NBER in the news - 2018

Date Source Headline Working Paper
1/20/2018 The Economist What Amazon does to wages w24147
1/18/2018 CNBC There's 'no evidence' Tasers reduce police use of firearms, new study shows w24202
1/17/2018 The Washington Post The millionaire class is booming w24085 or summary
1/17/2018 Capital Journal Putting a hold on immigration and refugee resettlement from certain countries won't fix anything w23498 or summary
1/16/2018 Record Searchlight Marijuana can save lives w23779
1/15/2018 New York Magazine Did Americans Turn to Opioids Out of Despair - or Just Because They Were There? w24188
1/14/2018 Twin Cities Five facts about refugees you may not know w23498 or summary
1/12/2018 The Atlantic Why Norwegians Aren't Moving to the US w18011
1/12/2018 Tri-City Herald CBC sees rec center as a way to engage struggling students w15216 or summary
1/12/2018 Twin Cities St. Paul's $15 minimum wage proposal divides restaurant workers w23532
1/11/2018 Market Watch What we're getting wrong about 'deaths of despair' w24188
1/11/2018 Newsweek Rent Control Could Be Making Income Inequality Worse in Gentrified Cities, Researchers Say w24181
1/11/2018 The Register No wonder Marvin the robot was miserable: AI will make the rich richer - and the poor poorer w24174
1/10/2018 Marianas Variety FEATURE: How tax reform is keeping promise 'Fight for $15' couldn't w23532
1/10/2018 Bloomberg Economics Starts Reckoning With Its Gender Bias Problem w23953
1/10/2018 Huffington Post NRA Finds Unlikely Ally In Fight Over Ivory Bans w22314 or summary
1/8/2018 The 74 Reducing Class Sizes Is Popular With Parents but Not Education Experts. New Research on CA ... w24191
1/7/2018 Livemint The economics of long-term return on assets w24112
1/5/2018 American Council on Science and Health Build It and They Will Come ?- Food Deserts and the Entry of New Supermarkets w24094
1/5/2018 Livemint Is global inequality being underestimated? w24177
1/5/2018 Harvard Business Review The 3 Essential Jobs That Most Retention Programs Ignore w22667 or summary
1/4/2018 The Atlantic Why Is the US So Bad at Protecting Workers From Automation? w6983
1/3/2018 The Economist How political leaders shape public opinion w21316
1/3/2018 The Christian Science Monitor Harvard Law grad helps low-income students aim high w18586 or summary
1/3/2018 The 74 New Economics Paper Shows That High School and College Jobs Leads to Higher Wages Later in ... w24160
1/2/2018 The 74 With better data, academic results by Mexican-Americans thought to be stagnant are now shown as ... w24067
1/2/2018 Washington Examiner Minimum wage increases in 18 states put economic claims to the test w23532
1/2/2018 Market Watch Here's how workers can keep their jobs, despite the inexorable rise of automation w24174
1/2/2018 Market Watch Students who do this during college earn more money as graduates w24160
1/1/2018 Wisconsin Public Radio With Hospital Consolidation, Abortion And Tubal Ligation Rates Drop w23366 & w23634
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