/2018 Market Watch How fintech lenders give mortgage borrowers an edge w24500
4/16/2018 The Hindu The power of incentives w22617
4/16/2018 Market Watch Obamacare triggering upturn in preventative care - and risky drinking, too w24511
4/13/2018 Chicago Tribune Workers ask when to get off 'treadmill of life' w24226 or summary
4/13/2018 Breitbart News Network Better OxyContin Leads to Worse Heroin Epidemic w24475
4/13/2018 Mint (India) Successful start-ups most likely to be led by middle-aged founders w24489
4/13/2018 The Atlantic Is Housing Inequality the Main Driver of Economic Inequality? w21916
4/12/2018 The Washington Post In opioid epidemic, some cities strain to afford OD antidote w23171
4/12/2018 The Daily Beast How OxyContin Kicked Off the Heroin Epidemic w24475
4/12/2018 The Wall Street Journal Study Shows Big Benefits to Chinese Companies From Joint Ventures with US Firms w24455
4/11/2018 Bloomberg Reformulated OxyContin May Not Have Saved Any Lives w24475
4/11/2018 Financial Express Breaking Stereotypes: 50 year old founders more likely to see success than entrepreneurs in their ... w24489
4/11/2018 Inside Higher Ed Confronting the Opioid Crisis w23171
4/11/2018 Kokomo Tribune Editorial: Jobs require education w18457
4/10/2018 Inside Higher Ed New Study on Income-Driven Repayment Plans w24484
4/10/2018 Quartz Immigrants founded more than 40% of new companies in some US states w24494
4/10/2018 Erie News Now Equal pay activist Lilly Ledbetter wants to meet with Ivanka Trump w24219
4/10/2018 TechCrunch New research shows successful founders are far older than the Valley stereotype w24489
4/10/2018 Education Week Recipients of 'Dead' DACA Program Reap Educational Benefits, Study Says w24315
4/9/2018 Non Profit News Nonprofit Monkey in the Middle: Corporate Giving and Political Influence w24451
4/8/2018 The Blade Study shows failing to itemize taxes often costly w23903 or summary
4/6/2018 Indianapolis Business Journal KIM: For a viable retirement, age 70 is the new 65 w24226 or summary
4/6/2018 Mint (India) Bots amplify the spread of fake news, and harm economies, new research shows w24462
4/5/2018 The Star Online US employers get serious about feeding workers healthier food w24229 or summary
4/5/2018 San Antonio Express-News Study Warns Sky-High Marijuana Taxes Drive Consumers Back to the Black Market w23632
4/5/2018 PBS Newshour Money habits are set by age 7. Teach your kids the value of a dollar now w21473 or summary
4/4/2018 Cosmos Popular Pok(?)mon promotes prangs w24308
4/4/2018 CNN Without immigration, our economy is in big trouble w15507 or summary
4/4/2018 The Seattle Times Employers get serious about feeding workers more healthful food w24229 or summary
4/3/2018 The Virginian-Pilot Employers get serious about feeding workers healthier food w24229 or summary
4/3/2018 The Wall Street Journal Why Women Should Keep Working After Their Husbands Retire w24429 or summary
4/3/2018 Market Watch How text messages can improve your kids' reading skills w24450
4/3/2018 Community Powered Radio The Trump's Trade War with China Then Women in Politics Running for Office Read the Research
4/3/2018 The Economist Black boys are the least likely of any group to escape poverty w24441
4/3/2018 Splinter Study: Corporate Charity Sure Looks a Lot Like Lobbying w24451
4/2/2018 Washington Examiner Manufacturing losses have fueled opioid addiction: Study w24468
4/2/2018 The Gainesville Sun UF students come to aid of Syrian refugees w23498 or summary
4/2/2018 The 74 A Huge For-Profit Charter Network Uses the Same Approaches as High-Performing Nonprofits. The ... w24428
4/1/2018 Big Think The conception rate can tell us when the next recession will hit w24355
3/31/2018 Why the West needs to go after Putin's €200bn riches w23712
3/31/2018 The Hill Pope Francis's economic agenda does millennials no favors w9015 or summary
3/29/2018 American Enterprise Institute Working a little longer pays big dividends for retirement w24226 or summary
