NBER Papers in JEL Code L4: Industrial Organization - Antitrust Issues and Policies

w24578 Volker Nocke
Nicolas Schutz

An Aggregative Games Approach to Merger Analysis in Multiproduct-Firm Oligopoly
w24399 Lin William Cong
Zhiguo He

Blockchain Disruption and Smart Contracts
w24273 Kyle Bagwell
Robert W. Staiger
Ali Yurukoglu

Quantitative Analysis of Multi-Party Tariff Negotiations
w24214 Sophia Ying Li
Joe Mazur
Yongjoon Park
James W. Roberts
Andrew Sweeting
Jun Zhang

Endogenous and Selective Service Choices After Airline Mergers
w24147 José Azar
Ioana Marinescu
Marshall I. Steinbaum

Labor Market Concentration
w24124 Eugenio J. Miravete
Katja Seim
Jeff Thurk

One Markup to Rule Them All: Taxation by Liquor Pricing Regulation
w23911 Tomás Rau
Miguel Sarzosa
Sergio S. Urzúa

The Children of the Missed Pill
w23829 David Besanko
Ulrich Doraszelski
Yaroslav Kryukov

How Efficient is Dynamic Competition? The Case of Price as Investment
w23801 John Asker
Allan Collard-Wexler
Jan De Loecker

Market Power, Production (Mis)Allocation and OPEC
w23639 Thomas N. Hubbard
Michael J. Mazzeo

When Demand Increases Cause Shakeouts
w22957 Jan De Loecker
Paul T. Scott

Estimating market power Evidence from the US Brewing Industry
w22811 Steven Berry
Philip Haile
Mark Israel
Michael Katz

Complementarity without Superadditivity
w22826 Carrie Colla
Julie Bynum
Andrea Austin
Jonathan Skinner

Hospital Competition, Quality, and Expenditures in the U.S. Medicare Population
w22836 John Asker
Chaim Fershtman
Jihye Jeon
Ariel Pakes

The Competitive Effects of Information Sharing
w22771 John Asker
Heski Bar-Isaac

Vertical Information Restraints: Pro- and Anti-Competitive Impacts of Minimum Advertised Price Restrictions
w22745 Leemore Dafny
Christopher Ody
Matthew Schmitt

When Discounts Raise Costs: The Effect of Copay Coupons on Generic Utilization
w22476 Thomas Philippon
The FinTech Opportunity
w22313 Bogdan Genchev
Julie Holland Mortimer

Empirical Evidence on Conditional Pricing Practices
w22244 Gaétan de Rassenfosse
Adam B. Jaffe
Elizabeth Webster

Low-quality Patents in the Eye of the Beholder: Evidence from Multiple Examiners
w22219 Claudia Möllers
Hans-Theo Normann
Christopher M. Snyder

Communication in Vertical Markets: Experimental Evidence
w22086 Ariel Pakes
Empirical Tools and Competition Analysis: Past Progress and Current Problems
w21832 Gregory S. Crawford
Robin S. Lee
Michael D. Whinston
Ali Yurukoglu

The Welfare Effects of Vertical Integration in Multichannel Television Markets
w21167 Louis Kaplow
Market Definition, Market Power
w20767 Nikhil Agarwal
An Empirical Model of the Medical Match
w20661 Stefano DellaVigna
Johannes Hermle

Does Conflict of Interest Lead to Biased Coverage? Evidence from Movie Reviews
w20523 Dominic Coey
Bradley Larsen
Kane Sweeney

The Bidder Exclusion Effect
w20411 Neale Mahoney
E. Glen Weyl

Imperfect Competition in Selection Markets
w20292 Keith M. Drake
Martha A. Starr
Thomas McGuire

Do "Reverse Payment" Settlements of Brand-Generic Patent Disputes in the Pharmaceutical Industry Constitute an Anticompetitive Pay for Delay?
w20293 Christopher Gedge
James W. Roberts
Andrew Sweeting

A Model of Dynamic Limit Pricing with an Application to the Airline Industry
w20163 Martin C. Byford
Joshua S. Gans

