NBER Papers in JEL Code J7: Labor and Demographic Economics - Labor Discrimination

w26864 Donna K. Ginther
Janet Currie
Francine D. Blau
Rachel Croson

Can Mentoring Help Female Assistant Professors in Economics? An Evaluation by Randomized Trial
w26861 Patrick M. Kline
Christopher R. Walters

Reasonable Doubt: Experimental Detection of Job-Level Employment Discrimination
w26726 Marco Battaglini
Jorgen M. Harris
Eleonora Patacchini

Professional Interactions and Hiring Decisions: Evidence from the Federal Judiciary
w26719 Jeffrey Grogger
Andreas Steinmayr
Joachim Winter

The Wage Penalty of Regional Accents
w26627 Moshe A. Barach
John J. Horton

How Do Employers Use Compensation History?: Evidence From a Field Experiment
w26623 David Neumark
Age Discrimination in Hiring: Evidence from Age-Blind vs. Non-Age-Blind Hiring Procedures
w26597 Steven G. Allen
Demand for Older Workers: What Do Economists Think? What Are Firms Doing?
w26552 Ian Burn
Patrick Button
Luis Felipe Munguia Corella
David Neumark

Older Workers Need Not Apply? Ageist Language in Job Ads and Age Discrimination in Hiring
w26530 Zoë B. Cullen
Ricardo Perez-Truglia

The Old Boys' Club: Schmoozing and the Gender Gap
w26513 Hamish Low
Luigi Pistaferri

Disability Insurance: Error Rates and Gender Differences
w26412 Daniel S. Hamermesh
Rachel A. Gordon
Robert Crosnoe

O Youth and Beauty: Children's Looks and Children's Cognitive Development
w26391 Emmanuel Saez
Benjamin Schoefer
David Seim

Hysteresis from Employer Subsidies
w26383 Morris M. Kleiner
Evan J. Soltas

A Welfare Analysis of Occupational Licensing in U.S. States
w26319 Costas Cavounidis
Kevin Lang
Russell Weinstein

The Boss is Watching: How Monitoring Decisions Hurt Black Workers
w26271 Conrad Miller
Jennifer Peck
Mehmet Seflek

Integration Costs and Missing Women in Firms
w26047 Owen Thompson
Fertility Decline in the Civil Rights Era
w25990 Owen Thompson
School Desegregation and Black Teacher Employment
w25935 J. Aislinn Bohren
Kareem Haggag
Alex Imas
Devin G. Pope

Inaccurate Statistical Discrimination
w25854 Jon Kleinberg
Sendhil Mullainathan

Simplicity Creates Inequity: Implications for Fairness, Stereotypes, and Interpretability
w25850 Patrick Button
Population Aging, Age Discrimination, and Age Discrimination Protections at the 50th Anniversary of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act
w25849 Patrick Button
Brigham Walker

Employment Discrimination against Indigenous Peoples in the United States: Evidence from a Field Experiment
w25829 Todd E. Elder
David N. Figlio
Scott A. Imberman
Claudia L. Persico

School Segregation and Racial Gaps in Special Education Identification
w25800 Judd B. Kessler
Corinne Low
Colin Sullivan

Incentivized Resume Rating: Eliciting Employer Preferences without Deception
w25739 Jeffrey T. Denning
Brian Jacob
Lars Lefgren
Christian vom Lehn

The Return to Hours Worked Within and Across Occupations: Implications for the Gender Wage Gap
w25378 Elizabeth L. Doran
Ann P. Bartel
Jane Waldfogel

Gender in the Labor Market: The Role of Equal Opportunity and Family-Friendly Policies
w25369 David Neumark
Ian Burn
Patrick Button
Nanneh Chehras

Do State Laws Protecting Older Workers from Discrimination Reduce Age Discrimination in Hiring? Evidence from a Field Experiment
w25365 Peter Kuhn
Kailing Shen
Shuo Zhang

Gender-Targeted Job Ads in the Recruitment Process: Evidence from China
w25357 Joanna N. Lahey
Douglas R. Oxley

Discrimination at the Intersection of Age, Race, and Gender: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-field Experiment
w25322 Anat Bracha
Alma Cohen
Lynn Conell-Price

The Heterogeneous Effect of Affirmative Action on Performance
w25263 Aliza N. Husain
David A. Matsa
Amalia R. Miller