3/29/2018 The Washington Post It's time to go after Vladimir Putin's money in the West w23712
3/29/2018 American Banker BankThink Consumers lose when small banks can't compete w9921 or summary
3/29/2018 Insider Being best friends with your spouse isn't just a clich(?)it could actually have some science ... w20794
3/28/2018 Market Watch This retired couple lives for their hobbies - and each other w24127 or summary
3/27/2018 The Washington Post Congestion pricing clears the lungs, too, researchers say w24410 or summary
3/26/2018 The Wall Street Journal Saving More for Retirement vs. Work Longer w24226 or summary
3/26/2018 The Washington Post President Trump's claim that China caused 60000 US factories to close w21906
3/26/2018 The Washington Post A black bank witnessed devastation after the 1968 riots. Now 'the future is bright.' w10493
3/26/2018 Science Want to crowdfund your science? New study hints at who is successful w24402
3/26/2018 Tax Foundation Gross Receipts Taxes in the Marijuana Industry Found to Cause Distortionary Effects w23632
3/25/2018 The Times of India 5 unusual ways to tell if the economy is doing well w24355
3/23/2018 Observer-Reporter Prospect of living longer today requires a healthy financial plan w24226 or summary
3/23/2018 The New York Times The Trump Boom Is Making It Harder to See the Next Recession Read the Research
3/22/2018 Vox Corporate stock buybacks are booming, thanks to the Republican tax cuts w22897 or summary
3/22/2018 Time 6 Real Ways We Can Reduce Gun Violence in America w23510
3/22/2018 CNBC 'Shark Tank' star Kevin O'Leary: Women-run businesses make me the most money-here's why w24219
3/22/2018 The Atlantic The Third Education Revolution w6439
3/21/2018 Quartz The robots really are taking over-but only because there aren't enough workers w24421
3/21/2018 Los Altos Town Crier Rotary Club of Los Altos: Physician offers perspective on opioids w23192 or summary
3/19/2018 The American Interest The Beginning of the End of Work w23285 or summary
3/19/2018 Market Watch The irrational time people save for retirement w24405
3/19/2018 The Triton No Amendment is Greater than the Right to Live w23510
3/17/2018 The Sydney Morning Herald The evidence is in: first-born siblings are better NBER Reporter 2017 Number 4
3/16/2018 The Washington Post Students think they can suppress speech because colleges treat them like customers w18745
3/15/2018 New Haven Independent Welcome To A Mess, Superintendent Birks w12078 or summary
3/15/2018 Flathead Beacon Debating Daylight Saving w14429
3/14/2018 Romper Moms Are Still Earning Less Than Women Without Kids, New Study Finds, & It's A Huge Problem w24219
3/14/2018 The Timberjay Democrats and unions w24259
3/14/2018 Modern Healthcare More primary care, more healthcare services, but lower costs in the long run w24100
3/13/2018 Market Watch What would you do with a $500 windfall? Most people's reactions may surprise you w24386
3/13/2018 Stars and Stripes Norway basic-training study concludes unit cohesion unaffected by adding women w24351
3/13/2018 The Atlantic The Trump Administration's War on New Housing w22834
3/13/2018 Latest Education News Low-cost incentives can improve teacher attendance rates w13356
3/13/2018 National Post Grey Matters: A life fulfilled can continue later in life w24127 or summary
3/12/2018 Richmond Times-Dispatch Economic Impact: Understanding the size of the gig economy is challenging w22843
3/12/2018 Daily Chronicle Cortland woman, DeKalb High School grad joins MTV's new 'Teen Mom' cast w19795
3/12/2018 Market Watch Opinion: Here's the ideal amount of gold to keep in your investment portfolio w18706
3/12/2018 Pacific Standard International Students Are Keeping Community Colleges Afloat w22982 or summary
3/12/2018 The Villages Daily Sun Working Residents Redefine Retirement w24226 or summary
3/12/2018 Grand Forks Herald Seeds of health: Lifelong eating habits planted as children w24094 or summary
