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** This article reports on findings from The Effects of Exposure to Better Neighborhoods on Children: New Evidence from the Moving to Opportunity Experiment (more details here).

Many of the additional articles and opinion pieces below stemmed from the New York Times coverage.



-        Also published by

o “Moving out of poverty affects mental health of boys, girls differently”

o   Chicago Tribune

o   Huffington Post




-        Published in print on the front page of the September 21, 2012 edition as “Leaving a poor place offers well-being, not money, study says”.

·         “For the Urban Poor, a Downside to Residential Mobility.” An article from The Atlantic’s “Cities” digital journal by Eric Jaffe. March 2, 2012.




-        Also published in

o   Chicago Sun Times: “How poor neighborhood hurts health”

o   Yahoo Health: “Study: Living in poor neighborhood can hurt health”

o   Chicago Daily Herald: “Poverty takes toll on health of poor”

-        Includes video interview with Jens Ludwig, MTO Final Impact Evaluation Project Director

-        California HealthLine: “Study: Obesity, Diabetes Rates Lower for Women Who Leave Poorer Areas  October 21, 2011.

-        Private MD Labs: “Better neighborhoods may mean improved health for those at risk for diabetes  October 20, 2011.

-        Third Age:

o   “Obesity Risk May be Lowered by Moving into a Better Neighborhood  October 21, 2011.  Roberta Seldon.

o   “Obesity Battle Better Fought Outside High Poverty Neighborhoods  October 23, 2011.  Rachelle Dragani.

-        New America Foundation “The New Health Dialogue” Blog: “Once again, where you live matters - a lot.”  October 21, 2011.  Joe Calucci.

-        Hive Health Media Blog: “Women In Higher Class Areas Have Better Health  October 21, 2011.  Claire Al-Aufi.

-        U-Pack Moving: “Study: Better neighborhoods are healthier  October 24, 2011.  Landon Myers.

-        Discover Magazine “80beats” Blog: “Moving to a Better Neighborhood Can Be as Effective as Drugs in Preventing Obesity and Diabetes, Study Suggests  October 25, 2011.  Veronique Greenwood.



·         “How Renters' Aid Is Helping the Housing Market.” From Newsweek’s “The Daily Beast” blog.  August 27, 2010.  Alyssa Katz.



·         “Want to Cut Crime? It Takes a Neighborhood.” A Washington Post article from February 24, 2008.  Tim Harford.



·         “Sending poor kids to middle-class schools doesn't fix a thing; It doesn't produce better test scores or improve dropout rates.” A Chicago Sun Times article from October 7, 2007.  Joanne Jacobs.  To access the Chicago Sun Times archives, click here.

·         “Neighborhoods' Effect On Grades Challenged.”  A Washington Post article from August 14, 2007.  Jay Mathews.

·         Housing and the Poor. A New York Times Letter to the Editor by William Julius Wilson. August 4, 2007.

·         “Obama Says He, Too, Is a Poverty Fighter.”  A Washington Post article from July 19, 2007.  Alec MacGillis.

·         “On Poverty, Edwards Faces Old Hurdles.”  A Washington Post article from May 7, 2007.  Alec MacGillis.



·         “How Much Does a Neighborhood Affect the Poor?” A Wall Street Journal article from December 28, 2006.  Jon E. Hilsenrath and Rafael Gerena-Morales.

·         “Concentrated Poverty in New Orleans and Other American Cities.”  A Chronicle of Higher Education article from August 4, 2006.  Bruce Katz.

·         “Katrina's Tide Carries Many to Hopeful Shores.” A New York Times article from April 23, 2006.  Jason DeParle.

·         “Bratton’s ‘broken windows’; No matter what you've heard, the chief's policing method wastes precious funds.” A Los Angeles Times column from April 20, 2006. Bernard E. Harcourt.

·         “Book on Chicago housing case a primer for Baltimore.” A Baltimore Sun column from March 23, 2006. Eric Seigel. To access the Baltimore Sun and order the article, click here.



·         “An Uprooted Underclass, Under the Microscope.” A New York Times article from September 25, 2005.  Leslie Kaufman.

·         “Katrina's Silver Lining.” A New York Times article from September 8, 2005.  David Brooks.

