NBER Papers in JEL Code F2: International Economics - International Factor Movements and International Business

w24510 Anna Maria Mayda
Giovanni Peri
Walter Steingress

The Political Impact of Immigration: Evidence from the United States
w24519 Ajay Agrawal
John McHale
Alex Oettl

Does Scientist Immigration Harm US Science? An Examination of Spillovers
w24494 Sari Pekkala Kerr
William R. Kerr

Immigrant Entrepreneurship in America: Evidence from the Survey of Business Owners 2007 & 2012
w24461 Girum Abebe
Margaret S. McMillan
Michel Serafinelli

Foreign Direct Investment and Knowledge Diffusion in Poor Locations: Evidence from Ethiopia
w24455 Kun Jiang
Wolfgang Keller
Larry D. Qiu
William Ridley

International Joint Ventures and Internal vs. External Technology Transfer: Evidence from China
w24433 Charles W. Calomiris
Mauricio Larrain
Sergio L. Schmukler

Capital Inflows, Equity Issuance Activity, and Corporate Investment
w24447 Valentina Bosetti
Cristina Cattaneo
Giovanni Peri

Should they stay or should they go? Climate Migrants and Local Conflicts
w24330 Shang-Jin Wei
Managing Financial Globalization: Insights from the Recent Literature
w24283 Assaf Razin
Israel's Immigration Story: Winners and Losers
w24241 Ron Alquist
Nicolas Berman
Rahul Mukherjee
Linda Tesar

Financial Constraints, Institutions, and Foreign Ownership
w24206 Michael Kremer
Christopher M. Snyder

Preventives Versus Treatments Redux: Tighter Bounds on Distortions in Innovation Incentives with an Application to the Global Demand for HIV Pharmaceuticals
w24185 Pol Antràs
Davin Chor

On the Measurement of Upstreamness and Downstreamness in Global Value Chains
w24013 Anna Gumpert
Andreas Moxnes
Natalia Ramondo
Felix Tintelnot

The Life-Cycle Dynamics of Exporters and Multinational Firms
w23947 Brian K. Kovak
Lindsay Oldenski
Nicholas Sly

The Labor Market Effects of Offshoring by U.S. Multinational Firms: Evidence from Changes in Global Tax Policies
w23950 Joshua Aizenman
Yothin Jinjarak
Nam Ngo
Ilan Noy

Vocational Education, Manufacturing, and Income Distribution: International Evidence and Case Studies
w23921 Anusha Chari
Peter Blair Henry
Racha Moussa

Does Capital Scarcity Matter?
w23902 Anna Maria Mayda
Francesc Ortega
Giovanni Peri
Kevin Shih
Chad Sparber

The Effect of the H-1B Quota on Employment and Selection of Foreign-Born Labor
w23881 Alan J. Auerbach
Demystifying the Destination-Based Cash-Flow Tax
w23836 Fabio Ghironi
Macro Needs Micro
w23756 Parag Mahajan
Dean Yang

Taken by Storm: Hurricanes, Migrant Networks, and U.S. Immigration
w23681 Zadia M. Feliciano
Andrew Green

US Multinationals in Puerto Rico and the Repeal of Section 936 Tax Exemption for U.S. Corporations
w23695 Lorenzo Caliendo
Luca David Opromolla
Fernando Parro
Alessandro Sforza

Goods and Factor Market Integration: A Quantitative Assessment of the EU Enlargement
w23713 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Migration-Induced Redistribution with and without Migrant's Voting
w23628 John D. Burger
Francis E. Warnock
Veronica Cacdac Warnock

The Effects of U.S. Monetary Policy on Emerging Market Economies' Sovereign and Corporate Bond Markets
w23548 Edward P. Lazear
Why Are Some Immigrant Groups More Successful than Others?
w23427 Arnaud Costinot
Iván Werning

The Lerner Symmetry Theorem: Generalizations and Qualifications
w23398 John Horton
William R. Kerr
Christopher Stanton

Digital Labor Markets and Global Talent Flows
w23387 Michael E. Waugh
Firm Dynamics and Immigration: The Case of High-Skilled Immigration
w23324 Fatih Guvenen
Raymond J. Mataloni
Dylan G. Rassier
Kim J. Ruhl

Offshore Profit Shifting and Domestic Productivity Measurement
w23309 Rodolphe Desbordes
Shang-Jin Wei

The Effects of Financial Development on Foreign Direct Investment
w23310 Irem Demirci
Jennifer Huang
Clemens Sialm

Government Debt and Corporate Leverage: International Evidence
w23251 Assaf Razin
Globalization Policies and Israel's Brain Drain
w23223 Assaf Razin
Globalized Israel: High Tech Prowess and Buttressing FDI
w23210 Assaf Razin
Israel's Immigration Story: Globalization Lessons
w23217 Ellen R. McGrattan
Andrea Waddle

The Impact of Brexit on Foreign Investment and Production
w23149 Yusuf Soner Baskaya
Julian di Giovanni
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
Mehmet Fatih Ulu

International Spillovers and Local Credit Cycles
w23124 Geert Bekaert
Arnaud Mehl

On the Global Financial Market Integration "Swoosh" and the Trilemma
w23125 Michael A. Clemens
Ethan G. Lewis
Hannah M. Postel

Immigration Restrictions as Active Labor Market Policy: Evidence from the Mexican Bracero Exclusion
w23116 Stefan Avdjiev
Bryan Hardy
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
Luis Servén

Gross Capital Flows by Banks, Corporates and Sovereigns
w23048 John Kennan
Open Borders in the European Union and Beyond: Migration Flows and Labor Market Implications
w23049 Alessia A. Amighini
Margaret S. McMillan
Marco Sanfilippo

FDI and Capital Formation in Developing Economies: New Evidence from Industry-level Data
w23016 Lionel Fontagné
Ann Harrison

The Factory-Free Economy: Outsourcing, Servitization and the Future of Industry
w22960 Robert W. Staiger
Alan O. Sykes

The Economic Structure of International Trade-in-Services Agreements
w22926 Sari Pekkala Kerr
William Kerr
Çaǧlar Özden
Christopher Parsons

High-Skilled Migration and Agglomeration
w22930 John McLaren
Myunghwan Yoo

FDI and Inequality in Vietnam: An Approach with Census Data
w22852 Cristina Mitaritonna
Gianluca Orefice
Giovanni Peri

Immigrants and Firms' Outcomes: Evidence from France
w22834 Ryan Edwards
Francesc Ortega

The Economic Contribution of Unauthorized Workers: An Industry Analysis
w22731 Laurence J. Kotlikoff
Andrey Polbin
Andrey Zubarev

Will the Paris Accord Accelerate Climate Change?
w22737 Joshua Aizenman
Menzie D. Chinn
Hiro Ito

Balance Sheet Effects on Monetary and Financial Spillovers: The East Asian Crisis Plus 20
w22741 Kristin Forbes
Ida Hjortsoe
Tsvetelina Nenova

Current Account Deficits During Heightened Risk: Menacing or Mitigating?
w22715 Sari Pekkala Kerr
William Kerr
Çaǧlar Özden
Christopher Parsons

Global Talent Flows
w22653 Filipe Campante
David Yanagizawa-Drott

Long-Range Growth: Economic Development in the Global Network of Air Links
w22622 Gordon Hanson
Craig McIntosh

Is The Mediterranean The New Rio Grande? US And EU Immigration Pressures In The Long Run
w22623 Gordon H. Hanson
Matthew J. Slaughter

High-Skilled Immigration and the Rise of STEM Occupations in U.S. Employment
w22601 John F. Helliwell
Aneta Bonikowska
Hugh Shiplett

Migration as a Test of the Happiness Set Point Hypothesis: Evidence from Immigration to Canada
w22546 Bruce A. Blonigen
Donghyun Lee

Heterogeneous Frictional Costs Across Industries in Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions
w22550 Teresa C. Fort
Technology and Production Fragmentation: Domestic versus Foreign Sourcing
w22498 Javier Cravino
Andrei A. Levchenko

Multinational Firms and International Business Cycle Transmission
w22466 Vahagn Galstyan
Philip R. Lane
Caroline Mehigan
Rogelio Mercado

The Holders and Issuers of International Portfolio Securities
w22385 Sari Pekkala Kerr
William R. Kerr

Immigrant Entrepreneurship
w22336 Marina Azzimonti
Does Partisan Conflict Deter FDI Inflows to the US?
w22236 Felix Tintelnot
Global Production with Export Platforms
w22191 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