3/11/2018 The Times of London Why top dogs might baulk at the lead w24343 or summary
3/11/2018 Quartz You're probably way too optimistic about your future happiness w24369
3/11/2018 Breitbart News Network Nixon's Daylight Savings Time Still Controversial After 44 Years w14429
3/10/2018 St. Cloud Times Refugee resettlement costs are difficult to gather, report says w23498 or summary
3/10/2018 The Huffington Post Pennsylvania Republican Defends 'Right-To-Work' Laws Before Vote In Union-Heavy District w24259
3/9/2018 The Gainesville Sun Dave Denslow: Lifestyle choices add to high health costs w24094 or summary
3/9/2018 The American Bazaar Immigration and crime are not connnected, says research w13229
3/8/2018 The Altamont Enterprise Proposed law could add millions to county bank accounts w20052
3/8/2018 The Star, Kenya More women in teacher training institutions but less in decision-making positions w24219
3/8/2018 Juneau Empire Support smokefree workplace bill w23995 or summary
3/8/2018 Healthline Getting More Sun Could Protect You from the Flu - Here's Why w24340 or summary
3/7/2018 The Wall Street Journal Reckoning With Xi's Power Play w24333
3/6/2018 Market Watch Why sites like Yelp and Glassdoor should pay people to leave reviews w24372
3/6/2018 The Washington Post Stock Market Shrugs Off Trump's Tariff Talk Prematurely: Gadfly w24368
3/5/2018 Market Watch Something amazing happens to men when women suddenly join their team w24351
3/5/2018 Lexington Herald Leader Want to predict a recession? Measure the amount of baby making with these tricks. w24355
3/5/2018 The Hindu It pays to be a crony: on the politician-businessman nexus in the US w23356
3/2/2018 STAT The steady growth in health care jobs isn't all positive w23748
3/2/2018 TIME Want to Protect Yourself From Getting the Flu? Get Some Sunshine w24340 or summary
3/2/2018 Investopedia American Debt: Credit Card Balances Up $26Billion in 4Q 2017 w21581 or summary
3/2/2018 Newburgh Gazette Supreme Court case on unions w24259
3/1/2018 The Washington Post Conservatives are using the Supreme Court to destroy unions w24259
3/1/2018 The Wall Street Journal How Pregnancy Could Help Us Anticipate US Recessions w24355
3/1/2018 Bloomberg Big Companies Are Getting a Chokehold on the Economy w24265 & w24270
3/1/2018 Media Matters for America MSNBC's Ali Velshi refutes NRA talking point that people are safer with more guns around w23510
3/1/2018 Evening Standard Russell Lynch: It takes more than making babies to help spot a recession w24355
3/1/2018 Medical Xpress Extra sunlight in late summer, early fall could help stave off flu, study finds w24340 or summary
3/1/2018 Chicago Tribune Using the courts to destroy unions w24259
2/28/2018 Citywire Crib to crash: do falling fertility rates signal a recession? w24355
2/28/2018 Campus Safety Study: States with Concealed Carry Laws See Increase in Violent Crimes w23510
2/28/2018 The Daily Beast Study: Concealed Carry Leads to 15% Increase in Violent Crime
2/27/2018 The Times of London Pregnancy is better guide to recession than top economists w24355
2/27/2018 ABC News Breaking down the NRA-backed theory that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun w23510
2/27/2018 The Guardian Can hemlines and divorce rates really predict a recession? w24355
2/27/2018 The Globe and Mail Peter Navarro is Ottawa's worst nightmare - and he's gaining influence w24353
2/27/2018 New York Daily News Study dismantles NRA mantra that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun w23510
2/27/2018 Forbes Are You Measuring The Real Impact of Your Employee Wellness Program? w24229 or summary
2/27/2018 Huffington Post Birth Rates Can Be Used To Predict Recessions, Study Suggests w24355
2/27/2018 ABC News Theory: A good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun w23510
2/27/2018 WJBD Radio Breaking down the NRA-backed theory that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun w23510
