Labor and Demographic Economics: Labor–Management Relations, Trade Unions, and Collective Bargaining

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Whitney Dudley
David S. Lyle
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The Effects of Mentor Quality, Exposure, and Type on Junior Officer Retention in the United States Army

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Faculty Preferences over Unionization: Evidence from Open Letters at Two Research Universities

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How Does Declining Unionism Affect the American Middle Class and Intergenerational Mobility?

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Micro-Evidence on Product and Labor Market Regime Differences between Chile and France

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The Rise of Domestic Outsourcing and the Evolution of the German Wage Structure

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Technology and Labor Regulations: Theory and Evidence

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Employee Satisfaction, Labor Market Flexibility, and Stock Returns Around The World

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Who do Unions Target? Unionization over the Life-Cycle of U.S. Businesses

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Union Organizing Decisions in a Deteriorating Environment: The Composition of Representation Elections and the Decline in Turnout

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Mining Surplus: Modeling James A. Schmitz's Link Between Competition and Productivity

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How Does China's New Labor Contract Law Affect Floating Workers?

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Wage Effects of Unionization and Occupational Licensing Coverage in the United States

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Product and labor market imperfections and scale economies: Micro-evidence on France, Japan and the Netherlands

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Lawyers as Agents of the Devil in a Prisoner's Dilemma Game: Evidence from Long Run Play

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Wrongful Discharge Laws and Innovation

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Unions in a Frictional Labor Market

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The Rise and Fall of Unions in the U.S.

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Impacts of Unionization on Employment, Product Quality and Productivity: Regression Discontinuity Evidence From Nursing Homes

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Does Linking Worker Pay to Firm Performance Help the Best Firms Do Even Better?

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Employment Protection Legislation and Plant-Level Productivity in India

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The Incredible Shrinking Portuguese Firm

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Industrial Actions in Schools: Strikes and Student Achievement

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of National Labor Relations Act Remedies: Analysis and Comparison with Other Workplace Penalty Policies

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Battles Among Licensed Occupations: Analyzing Government Regulations on Labor Market Outcomes for Dentists and Hygienists

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Labor Laws and Innovation

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To Join or Not to Join? Factors Influencing Employee Share Plan Membership in a Multinational Corporation

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Jacques Mairesse

Comparing Micro-evidence on Rent Sharing from Three Different Approaches

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Rational Choice and Voter Turnout: Evidence from Union Representation Elections

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Great Expectations: Law, Employment Contracts, and Labor Market Performance

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Do Strikes Kill? Evidence from New York State

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Regulating Abortion: Impact on Patients and Providers in Texas

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The Effect of Employment Protection on Worker Effort: Evidence from Public Schooling

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Corporate Taxes and Union Wages in the United States

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Alan B. Krueger

Analyzing the Extent and Influence of Occupational Licensing on the Labor Market

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Douglas Kruse
Loren Rodgers
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Show Me the Money: Does Shared Capitalism Share the Wealth?

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Labor Regulations, Unions, and Social Protection in Developing Countries: Market distortions or Efficient Institutions?

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Alexandre Mas

Long-Run Impacts of Unions on Firms: New Evidence from Financial Markets, 1961-1999

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Haifang Huang

Well-being and Trust in the Workplace

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The Economics of Labor Market Intermediation: An Analytic Framework

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Douglas L. Kruse
Harry M. Markowitz

Risk and Lack of Diversification under Employee Ownership and Shared Capitalism

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Complementarity of Shared Compensation and Decision-Making Systems: Evidence from the American Labor Market

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Who Has a Better Idea? Innovation, Shared Capitalism, and HR Policies

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Richard Freeman
Joseph Blasi

Do Workers Gain by Sharing? Employee Outcomes under Employee Ownership, Profit Sharing, and Broad-based Stock Options

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Chris Mackin
Douglas L. Kruse

Creating a Bigger Pie? The Effects of Employee Ownership, Profit Sharing, and Stock Options on Workplace Performance

w14227 Richard Freeman
Douglas Kruse
Joseph Blasi


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Joseph R. Blasi
Rhokeun Park

Shared Capitalism in the U.S. Economy? Prevalence, Characteristics, and Employee Views of Financial Participation in Enterprises