How Migration Can Change Income Inequality?
w22198 Nicholas Ford
Charles Yuji Horioka

The 'Real' Explanation of the PPP Puzzle
w22160 L. Kamran Bilir
Eduardo Morales

Innovation in the Global Firm
w22081 Nicholas Ford
Charles Yuji Horioka

The "Real" Explanation of the Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle
w22049 Taryn Dinkelman
Martine Mariotti

The Long Run Effects of Labor Migration on Human Capital Formation in Communities of Origin
w21985 Ling Feng
Zhiyuan Li
Deborah L. Swenson

Trade Policy Uncertainty and Exports: Evidence from China's WTO Accession
w21941 Anna Maria Mayda
Giovanni Peri
Walter Steingress

Immigration to the U.S.: A problem for the Republicans or the Democrats?
w21847 Konrad B. Burchardi
Thomas Chaney
Tarek A. Hassan

Migrants, Ancestors, and Investments
w21860 Zadia M. Feliciano
Nadia Doytch

EU Accession and Foreign Owned Firms in Bulgaria
w21817 Nicolas Coeurdacier
Hélène Rey
Pablo Winant

Financial Integration and Growth in a Risky World
w21734 Charles Yuji Horioka
Akiko Terada-Hagiwara
Takaaki Nomoto

Explaining Foreign Holdings of Asia's Debt Securities: The Feldstein-Horioka Paradox Revisited
w21735 Sari Pekkala Kerr
William R. Kerr

Global Collaborative Patents
w21744 Lee E. Ohanian
Paulina Restrepo-Echavarria
Mark L. J. Wright

Bad Investments and Missed Opportunities? Postwar Capital Flows to Asia and Latin America
w21699 Isaac Ehrlich
Jinyoung Kim

Immigration, Human Capital Formation and Endogenous Economic Growth
w21661 G. Andrew Karolyi
David T. Ng
Eswar S. Prasad

The Coming Wave: Where Do Emerging Market Investors Put Their Money?
w21649 George J. Borjas
Ilpo Kauppinen
Panu Poutvaara

Self-Selection of Emigrants: Theory and Evidence on Stochastic Dominance in Observable and Unobservable Characteristics
w21619 Olivier Blanchard
Jonathan D. Ostry
Atish R. Ghosh
Marcos Chamon

Are Capital Inflows Expansionary or Contractionary? Theory, Policy Implications, and Some Evidence
w21622 Cristina Cattaneo
Giovanni Peri

The Migration Response to Increasing Temperatures
w21606 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Migration State and Welfare State: Competition vs. Coordination in an Economic Union
w21582 Laura Alfaro
Pol Antràs
Davin Chor
Paola Conconi

Internalizing Global Value Chains: A Firm-Level Analysis
w21583 A. Kerem Cosar
Paul L. E. Grieco
Shengyu Li
Felix Tintelnot

What Drives Home Market Advantage?
w21597 William R. Kerr
Martin Mandorff

Social Networks, Ethnicity, and Entrepreneurship
w21514 Yuriy Gorodnichenko
Jan Svejnar
Katherine Terrell

Does Foreign Entry Spur Innovation?
w21309 Garance Genicot
Two-sided Altruism and Signaling
w21269 Seth G. Benzell
Eugene Goryunov
Maria Kazakova
Laurence J. Kotlikoff
Guillermo LaGarda
Kristina Nesterova
Andrey Zubarev

Simulating Russia's and Other Large Economies' Challenging and Interconnected Transitions
w21274 Sebastian Galiani
Gustavo Torrens

The Political Economy of Trade and Labor Mobility in a Ricardian World
w21245 Ross Levine
Chen Lin
Beibei Shen

Cross-border Acquisitions and Labor Regulations
w21198 Yuriy Gorodnichenko
Bohdan Kukharskyy
Gerard Roland

Culture and Global Sourcing
w21200 Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano
Giovanni Peri
Greg C. Wright

Immigration, Trade and Productivity in Services: Evidence from U.K. Firms
w21175 Giovanni Peri
Kevin Shih
Chad Sparber

Foreign and Native Skilled Workers: What Can We Learn from H-1B Lotteries?
w21176 David Atkin
Benjamin Faber
Marco Gonzalez-Navarro

Retail Globalization and Household Welfare: Evidence from Mexico
w21159 Menzie D. Chinn
Yi Zhang

Uncovered Interest Parity and Monetary Policy Near and Far from the Zero Lower Bound
w21123 Gihoon Hong
John McLaren

Are Immigrants a Shot in the Arm for the Local Economy?
w21087 Klaus Desmet
Dávid Krisztián Nagy
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

The Geography of Development: Evaluating Migration Restrictions and Coastal Flooding
w21024 Ufuk Akcigit
Salomé Baslandze
Stefanie Stantcheva

Taxation and the International Mobility of Inventors
w20986 Thomas Joseph
Yaw Nyarko
Shing-Yi Wang

Asymmetric Information and Remittances: Evidence from Matched Administrative Data
w20888 Matthew J. Bloomfield
Ulf Brüggemann
Hans B. Christensen
Christian Leuz

The Effect of Regulatory Harmonization on Cross-border Labor Migration: Evidence from the Accounting Profession
w20839 Giuseppe De Arcangelis
Majlinda Joxhe
David McKenzie
Erwin Tiongson
Dean Yang

Directing Remittances to Education with Soft and Hard Commitments: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-field Experiment and New Product Take-up Among Filipino Migrants in Rome
w20806 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka
Benjarong Suwankiri

The Welfare State and Migration: A Dynamic Analysis of Political Coalitions
w20759 Emily Beam
David McKenzie
Dean Yang

Unilateral Facilitation Does Not Raise International Labor Migration from the Philippines
w20769 Joel M. David
Espen Henriksen
Ina Simonovska

The Risky Capital of Emerging Markets
w20772 Pol Antràs
Teresa C. Fort
Felix Tintelnot

The Margins of Global Sourcing: Theory and Evidence from U.S. Firms
w20634 C. Fritz Foley
Kalina Manova

International Trade, Multinational Activity, and Corporate Finance
w20621 Lorenz Kueng
Mu-Jeung Yang
Bryan Hong

Sources of Firm Life-Cycle Dynamics: Differentiating Size vs. Age Effects
w20571 John D. Burger
Rajeswari Sengupta
Francis E. Warnock
Veronica Cacdac Warnock

U.S. Investment in Global Bonds: As the Fed Pushes, Some EMEs Pull
w20521 Richard B. Freeman
Immigration, International Collaboration, and Innovation: Science and Technology Policy in the Global Economy
w20522 Kate Ambler
Diego Aycinena
Dean Yang

Remittance Responses to Temporary Discounts: A Field Experiment among Central American Migrants
w20454 Michael P. Dooley
David Folkerts-Landau
Peter M. Garber

The Revived Bretton Woods System's First Decade
w20450 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Migration and Welfare State: Why is America Different from Europe?
w20428 Ethan Lewis
Giovanni Peri

Immigration and the Economy of Cities and Regions
w20289 Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato
Owen Zidar

Who Benefits from State Corporate Tax Cuts? A Local Labor Markets Approach with Heterogeneous Firms
w20262 Kate Ambler
Diego Aycinena
Dean Yang

Channeling Remittances to Education: A Field Experiment Among Migrants from El Salvador
w20174 Francesco Giavazzi
Ivan Petkov
Fabio Schiantarelli

Culture: Persistence and Evolution
w20131 Michele Battisti
Gabriel Felbermayr
Giovanni Peri
Panu Poutvaara

Immigration, Search, and Redistribution: A Quantitative Assessment of Native Welfare
w20093 Giovanni Peri
Kevin Y. Shih
Chad Sparber

Foreign STEM Workers and Native Wages and Employment in U.S. Cities
w20069 Sari Pekkala Kerr
William R. Kerr
William F. Lincoln

Firms and the Economics of Skilled Immigration
w20046 Kamran Bilir
Davin Chor
Kalina Manova

Host-Country Financial Development and Multinational Activity
w20024 Nava Ashraf
Diego Aycinena
Claudia Martinez
Dean Yang

Savings in Transnational Households: A Field Experiment among Migrants from El Salvador
w20002 Julian di Giovanni
Andrei Levchenko
Francesc Ortega

A Global View of Cross-Border Migration
w19953 C. Fritz Foley
Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham
Jonathan Greenstein
Eric Zwick

Opting Out of Good Governance
w19963 Stephanie E. Curcuru
Charles P. Thomas
Francis E. Warnock
Jon Wongswan

