NBER Papers in JEL Code L0: Industrial Organization - General

w24700 Germán Gutiérrez
Thomas Philippon

How EU Markets Became More Competitive Than US Markets: A Study of Institutional Drift
w24525 Thomas J. Holmes
Ethan Singer

Indivisibilities in Distribution
w24306 Matthew Backus
Thomas Blake
Bradley Larsen
Steven Tadelis

Sequential Bargaining in the Field: Evidence from Millions of Online Bargaining Interactions
w23844 Danny Yagan
Employment Hysteresis from the Great Recession
w23621 Jeremy T. Fox
A Note on Nonparametric Identification of Distributions of Random Coefficients in Multinomial Choice Models
w23569 Joachim Freyberger
Bradley J. Larsen

Identification in Ascending Auctions, with an Application to Digital Rights Management
w23581 Giulia Brancaccio
Myrto Kalouptsidi
Theodore Papageorgiou

Geography, Search Frictions and Endogenous Trade Costs
w22691 Bart J. Bronnenberg
Jean-Pierre H. Dubé

The Formation of Consumer Brand Preferences
w22627 Peter Cohen
Robert Hahn
Jonathan Hall
Steven Levitt
Robert Metcalfe

Using Big Data to Estimate Consumer Surplus: The Case of Uber
w22375 Matthew Backus
Gregory Lewis

Dynamic Demand Estimation in Auction Markets
w22367 Koichiro Ito
Shuang Zhang

Willingness to Pay for Clean Air: Evidence from Air Purifier Markets in China
w22313 Bogdan Genchev
Julie Holland Mortimer

Empirical Evidence on Conditional Pricing Practices
w22082 Hong Luo
Julie Holland Mortimer

Copyright Enforcement: Evidence from Two Field Experiments
w21678 Fiona Scott Morton
Carl Shapiro

Patent Assertions: Are We Any Closer to Aligning Reward to Contribution?
w21446 Jean-Pierre Dubé
Günter J. Hitsch
Peter E. Rossi

Income and Wealth Effects on Private-Label Demand: Evidence From the Great Recession
w21462 Pietro Bonaldi
Ali Hortaçsu
Jakub Kastl

An Empirical Analysis of Funding Costs Spillovers in the EURO-zone with Application to Systemic Risk
w21125 Patrick Bajari
Victor Chernozhukov
Han Hong
Denis Nekipelov

Identification and Efficient Semiparametric Estimation of a Dynamic Discrete Game
w20988 Ali Hortaçsu
Seyed Ali Madanizadeh
Steven L. Puller

Power to Choose? An Analysis of Consumer Inertia in the Residential Electricity Market
w20904 Todd D. Gerarden
Richard G. Newell
Robert N. Stavins

Assessing the Energy-Efficiency Gap
w20119 Myrto Kalouptsidi
Detection and Impact of Industrial Subsidies: The Case of World Shipbuilding
w19838 Lint Barrage
Eric Chyn
Justine Hastings

Advertising as Insurance or Commitment? Evidence from the BP Oil Spill
w19709 Christopher T. Conlon
Julie Holland Mortimer

Efficiency and Foreclosure Effects of Vertical Rebates: Empirical Evidence
w19703 Christopher T. Conlon
Julie Holland Mortimer

An Experimental Approach to Merger Evaluation
w19484 Sumit Agarwal
Souphala Chomsisengphet
Neale Mahoney
Johannes Stroebel

Regulating Consumer Financial Products: Evidence from Credit Cards
w19481 Jeffrey B. Liebman
Neale Mahoney

Do Expiring Budgets Lead to Wasteful Year-End Spending? Evidence from Federal Procurement
w19307 C. Lanier Benkard
Przemyslaw Jeziorski
Gabriel Y. Weintraub

Oblivious Equilibrium for Concentrated Industries
w19252 Suzanne Scotchmer
Patents in the University: Priming the Pump and Crowding Out
w19176 Yi Qian
Eric Anderson
Duncan Simester

Multichannel Spillovers from a Factory Store
w19043 Roland G. Fryer
Philipp Harms

Two-Armed Restless Bandits with Imperfect Information: Stochastic Control and Indexability
w19011 Kyoo il Kim
Amil Petrin

Tests for Price Endogeneity in Differentiated Product Models
w18853 David Dranove
Craig Garthwaite
Christopher Ody

How do Hospitals Respond to Negative Financial Shocks? The Impact of the 2008 Stock Market Crash
w18820 Meghan R. Busse
Nicola Lacetera
Devin G. Pope
Jorge Silva-Risso
Justin R. Sydnor

