NBER in the news - 2017

Date Source Headline Working Paper
8/14/2017 National Real Estate Investor What Will Hosting the 2028 Olympics Do for Los Angeles' Reputation? w14854
8/14/2017 The Register Raising minimum wage will raise something else: An army of robots taking away folks' jobs w23667
8/14/2017 Science Daily Doctors trained at lowest-ranked medical schools prescribe more opioids w23645
8/13/2017 WKRN-TV 6 weird advantages of being left-handed w12387
8/10/2017 Bloomberg The Pitfalls of Cutting Low-Skilled Immigration w23125 or summary
8/10/2017 Economics21 Curing America's Expensive Drugs w23640
8/10/2017 Vox How much is living a pain-free life worth? Economists say up to $145 per day. w23649
8/9/2017 Market Watch Harvard-educated doctors prescribe fewer opioids - but not because they had an Ivy League ... w23645
8/9/2017 KYMA-DT Study: Doctors from lower-ranked med schools prescribe more opioids w23645
8/9/2017 The American Journal of Managed Care Prescribing Patterns Indicate Role of Physician Education in Controlling Opioid Epidemic w23645
8/8/2017 Winnipeg Free Press Raising minimum wage won't fight poverty w23532
8/8/2017 BBC Climate change is disrupting the birds and the bees w21681
8/8/2017 Bloomberg Harvard-Educated Doctors Prescribe Far Fewer Opioids w23645
8/8/2017 US News & World Report Doctor Training Relates to Opioid Prescribing w23645.pdf
8/8/2017 Market Watch 4 ways the workplace has not changed for American mothers w23644.pdf
8/7/2017 The New York Times Medicare Advantage Spends Less on Care, So Why Is It Costing So Much? w23090
8/7/2017 The Washington Post How much would you pay to live pain-free? w23649
8/7/2017 Market Watch Why the story of widening inequality may be wildly misleading w23655
8/7/2017 International Business Times How Changing Corporate Tax Rates Affects The Economy, Government Revenue w23653
8/7/2017 EurekAlert! Science News Study links unhealthy segregated neighborhoods to childhood asthma w23622
8/3/2017 Atlanta Black Star Is Ending Affirmative Action the Real Objective Behind the Justice Department's Look at College ... w21612
8/3/2017 The Economist Why national accounts might be like corporate balance-sheets w23612
8/2/2017 Los Angeles Times Does carrying a gun make you safer? No. In fact, right-to-carry laws increase violent crime w23510
8/2/2017 Forbes Are The Best Colleges Academic Gated Communities? w23618
8/1/2017 Inside Higher Ed Help Your Students Earn A's by Not Focusing on Grades w23638
8/1/2017 Bloomberg The US Economy Would Be Better Off If Men Did More Housework w23636
8/1/2017 Market Watch What happened to birth rates after Texas restricted access to abortion w23634
8/1/2017 Market Watch Children in low-income families suffer during the summer without subsidized school food programs w23633
7/31/2017 Medical Xpress Exercise incentives do little to spur gym-going, study shows w23567
7/31/2017 CNBC Economist: Hire people from the middle-class because 'more of the posh ones are useless' w22517 or summary
7/31/2017 Houston Chronicle Study: Texas abortion restrictions boosted birth rates w23634
7/31/2017 United Press International Study: Monetary incentive not effective at spurring gym attendance w23567
7/31/2017 Market Watch The IRS 'scarecrow' method of getting people to pay taxes actually works w23631
7/31/2017 The Hans India Monetary incentives do little to spur gym-going: Study w23567
7/28/2017 Investor's Business Daily Seven Reasons America Should Pursue Energy Dominance w22914
7/28/2017 The Atlantic Why Residents of 'Black ZIP Codes' Can't Breathe w23622
7/27/2017 Atlanta Black Star Is There a Debate to be Had on the Effectiveness of Raising the Minimum Wage for Black Workers w23532