Do Male Workers Prefer Male Leaders? An Analysis of Principals' Effects on Teacher Retention
w25145 Zoë B. Cullen
Ricardo Perez-Truglia

The Salary Taboo: Privacy Norms and the Diffusion of Information
w25035 Andreas Leibbrandt
John A. List

Do Equal Employment Opportunity Statements Backfire? Evidence From A Natural Field Experiment On Job-Entry Decisions
w24969 Steven W. Bradley
James R. Garven
Wilson W. Law
James E. West

The Impact of Chief Diversity Officers on Diverse Faculty Hiring
w24922 Victor Lavy
Edith Sand
Moses Shayo

Charity Begins at Home (and at School): Effects of Religion-Based Discrimination in Education
w24904 Kerwin Kofi Charles
Jonathan Guryan
Jessica Pan

The Effects of Sexism on American Women: The Role of Norms vs. Discrimination
w24852 Jason M. Lindo
Dave E. Marcotte
Jane E. Palmer
Isaac D. Swensen

Any Press is Good Press? The Unanticipated Effects of Title IX Investigations on University Outcomes
w24791 Peter Q. Blair
Bobby W. Chung

Job Market Signaling through Occupational Licensing
w24615 Alma Cohen
Crystal Yang

Judicial Politics and Sentencing Decisions
w24479 Todd R. Stinebrickner
Ralph Stinebrickner
Paul J. Sullivan

Beauty, Job Tasks, and Wages: A New Conclusion about Employer Taste-Based Discrimination
w24111 Cynthia (CC) DuBois
Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach

The Effect of Court-Ordered Hiring Guidelines on Teacher Composition and Student Achievement
w23811 Ashley C. Craig
Roland G. Fryer

Complementary Bias: A Model of Two-Sided Statistical Discrimination
w23421 David Arnold
Will Dobbie
Crystal S. Yang

Racial Bias in Bail Decisions
w23242 Mark L. Egan
Gregor Matvos
Amit Seru

When Harry Fired Sally: The Double Standard in Punishing Misconduct
w23130 Raymond Fisman
Jing Shi
Yongxiang Wang
Rong Xu

Social Ties and Favoritism in Chinese Science
w23082 Paul A. Gompers
Sophie Q. Wang

Diversity in Innovation
w23069 Maya Rossin-Slater
Maternity and Family Leave Policy
w22877 Luca Flabbi
Mario Macis
Andrea Moro
Fabiano Schivardi

Do Female Executives Make a Difference? The Impact of Female Leadership on Gender Gaps and Firm Performance
w22818 Joanna Lahey
Ryan Beasley

Technical Aspects of Correspondence Studies
w22797 Patrick Bayer
Kerwin Kofi Charles

Divergent Paths: Structural Change, Economic Rank, and the Evolution of Black-White Earnings Differences, 1940-2014
w22786 Dylan Glover
Amanda Pallais
William Pariente

Discrimination as a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Evidence from French Grocery Stores
w22748 Nathaniel Hilger
Upward Mobility and Discrimination: The Case of Asian Americans
w22711 Will Dobbie
Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham
Neale Mahoney
Jae Song

Bad Credit, No Problem? Credit and Labor Market Consequences of Bad Credit Reports
w22611 Ozkan Eren
Naci Mocan

Emotional Judges and Unlucky Juveniles
w22511 Will Dobbie
Jacob Goldin
Crystal Yang

The Effects of Pre-Trial Detention on Conviction, Future Crime, and Employment: Evidence from Randomly Assigned Judges
w22469 Jennifer L. Doleac
Benjamin Hansen

Does "Ban the Box" Help or Hurt Low-Skilled Workers? Statistical Discrimination and Employment Outcomes When Criminal Histories are Hidden
w22432 Erling Barth
James Davis
Richard B. Freeman
Sari Pekkala Kerr

Weathering the Great Recession: Variation in Employment Responses by Establishments and Countries
w22278 David Neumark
Judith Rich

Do Field Experiments on Labor and Housing Markets Overstate Discrimination? A Re-examination of the Evidence
w22248 Michael Baker
Kirsten Cornelson

Gender Based Occupational Segregation and Sex Differences in Sensory, Motor and Spatial Aptitudes
w22200 Petri Böckerman
John Cawley
Jutta Viinikainen
Terho Lehtimäki
Suvi Rovio
Ilkka Seppälä
Jaakko Pehkonen
Olli Raitakari