·         “Ruling gives vindication to Schmoke: After the former mayor testifies, a judge says the city did not engage in intentional racial discrimination during his administration.” A Baltimore Sun article from January 20, 2005. Eric Seigel.

·         “Suburbs fight efforts to move the poor.” A Baltimore Sun article from January 20, 2005. Childs Walker.



·         “Decades after injustices were exposed by the civil rights movement, sentiment keeps blacks and whites living apart.” A Baltimore Sun column from January 18, 2004. Michael Hill.



·         “Ghetto Miasma; Enough To Make You Sick  A New York Times article from October 12, 2003.  Helen Epstein.

·         “Housing Complex: A Scholar Asks Whether We Really Have to Destroy Public Housing in Order to Save It.” A Boston Globe article from March 9, 2003.  Chris Berdik.  To access the Boston Globe archives, click here.



·         “Equality of Opportunity and the Importance of Place: Summary of a Workshop.” A publication produced by the Center for Social and Economic Studies, a Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council, 2002.

·         “Moving to Opportunity.” A piece in Online Opinion, January 15, 2002.  Andrew Leigh, Justin Wolfers.



·         “The Geography of Life's Chances.” An article in the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's Regional Review, Quarter 4, 2001. Miriam Wasserman.

·         “Fear in the Ghetto and Its Ramifications for Parents.” An article in the JCPR Policy Briefs series, September 2001. Jeffrey Kling, Jeffrey Liebman, Lawrence Katz.

·         “Movin’ on Up?” (link). An article from the Monitor of Psychology from July/August 2001. Tori DeAngelis.

·         “A Voucher Success.”  A Boston Globe report from May 22, 2001. David Warsh. To access the abstract or order the article, click here.

·         “Economic View: By Listening, 3 Economists Show that Slums Hurt the Poor  A Sunday New York Times story from February 18, 2001. Louis Uchitelle.

·         Poverty Research News. A January-February 2001 edition devoted to Moving to Opportunity research. Articles by Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Alessandra Del Conte, Greg Duncan, Jeffrey Kling, Helen Ladd, Tama Leventhal, Jens Ludwig, Sara McLanahan, Becky Pettit, Emily Rosenbaum.



·         “Lessons: Offering Poor An Alternative To Vouchers  A New York Times column from October 18, 2000. Richard Rothstein.

·         “‘Dateline’ Looks At Pros, Cons Of Relocating Poor.” A New York Daily News column from August 11, 2000 about the Dateline documentary “Breaking Away—Out of Public Housing.”  Eric Mink.

·         “Can Housing Vouchers Help Poor Children?” A Brookings Institution Policy Brief from July 2000. Greg Duncan and Jens Ludwig.

·         “From Ghetto to White Picket Fence  A CBS Evening News report from June 5, 2000. John Roberts.

·         “In Baltimore, Getting a Lease on Middle-Class Life  A Washington Post front page story from May 10, 2000. Amy Goldstein.

·         “What No School Can Do  A New York Times column from January 16, 2000. James Traub.



·         “Housing, not School, Vouchers are Best Remedy for Failing Schools  A Los Angeles Times report from January 31, 1999.  Larry Cuban.



·         “A Social Experiment in Pulling Up Stakes  A Los Angeles Times report from September 23, 1997.  Larry Gordon.



·         “Housing Voucher Test in Maryland is Scuttled by a Political Firestorm  A New York Times article from March 28, 1995. Karen DeWitt.



·         “Foes Kill Housing Plan Funds: Low-income renters call the move racist  An article in the Chicago Tribune from December 15, 1994. Laurie Abraham.

·         “A Fresh Start : Housing: The Moving to Opportunity program will take families out of the projects to see if a new environment helps them succeed  A Los Angeles Times story from November 8, 1994. Larry Gordon.

·         “Where Should Poor Families Live?”  A Chicago Tribune report from July 23, 1994. Lori Montgomery.

·         “40 Years After Brown, Segregation Persists  A New York Times article from May 18, 1994.  William Celis.

·         “Hostility Toward Relocating The Poor Is A Matter Of Race  A Chicago Tribune story from April 27, 1994. Clarence Page.

·         “Clinton Wages A Quiet War Against Poverty  A New York Times article from March 30, 1994. Jason DeParle.


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