Estimating the Effect of Salience in Wholesale and Retail Car Markets
w18333 Edward L. Glaeser
Sari Pekkala Kerr
William R. Kerr

Entrepreneurship and Urban Growth: An Empirical Assessment with Historical Mines
w18168 Jeremy T. Fox
David H. Hsu
Chenyu Yang

Unobserved Heterogeneity in Matching Games with an Application to Venture Capital
w18020 Enghin Atalay
Ali Hortacsu
Chad Syverson

Why Do Firms Own Production Chains?
w17915 Craig L. Garthwaite
You Get a Book! Demand Spillovers, Combative Advertising, and Celebrity Endorsements
w17724 Christopher R. Knittel
Reducing Petroleum Consumption from Transportation
w17725 Mark J. Roberts
Daniel Yi Xu
Xiaoyan Fan
Shengxing Zhang

The Role of Firm Factors in Demand, Cost, and Export Market Selection for Chinese Footwear Producers
w17557 Jeremy T. Fox
Amit Gandhi

Identifying Demand with Multidimensional Unobservables: A Random Functions Approach
w17390 Christopher R. Knittel
Ryan Sandler

Cleaning the Bathwater with the Baby: The Health Co-Benefits of Carbon Pricing in Transportation
w17346 Itai Sher
Jeremy T. Fox
Kyoo il Kim
Patrick Bajari

Partial Identification of Heterogeneity in Preference Orderings Over Discrete Choices
w17283 Jeremy T. Fox
Kyoo il Kim

A Simple Nonparametric Approach to Estimating the Distribution of Random Coefficients in Structural Models
w17246 Catherine Tucker
Network Stability, Network Externalities and Technology Adoption
w17227 Panle Jia Barwick
Parag A. Pathak

The Costs of Free Entry: An Empirical Study of Real Estate Agents in Greater Boston
w16894 Amit Gandhi
Kyoo il Kim
Amil Petrin

Identification and Estimation in Discrete Choice Demand Models when Endogenous Variables Interact with the Error
w16511 Aviv Nevo
Empirical Models of Consumer Behavior
w16506 Christopher T. Conlon
Julie Holland Mortimer

Effects of Product Availability: Experimental Evidence
w16507 Julie Holland Mortimer
Chris Nosko
Alan Sorensen

Supply Responses to Digital Distribution: Recorded Music and Live Performances
w16482 Christopher R. Knittel
Ryan Sandler

Carbon Prices and Automobile Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Extensive and Intensive Margins
w16318 Justin Ho
Katherine Ho
Julie Holland Mortimer

Analyzing the Welfare Impacts of Full-line Forcing Contracts
w16030 David M. Cutler
Where Are The Health Care Entrepreneurs? The Failure of Organizational Innovation in Health Care
w15832 Paul B. Ellickson
Stephanie Houghton
Christopher Timmins

Estimating Network Economies in Retail Chains: A Revealed Preference Approach
w15786 Liran Einav
Jonathan D. Levin

Empirical Industrial Organization: A Progress Report
w15723 Joseph P. Cook
Graeme Hunter
John A. Vernon

Generic Utilization Rates, Real Pharmaceutical Prices, and Research and Development Expenditures
w15641 Steven T. Berry
Philip A. Haile

Identification in Differentiated Products Markets Using Market Level Data
w15476 Phillip Leslie
Alan Sorensen

The Welfare Effects of Ticket Resale
w15377 Edward L. Glaeser
William R. Kerr
Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto

Clusters of Entrepreneurship
w15322 Jeremy T. Fox
Estimating the Employer Switching Costs and Wage Responses of Forward-Looking Engineers
w15298 Stefano DellaVigna
Matthew Gentzkow

Persuasion: Empirical Evidence
w15210 Patrick Bajari
Jeremy T. Fox
Kyoo il Kim
Stephen P. Ryan

A Simple Nonparametric Estimator for the Distribution of Random Coefficients
w15174 Claudio Lucarelli
Sean Nicholson

A Quality-Adjusted Price Index for Colorectal Cancer Drugs
w15147 Jeremy T. Fox
Amit Gandhi

Identifying Heterogeneity in Economic Choice Models
w14991 Jean-Pierre H. Dubé
Jeremy T. Fox
Che-Lin Su

Improving the Numerical Performance of BLP Static and Dynamic Discrete Choice Random Coefficients Demand Estimation
w14940 Nisvan Erkal
Suzanne Scotchmer

Scarcity of Ideas and R&D Options: Use it, Lose it or Bank it
w14934 Patrick Bajari
Jeremy Fox
Kyoo il Kim
Stephen P. Ryan