The Effect of Weight on Labor Market Outcomes: an Application of Genetic Instrumental Variables
w22187 Miguel Delgado Helleseter
Peter Kuhn
Kailing Shen

The Age Twist in Employers' Gender Requests: Evidence from Four Job Boards
w22022 David Neumark
Experimental Research on Labor Market Discrimination
w22014 Marianne Bertrand
Esther Duflo

Field Experiments on Discrimination
w22004 Patrick Bayer
Fernando Ferreira
Stephen L. Ross

What Drives Racial and Ethnic Differences in High Cost Mortgages? The Role of High Risk Lenders
w21953 Anthony Heyes
John A. List

Supply and Demand for Discrimination: Strategic Revelation of Own Characteristics in a Trust Game
w21947 Celeste K. Carruthers
Marianne H. Wanamaker

Separate and Unequal in the Labor Market: Human Capital and the Jim Crow Wage Gap
w21933 Robert A. Margo
Obama, Katrina, and the Persistence of Racial Inequality
w21913 Francine D. Blau
Lawrence M. Kahn

The Gender Wage Gap: Extent, Trends, and Explanations
w21675 Peter Kuhn
Kailing Shen

Do Employers Prefer Migrant Workers? Evidence from a Chinese Job Board
w21669 David Neumark
Ian Burn
Patrick Button

Is It Harder for Older Workers to Find Jobs? New and Improved Evidence from a Field Experiment
w21612 Costas Cavounidis
Kevin Lang

Discrimination and Worker Evaluation
w21560 Mason Ameri
Lisa Schur
Meera Adya
Scott Bentley
Patrick McKay
Douglas Kruse

The Disability Employment Puzzle: A Field Experiment on Employer Hiring Behavior
w21517 Ben Gillen
Erik Snowberg
Leeat Yariv

Experimenting with Measurement Error: Techniques with Applications to the Caltech Cohort Study
w21403 David Card
Ana Rute Cardoso
Patrick Kline

Bargaining, Sorting, and the Gender Wage Gap: Quantifying the Impact of Firms on the Relative Pay of Women
w21379 David Neumark
Joanne Song
Patrick Button

Does Protecting Older Workers from Discrimination Make It Harder to Get Hired? Evidence from Disability Discrimination Laws
w21307 Casey Warman
Christopher Worswick

Technological Change, Occupational Tasks and Declining Immigrant Outcomes: Implications for Earnings and Income Inequality in Canada
w21080 María F. Prada
Graciana Rucci
Sergio S. Urzúa

The Effect of Mandated Child Care on Female Wages in Chile
w20911 Huailu Li
Kevin Lang
Kaiwen Leong

Does Competition Eliminate Discrimination? Evidence from the Commercial Sex Market in Singapore
w20761 Astrid Kunze
Amalia R. Miller

Women Helping Women? Evidence from Private Sector Data on Workplace Hierarchies
w20256 Marianne Bertrand
Sandra E. Black
Sissel Jensen
Adriana Lleras-Muney

Breaking the Glass Ceiling? The Effect of Board Quotas on Female Labor Market Outcomes in Norway
w20095 Abigail K. Wozniak
Discrimination and the Effects of Drug Testing on Black Employment
w19784 Patrick M. Kline
A Note on Variance Estimation for the Oaxaca Estimator of Average Treatment Effects
w19765 Devin G. Pope
Joseph Price
Justin Wolfers

Awareness Reduces Racial Bias
w19471 Jan Feld
Nicolás Salamanca
Daniel S. Hamermesh

Endophilia or Exophobia: Beyond Discrimination
w19216 David Neumark
Patrick Button

Did Age Discrimination Protections Help Older Workers Weather the Great Recession?
w18916 Betsey Stevenson
Justin Wolfers

Subjective and Objective Indicators of Racial Progress
w18720 Ajay K. Agrawal
Nicola Lacetera
Elizabeth Lyons

Does Information Help or Hinder Job Applicants from Less Developed Countries in Online Markets?
w18693 Chang-Tai Hsieh
Erik Hurst
Charles I. Jones
Peter J. Klenow

The Allocation of Talent and U.S. Economic Growth
w18239 Shamena Anwar
Hanming Fang