2/27/2018 National Public Radio Pregnancy Rate Might Predict Future Recessions, Researchers Suggest w24355
2/26/2018 Breitbart News Network Prescription Drugs, Economic Despair Challenged as Causes of Opioid Crisis w24188
2/26/2018 CNBC Can pregnancy rates predict a recession? America's top economic research bureau thinks so w24355
2/26/2018 Market Watch Low fertility rate may predict the next recession w24355
2/26/2018 Market Watch How welfare reform made women worse off w24356
2/24/2018 The Guardian Fears grow as rightwing billionaires battle to erode US union rights w24259
2/23/2018 Quartz at Work Your hotshot coworker would be a terrible boss, and research proves it w24343 or summary
2/22/2018 Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Catholic-affiliated All Saints Hospital in Racine criticized for ceasing sterilizations w23768
2/22/2018 The Washington Post Fewer Americans are working. Don't blame immigrants or food stamps. w24333
2/22/2018 Delaware County News Network CONVERSATIONS IN EDUCATION: Soft skills return in labor market NBER Reporter 2017 Number 4
2/22/2018 Market Watch Why 3.5 million Americans in their prime years aren't working - and no, it's not video games w24333
2/21/2018 Inside Higher Ed 'Poorly Paid' Professors w24215
2/21/2018 Financial Post William Watson: Liberals' 'gender budget' will fix a problem women are already fixing w24274
2/21/2018 The Wall Street Journal America’s Emerging Petro Economy Flips the Impact of Oil w23973
2/21/2018 Fortune How 'Pokemon Go' Caused Billions in Property Damage w24308
2/21/2018 The Hill Republicans are negotiating the terms of surrender on paid leave w19595
2/20/2018 The New York Times Come the Recession, Don't Count on That Safety Net US Business Cycle Expansions and Contractions
2/20/2018 The Wall Street Journal Giving Alaskans Free Money Didn't Stop Them From Working w24312
2/19/2018 Billings Gazette Unhealthy or untrue? National news dings Montana county for eating, grocery habits w24094 or summary
2/19/2018 The Huffington Post This Supreme Court Case Is The Biggest Threat To Organized Labor In Years w24259
2/16/2018 BBC Report proposes £10000 for everyone under 55 w24312
2/16/2018 York Daily Record The gig economy: Here's what it is and why southcentral Pa. workers are joining it w22667 or summary
2/16/2018 Market Watch This is how your life will change in retirement w24263
2/16/2018 Mint (India) Natural resources: boon or bane? w24309
2/14/2018 Fox Business Could a Trump manufacturing resurgence revive US marriage rates? w23173
2/14/2018 Isthmus Wisconsin legislator to propose banning marijuana tests for most jobs w22688
2/14/2018 ThinkAdvisor 4 Ways Persistent Low Returns Affect Retirement Behavior: NBER w24311
2/14/2018 Chalkbeat Study finds DACA encourages undocumented kids to stay in school, as Congress ponders their ... w24315
2/13/2018 Popular Science Millions of Americans can't stay home with the flu, so it spreads w22530
2/13/2018 Inside Higher Ed Study: DACA Increased Educational Attainment w24315
2/13/2018 Market Watch Why 'Dreamers' are less likely to drop out of high school w24315
2/13/2018 Education Week Computer Ownership Not Linked to College Students' Future Earnings, Study Finds w24276
2/12/2018 National Public Radio Stock Market Swings May Rock More Minds Than Wallets w24085 or summary
2/12/2018 Los Angeles Times Employers say gig workers should have better retirements - as long as they're not 'employees' w22667 or summary
2/11/2018 Money Week Relax, we're not heading for a stockmarket crash w24258
2/9/2018 Market Watch Meet the perfect mark for a pump-and-dump scam: the modern retiree w24083
2/9/2018 The Sydney Morning Herald The motherhood penalty is still deeply entrenched ... even in Denmark w24219
2/8/2018 TheStreet My Stepmother Stole My Inheritance w21692 or summary
2/8/2018 Washington Examiner Gender inequality will persist despite Ivanka Trump's initiative w24219
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