7/26/2017 Slate Why Young Men Might Be Playing Video Games Instead of Going to Work w23552
7/26/2017 NBC News Fulfillment Center Warehouse Jobs Give New Life to Sleepy Towns w23285 or summary
7/24/2017 Financial Times Weak global inflation is a mystery investors must unlock w23396 or summary
7/24/2017 The New York Times Which Metrics on Hospital Quality Should Patients Pay Attention To? w23166
7/24/2017 The Washington Post It's not just banks anymore. Democrats want to break up all kinds of big business. w23583
7/24/2017 The New York Times The Company Behind Many Surprise Emergency Room Bills w23623
7/23/2017 Forbes 94% Of New Jobs Created Share This One Trait -- Are You Prepared? w22667 or summary
7/21/2017 Los Angeles Times As Trump wages war on legal marijuana, military veterans side with pot w21345
7/21/2017 The Washington Post Researchers have a new theory for why companies are sitting on ungodly piles of cash w23583
7/19/2017 Bloomberg Private School Is Becoming Out of Reach for Middle-Class America w23571
7/19/2017 The Atlantic How Job Loss Can Lead to Drug Use w23192 or summary
7/18/2017 Market Watch Majoring in business can nearly double your earnings potential w23575
7/18/2017 Inside Higher Ed Variation in Immigrant Educational Attainment w23548
7/18/2017 New York Post If you want to make a lot of money, pick this major w23575
7/17/2017 Education Week Class Size Matters w17632 or summary
7/17/2017 Market Watch Not even free money can make some people go to the gym w23567
7/17/2017 Radio Free Asia China Seeks Solution For High Home Prices
7/13/2017 Forbes Why Neighborhoods Get Better: Research Provides Insights That May Surprise You w21778
7/12/2017 Xinhuannet China's WTO entry benefits US consumers: economists w23487 or summary
7/11/2017 Chicago City Wire Summer jobs called beneficial for teens -- if they'll take them w23443
7/7/2017 Market Watch This is what older people do when they’re not quite ready to retire w23551
7/7/2017 Scranton (PA) Times-Tribune More guns, more crime w23510
7/7/2017 The Des Moines Register How robots, AI and automation are shaking up Iowa's workforce. Is your job at risk? w23285 or summary
7/6/2017 The Washington Post Bucking a national trend, St. Louis is lowering its minimum wage w23371 or summary
7/6/2017 The New York Times Work and Reward: The Great Disconnect w23371 or summary
7/5/2017 US News & World Report Are Better Video Games Killing Men's Desire to Work? w23552
7/3/2017 The New York Times Why Some Men Don’t Work: Video Games Have Gotten Really Good w23552
7/3/2017 Market Watch Here’s one really weird theory why so many young men aren’t working w23552
7/3/2017 USA Today Who pays when someone without insurance shows up in the ER? w22288
6/29/2017 The Gainesville Sun Dave Denslow: Democrats should let gun battle go w23510
6/29/2017 Newsweek Guns Make Us Safe? NRA Theory Debunked in New Stanford Analysis w23510
6/27/2017 Atlanta Black Star Lead Astray: New Evidence Links Children with Higher Lead Exposure to School Suspensions and Juvenile Detention w23392 or summary
6/21/2017 The Atlantic To Reduce Urban Inequality, Reconsider Unions w23516
6/21/2017 US News & World Report White House Pressures State Department Over Refugee Costs: Sources w23498 or summary
6/20/2017 Institutional Investor Brokers May Be Giving Away Investors' Best Ideas w23522
6/19/2017 The Fiscal Times Do Right-to-Carry States Really Have Less Violent Crime? w23510
6/19/2017 Market Watch Bob Barker is one of millions of older Americans who fall — but he’s lucky w23517
6/15/2017 The Washington Post It’s time to stop blaming poor people for the financial crisis w23502