The Random Coefficients Logit Model Is Identified
w14912 Jean-Pierre Dubé
Günter J. Hitsch
Peter E. Rossi

State Dependence and Alternative Explanations for Consumer Inertia
w14855 Patrick Bajari
Gregory Lewis

Procurement Contracting with Time Incentives: Theory and Evidence
w14611 Ioannis Ioannou
Julie Holland Mortimer
Richard Mortimer

The Effects of Capacity on Sales Under Alternative Vertical Contracts
w14588 Justin Ho
Katherine Ho
Julie Holland Mortimer

The Use of Full-line Forcing Contracts in the Video Rental Industry
w14526 Volker Nocke
Michael D. Whinston

Dynamic Merger Review
w14503 Steven Berry
Panle Jia

Tracing the Woes: An Empirical Analysis of the Airline Industry
w14441 Patrick Bajari
Jungwon Yeo

Auction Design and Tacit Collusion in FCC Spectrum Auctions
w14407 Edward L. Glaeser
William R. Kerr

Local Industrial Conditions and Entrepreneurship: How Much of the Spatial Distribution Can We Explain?
w14399 Raj Chetty
Sufficient Statistics for Welfare Analysis: A Bridge Between Structural and Reduced-Form Methods
w14315 Christopher T. Conlon
Julie Holland Mortimer

Demand Estimation Under Incomplete Product Availability
w14117 Ariel Pakes
Theory and Empirical Work on Imperfectly Competitive Markets
w13916 Chenghuan Sean Chu
Phillip Leslie
Alan Sorensen

Nearly Optimal Pricing for Multiproduct Firms
w13686 Jan Eeckhout
Boyan Jovanovic

Occupational Choice and Development
w13632 Timothy S. Simcoe
Stuart J.H. Graham
Maryann Feldman

Competing on Standards? Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property and the Platform Paradox
w13604 Joseph H. Golec
John A. Vernon

Financial Risk in the Biotechnology Industry
w13146 Iain M. Cockburn
Stefan Wagner

Patents and the Survival of Internet-related IPOs
w13072 Glenn W. Harrison
John A. List

Naturally Occurring Markets and Exogenous Laboratory Experiments: A Case Study of the Winner's Curse
w12635 Christopher R. Knittel
Jason J. Lepore

Tacit Collusion in the Presence of Cyclical Demand and Endogenous Capacity Levels
w12488 Daniel A. Ackerberg
Gautam Gowrisankaran

Quantifying Equilibrium Network Externalities in the ACH Banking Industry
w12231 Chad Syverson
Prices, Spatial Competition, and Heterogenous Producers: An Empirical Test
w12177 Florian Zettelmeyer
Fiona Scott Morton
Jorge Silva-Risso

Scarcity Rents in Car Retailing: Evidence from Inventory Fluctuations at Dealerships
w12028 Christopher L. House
Emre Ozdenoren

Durable Goods and Conformity
t0320 Patrick Bajari
Han Hong

Semiparametric Estimation of a Dynamic Game of Incomplete Information
w11995 Austan Goolsbee
Peter J. Klenow

Valuing Consumer Products by the Time Spent Using Them: An Application to the Internet
w12012 Judith Chevalier
Fiona Scott Morton

State Casket Sales and Restrictions: A Pointless Undertaking?
w12013 Patrick Bajari
Han Hong
John Krainer
Denis Nekipelov

Estimating Static Models of Strategic Interaction
w11981 Larry Chavis
Phillip Leslie

Consumer Boycotts: The Impact of the Iraq War on French Wine Sales in the U.S.
w11852 Annabelle Gawer
Rebecca Henderson

Platform Owner Entry and Innovation in Complementary Markets: Evidence from Intel
w11887 Amil Petrin
James Levinsohn

Measuring Aggregate Productivity Growth Using Plant-Level Data
w11849 Rebecca Henderson
Sarah Kaplan

Inertia and Incentives: Bridging Organizational Economics and Organizational Theory
w11755 Xavier Gabaix
David Laibson

Shrouded Attributes, Consumer Myopia, and Information Suppression in Competitive Markets
w11765 Benjamin Edelman
Michael Ostrovsky
Michael Schwarz

Internet Advertising and the Generalized Second Price Auction: Selling Billions of Dollars Worth of Keywords
w11647 David Neumark
Junfu Zhang
Brandon Wall

Employment Dynamics and Business Relocation: New Evidence from the National Establishment Time Series
w11671 Patrick Bajari
Jeremy T. Fox