Testing for Racial Prejudice in the Parole Board Release Process: Theory and Evidence
w18123 Daniel S. Hamermesh
Tall or Taller, Pretty or Prettier: Is Discrimination Absolute or Relative?
w17993 Francine D. Blau
Peter Brummund
Albert Yung-Hsu Liu

Trends in Occupational Segregation by Gender 1970-2009: Adjusting for the Impact of Changes in the Occupational Coding System
w17888 Jennifer Hunt
Jean-Philippe Garant
Hannah Herman
David J. Munroe

Why Don't Women Patent?
w17855 Uri Gneezy
John List
Michael K. Price

Toward an Understanding of Why People Discriminate: Evidence from a Series of Natural Field Experiments
w17727 Verónica C. Frisancho Robles
Kala Krishna

Affirmative Action in Higher Education in India: Targeting, Catch Up, and Mismatch
w17467 David Neumark
Joanne Song

Do Stronger Age Discrimination Laws Make Social Security Reforms More Effective?
w17462 Roland G. Fryer
Devah Pager
Jörg L. Spenkuch

Racial Disparities in Job Finding and Offered Wages
w17453 Peter J. Kuhn
Kailing Shen

Gender Discrimination in Job Ads: Theory and Evidence
w17450 Kevin Lang
Jee-Yeon K. Lehmann

Racial Discrimination in the Labor Market: Theory and Empirics
w17381 Robert W. Fairlie
Florian Hoffmann
Philip Oreopoulos

A Community College Instructor Like Me: Race and Ethnicity Interactions in the Classroom
w17326 Jeff Biddle
Daniel S. Hamermesh

Cycles of Wage Discrimination
w17156 Kerwin Kofi Charles
Jonathan Guryan

Studying Discrimination: Fundamental Challenges and Recent Progress
w16986 Judith K. Hellerstein
David Neumark

Employment in Black Urban Labor Markets: Problems and Solutions
w16928 Bryan S. Graham
Cristine Campos de Xavier Pinto
Daniel Egel

Efficient Estimation of Data Combination Models by the Method of Auxiliary-to-Study Tilting (AST)
w16888 Shamena Anwar
Hanming Fang

Testing for the Role of Prejudice in Emergency Departments Using Bounceback Rates
w16866 David Neumark
Spurring Job Creation in Response to Severe Recessions: Reconsidering Hiring Credits
w16702 Leah Platt Boustan
Robert A. Margo

White Suburbanization and African-American Home Ownership, 1940-1980
w16663 Julie Berry Cullen
Mark C. Long
Randall Reback

Jockeying for Position: Strategic High School Choice Under Texas' Top Ten Percent Plan
w16626 Morris M. Kleiner
David Weil

Evaluating the Effectiveness of National Labor Relations Act Remedies: Analysis and Comparison with Other Workplace Penalty Policies
w16509 Aimee Chin
Nishith Prakash

The Redistributive Effects of Political Reservation for Minorities: Evidence from India
w16448 David Neumark
Detecting Discrimination in Audit and Correspondence Studies
w16382 Amitabh Chandra
Douglas O. Staiger

Identifying Provider Prejudice in Healthcare
w16366 Shamena Anwar
Patrick Bayer
Randi Hjalmarsson

The Impact of Jury Race in Criminal Trials
w16256 Roland G. Fryer

Racial Inequality in the 21st Century: The Declining Significance of Discrimination
w16045 Nicole Fortin
Thomas Lemieux
Sergio Firpo

Decomposition Methods in Economics
w15972 Jason Abrevaya
Daniel S. Hamermesh

Charity and Favoritism in the Field: Are Female Economists Nicer (to Each Other)?
w15895 Melissa P. McInerney
Kosali I. Simon

The Effect of State Workers' Compensation Program Changes on the Use of Federal Social Security Disability Insurance
w15874 Steven Raphael
Improving Employment Prospects for Former Prison Inmates: Challenges and Policy
w15860 Hanming Fang
Andrea Moro

Theories of Statistical Discrimination and Affirmative Action: A Survey
w15853 Jennifer Hunt
Why Do Women Leave Science and Engineering?
w15715 Brian A. Jacob
Do Principals Fire the Worst Teachers?
w15564 Peter Kuhn
Kailing Shen