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Jacques Mairesse

Panel Data Estimates Of The Production Function And Product And Labor Market Imperfections

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Stefano Scarpetta
Helena Schweiger

Assessing Job Flows Across Countries: The Role of Industry, Firm Size and Regulations

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M. Marit Rehavi

Helping Workers Online and Offline: Innovations in Union and Worker Organization Using the Internet

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I'd rather be Hanged for a Sheep than a Lamb: The Unintended Consequences of 'Three-Strikes' Laws

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The Changing Nature of Wage Inequality

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Michael Walrath

Dynamics of Union Organizations: A Look at Gross Flows in the LORS Files

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Ben Kriechel

Wage Structure and Labor Mobility in the Netherlands 1999-2003

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Labor Unrest and the Quality of Production: Evidence from the Construction Equipment Resale Market

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Peter Temin

Inequality and Institutions in 20th Century America

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Niels Westergaard-Nielsen

Wage and Labor Mobility in Denmark, 1980-2000

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Roberto Leombruni
Lia Pacelli
Claudia Villosio

Wage Mobility and Dynamics in Italy in the 90's

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Morris M. Kleiner

International Differences in Lean Production, Productivity and Employee Attitudes

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Jarle Møen
Kjell G. Salvanes

Wage Structure and Labor Mobility in Norway 1980-1997

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Richard B. Freeman
Morris M. Kleiner

Adoption and Termination of Employee Involvement Programs

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Thomas Philippon

Family Firms, Paternalism, and Labor Relations

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Military Positions and Post-Service Occupational Mobility of Union Army Veterans, 1861-1880

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Pay, Reference Points, and Police Performance

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Erica L. Groshen
Bess Rabin

Turbulent Firms, Turbulent Wages?

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Geographic Spillover of Unionism

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Sara de la Rica

The Effect of Firm-Level Contracts on the Structure of Wages: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data

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David Neumark

The Effects of Living Wage Laws: Evidence from Failed and Derailed Living Wage Campaigns

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Gordon B. Dahl

Strategic Bargaining Behavior, Self-Serving Biases, and the Role of Expert Agents: An Empirical Study of Final-Offer Arbitration

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Thomas Philippon

The Quality of Labor Relations and Unemployment

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Richard Freeman
Joseph Blasi
Robert Buchele
Adria Scharf

Motivating Employee-Owners in ESOP Firms: Human Resource Policies and Company Performance

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Trade Wars: The Exaggerated Impact of Trade in Economic Debate

w9992 Richard B. Freeman
What Do Unions Do ... to Voting?

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Alex Bryson

What Effect do Unions Have on Wages Now and Would 'What Do Unions Do' Be Surprised?

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Nonunion Wage Rates and the Threat of Unionization

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Larry W. Hunter

Union Participation in Strategic Decisions of Corporations

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Lisa Lynch
Anya Krivelyova

How Workers Fare When Employers Innovate

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Individual Rights and Collective Agents: The Role of Old and New Workplace Institution in the Regulation of Labor Markets

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The Surprising Retreat of Union Britain

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Alexandre Mas

Strikes, Scabs and Tread Separations: Labor Strife and the Production of Defective Bridgestone/Firestone Tires

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Thomas Lemieux
W. Craig Riddell

Unionization and Wage Inequality: A Comparative Study of the U.S, the U.K., and Canada

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Alex Bryson

Changes over time in union relative wage effects in the UK and the US revisited

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Studying Ourselves: The Academic Labor Market

w8865 Steinar Holden
The Costs of Price Stability - Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity in Europe

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Ronald G. Ehrenberg

Collective Bargaining and Staff Salaries in American Colleges and Universities

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Hwikwon Ham

Do Industrial Relations Institutions Impact Economic Outcomes?: International and U.S. State-Level Evidence

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Francine D. Blau
Lawrence M. Kahn

Comparative Analysis of Labor Market Outcomes: Lessons for the US from International Long-Run Evidence

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Thomas Lemieux

Labour Market Reforms and Changes in Wage Inequality in the United Kingdom and the United States

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Living Wages: Protection For or Protection From Low-Wage Workers?