Measuring the Efficiency of an FCC Spectrum Auction
w11673 Leemore S. Dafny
Estimation and Identification of Merger Effects: An Application to Hospital Mergers
w11676 Julie Holland Mortimer
Price Discrimination, Copyright Law, and Technological Innovation: Evidence from the Introduction of DVDs
w11474 Muriel Niederle
Lise Vesterlund

Do Women Shy Away From Competition? Do Men Compete Too Much?
w11407 Dennis W. Carlton
Michael Waldman

Tying, Upgrades, and Switching Costs in Durable-Goods Markets
t0301 Patrick Bajari
Han Hong
Stephen Ryan

Identification and Estimation of Discrete Games of Complete Information
w10771 Boyan Jovanovic
The Pre-Producers
w10577 Dennis W. Carlton
Why Barriers to Entry are Barriers to Understanding
w10556 Alessandro Barbarino
Boyan Jovanovic

Shakeouts and Market Crashes
w10450 Patrick Bajari
C. Lanier Benkard
Jonathan Levin

Estimating Dynamic Models of Imperfect Competition
w10404 James Harrigan
Anthony J. Venables

Timeliness, Trade and Agglomeration
w10287 Robert S. Pindyck
Mandatory Unbundling and Irreversible Investment in Telecom Networks
w10278 C. Lanier Benkard
Patrick Bajari

Demand Estimation with Heterogeneous Consumers and Unobserved Product Characteristics: A Hedonic Approach
w10154 Ariel Pakes
Common Sense and Simplicity in Empirical Industrial Organization
w10049 Chad Syverson
Product Substitutability and Productivity Dispersion
w9909 Petra Moser
How Do Patent Laws Influence Innovation? Evidence from Nineteenth-Century World Fairs
w9889 Patrick Bajari
Ali Hortacsu

Are Structural Estimates of Auction Models Reasonable? Evidence from Experimental Data
w9757 Patrick Bajari
Robert S. McMillan
Steve Tadelis

Auctions Versus Negotiations in Procurement: An Empirical Analysis
w9728 Ali Hortacsu
Chad Syverson

Product Differentiation, Search Costs, and Competition in the Mutual Fund Industry: A Case Study of the S&P 500 Index Funds
w9731 Bronwyn H. Hall
Stuart J.H. Graham
Dietmar Harhoff

Prospects for Improving U.S. Patent Quality via Post-grant Opposition
w9452 Amil Petrin
Kenneth Train

Omitted Product Attributes in Discrete Choice Models
w9048 Igal Hendel
Aviv Nevo

Sales and Consumer Inventory
w8807 Stuart J. H. Graham
Bronwyn H. Hall
Dietmar Harhoff
David C. Mowery

Post-Issue Patent "Quality Control": A Comparative Study of US Patent Re-examinations and European Patent Oppositions
w8766 Bee Yan Aw
Sukkyun Chung
Mark J. Roberts

Productivity, Output, and Failure: A Comparison of Taiwanese and Korean Manufacturers
w8715 Ariel Pakes
A Reconsideration of Hedonic Price Indices with an Application to PC's
w8371 James E. Anderson
Thomas J. Prusa

Political Market Structure
w8402 Pinelopi K. Goldberg
Frank Verboven

Market Integration and Convergence to the Law of One Price: Evidence from the European Car Market
w8024 Ariel Pakes
A Framework for Applied Dynamic Analysis in I.O.
w7936 Jeffrey R. Campbell
Jonas D.M.Fisher

Idiosyncratic Risk and Aggregate Employment Dynamics
w7470 Igal Hendel
Alessandro Lizzeri

The Role of Commitment in Dynamic Contracts: Evidence from Life Insurance
w7480 Ravi Jagannathan
Shaker B. Srinivasan

Does Product Market Competition Reduce Agency Costs?
w7142 Gary D. Libecap
James L. Smith

The Self-Enforcing Provisions of Oil and Gas Unit Operating Agreements: Theory and Evidence
w6818 Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg
Frank Verboven

The Evolution of Price Dispersion in the European Car Market
w5356 Laurence C. Baker
Kenneth S. Corts

The Effects of HMOs on Conventional Insurance Premiums: Theory and Evidence
w4096 Bronwyn H. Hall
Investment and Research and Development at the Firm Level: Does the Source of Financing Matter?
w4048 Garth Saloner
Andrea Shepard

Adoption of Technologies With Network Effects: An Empirical Examination of the Adoption of Automated Teller Machines
w3982 Jeffrey I. Bernstein
Price Margins and Capital Adjustment: Canadian Mill Products and Pulp and Paper Industries

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