Employers' Preferences for Gender, Age, Height and Beauty: Direct Evidence
w15206 Jed Kolko
David Neumark

Do Some Enterprise Zones Create Jobs?
w15064 Christina M. Fong
Erzo F.P. Luttmer

Do Race and Fairness Matter in Generosity? Evidence from a Nationally Representative Charity Experiment
w15036 Philip Oreopoulos
Why Do Skilled Immigrants Struggle in the Labor Market? A Field Experiment with Six Thousand Resumes
w14969 Betsey Stevenson
Justin Wolfers

The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness
w14749 Joseph Price
Lars Lefgren
Henry Tappen

Interracial Workplace Cooperation: Evidence from the NBA
w14566 Ana Rute Cardoso
Daniel S. Hamermesh
José Varejão

The Timing of Labor Demand
w14317 David Neumark
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Challenge of Population Aging
w14273 Ross Levine
Alexey Levkov
Yona Rubinstein

Racial Discrimination and Competition
w14203 David Albouy
The Wage Gap between Francophones and Anglophones: A Canadian Perspective, 1970 to 2000
w14202 Alberto F. Alesina
Francesca Lotti
Paolo Emilio Mistrulli

Do Women Pay More for Credit? Evidence from Italy
w14003 Petra Moser
An Empirical Test of Taste-based Discrimination Changes in Ethnic Preferences and their Effect on Admissions to the NYSE during World War I
w13972 David G. Blanchflower
Minority Self-Employment in the United States and the Impact of Affirmative Action Programs
w13951 Peter Arcidiacono
Patrick Bayer
Aurel Hizmo

Beyond Signaling and Human Capital: Education and the Revelation of Ability
w13935 Keith Finlay
Effect of Employer Access to Criminal History Data on the Labor Market Outcomes of Ex-Offenders and Non-Offenders
w13926 Marianne Bertrand
Rema Hanna
Sendhil Mullainathan

Affirmative Action in Education: Evidence From Engineering College Admissions in India
w13813 Leah Platt Boustan
Competition in the Promised Land: Black Migration and Racial Wage Convergence in the North, 1940-1970
w13661 Kerwin Kofi Charles
Jonathan Guryan

Prejudice and The Economics of Discrimination
w13665 Christopher A. Parsons
Johan Sulaeman
Michael C. Yates
Daniel S. Hamermesh

Strike Three: Umpires' Demand for Discrimination
w13464 Shubham Chaudhuri
John McLaren

Some Simple Analytics of Trade and Labor Mobility
w13462 Leah Platt Boustan
Robert A. Margo

Race, Segregation, and Postal Employment: New Evidence on Spatial Mismatch
w13219 Christina M. Fong
Erzo F.P. Luttmer

What Determines Giving to Hurricane Katrina Victims? Experimental Evidence on Income, Race, and Fairness
w13206 Joseph Price
Justin Wolfers

Racial Discrimination Among NBA Referees
w13161 Judith K. Hellerstein
David Neumark
Melissa McInerney

Spatial Mismatch or Racial Mismatch?
w13080 Judith Hellerstein
David Neumark
Melissa McInerney

Changes in Workplace Segregation in the United States between 1990 and 2000: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data
w12897 T. Clifton Green
Narasimhan Jegadeesh
Yue Tang

Gender and Job Performance: Evidence from Wall Street
w12879 Christine Jolls
Behavioral Law and Economics
w12691 Donna K. Ginther
Shulamit Kahn

Does Science Promote Women? Evidence from Academia 1973-2001
w12651 Eric A. Hanushek
Steven G. Rivkin

School Quality and the Black-White Achievement Gap
w12369 Andrea Ichino
Enrico Moretti

Biological Gender Differences, Absenteeism and the Earning Gap
w12368 Justin McCrary
The Effect of Court-Ordered Hiring Quotas on the Composition and Quality of Police
w12321 Francine D. Blau
Jed DeVaro

New Evidence on Gender Difference in Promotion Rates: An Empirical Analysis of a Sample of New Hires
w12257 Kevin Lang
Michael Manove

Education and Labor-Market Discrimination
w12174 Roland G. Fryer

Belief Flipping in a Dynamic Model of Statistical Discrimination
w12143 Jacob L. Vigdor
The New Promised Land: Black-White Convergence in the American South, 1960-2000
w12115 Catherine Weinberger
Peter Kuhn