Collusion at the Extensive Margin
w20109 Steve Cicala
When Does Regulation Distort Costs? Lessons from Fuel Procurement in U.S. Electricity Generation
w20051 Ben Mermelstein
Volker Nocke
Mark A. Satterthwaite
Michael D. Whinston

Internal versus External Growth in Industries with Scale Economies: A Computational Model of Optimal Merger Policy
w19993 B. Douglas Bernheim
Erik Madsen

Price Cutting and Business Stealing in Imperfect Cartels
w19939 Orley C. Ashenfelter
Daniel Hosken
Matthew C. Weinberg

Did Robert Bork Understate the Competitive Impact of Mergers? Evidence from Consummated Mergers
w19883 Jason Allen
Robert Clark
Jean-François Houde

Search Frictions and Market Power in Negotiated Price Markets
w19709 Christopher T. Conlon
Julie Holland Mortimer

Efficiency and Foreclosure Effects of Vertical Rebates: Empirical Evidence
w19703 Christopher T. Conlon
Julie Holland Mortimer

An Experimental Approach to Merger Evaluation
w19664 Josh Lerner
Jean Tirole

Standard-Essential Patents
w19401 Kate Ho
Robin S. Lee

Insurer Competition in Health Care Markets
w19353 Orley C. Ashenfelter
Daniel Hosken
Matthew C. Weinberg

Efficiencies Brewed: Pricing and Consolidation in the U.S. Beer Industry
w19126 Jason Allen
Robert Clark
Jean-François Houde

The Effect of Mergers in Search Market: Evidence from the Canadian Mortgage Industry
w19061 Maury Gittleman
Morris M. Kleiner

Wage Effects of Unionization and Occupational Licensing Coverage in the United States
w18926 Suhui Li
Avi Dor

How Do Hospitals Respond to Market Entry? Evidence from A Deregulated Market for Cardiac Revascularization
w18886 Tanja Artiga González
Markus Schmid
David Yermack

Smokescreen: How Managers Behave When They Have Something To Hide
w18783 David S. Evans
Richard Schmalensee

The Antitrust Analysis of Multi-Sided Platform Businesses
w18631 Petra Moser
Patent Laws and Innovation: Evidence from Economic History
w18316 Ryan L. Lampe
Petra Moser

Do Patent Pools Encourage Innovation? Evidence from 20 U.S. Industries under the New Deal
w17724 Christopher R. Knittel
Reducing Petroleum Consumption from Transportation
w17573 Ryan L. Lampe
Petra Moser

Patent Pools and the Direction of Innovation - Evidence from the 19th-century Sewing Machine Industry
w17476 Orley C. Ashenfelter
Daniel S. Hosken
Matthew C. Weinberg

The Price Effects of a Large Merger of Manufacturers: A Case Study of Maytag-Whirlpool
w17383 Kabir Malik
Maureen Cropper
Alexander Limonov
Anoop Singh

Estimating the Impact of Restructuring on Electricity Generation Efficiency: The Case of the Indian Thermal Power Sector
w17208 Martin Gaynor
Robert J. Town

Competition in Health Care Markets
w16818 Aaron Edlin
Joseph Farrell

Freedom to Trade and the Competitive Process
w16739 Li Gan
Manuel A. Hernandez

Making friends with your neighbors? Agglomeration and tacit collusion in the lodging industry
w16656 Martin Gaynor
Samuel A. Kleiner
William B. Vogt

A Structural Approach to Market Definition With an Application to the Hospital Industry
w16650 James W. Roberts
Andrew Sweeting

Bailouts and the Preservation of Competition
w16621 Rafael Di Tella
Juan Dubra

Peronist Beliefs and Interventionist Policies
w16564 John Asker
Heski Bar-Isaac

Exclusionary Minimum Resale Price Maintenance
w16318 Justin Ho
Katherine Ho
Julie Holland Mortimer

Analyzing the Welfare Impacts of Full-line Forcing Contracts
w15822 Severin Borenstein
The Redistributional Impact of Non-linear Electricity Pricing
w15499 William Kerr
Ramana Nanda