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Benjamin A. Olken

A Biological Model of Unions

w8210 Francine D. Blau
Lawrence M. Kahn

Do Cognitive Test Scores Explain Higher US Wage Inequality?

w8200 Francine D. Blau
Lawrence M. Kahn

Understanding International Differences in the Gender Pay Gap

w8111 Peter Cappelli
David Neumark

External Job Churning and Internal Job Flexibility

w7965 Takao Kato
The Recent Transformation of Participatory Employment Practices in Japan

w7794 John DiNardo
Kevin F. Hallock

When Unions "Mattered": Assessing the Impact of Strikes on Financial Markets: 1925-1937

w7731 Robert Rich
Joseph Tracy

Uncertainty and Labor Contract Durations

w7680 Casey B. Mulligan
Can Monopoly Unionism Explain Publicly Induced Retirement?

w7646 Sebastian Edwards
Alejandra Cox Edwards

Economic Reforms and Labor Markets: Policy Issues and Lessons from Chile

w7502 Steven J. Davis
Magnus Henrekson

Wage-Setting Institutions as Industrial Policy

w7501 Adriana Cassoni
Steven G. Allen
Gaston J. Labadie

The Effect of Unions on Employment: Evidence from an Unnatural Experiment in Uruguay

w7414 Morris M. Kleiner
Jonathan S. Leonard
Adam M. Pilarski

Do Industrial Relations Affect Plant Performance?: The Case of Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing

w7294 Orley Ashenfelter
Dean Hyslop

Measuring the Effects of Arbitration on Wage Levels: The Case of Police Officers

w7229 Henry S. Farber
Union Success in Representation Elections: Why Does Unit Size Matter?

w6922 Erkki Koskela
Ronnie Schob
Hans-Werner Sinn

Green Tax Reform and Competitiveness

w6685 Clemens Fuest
Bernd Huber

Why Do Countries Subsidize Investment and Not Employment?

w6520 David Card
Falling Union Membership and Rising Wage Inequality: What's the Connection?

w6118 Michael Kremer
Why are Worker Cooperatives So Rare?

w5869 Morris M. Kleiner
Robert T. Kudrle

Does Regulation Affect Economic Outcomes?: The Case of Dentistry

w5716 Jennifer Hunt
The Response of Wages and Actual Hours Worked to the Reductions of Standard Hours

h0086 Joshua L. Rosenbloom
Strikebreaking and the Labor Market in the United States, 1881-1874

w5493 John M. Abowd
Laurence Allain

Compensation Structure and Product Market Competition

w5368 Janet Currie
Joseph Ferrie

Strikes and the Law in the U.S., 1881-1894: New Evidence on the Origins of American Exceptionalism

w5333 Casey Ichniowski
Kathryn Shaw
Giovanna Prennushi

The Effects of Human Resource Management Practices on Productivity

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Joseph S. Tracy

The Use of Replacement Workers in Union Contract Negotiations: The U.S. Experience, 1980-1989

w5105 Peter C. Cramton
Morley Gunderson
Joseph S. Tracy

The Effect of Collective Bargaining Legislation on Strikes and Wages

w4733 Richard Disney
Amanda Gosling
Stephen Machin

British Unions in Decline: An Examination of the 1980s Fall in Trade Union Recognition

w4674 Steven G. Allen
Developments in Collective Bargaining in Construction in the 1980s and 1990s

w4664 Steven G. Allen
Updated Notes on the Interindustry Wage Structure

w4216 Henry S. Farber
Alan B. Krueger

Union Membership in the United States: The Decline Continues

w4195 David Card
The Effect of Unions on the Distribution of Wages: Redistribution or Relabelling?

w4075 David Card
Craig A. Olson

Bargaining Power, Strike Duration, and Wage Outcomes: An Analysis of Strikes in the 1880s

w3978 Janet Currie
Sheena McConnell

The Impact of Collective Bargaining Legislation on Disputes in the U.S. Public Sector: No Policy May Be the Worst Policy

w3952 Janet Currie
Henry S. Farber

Is Arbitration Addictive? Evidence From the Laboratory and the Field

w3821 Janet Currie
Rules, Coordination and Manipulability Among Arbitrators

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