Uncovered Equity Parity and Rebalancing in International Portfolios
w19805 Ganesh Seshan
Dean Yang

Motivating Migrants: A Field Experiment on Financial Decision-Making in Transnational Households
w19778 Roger K. Loh
René M. Stulz

Is Sell-Side Research More Valuable in Bad Times?
w19786 Geert Bekaert
Campbell R. Harvey
Christian T. Lundblad
Stephan Siegel

Political Risk Spreads
w19748 Luis Felipe Céspedes
Andrés Velasco

Was This Time Different? Fiscal Policy in Commodity Republics
w19751 Marc-Andreas Muendler
Export or Merge? Proximity vs. Concentration in Product Space
w19757 Hans Fehr
Sabine Jokisch
Ashwin Kambhampati
Laurence J. Kotlikoff

Simulating the Elimination of the U.S. Corporate Income Tax
w19657 William R. Kerr
Heterogeneous Technology Diffusion and Ricardian Trade Patterns
w19658 Sari Pekkala Kerr
William R. Kerr
William F. Lincoln

Skilled Immigration and the Employment Structures of U.S. Firms
w19621 Kevin S. Markle
Douglas A. Shackelford

The Impact of Headquarter and Subsidiary Locations on Multinationals' Effective Tax Rates
w19623 Hanno Lustig
Andreas Stathopoulos
Adrien Verdelhan

The Term Structure of Currency Carry Trade Risk Premia
w19579 Alan J. Auerbach
Michael P. Devereux

Consumption and Cash-Flow Taxes in an International Setting
w19526 Catherine L. Mann
Information Lost (Apologies to Milton)
w19377 William R. Kerr
U.S. High-Skilled Immigration, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship: Empirical Approaches and Evidence
w19346 Assaf Razin
Migration into the Welfare State: Tax and Migration Competition
w19282 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Migration and Fiscal Competition within a Union
w19301 Richard B. Freeman
One Ring to Rule Them All? Globalization of Knowledge and Knowledge Creation
w19315 Mette Foged
Giovanni Peri

Immigrants' and Native Workers: New Analysis on Longitudinal Data
w19272 Brian C. Cadena
Brian K. Kovak

Immigrants Equilibrate Local Labor Markets: Evidence from the Great Recession
w19249 Thomas J. Holmes
Ellen R. McGrattan
Edward C. Prescott

Quid Pro Quo: Technology Capital Transfers for Market Access in China
w19239 J. Bradford Jensen
Dennis P. Quinn
Stephen Weymouth

Global Supply Chains, Currency Undervaluation, and Firm Protectionist Demands
w19240 Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
Hélène Rey

External Adjustment, Global Imbalances and Valuation Effects
w19166 Stephen Ross Yeaple
Scale, Scope, and the International Expansion Strategies of Multiproduct Firms
w19190 Joshua Aizenman
Yothin Jinjarak

Real Estate Valuation, Current Account and Credit Growth Patterns, Before and After the 2008-9 Crisis
w19006 Manmohan Agarwal
John Whalley

China and India: Reforms and the Response: How Differently have the Economies Behaved
w19019 Svetlana Ledyaeva
Päivi Karhunen
John Whalley

Offshore jurisdictions (including Cyprus), corruption money laundering and Russian round-trip investment
w18985 Linda S. Goldberg
Cédric Tille

A Bargaining Theory of Trade Invoicing and Pricing
w18972 Costas Arkolakis
Natalia Ramondo
Andrés Rodríguez-Clare
Stephen Yeaple

Innovation and Production in the Global Economy
w18956 Jonathan Heathcote
Fabrizio Perri

Assessing International Efficiency
w18957 Richard Baldwin
Javier Lopez-Gonzalez

Supply-Chain Trade: A Portrait of Global Patterns and Several Testable Hypotheses
w18855 Michael Tomz
Mark L. J. Wright

Empirical Research on Sovereign Debt and Default
w18837 Ron Alquist
Rahul Mukherjee
Linda Tesar

Fire-sale FDI or Business as Usual?
w18809 Paula Stephan
Chiara Franzoni
Giuseppe Scellato

Choice of Country by the Foreign Born for PhD and Postdoctoral Study: A Sixteen-Country Perspective
w18775 Pol Antràs
Stephen R.Yeaple

Multinational Firms and the Structure of International Trade
w18699 Alberto Alesina
Johann Harnoss
Hillel Rapoport

Birthplace Diversity and Economic Prosperity
w18653 Jiandong Ju
Kang Shi
Shang-Jin Wei

Trade Reforms and Current Account Imbalances: When Does the General Equilibrium Effect Overturn a Partial Equilibrium Intuition?
w18613 Giuseppe Scellato
Chiara Franzoni
Paula Stephan

Mobile Scientists and International Networks
w18577 Chiara Franzoni
Giuseppe Scellato
Paula Stephan

The Mover's Advantage: Scientific Performance of Mobile Academics
w18561 Kalina Manova
Zhihong Yu

How Firms Export: Processing vs. Ordinary Trade with Financial Frictions
w18531 Eugenio Cerutti
Stijn Claessens
Patrick McGuire

Systemic Risks in Global Banking: What Available Data can tell us and What More Data are Needed?
w18465 Kristin Forbes
The "Big C": Identifying Contagion
w18474 Ejaz Ghani
William R. Kerr
Christopher T. Stanton

Diasporas and Outsourcing: Evidence from oDesk and India
w18483 Harry Huizinga
Johannes Voget
Wolf Wagner

International Taxation and Cross-Border Banking
w18414 Bruce A. Blonigen
Lionel Fontagné
Nicholas Sly
Farid Toubal

Cherries for Sale: Export Networks and the Incidence of Cross-Border M&A
w18415 Peter Egger
Christian Keuschnigg
Valeria Merlo
Georg Wamser

Corporate Taxes and Internal Borrowing within Multinational Firms
w18307 John Kennan
Open Borders
w18322 Francesc Ortega
Giovanni Peri

The Effect of Income and Immigration Policies on International Migration
w18260 Ling Feng
Zhiyuan Li
Deborah L. Swenson

The Connection between Imported Intermediate Inputs and Exports: Evidence from Chinese Firms
w18207 Laura Alfaro
Maggie X. Chen

Selection and Market Reallocation: Productivity Gains from Multinational Production
w18193 Francesc Ortega
Giovanni Peri

The Effect of Trade and Migration on Income
w18188 Donald R. Davis
Jonathan I. Dingel

A Spatial Knowledge Economy
w18163 Pol Antràs
Davin Chor

Organizing the Global Value Chain
w18120 Lee Pinkowitz
René M. Stulz
Rohan Williamson

Multinationals and the High Cash Holdings Puzzle
w18107 Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley
James R. Hines Jr.

Trade Credit and Taxes
w18083 Richard Baldwin
Toshihiro Okubo

Networked FDI: Sales and Sourcing Patterns of Japanese Foreign Affiliates
w18005 Nicola Lacetera
Justin R. Sydnor

Would You Buy a Honda Made in the U.S.? The Impact of Production Location on Manufacturing Quality
w18011 Ran Abramitzky
Leah Platt Boustan
Katherine Eriksson

A Nation of Immigrants: Assimilation and Economic Outcomes in the Age of Mass Migration
w17981 Yan Leung Cheung
P. Raghavendra Rau
Aris Stouraitis

How much do firms pay as bribes and what benefits do they get? Evidence from corruption cases worldwide
w17806 Joshua Aizenman
Hiro Ito

Trilemma Policy Convergence Patterns and Output Volatility
w17812 Mario J. Crucini
Anthony Landry

Accounting for Real Exchange Rates Using Micro-data
w17751 Jack Favilukis
David Kohn
Sydney C. Ludvigson
Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

International Capital Flows and House Prices: Theory and Evidence
w17754 Wolfgang Keller
Ben Li
Carol H. Shiue

Shanghai's Trade, China's Growth: Continuity, Recovery, and Change since the Opium War
w17706 James Harrigan
Xiangjun Ma
Victor Shlychkov

Export Prices of U.S. Firms
w17716 Richard Baldwin
Trade And Industrialisation After Globalisation's 2nd Unbundling: How Building And Joining A Supply Chain Are Different And Why It Matters
w17718 Margaret S. McMillan
William A. Masters
Harounan Kazianga

Rural Demography, Public Services and Land Rights in Africa: A Village-Level Analysis in Burkina Faso
w17681 Jing Wang
Dana Medianu
John Whalley