6/14/2017 Market Watch Consider this career move if you want to climb the corporate ladder w23485
6/14/2017 FiveThirtyEight Refugees May Be Good For The Economy w23498 or summary
6/13/2017 The Washington Post These researchers just debunked an all-too-common belief about refugees w23498 or summary
6/12/2017 Houston Chronicles Chinese imports killed jobs — but also lowered prices w23487 or summary
6/9/2017 Investor's Business Daily Universal Basic Idiocy w23285 or summary
6/9/2017 The American Prospect School Suspensions, Test Scores, and Lead Poisoning w23392 or summary
6/6/2017 New Republic How Medical Bills Harm Us All w21632 or summary
6/5/2017 Barron's Study: Stock Avoidance Is Hardwired w23438
6/5/2017 Market Watch Investors would rather feel good about themselves than make money w23438
5/31/2017 Reuters More daughters, more money - Harvard tips for venture capitalists w23454
5/30/2017 The Wall Street Journal Gender Wage Gap Widens ‘Considerably’ During First Two Decades of Work Life w23381 or summary
5/25/2017 The Atlantic Why Expanding Access to Childcare Isn't Enough w23412
5/23/2017 Market Watch Straight-shooting execs on earnings calls boost trading volume for their stocks w23425
5/21/2017 The Miami Herald Deportations, lack of visas will hurt our economy. Find ways to protect your business w22834
5/19/2017 Deseret News Greg Bell: Are Utahns' wages increasing to reflect low unemployment? w23371 or summary
5/16/2017 Bloomberg Rich Retirees Are Hoarding Cash Out of Fear w23371 or summary
5/13/2017 Minneapolis StarTribune U economist says manufacturing jobs aren't coming back w23371 or summary
5/13/2017 The New York Times The Gender Pay Gap Is Largely Because of Motherhood w23381 or summary
5/10/2017 The Washington Post An obvious way to fight the opioid epidemic — and make doctors’ lives easier w23148 or summary
5/9/2017 Bloomberg Visiting the White House Can Boost Your Stock Price. So Who’s Visiting Trump? w23356
5/8/2017 The Washington Post Researchers have answered a big question about the decline of the middle class w23371 or summary
5/8/2017 U.S. News & World Report Study: Globalization Has Boosted Income Inequality w23384
5/8/2017 Market Watch Why the first 20 years of a career are most important for women w23381 or summary
5/3/2017 The Washington Post Scientists just debunked one of the biggest arguments against fuel economy standards for cars w23340
5/2/2017 Marketwatch An inside look at the opaque and frustrating pricing system at private colleges w23360
5/2/2017 The Washington Post Women won’t save us from violence w23337
4/27/2017 The New York Times Black People Are Not All ‘Living in Hell’ w22797 or summary
4/25/2017 Market Watch These students lack enough data to make informed choices about their major w23333
4/25/2017 Independent Rich People Live Longer than the Poor and Take More from Taxpayers w23329
4/20/2017 The New York Times How Child Care Enriches Mothers, and Especially the Sons They Raise w22993
4/20/2017 The Economist Political polarisation has grown most among the old w22452 or summary & w23258
4/19/2017 Pacific Standard Trump Takes Aim at the H-1B Visa Program w23153 or summary
4/19/2017 Fortune Why Today’s Retirement Savers Face A ‘Longevity Gap’ w23329
4/18/2017 Market Watch These 10 skills you need to earn higher wages may surprise you w23328
4/18/2017 CNS News US Economic Growth May Be Stronger Than We Think w23221
4/13/2017 The New York Times Social Media Is Not Contributing Significantly to Political Polarization, Paper Says w23258
4/11/2017 The Wall Street Journal Should Medicaid Be Converted to a Block-Grant Program? w21308 or summary
4/10/2017 South China Morning Post How Chinese student boom has kept US public universities afloat, and why Trump’s America First stance might affect that w22981 or summary