Banking Deregulations, Financing Constraints, and Firm Entry Size
w15434 Leemore Dafny
Mark Duggan
Subramaniam Ramanarayanan

Paying a Premium on Your Premium? Consolidation in the U.S. Health Insurance Industry
w15420 John A. List
The Economics of Open Air Markets
w15201 Rafael Di Tella
Juan Dubra

Anger and Regulation
w15061 Ryan L. Lampe
Petra Moser

Do Patent Pools Encourage Innovation? Evidence from the 19th-Century Sewing Machine Industry
w14798 Orley C. Ashenfelter
Daniel Hosken
Matthew Weinberg

Generating Evidence to Guide Merger Enforcement
w14755 Robert S. Pindyck
Sunk Costs and Risk-Based Barriers to Entry
w14719 Dennis W. Carlton
Why We Need to Measure the Effect of Merger Policy and How to Do It
w14590 Susan Athey
Jonathan Levin
Enrique Seira

Comparing Open and Sealed Bid Auctions: Evidence from Timber Auctions
w14526 Volker Nocke
Michael D. Whinston

Dynamic Merger Review
w14441 Patrick Bajari
Jungwon Yeo

Auction Design and Tacit Collusion in FCC Spectrum Auctions
w14199 Dennis W. Carlton
Patrick Greenlee
Michael Waldman

Assessing the Anticompetitive Effects of Multiproduct Pricing
w14115 Claudia M. Landeo
Kathryn E. Spier

Naked Exclusion: An Experimental Study of Contracts with Externalities
w14117 Ariel Pakes
Theory and Empirical Work on Imperfectly Competitive Markets
w14080 Christopher R. Knittel
Konstantinos Metaxoglou

Estimation of Random Coefficient Demand Models: Challenges, Difficulties and Warnings
w13859 Orley Ashenfelter
Daniel Hosken

The Effect of Mergers on Consumer Prices: Evidence from Five Selected Case Studies
w13339 Dennis W. Carlton
Joshua S. Gans
Michael Waldman

Why Tie A Product Consumers Do Not Use?
w13218 Robert S. Pindyck
Governance, Issuance Restrictions, And Competition In Payment Card Networks
w13058 Arghya Ghosh
Hodaka Morita

An Economic Analysis of Platform Sharing
w12894 Ali Hortacsu
Chad Syverson

Cementing Relationships: Vertical Integration, Foreclosure, Productivity, and Prices
w12902 Dennis W. Carlton
Randal C. Picker

Antitrust and Regulation
w12867 Louis Kaplow
Carl Shapiro

w12635 Christopher R. Knittel
Jason J. Lepore

Tacit Collusion in the Presence of Cyclical Demand and Endogenous Capacity Levels
w12604 Christopher R. Knittel
Victor Stango

Strategic Incompatibility in ATM Markets
w12617 Reuben Gronau
Regulation - the Corridor to Liberalization: The Experience of the Israeli Phone Market 1984-2005
w12244 Robert Town
Douglas Wholey
Roger Feldman
Lawton R. Burns

The Welfare Consequences of Hospital Mergers
w11727 David S. Evans
Albert L. Nichols
Richard Schmalensee

U.S. v. Microsoft: Did Consumers Win?
w11645 Dennis W. Carlton
Barriers To Entry
w11603 David S. Evans
Richard Schmalensee

The Industrial Organization of Markets with Two-Sided Platforms
w11506 Jeremy Bulow
Jonathan Levin

Matching and Price Competition
w11525 Ilya Segal
Michael Whinston

Antitrust in Innovative Industries
w11430 Robert S. Pindyck
Sunk Costs and Real Options in Antitrust
w11407 Dennis W. Carlton
Michael Waldman

Tying, Upgrades, and Switching Costs in Durable-Goods Markets
w11001 Kira Markiewicz
Nancy L. Rose
Catherine Wolfram

Do Markets Reduce Costs? Assessing the Impact of Regulatory Restructuring on U.S. Electric Generation Efficiency
w10962 Christopher R. Knittel
Victor Stango