The Contribution of China, India and Brazil to Narrowing North-South Differences in GDP/capita, World Trade Shares, and Market Capitalization
w17682 Charles Goodhart
Global Macroeconomic and Financial Supervision: Where Next?
w17691 Nicolas Coeurdacier
Hélène Rey

Home Bias in Open Economy Financial Macroeconomics
w17670 Nicolas E. Magud
Carmen M. Reinhart
Esteban R. Vesperoni

Capital Inflows, Exchange Rate Flexibility, and Credit Booms
w17644 Anna Gumpert
James R. Hines
Monika Schnitzer

The Use of Tax Havens in Exemption Regimes
w17612 Faruk Balli
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
Bent Sorensen

Risk Sharing through Capital Gains
w17577 William R. Kerr
William F. Lincoln
Prachi Mishra

The Dynamics of Firm Lobbying
w17544 Aaron Weisbrod
John Whalley

The Contribution of Chinese FDI to Africa's Pre Crisis Growth Surge
w17550 Pablo D. Fajgelbaum
Gene M. Grossman
Elhanan Helpman

A Linder Hypothesis for Foreign Direct Investment
w17532 Jing Cai
Ann Harrison

The Value-Added Tax Reform Puzzle
w17515 Assaf Razin
Jackline Wahba

Welfare Magnet Hypothesis, Fiscal Burden and Immigration Skill Selectivity
w17502 Joshua Aizenman
Yothin Jinjarak
Donghyun Park

Capital Flows and Economic Growth in the Era of Financial Integration and Crisis, 1990-2010
w17480 Bruce A. Blonigen
Lindsay Oldenski
Nicholas Sly

Separating the Opposing Effects of Bilateral Tax Treaties
w17470 Pol Antràs
Grossman-Hart (1986) Goes Global: Incomplete Contracts, Property Rights, and the International Organization of Production
w17396 Laura Alfaro
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
Vadym Volosovych

Sovereigns, Upstream Capital Flows, and Global Imbalances
w17357 Marcel Fratzscher
Capital Flows, Push versus Pull Factors and the Global Financial Crisis
w17363 Mahvash S. Qureshi
Jonathan D. Ostry
Atish R. Ghosh
Marcos Chamon

Managing Capital Inflows: The Role of Capital Controls and Prudential Policies
w17336 C. Fritz Foley
William R. Kerr

Ethnic Innovation and U.S. Multinational Firm Activity
w17282 Bruce Blonigen
Cheyney O'Fallon

Foreign Firms and Local Communities
w17258 Joshua Aizenman
Vladyslav Sushko

Capital flows: Catalyst or Hindrance to economic takeoffs?
w17228 Joshua Aizenman
Vladyslav Sushko

Capital Flow Types, External Financing Needs, and Industrial Growth: 99 countries, 1991-2007
w17204 Leonardo Iacovone
Beata Smarzynska Javorcik
Wolfgang Keller
James R. Tybout

Supplier Responses to Wal-Mart's Invasion of Mexico
w17141 Laura Alfaro
Maggie Chen

Surviving the Global Financial Crisis: Foreign Ownership and Establishment Performance
w17100 Nune Hovhannisyan
Wolfgang Keller

International Business Travel: An Engine of Innovation?
w16982 Andrew Ang
Francis A. Longstaff

Systemic Sovereign Credit Risk: Lessons from the U.S. and Europe
w16964 Gordon H. Hanson
Chong Xiang

Exporting Christianity: Governance and Doctrine in the Globalization of US Denominations
w16912 J. William Ambrosini
Karin Mayr
Giovanni Peri
Dragos Radu

The Selection of Migrants and Returnees: Evidence from Romania and Implications
w16905 Kalina Manova
Shang-Jin Wei
Zhiwei Zhang

Firm Exports and Multinational Activity Under Credit Constraints
w16831 Assaf Razin
Jackline Wahba

Free vs. Controlled Migration: Bilateral Country Study
w16789 Marianne Baxter
International Risk Sharing in the Short Run and in the Long Run
w16774 Ellen R. McGrattan
Transition to FDI Openness: Reconciling Theory and Evidence
w16767 Luosha Du
Ann Harrison
Gary Jefferson

FDI Spillovers and Industrial Policy: The Role of Tariffs and Tax Holidays
w16733 Ann E. Harrison
Leslie A. Martin
Shanthi Nataraj

Learning Versus Stealing: How Important are Market-Share Reallocations to India's Productivity Growth?
w16704 Bruce A. Blonigen
Jeremy Piger

Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment
w16677 Stephanie E. Curcuru
Charles P. Thomas
Francis E. Warnock
Jon Wongswan

U.S. International Equity Investment and Past and Prospective Returns
w16660 Richard Baldwin
Toshihiro Okubo

International Trade, Offshoring and Heterogeneous Firms
w16670 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Tax Competition and Migration: The Race-to-the-Bottom Hypothesis Revisited
w16646 Frédéric Docquier
Çaǧlar Özden
Giovanni Peri

The Wage Effects of Immigration and Emigration
w16611 Richard Baldwin
Anthony Venables

Spiders and snakes: offshoring and agglomeration in the global economy
w16573 Maria Guadalupe
Olga Kuzmina
Catherine Thomas

Innovation and Foreign Ownership
w16528 Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
Herman Kamil
Carolina Villegas-Sanchez

What Hinders Investment in the Aftermath of Financial Crises: Insolvent Firms or Illiquid Banks?
w16471 Gordon H. Hanson
Craig McIntosh

Birth Rates and Border Crossings: Latin American Migration to the US, Canada, Spain, and the UK
w16472 Gordon H. Hanson
International Migration and Human Rights
w16439 Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano
Giovanni Peri
Greg C. Wright

Immigration, Offshoring and American Jobs
w16447 Joshua Aizenman
Jaewoo Lee
Vladyslav Sushko

From the Great Moderation to the global crisis: Exchange market pressure in the 2000s
w16425 Ann Harrison
John McLaren
Margaret S. McMillan

Recent Findings on Trade and Inequality
w16426 Robert Koopman
William Powers
Zhi Wang
Shang-Jin Wei

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due: Tracing Value Added in Global Production Chains
w16391 Bruce Blonigen
Benjamin H. Liebman
Justin R. Pierce
Wesley W. Wilson

Are All Trade Protection Policies Created Equal? Empirical Evidence for Nonequivalent Market Power Effects of Tariffs and Quotas
w16288 Keith Head
Ran Jing
Deborah L. Swenson

From Beijing to Bentonville: Do Multinational Retailers Link Markets?
w16294 Yasheng Huang
Li Jin
Yi Qian

Does Ethnicity Pay
w16226 Michael B. Devereux
James Yetman

Leverage Constraints and the International Transmission of Shocks
w16231 Takatoshi Ito
Satoshi Koibuchi
Kiyotaka Sato
Junko Shimizu

Why has the yen failed to become a dominant invoicing currency in Asia? A firm-level analysis of Japanese Exporters' invoicing behavior
w16217 Giovanni Peri
Rethinking the Area Approach: Immigrants and the Labor Market in California, 1960-2005.
w16224 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Fiscal and Migration Competition
w16118 Laura Alfaro
Paola Conconi
Harald Fadinger
Andrew F. Newman

Do Prices Determine Vertical Integration?
w16029 Beatriz de Blas
Katheryn Niles Russ

All Banks Great, Small, and Global: Loan pricing and foreign competition
w15936 Robert E. Lipsey
Fredrik Sjöholm
Jing Sun

Foreign Ownership and Employment Growth in Indonesian Manufacturing
w15881 Andrew B. Bernard
J. Bradford Jensen
Stephen J. Redding
Peter K. Schott

Intra-firm Trade and Product Contractibility (Long Version)
w15876 Joshua Aizenman
Menzie D. Chinn
Hiro Ito

Surfing the Waves of Globalization: Asia and Financial Globalization in the Context of the Trilemma
w15744 Axel H. Boersch-Supan
Alexander Ludwig

Old Europe ages: Reforms and Reform Backlashes
w15768 William R. Kerr
William F. Lincoln

The Supply Side of Innovation: H-1B Visa Reforms and US Ethnic Invention
w15727 Itay Goldstein
Assaf Razin
Hui Tong

Liquidity, Institutional Quality and the Composition of International Equity Flows
w15625 Giovanni Peri
Francisco Requena

The Trade Creation Effect of Immigrants: Evidence from the Remarkable Case of Spain
w15604 Natalia Ramondo
Andrés Rodríguez-Clare

Trade, Multinational Production, and the Gains from Openness
w15576 Laura Alfaro
Maggie Chen

The Global Agglomeration of Multinational Firms
w15525 David Backus
Espen Henriksen
Frederic Lambert
Christopher Telmer