4/6/2017 Bloomberg Perfectly Nice Policies, With Less-Nice Side Effects w23174 or summary
4/5/2017 Bloomberg Jamie Dimon Forgot to Mention Mergers Are Part of the Problem w21181 or summary
4/4/2017 Los Angeles Times Pay gap between men and women in California is nearly $79 billion a year w21913
4/4/2017 The Columbus Dispatch The E-Team: Researchers say Pre-K kids get earlier notice of health problems w23297
3/31/2017 The Washington Post Trump to target trade abuses with executive orders w21906 & w23285 or summary
3/30/2017 The Washington Post We’re so unprepared for the robot apocalypse w21906 & w23285 or summary
3/30/2017 Fortune Give Mnuchin a Break w23285 or summary
3/30/2017 Bloomberg U.S. College Grads See Slim-to-Nothing Wage Gains Since Recession w22935
3/29/2017 Market Watch This kills men's self-esteem at work w23264
3/29/2017 The New York Times Evidence That Robots Are Winning the Race for American Jobs w23285 or summary
3/29/2017 The New York Times Is Obamacare a Lifesaver? w23269 or summary
3/29/2017 Vox Study: social media bubbles might not be making us more polarized after all w23258
3/28/2017 Market Watch This kills men’s self-esteem at work w23264
3/28/2017 The Christian Science Monitor Why a 94-year-old McDonald's employee is celebrating 44 years on the job w22607
3/27/2017 Inside Higher Ed Hometown Connections and Chinese Favoritism w23130
3/27/2017 US News & World Rport Robots Have Been Taking American Jobs w23285 or summary
3/21/2017 The Atlantic How Universal Child Care Affects Boys vs. Girls w21571 & w23259
3/21/2017 Market Watch The unlikely tool that helps the poor save... w23252
3/21/2017 Barron's Women Punished Harder for Misconduct w23242 or summary
3/17/2017 The Atlantic Sesame Street Isn’t Just for Affluent Kids w21229
3/15/2017 Money 5 Surprising Industries Vulnerable to Trump's Deportation Plan w22834
3/14/2017 US News & World Report Reagan's Chief Economist The U.S. Is Already Great w23221
3/14/2017 Market Watch The earnings of undocumented immigrants soared during the Obama years w23236
3/9/2017 The Washington Post Trade with China might have ruined your love life w23173
3/7/2017 Chicago Business What Trump's immigration policies could cost Chicago w22834
3/7/2017 The Atlantic How To Get Detroit Back On Its Feet w23146
2/28/2017 Daily Mail Are Chinese imports making it harder for American men to get married? w23173
2/28/2017 The Washington Post Attorney General Sessions wants to know the science on marijuana and opioids w21345
2/28/2017 The Seattle Times Men at work: a marked decline in the economy w23173
2/27/2017 U.S. News Opioid Deaths Rise With Unemployment w23192 or summary
2/27/2017 Vox If we want to save people from opioid overdoses, a new study shows naloxone works w23171
2/25/2017 The Economist Why taxing robots is not a good idea w23108
2/24/2017 Fox News Trump's Jobs Plan Could Lead to Marriage Boom w23173
2/22/2017 Bloomberg Trump Deportation Threats to Constrict Already-Tight Job Market w22834
2/20/2017 Star Tribune Could mandatory database curb opioid abuse? w23148 or summary
2/17/2017 News India Times H-1B visa workers from 1994-2001 helped US innovation: NBER research paper w23153 or summary
2/16/2017 The Economist A new paper finds China more unequal than France but less so than America w23119
2/15/2017 Slate Obamacare Saved Marriages From "Medical Divorce" w23139
2/15/2017 Fortune Why H-1B Visas Aren't So Great for Silicon Valley Workers w23153 or summary
2/14/2017 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Vouchers kept Milwaukee Catholic parishes open, but at a cost to religious activity w23159