Incompatibility, Product Attributes and Consumer Welfare: Evidence from ATMs
w10795 Orley Ashenfelter
Kathryn Graddy

Anatomy of the Rise and Fall of a Price-Fixing Conspiracy: Auctions at Sotheby's and Christie's
w10710 Michael L. Katz
Howard A. Shelanski

Merger Policy and Innovation: Must Enforcement Change to Account for Technological Change?
w10639 Andreas Lange
John A. List
Michael K. Price

Auctions with Resale When Private Values Are Uncertain: Theory and Empirical Evidence
w10353 Ximena Clark
David Dollar
Alejandro Micco

Port Efficiency, Maritime Transport Costs and Bilateral Trade
w10323 Ralph Siebert
Klaus Gugler

Market Power versus Efficiency Effects of Mergers and Research Joint Ventures: Evidence from the Semiconductor Industry
w9717 Bronwyn H. Hall
Business Method Patents, Innovation, and Policy
w9680 Josh Lerner
Jean Tirole
Marcin Strojwas

Cooperative Marketing Agreements Between Competitors: Evidence from Patent Pools
w9663 Simon J. Evenett
Do all networks facilitate international commerce? US law firms and the international market for corporate control
w9655 Simon J. Evenett
The Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions Wave of the Late 1990s
w9600 Philip L. Williams
Graeme Woodbridge

Antitrust Merger Policy: Lessons from the Australian Experience
w9511 Margaret Levenstein
Valerie Suslow
Lynda Oswald

International Price-Fixing Cartels and Developing Countries: A Discussion of Effects and Policy Remedies
w9471 Martin Gaynor
William B. Vogt

Competition Among Hospitals
w9150 Edward L. Glaeser
Andrei Shleifer

The Injustice of Inequality
w9175 Josh Lerner
Jean Tirole

Efficient Patent Pools
w9048 Igal Hendel
Aviv Nevo

Sales and Consumer Inventory
w8268 David S. Evans
Richard Schmalensee

Some Economic Aspects of Antitrust Analysis in Dynamically Competitive Industries
w8216 Cory S. Capps
David Dranove
Shane Greenstein
Mark Satterthwaite

The Silent Majority Fallacy of the Elzinga-Hogarty Criteria: A Critique and New Approach to Analyzing Hospital Mergers
w8145 David Genesove
Wallace P. Mullin

Rules, Communication and Collusion: Narrative Evidence from the Sugar Institute Case
w7347 Thomas N. Hubbard
How Wide is the Scope of Hold-Up-Based Theories? Contractual Form and Market Thickness in Trucking
w7112 Martin Gaynor
William B. Vogt

Antitrust and Competition in Health Care Markets
w6720 Sadao Nagaoka
International Trade Aspects of Competition Policy
w6332 Changqi Wu
Leonard K. Cheng

Hong Kong's Business Regulation in Transition
w6077 Henrik Horn
James Levinsohn

Merger Policies and Trade Liberalization
w6032 David Genesove
Wallace P. Mullin

Predation and Its Rate of Return: The Sugar Industry, 1887-1914
w6037 Robert H. Porter
J. Douglas Zona

Ohio School Milk Markets: An Analysis of Bidding
w5717 Fiona Scott Morton
The Strategic Response by Pharmaceutical Firms to the Medicaid Most-Favored-Customer Rules
w5662 Joseph C. Mullin
Wallace P. Mullin

United States Steel's Acquisition of the Great Northern Ore Properties: Vertical Foreclosure or Efficient Contractual Governance?
w5666 B. Douglas Bernheim
Michael D. Whinston

Exclusive Dealing
w5247 Francine Lafontaine
Pricing Decisions in Franchised Chains: A Look at the Restaurant and Fast-Food Industry
w5085 Severin Borenstein
Settling for Coupons: Discount Contracts as Compensation and Punishment in Antitrust Lawsuits
w3749 Ernst R. Berndt
Ann F. Friedlaender
Judy Shaw-Er Wang Chiang
Christopher A. Vellturo

Mergers, Deregulation and Cost Savings in the U.S. Rail Industry

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