Current Account Fact and Fiction
w15530 James R. Markusen
Frank Stähler

Endogenous Market Structure and Foreign Market Entry
w15501 William Kerr
The Agglomeration of US Ethnic Inventors
w15507 Giovanni Peri
The Effect of Immigration on Productivity: Evidence from US States
w15509 Wolfgang Keller
Stephen R. Yeaple

The Gravity of Knowledge
w15484 Joshua Aizenman
Hoarding International Reserves Versus a Pigovian Tax-Cum-Subsidy Scheme: Reflections on the Deleveraging Crisis of 2008-9, and a Cost Benefit Analysis
w15486 Carol McAusland
Peter J. Kuhn

Bidding for Brains: Intellectual Property Rights and the International Migration of Knowledge Workers
w15442 Wolfgang Keller
International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and Technology Spillovers
w15443 William R. Kerr
Breakthrough Inventions and Migrating Clusters of Innovation
w15418 Jean Imbs
Haroon Mumtaz
Morten O. Ravn
Hélène Rey

One TV, One Price?
w15419 Jeffrey A. Frankel
Are Bilateral Remittances Countercyclical?
w15428 Diego A. Comin
Norman Loayza
Farooq Pasha
Luis Serven

Medium Term Business Cycles in Developing Countries
w15391 Douglas Almond
Lena Edlund
Kevin Milligan

O Sister, Where Art Thou? The Role of Son Preference and Sex Choice: Evidence from Immigrants to Canada
w15393 Lee Branstetter
Kamal Saggi

Intellectual Property Rights, Foreign Direct Investment, and Industrial Development
w15401 Kris James Mitchener
Marc D. Weidenmier

Are Hard Pegs Ever Credible in Emerging Markets? Evidence from the Classical Gold Standard
w15268 Francisco J. Buera
Yongseok Shin

Productivity Growth and Capital Flows: The Dynamics of Reforms
w15274 Joshua Aizenman
Nan Geng

Adjustment of State Owned and Foreign-Funded Enterprises in China to Economic Reforms,1980s-2007: a logistic smooth transition regression (LSTR) approach
w15225 Craig Burnside
Alexandra Tabova

Risk, Volatility, and the Global Cross-Section of Growth Rates
w15249 Kalina Manova
Zhiwei Zhang

China's Exporters and Importers: Firms, Products and Trade Partners
w15193 Cristina Arellano
Yan Bai
Jing Zhang

Firm Dynamics and Financial Development
w15194 Mark Aguiar
Manuel Amador

Growth in the Shadow of Expropriation
w15196 Hartmut Egger
Peter Egger
James R. Markusen

International Welfare and Employment Linkages Arising from Minimum Wages
w15185 James R. Hines

Income Misattribution under Formula Apportionment
w15107 Avraham Ebenstein
Ann Harrison
Margaret McMillan
Shannon Phillips

Estimating the Impact of Trade and Offshoring on American Workers Using the Current Population Surveys
w15091 Kevin S. Markle
Douglas Shackelford

Do Multinationals or Domestic Firms Face Higher Effective Tax Rates?
w15077 Stephanie E. Curcuru
Tomas Dvorak
Francis E. Warnock

Decomposing the U.S. External Returns Differential
w15023 Dhammika Dharmapala
C. Fritz Foley
Kristin J. Forbes

Watch What I Do, Not What I Say: The Unintended Consequences of the Homeland Investment Act
w15013 Assaf Razin
Edith Sand

Migration-Regime Liberalization and Social Security: Political-Economy Effect
w14975 Nicholas Bloom
Luis Garicano
Raffaella Sadun
John Van Reenen

The distinct effects of Information Technology and Communication Technology on firm organization
w14956 Bruce A. Blonigen
Anson Soderbery

Measuring the Benefits of Product Variety with an Accurate Variety Set
w14961 Juan Carlos Gozzi
Ross Levine
Sergio L. Schmukler

Patterns of International Capital Raisings
w14884 Eric D. Gould
Victor Lavy
M. Daniele Paserman

Sixty Years after the Magic Carpet Ride: The Long-Run Effect of the Early Childhood Environment on Social and Economic Outcomes
w14891 Pol Antràs
C. Fritz Foley

Regional Trade Integration and Multinational Firm Strategies
w14833 Francesc Ortega
Giovanni Peri

The Causes and Effects of International Migrations: Evidence from OECD Countries 1980-2005
w14821 Joshua Aizenman
Gurnain Kaur Pasricha

Selective Swap Arrangements and the Global Financial Crisis: Analysis and Interpretation
w14826 Maurice Obstfeld
Jay C. Shambaugh
Alan M. Taylor

Financial Instability, Reserves, and Central Bank Swap Lines in the Panic of 2008
w14802 Geert Bekaert
Campbell R. Harvey
Christian Lundblad
Stephan Siegel

What Segments Equity Markets?
w14776 Marc-Andreas Muendler
Sascha O. Becker

Margins of Multinational Labor Substitution
w14784 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka
Benjarong Suwankiri

Migration and the welfare state: Dynamic Political-Economy Theory
w14785 Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson

Vanishing Third World Emigrants?
w14786 Anusha Chari
Wenjie Chen
Kathryn M.E. Dominguez

Foreign Ownership and Firm Performance: Emerging-Market Acquisitions in the United States
w14751 Siqi Zheng
Matthew E. Kahn
Hongyu Liu

Towards a System of Open Cities in China: Home Prices, FDI Flows and Air Quality in 35 Major Cities
w14738 Alon Cohen
Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

The Skill Composition of Migration and the Generosity of the Welfare State
w14662 Andrew B. Bernard
J. Bradford Jensen
Stephen J. Redding
Peter K. Schott

The Margins of U.S. Trade (Long Version)
w14668 Arnaud Costinot
Lindsay Oldenski
James E. Rauch

Adaptation and the Boundary of Multinational Firms
w14626 Wolfgang Keller
Stephen R. Yeaple

Global Production and Trade in the Knowledge Economy
w14554 Gene M. Grossman
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

Task Trade between Similar Countries
w14515 Yongmin Chen
Ignatius J. Horstmann
James R. Markusen

Physical Capital, Knowledge Capital and the Choice Between FDI and Outsourcing
w14527 Hans Fehr
Sabine Jokisch
Laurence J. Kotlikoff

Dynamic Globalization and Its Potentially Alarming Prospects for Low-Wage Workers
w14529 Domenico Giannone
Michele Lenza
Lucrezia Reichlin

Business Cycles in the Euro Area
w14533 Joshua Aizenman
Menzie D. Chinn
Hiro Ito

Assessing the Emerging Global Financial Architecture: Measuring the Trilemma's Configurations over Time
w14481 Yuriy Gorodnichenko
Jan Svejnar
Katherine Terrell

Globalization and innovation in emerging markets
w14490 Gordon H. Hanson
The Economic Consequences of the International Migration of Labor
w14448 Louis Putterman
David N. Weil

Post-1500 Population Flows and the Long Run Determinants of Economic Growth and Inequality
w14459 Alon Cohen
Assaf Razin

The Skill Composition of Immigrants and the Generosity of the Welfare State: Free vs. Policy-Controlled Migration
w14461 Gordon H. Hanson
Chong Xiang

Testing the Melitz Model of Trade: An Application to U.S. Motion Picture Exports
w14344 Joshua Aizenman
Jake Kendall

The Internationalization of Venture Capital and Private Equity
w14262 Pol Antràs
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

Organizations and Trade
w14217 Maurice Obstfeld
Jay C. Shambaugh
Alan M. Taylor

Financial Stability, the Trilemma, and International Reserves
w14188 Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano
Giovanni Peri

Immigration and National Wages: Clarifying the Theory and the Empirics
w14172 Harald Hau
Helene Rey

Home Bias at the Fund Level
w14121 Robert E. Lipsey
Measuring the Location of Production in a World of Intangible Productive Assets, FDI, and Intrafirm Trade
w14138 Benjamin F. Jones
The Knowledge Trap: Human Capital and Development Reconsidered
w14088 Pierre-Richard Agenor
Joshua Aizenman

Capital Market Imperfections and the Theory of Optimum Currency Areas
w14072 Stephen Yeaple
Firm Heterogeneity and the Structure of U.S. Multinational Activity: An Empirical Analysis
w14079 Ram C. Acharya
Wolfgang Keller

Estimating the Productivity Selection and Technology Spillover Effects of Imports
w14051 Eswar S. Prasad
Raghuram Rajan