The Narrowing of the U.S. Gender Earnings Gap, 1959-1999: A Cohort-Based Analysis
w12048 Joanna Lahey
State Age Protection Laws and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act
w11813 Patrick Bayer
Robert McMillan

Racial Sorting and Neighborhood Quality
w11732 Howard Bodenhorn
Christopher S. Ruebeck

Colorism and African American Wealth: Evidence from the Nineteenth-Century South
w11712 Daniel S. Hamermesh
Changing Looks and Changing "Discrimination:" The Beauty of Economists
w11507 Patrick Bayer
Hanming Fang
Robert McMillan

Separate When Equal? Racial Inequality and Residential Segregation
w11481 Luojia Hu
Christopher Taber

Layoffs, Lemons, Race, and Gender
w11464 Roland G. Fryer
Glenn C. Loury

Affirmative Action and Its Mythology
w11445 Alan Krueger
Jesse Rothstein
Sarah Turner

Race, Income, and College in 25 Years: The Continuing Legacy of Segregation and Discrimination
w11435 Joanna Lahey
Age, Women, and Hiring: An Experimental Study
w11394 Orley Ashenfelter
William J. Collins
Albert Yoon

Evaluating the Role of Brown vs. Board of Education in School Equalization, Desegregation, and the Income of African Americans
w11303 Jay Bhattacharya
M. Kate Bundorf

The Incidence of the Healthcare Costs of Obesity
w11264 Shamena Anwar
Hanming Fang

An Alternative Test of Racial Prejudice in Motor Vehicle Searches: Theory and Evidence
w11213 Suzanne Scotchmer
Affirmative Action in Hierarchies
w11095 Patrick Bayer
Robert McMillan
Kim Rueben

Residential Segregation in General Equilibrium
w11090 Derek Neal
Why Has Black-White Skill Convergence Stopped?
w10947 Nicola Persico
Petra Todd

Using Hit Rate Tests to Test for Racial Bias in Law Enforcement: Vehicle Searches in Wichita
w10865 Patrick Bayer
Robert McMillan
Kim Rueben

An Equilibrium Model of Sorting in an Urban Housing Market
w10853 Francine D. Blau
Lawrence M. Kahn

The US Gender Pay Gap in the 1990s: Slowing Convergence
w10842 Jonathan Skinner
Weiping Zhou

The Measurement and Evolution of Health Inequality: Evidence from the U.S. Medicare Population
w10763 David H. Autor
David Scarborough

Will Job Testing Harm Minority Workers?
w10708 Christine Jolls
The Role and Functioning of Public-Interest Legal Organizations in the Enforcement of the Employment Laws
w10684 Stephen Donald
Daniel S. Hamermesh

What is Discrimination? Gender in the American Economic Association
w10621 Martha J. Bailey
William J. Collins

The Wage Gains of African-American Women in the 1940s
w10522 Nicola Persico
Andrew Postlewaite
Dan Silverman

The Effect of Adolescent Experience on Labor Market Outcomes: The Case of Height
w10381 Li Gan
Guan Gong

Mortality Risk and Educational Attainment of Black and White Men
w10366 David Card
Alan B. Krueger

Would the Elimination of Affirmative Action Affect Highly Qualified Minority Applicants? Evidence from California and Texas
w10325 Judith K. Hellerstein
David Neumark

Production Function and Wage Equation Estimation with Heterogeneous Labor: Evidence from a New Matched Employer-Employee Data Set
w10312 Edward L. Glaeser
Eric A. Hanushek
John M. Quigley

Opportunities, Race, and Urban Location: The Influence of John Kain
w9962 Howard Bodenhorn
Christopher S. Ruebeck

The Economics of Identity and the Endogeneity of Race
w9938 Roland G. Fryer
Steven D. Levitt

The Causes and Consequences of Distinctively Black Names
w9873 Marianne Bertrand
Sendhil Mullainathan

Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination
w9853 Daniel Hamermesh
Amy M. Parker

Beauty in the Classroom: Professors' Pulchritude and Putative Pedagogical Productivity
w9770 William J. Collins
Robert A. Margo