2/14/2017 Bloomberg How High-Skilled Immigrants May Hurt Workers and Help Consumers w23153 or summary
2/13/2017 CBS News U.S. vs. China: Whose income inequality is worse? w23119
2/11/2017 The New York Times More Women in Their 60s and 70s Are Having 'Way Too Much Fun' to Retire w22606 & w22607 & w22913
2/11/2017 The New York Times More Women in Their 60s and 70s Are Having 'Way Too Much Fun' to Retire w22606 & w22607 & w22913
2/7/2017 The Atlantic One Reason Workers Are Struggling Are Cities Too Small or Too Big? w22823
2/6/2017 Inside Higher Ed New Study on Immigrants and America Innovation w23137 or summary
2/6/2017 Market Watch Why low-income borrowers should avoid for-profit colleges w23118
2/6/2017 Fortune These Economists Just Proved Why Donald Trump's Wall Won't Help U.S. Workers w22792
2/5/2017 The Wall Street Journal It'll Take More Than a Band-Aid to Fix Medicaid w21031 or summary & w21308 or summary
2/3/2017 Bloomberg 'Superstar' Companies Are Eating Into Workers' Wealth w23108
2/1/2017 The Atlantic One Reason Workers Are Struggling Even When Companies Are Doing Well w23108
2/1/2017 Bloomberg It's Getting Harder to Keep the Barbarians at the Gate—and It's This Guy's Job w22707
1/31/2017 Latinos Health Age Cap Boosts Pregnant Teens Using e-Cigarettes w22792
1/31/2017 The Wall Street Journal How Kids Displaced Dads as Rulers of the Household w23087
1/31/2017 The Atlantic How Trump Threatens America's Talent Edge w22926
1/30/2017 Newsweek Trump's Immigration Order Is a Major Blow to American Universities w22623 or summary
1/30/2017 The Wall Street Journal Why Your Business Should Ditch Cash w19996 or summary
1/24/2017 The Wall Street Journal Why Young Women Play Down Their Career Goals Around Men w23043 or summary
1/24/2017 The Wall Street Journal A Challenge to the 'Secular Stagnation' Theory w23077
1/23/2017 The New York Times Blame Technology, Not Longer Life Spans, for Health Spending Increases w22306 or summary
1/23/2017 The Washington Post Why you'll never live up to your older sibling's accomplishments w19542 or summary & w23038
1/23/2017 Bloomberg The U.K.'s Threat to Weaponize Tax Is No Bluff w20753
1/22/2017 Forbes Power Markets Are Better For Consumers Than Traditional Alernative w23053 or summary
1/20/2017 Houston Chronicle How we should judge Trump's economic performance w20324
1/16/2017 PBS Newshour Do ride-sharing apps discriminate against black customers? w22776 or summary
1/16/2017 The Washington Post Why these economists say the usual explanation for the financial crisis is wrong w22985
1/14/2017 Detroit Free Press Can school vouchers give kids a shot at a better education? w21523
1/13/2017 The Washington Post Is a college degree the new high school diploma? Here's why your degree's worth is stagnant. w22935
1/13/2017 PBS Newshour Do organizations raise more money by offering small gifts to potential donors? w22867 or summary
1/12/2017 Scientific American Trump's Climate Team Accept Any "Social Cost of Carbon"? w22795
1/11/2017 The Daily Caller How One Pain Pill Sparked A Three-Fold Increase In Heroin Deaths w23031
1/10/2017 The Washington Post How an ‘abuse-deterrent’ drug created the heroin epidemic w23031
1/6/2017 The Washington Post Minimum wage: a sonnet w12663
1/6/2017 Australian Finanicial Review In the US Earnings Mobility Is Falling and Income Inequality Is Rising w22910
1/4/2017 The Christian Science Monitor Why are Chicago homeowners leaving money on the table? w18514
1/4/2017 Education Week Discrimination in Gifted Education Must End w21519 or summary & w22981 or summary
1/3/2017 Inside Higher Ed State Shortfalls and Foreign Students w22981 or summary
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