A Pragmatic Approach to Capital Account Liberalization
w14039 Karin Mayr
Giovanni Peri

Return Migration as a Channel of Brain Gain
w14034 Sebastian Edwards
Globalization, Growth and Crises: The View from Latin America
w13959 Gustavo Crespi
Chiara Criscuolo
Jonathan E. Haskel
Matthew Slaughter

Productivity Growth, Knowledge Flows, and Spillovers
w13908 Kristin J. Forbes
Why do Foreigners Invest in the United States?
w13918 Niall Ferguson
Moritz Schularick

The "Thin Film Of Gold": Monetary Rules and Policy Credibility In Developing Countries
w13921 Joshua Aizenman
Yothin Jinjarak

Current Account Patterns and National Real Estate Markets
w13902 Joshua Aizenman
Reuven Glick

Sterilization, Monetary Policy, and Global Financial Integration
w13851 Francesco D'Amuri
Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano
Giovanni Peri

The Labor Market Impact of Immigration in Western Germany in the 1990's
w13860 Judith M. Dean
Mary E. Lovely

Trade Growth, Production Fragmentation, and China's Environment
w13821 Jeffrey Grogger
Gordon H. Hanson

Income Maximization and the Selection and Sorting of International Migrants
w13807 Juan Carlos Hallak
Peter K. Schott

Estimating Cross-Country Differences in Product Quality
w13723 Itay Goldstein
Assaf Razin
Hui Tong

Liquidity, Institutional Quality and the Composition of International Equity Outflows
w13734 Joshua Aizenman
Yi Sun

Globalization and the Sustainability of Large Current Account Imbalances: Size Matters
w13671 Bruce A. Blonigen
Benjamin H. Liebman
Wesley W. Wilson

Trade Policy and Market Power: The Case of the US Steel Industry
w13675 Gordon H. Hanson
Craig McIntosh

The Great Mexican Emigration
w13618 Hongbin Cai
Yasuyuki Todo
Li-An Zhou

Do Multinationals' R&D Activities Stimulate Indigenous Entrepreneurship? Evidence from China's "Silicon Valley"
w13624 David Backus
Espen Henriksen
Kjetil Storesletten

Taxes and the Global Allocation of Capital
w13631 Susana Iranzo
Giovanni Peri

Migration and Trade in a World of Technological Differences: Theory with an Application to Eastern-Western European Integration
w13612 Fabrice Collard
Harris Dellas
Behzad Diba
Alan Stockman

Goods Trade and International Equity Portfolios
w13659 Katheryn Niles Russ
Exchange Rate Volatility and First-Time Entry by Multinational Firms
w13577 Michael D. Bordo
Christopher M. Meissner

Foreign Capital and Economic Growth in the First Era of Globalization
w13489 Michael D. Bordo
Alberto F. Cavallo
Christopher M. Meissner

Sudden Stops: Determinants and Output Effects in the First Era of Globalization, 1880-1913
w13515 Ellen McGrattan
Edward C. Prescott

Openness, Technology Capital, and Development
w13464 Shubham Chaudhuri
John McLaren

Some Simple Analytics of Trade and Labor Mobility
w13470 Lee Branstetter
C. Fritz Foley

Facts and Fallacies about U.S. FDI in China
w13440 Mehmet Fatih Ekinci
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
Bent Sorensen

Financial Integration within EU Countries: The Role of Institutions, Confidence and Trust
w13447 Laura Alfaro
Andrew Charlton

Intra-Industry Foreign Direct Investment
w13435 Joseph P.H. Fan
Randall Morck
Lixin Colin Xu
Bernard Yeung

Institutions and Foreign Investment: China versus the World
w13389 Giovanni Peri
Chad Sparber

Task Specialization, Comparative Advantages, and the Effects of Immigration on Wages
w13313 Barry Bosworth
Susan M. Collins
Gabriel Chodorow-Reich

Returns on FDI: Does the U.S. Really Do Better?
w13332 Margaret S. McMillan
Andrew R. Waxman

Profit Sharing Between Governments and Multinationals in Natural Resource Extraction: Evidence From a Firm-Level Panel
w13338 Rachel Griffith
Sokbae Lee
John Van Reenen

Is Distance Dying at Last? Falling Home Bias in Fixed Effects Models of Patent Citations
w13271 Deborah L. Swenson
Multinationals and the Creation of Chinese Trade Linkages
w13281 Mihir A. Desai
Dhammika Dharmapala

Taxes and Portfolio Choice: Evidence from JGTRRA's Treatment of International Dividends
w13248 John H. Mutti
Harry Grubert

The Effect of Taxes on Royalties and the Migration of Intangible Assets Abroad
w13241 Pol Antràs
Ricardo J. Caballero

Trade and Capital Flows: A Financial Frictions Perspective
w13197 Michael P. Dooley
Peter M. Garber
David Folkerts-Landau

The Two Crises of International Economics
w13148 Jiandong Ju
Shang-Jin Wei

Domestic Institutions and the Bypass Effect of Financial Globalization
w13118 Laura Alfaro
Andrew Charlton

International Financial Integration and Entrepreneurial Firm Activity
w13132 Mihir A. Desai
Dhammika Dharmapala

Taxes, Institutions and Foreign Diversification Opportunities
w13103 David Dollar
Shang-Jin Wei

Das (Wasted) Kapital: Firm Ownership and Investment Efficiency in China
w13094 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Productivity and Taxes as Drivers of FDI
w13073 Ariel Burstein
Alexander Monge-Naranjo

Foreign Know-How, Firm Control, and the Income of Developing Countries
w13086 Ram C. Acharya
Wolfgang Keller

Technology Transfer through Imports
w13060 Nicholas Bloom
Mark Schankerman
John Van Reenen

Identifying Technology Spillovers and Product Market Rivalry
w13054 Andrew B. Bernard
J. Bradford Jensen
Stephen J. Redding
Peter K. Schott

Firms in International Trade
w13033 Lee Branstetter
Raymond Fisman
C. Fritz Foley
Kamal Saggi

Intellectual Property Rights, Imitation, and Foreign Direct Investment: Theory and Evidence
w13004 Shin-ichi Fukuda
Yoshifumi Kon

Liquidity Risk Aversion, Debt Maturity, and Current Account Surpluses: A Theory and Evidence from East Asia
w12997 John S. Earle
Álmos Telegdy

Ownership and Wages: Estimating Public-Private and Foreign-Domestic Differentials using LEED from Hungary, 1986-2003
w12996 Robert E. Lipsey
Defining and Measuring the Location of FDI Output
w13001 Nikolaj Malchow-Møller
James R. Markusen
Bertel Schjerning

Foreign Firms, Domestic Wages
w12956 Giovanni Peri
Immigrants' Complementarities and Native Wages: Evidence from California
w12946 Hans-Werner Sinn
The Welfare State and the Forces of Globalization
w12900 Sukkoo Kim
Immigration, Industrial Revolution and Urban Growth in the United States, 1820-1920: Factor Endowments, Technology and Geography
w12872 James R. Markusen
Natalia Trofimenko

Teaching Locals New Tricks: Foreign Experts as a Channel of Knowledge Transfers
w12855 Pol Antràs
Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley

Multinational Firms, FDI Flows and Imperfect Capital Markets
w12816 James R. Markusen
Bridget Strand

Trade in Business Services in General Equilibrium
w12800 Edith Sand
Assaf Razin

Immigration and the Survival of Social Security: A Political Economy Model
w12799 Desiree van Welsum
Xavier Reif

We Can Work It Out - The Globalisation of ICT-enabled Services
w12808 Robert E. Lipsey
Measuring the Impacts of FDI in Central and Eastern Europe
w12794 Dean Yang
Coping with Disaster: The Impact of Hurricanes on International Financial Flows, 1970-2002
w12761 Peter J. Kuhn
Carol McAusland

The International Migration of Knowledge Workers: When is Brain Drain Beneficial?
w12728 Eric van Wincoop
Francis E. Warnock

Is Home Bias in Assets Related to Home Bias in Goods?
w12668 Jiandong Ju
Shang-Jin Wei

A Solution to Two Paradoxes of International Capital Flows
w12649 C. Fritz Foley
Jay C. Hartzell
Sheridan Titman
Garry Twite

Why do firms hold so much cash? A tax-based explanation
w12589 Hali J. Edison
Francis E. Warnock

Cross-border Listings, Capital Controls, and Equity Flows To Emerging Markets
w12580 Christopher M. Meissner
Alan M. Taylor