Historical Perspectives on Racial Differences in Schooling in the United States
w9752 Howard Bodenhorn
Just and Reasonable Treatment: Racial Treatment in the Terms of Pauper Apprenticeship in Antebellum Maryland
w9449 Steven D. Levitt
Testing Theories of Discrimination: Evidence from "Weakest Link"
w9263 Joshua D. Angrist
Kevin Lang

How Important are Classroom Peer Effects? Evidence from Boston's Metco Program
w9133 Derek Neal
The Measured Black-White Wage Gap Among Women is Too Small
w9110 Sandra E. Black
Elizabeth Brainerd

Importing Equality? The Impact of Globalization on Gender Discrimination
w8985 Claudia Goldin
A Pollution Theory of Discrimination: Male and Female Differences in Occupations and Earnings
w8957 Howard Bodenhorn
The Complexion Gap: The Economic Consequences of Color among Free African Americans in the Rural Antebellum South
w8915 Claudia Goldin
The Rising (and then Declining) Significance of Gender
w8668 Fiona Scott Morton
Florian Zettelmeyer
Jorge Silva-Risso

Consumer Information and Price Discrimination: Does the Internet Affect the Pricing of New Cars to Women and Minorities?
w8215 David Neumark
Wendy A. Stock

The Effects of Race and Sex Discrimination Laws
w8152 David Neumark
Age Discrimination Legislation in the United States
w7732 Francine D. Blau
Lawrence M. Kahn

Gender Differences in Pay
w7449 John Knowles
Nicola Persico
Petra Todd

Racial Bias in Motor Vehicle Searches: Theory and Evidence
w7167 Daniel S. Hamermesh
Xin Meng
Junsen Zhang

Dress for Success -- Does Primping Pay?
w6784 John J. Donohue III
Steven D. Levitt

The Impact of Race on Policing, Arrest Patterns, and Crime
w6496 Susan Athey
Christopher Avery
Peter Zemsky

Mentoring and Diversity
w6418 John Donohue III
James J. Heckman
Petra E. Todd

Social Action, Private Choice, and Philanthropy: Understanding the Sources of Improvements in Black Schooling in Georgia, 1911-1960
w6321 Judith K. Hellerstein
David Neumark
Kenneth R. Troske

Market Forces and Sex Discrimination
w6083 Ciska M. Bosman
Gerard Pfann
Jeff E. Biddle
Daniel S. Hamermesh

Business Success and Businesses' Beauty Capital
w5903 Claudia Goldin
Cecilia Rouse

Orchestrating Impartiality: The Impact of "Blind" Auditions on Female Musicians
w5626 Judith K. Hellerstein
David Neumark
Kenneth R. Troske

Wages, Productivity, and Worker Characteristics: Evidence from Plant-Level Production Functions and Wage Equations
w5619 Richard W. Johnson
David Neumark

Age Discrimination, Job Separation, and Employment Status of Older Workers: Evidence from Self-Reports
w5460 Scott Smart
Joel Waldfogel

A Citation-Based Test for Discrimination at Economics and Finance Journals
w5456 Denise DiPasquale
Edward L. Glaeser

The L.A. Riot and the Economics of Urban Unrest
w5366 Jeff E. Biddle
Daniel S. Hamermesh

Beauty, Productivity and Discrimination: Lawyers' Looks and Lucre
w5124 Derek A. Neal
William R. Johnson

The Role of Pre-Market Factors in Black-White Wage Differences
w4755 David Card
Thomas Lemieux

Changing Wage Structure and Black-White Differentials Among Men and Women: A Longitudinal Analysis
w4521 Susan Averett
Sanders Korenman

The Economic Reality of the Beauty Myth
w4518 Daniel S. Hamermesh
Jeff E. Biddle

Beauty and the Labor Market
w4365 David Card
Thomas Lemieux

Wage Dispersion, Returns to Skill, and Black-White Wage Differentials
w4120 Francine D. Blau
Lawrence M. Kahn

Race and Gender Pay Differentials
w4109 Michael A. Boozer
Alan B. Krueger
Shari Wolkon

Race and School Quality Since Brown vs. Board of Education
w4106 Janet Currie
Richard Chaykowski

Male Jobs, Female Jobs, and Gender Gaps in Benefits Coverage
w3789 Alan E. Dillingham
Marianne A. Ferber
Daniel S. Hamermesh

Sex Discrimination by Sex: Voting in a Professional Society
rose81-1 Sherwin Rosen

Studies in Labor Markets

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