Losing our Marbles in the New Century? The Great Rebalancing in Historical Perspective
w12560 Francis E. Warnock
Veronica Cacdac Warnock

International Capital Flows and U.S. Interest Rates
w12522 Laura Alfaro
Areendam Chanda
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
Selin Sayek

How Does Foreign Direct Investment Promote Economic Growth? Exploring the Effects of Financial Markets on Linkages
w12493 Andrew B. Bernard
J. Bradford Jensen
Peter K. Schott

Transfer Pricing by U.S.-Based Multinational Firms
w12497 Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano
Giovanni Peri

Rethinking the Effects of Immigration on Wages
w12484 M. Ayhan Kose
Eswar Prasad
Kenneth S. Rogoff
Shang-Jin Wei

Financial Globalization: A Reappraisal
w12457 Beata Smarzynska Javorcik
Wolfgang Keller
James R. Tybout

Openness and Industrial Responses in a Wal-Mart World: A Case Study of Mexican Soaps, Detergents and Surfactant Producers
w12422 Kyoji Fukao
Keiko Ito
Hyeog Ug Kwon
Miho Takizawa

Cross-Border Acquisitions and Target Firms' Performance: Evidence From Japanese Firm-Level Data
w12414 Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson

What Determines Immigration's Impact? Comparing Two Global Centuries
w12396 Dean Yang
Why Do Migrants Return to Poor Countries? Evidence From Philippine Migrants' Responses to Exchange Rate Shocks
w12363 Joshua Aizenman
Daniel Riera-Crichton

Real Exchange Rate and International Reserves in the Era of Growing Financial and Trade Integration
w12346 Charles P. Thomas
Francis E. Warnock
Jon Wongswan

The Performance of International Equity Portfolios
w12325 Dean Yang
International Migration, Remittances, and Household Investment: Evidence from Philippine Migrants' Exchange Rate Shocks
w12271 Robert E. Lipsey
Measuring International Trade in Services
w12276 Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley
James R. Hines Jr.

Capital Structure with Risky Foreign Investment
w12217 Irene Brambilla
Multinationals, Technology, and the Introduction of Varieties of Goods
w12226 Joshua Aizenman
Ilan Noy

Prizes for Basic Research -- Human Capital, Economic Might and the Shadow of History
w12196 Pol Antràs
Luis Garicano
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

Organizing Offshoring: Middle Managers and Communication Costs
w12206 Daron Acemoglu
Philippe Aghion
Claire Lelarge
John Van Reenen
Fabrizio Zilibotti

Technology, Information and the Decentralization of the Firm
w12141 Gordon H. Hanson
Illegal Migration from Mexico to the United States
w12173 Peter K. Schott
The Relative Sophistication of Chinese Exports
w12091 Elhanan Helpman
Trade, FDI, and the Organization of Firms
w12072 Agata Antkiewicz
John Whalley

Recent Chinese Buyout Activity and the Implications for Global Architecture
w12044 Andrew K. Rose
Mark Spiegel

Offshore Financial Centers: Parasites or Symbionts?
w11973 Nicolas Magud
Carmen M. Reinhart

Capital Controls: An Evaluation
w11926 Mary Amiti
Shang-Jin Wei

Service Offshoring and Productivity: Evidence from the United States
w11894 Ross Levine
Sergio Schmukler

Internationalization and Stock Market Liquidity
w11901 Laura Alfaro
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
Vadym Volosovych

Why Doesn't Capital Flow from Rich to Poor Countries? An Empirical Investigation
w11866 Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson

A Dual Policy Paradox: Why Have Trade and Immigration Policies Always Differed in Labor-Scarce Economies
w11850 Axel Boersch-Supan
Alexander Ludwig
Joachim Winter

Aging, Pension Reform, and Capital Flows: A Multi-Country Simulation Model
w11827 James Markusen
Modeling the Offshoring of White-Collar Services: From Comparative Advantage to the New Theories of Trade and FDI
w11717 Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley
James R. Hines Jr.

Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Economic Activity
w11696 Laura Alfaro
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
Vadym Volosovych

Capital Flows in a Globalized World: The Role of Policies and Institutions
w11661 Roger Gordon
Wei Li

Puzzling Tax Structures in Developing Countries: A Comparison of Two Alternative Explanations
w11672 Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano
Giovanni Peri

Rethinking the Gains from Immigration: Theory and Evidence from the U.S.
w11639 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka
Hui Tong

Bilateral FDI Flows: Threshold Barriers and Productivity Shocks
w11640 Ilan Goldfajn
André Minella

Capital Flows and Controls in Brazil: What Have We Learned?
w11543 Aart Kraay
Jaume Ventura

The Dot-Com Bubble the Bush Deficits, and the U.S. Current Account
w11516 Lee Branstetter
Raymond Fisman
C. Fritz Foley

Do Stronger Intellectual Property Rights Increase International Technology Transfer? Empirical Evidence from U.S. Firm-Level Data
w11520 Michael P. Dooley
David Folkerts-Landau
Peter M. Garber

Savings Gluts and Interest Rates: The Missing Link to Europe
w11527 Robert Fairlie
Christopher Woodruff

Mexican Entrepreneurship: A Comparison of Self-Employment in Mexico and the United States
w11456 Pablo Ibarraran
Darren Lubotsky

Mexican Immigration and Self-Selection: New Evidence from the 2000 Mexican Census
w11479 Chiara Criscuolo
Jonathan E. Haskel
Matthew J. Slaughter

Global Engagement and the Innovation Activities of Firms
w11466 Bruce A. Blonigen
Ronald B. Davies
Helen T. Naughton
Glen R. Waddell

Spacey Parents: Spatial Autoregressive Patterns in Inbound FDI
w11471 Richard Baldwin
Heterogeneous Firms and Trade: Testable and Untestable Properties of the Melitz Model
w11403 Joshua Aizenman
Ilan Noy

FDI and Trade -- Two Way Linkages?
w11404 Andrew B. Bernard
J. Bradford Jensen
Peter K. Schott

Importers, Exporters, and Multinationals: A Portrait of Firms in the U.S. that Trade Goods
w11412 Gordon H. Hanson
Emigration, Labor Supply, and Earnings in Mexico
w11372 Kristin J. Forbes
The Microeconomic Evidence on Capital Controls: No Free Lunch
w11353 Kathryn M.E. Dominguez
Linda L. Tesar

International Borrowing and Macroeconomic Performance in Argentina
w11299 Bruce A. Blonigen
A Review of the Empirical Literature on FDI Determinants
w11301 Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
Ariell Reshef
Bent Sorensen
Oved Yosha

Why Does Capital Flow to Rich States?
w11306 Eswar Prasad
Shang-Jin Wei

The Chinese Approach to Capital Inflows: Patterns and Possible Explanations
w11267 Roger Gordon
Wei Li

Tax Structure in Developing Countries: Many Puzzles and a Possible Explanation
w11270 Cade Massey
Richard Thaler

Overconfidence vs. Market Efficiency in the National Football League
w11242 Joshua Aizenman
Ex Ante Carrots instead of Ex Post Sticks: Two Examples
w11184 Deborah Swenson
Outsourcing Price Decisions: Evidence from U.S. 9802 Imports
w11198 Barry Eichengreen
Kenneth Kletzer
Ashoka Mody

The IMF in a World of Private Capital Markets
w11145 Joshua Aizenman
Financial Liberalization in Latin-America in the 1990s: A Reassessment
w11137 Olivier Blanchard
Francesco Giavazzi
Filipa Sa

The U.S. Current Account and the Dollar
w11094 Pol Antràs
Luis Garicano
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

Offshoring in a Knowledge Economy
w11075 Mihir C. Desai
C. Fritz Foley
James R. Hines Jr.

Foreign Direct Investment and the Domestic Capital Stock
w11077 Menzie D. Chinn
Guy Meredith

Testing Uncovered Interest Parity at Short and Long Horizons during the Post-Bretton Woods Era
w11023 Ross Levine
Sergio L. Schmukler

Internationalization and the Evolution of Corporate Valuation
w11028 Gordon H. Hanson
Kenneth F. Scheve
Matthew Slaughter

Public Finance and Individual Preferences over Globalization Strategies
w11003 Volker Nocke
Stephen Yeaple

An Assignment Theory of Foreign Direct Investment
w10939 Bruce A. Blonigen
Ronald B. Davies
Glen R. Waddell
Helen T. Naughton

FDI in Space: Spatial Autoregressive Relationships in Foreign Direct Investment
w10945 John F. Helliwell
Demographic Changes and International Factor Mobility
w10893 Giovanni Peri
Catching-Up to Foreign Technology? Evidence on the "Veblen-Gerschenkron" Effect of Foreign Investments
w10864 Assaf Razin
Yona Rubinstein
Efraim Sadka

Fixed Costs and FDI: The Conflicting Effects of Productivity Shocks
w10869 Maurice Obstfeld
Kenneth Rogoff

The Unsustainable US Current Account Position Revisited
w10843 Maurice Obstfeld
External Adjustment
w10845 Raghuram G. Rajan
Dollar Shortages and Crises
w10806 Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley
James R. Hines

Economic Effects of Regional Tax Havens
w10808 Mary Amiti
Shang-Jin Wei

Fear of Service Outsourcing: Is It Justified?
w10785 Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley

The Comovement of Returns and Investment Within the Multinational Firm
w10798 Hans-Werner Sinn
Migration, Social Standards and Replacement Incomes: How to Protect Low-income Workers in the Industrialized Countries Against the Forces of Globalization and Market Integration
w10781 Robert Dekle
Financing Consumption in an Aging Japan: The Role of Foreign Capital Inflows in Immigration
w10727 Michael P. Dooley
David Folkerts-Landau
Peter M. Garber

The US Current Account Deficit and Economic Development: Collateral for a Total Return Swap
w10680 Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson

Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Policy in Europe
w10682 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Welfare Migration: Is the Net Fiscal Burden a Good Measure of Its Economic Impact on the Welfare of the Native Born Population?
w10618 Alexander Haupt
Eckhard Janeba

Education, Redistribution, and the Threat of Brain Drain
w10624 Joshua Aizenman
Brian Pinto
Artur Radziwill

Sources for Financing Domestic Capital -- Is Foreign Saving a Viable Option for Developing Countries?
w10602 Joshua Aizenman
Brian Pinto

Managing Volatility and Crises: A Practitioner's Guide Overview
w10603 James R. Markusen
Thomas F. Rutherford

Learning on the Quick and Cheap: Gains from Trade Through Imported Expertise
w10596 Marcella Alsan
David E. Bloom
David Canning

The Effect of Population Health on Foreign Direct Investment
w10545 Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley
Kristin J. Forbes

Financial Constraints and Growth: Multinational and Local Firm Responses to Currency Crises
w10529 Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson

International Migration in the Long-Run: Positive Selection, Negative Selection and Policy
w10492 Ann Harrison
Jason Scorse

Moving Up or Moving Out? Anti-Sweatshop Activists and Labor Market Outcomes
w10496 Joshua Aizenman
Ilan Noy

Endogenous Financial and Trade Openness
w10442 Maria Borga
Robert E. Lipsey

Factor Prices and Factor Substitution in U.S. Firms' Manufacturing Affiliates Abroad
w10378 Bruce A. Blonigen
Miao Wang

Inappropriate Pooling of Wealthy and Poor Countries in Empirical FDI Studies
w10337 Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley
James R. Hines Jr.

Capital Controls, Liberalizations, and Foreign Direct Investement
w10296 Carmen M. Reinhart
Kenneth S. Rogoff

Serial Default and the "Paradox" of Rich to Poor Capital Flows
w10189 Gene M. Grossman
Elhanan Helpman
Adam Szeidl

Optimal Integration Strategies for the Multinational Firm
w10157 Kenneth A. Froot
Paul G. J. O'Connell

The Risk Tolerance of International Investors
w10167 Mitsuyo Ando
Fukinari Kimura

The Formation of International Production and Distribution Networks in East Asia
w10169 Meng-Chun Liu
Shin-Horng Chen

International R&D Deployment and Locational Advantage: A Case Study of Taiwan
w10144 Joshua Aizenman
Ilan Noy

Endogenous Financial Openness: Efficiency and Political Economy Considerations
w10067 Fukunari Kimura
Takamune Fujii

Globalizing Activities and the Rate of Survival: Panel Data Analysis on Japanese Firms
w10052 Keith Head
John Ries

Heterogeneity and the FDI versus Export Decision of Japanese Manufacturers
w10039 Andrew B. Bernard
Fredrik Sjoholm

Foreign Owners and Plant Survival
w9950 Ajay Agrawal
Iain Cockburn
John McHale

Gone But Not Forgotten: Labor Flows, Knowledge Spillovers, and Enduring Social Capital
w9906 Joshua Aizenman
On the Hidden Links Between Financial and Trade Opening
w9872 Kevin O'Rourke
Heckscher-Ohlin Theory and Individual Attitudes Towards Globalization
w9777 Kristin J. Forbes
One Cost of the Chilean Capital Controls: Increased Financial Constraints for Smalles Traded Firms
w9766 Alejandra Cox Edwards
Manuelita Ureta

International Migration, Remittances, and Schooling: Evidence from El Salvador
w9746 Enrique G. Mendoza
Linda L. Tesar

A Quantitative Analysis of Tax Competition v. Tax Coordination under Perfect Capital Mobility
w9723 Gordon H. Hanson
Raymond J. Mataloni
Matthew J. Slaughter

Vertical Production Networks in Multinational Firms
w9684 Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
Olivier Jeanne

The Elusive Gains from International Financial Integration
w9662 Ashoka Mody
Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

The Role of Information in Driving FDI Flows: Host-Country Tranparency and Source Country Specialization
w9663 Simon J. Evenett
Do all networks facilitate international commerce? US law firms and the international market for corporate control
w9666 Barry Eichengreen
Alan M. Taylor

The Monetary Consequences of a Free Trade Area of the Americas
w9669 Drusilla K. Brown
Alan V. Deardorff
Robert M. Stern

The Effects of Multinational Production on Wages and Working Conditions in Developing Countries
w9655 Simon J. Evenett
The Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions Wave of the Late 1990s
w9658 V. V. Chari
Patrick J. Kehoe

Financial Crises as Herds: Overturning the Critiques
w9573 Rachel Griffith
Helen Simpson

Characteristics of Foreign-Owned Firms in British Manufacturing
w9580 Alan M. Taylor
Foreign Capital in Latin America in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
w9517 Karolina Ekholm
Rikard Forslid
James Markusen

Export-Platform Foreign Direct Investment
w9527 Bruce Blonigen
Rossitza B. Wooster

CEO Turnover and Foreign Market Participation
w9504 Wolfgang Keller
Stephen R. Yeaple

Multinational Enterprises, International Trade, and Productivity Growth: Firm-Level Evidence from the United States
w9479 Graciela L. Kaminsky
Carmen Reinhart

The Center and the Periphery: The Globalization of Financial Turmoil
w9417 Robert E. Lipsey
Fredrik Sjoholm

Foreign Firms and Indonesian Manufacturing Wages: An Analysis With Panel Data
w9426 Itay Goldstein
Assaf Razin

An Information-Based Trade Off Between Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Portfolio Investment: Volatility, Transparency, and Welfare
w9397 Joshua Aizenman
Volatility, employment and the patterns of FDI in emerging markets
w9403 Elhanan Helpman
Gene M. Grossman

Managerial Incentives and the International Organization of Production
w9345 Maurice Obstfeld
Alan M. Taylor

Sovereign Risk, Credibility and the Gold Standard: 1870-1913 versus 1925-31
w9339 Kenneth Scheve
Matthew Slaughter

Economic Insecurity and the Globalization of Production
w9324 Joshua Aizenman
Mark M. Spiegel

Institutional Efficiency, Monitoring Costs, and the Investment Share of FDI
w9300 Gene M. Grossman
Elhanan Helpman

Outsourcing versus FDI in Industry Equilibrium
w9293 Robert E. Lipsey
Home and Host Country Effects of FDI
w9277 G. William Schwert
Anomalies and Market Efficiency
w9258 Alessandra Casella
Redistribution Policy: A European Model
w9241 Jessica Tjornhom Donohue
Kenneth A. Froot

The Persistence of Emerging Market Equity Flows
w9242 Daniel Chiquiar
Gordon H. Hanson

International Migration, Self-Selection, and the Distribution of Wages: Evidence from Mexico and the United States
w9204 Assaf Razin
FDI Contribution to Capital Flows and Investment in Capacity
w9159 Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson

What Fundamentals Drive World Migration?
w9163 Jaume Ventura
Towards a Theory of Current Accounts
w9122 Robert E. Lipsey
Zadia Feliciano

Foreign Entry into U.S. Manufacturing by Takeovers and the Creation of New Firms
w9115 Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley
James R. Hines Jr.

International Joint Ventures and the Boundaries of the Firm
w9095 Kristin J. Forbes
How Do Large Depreciations Affect Firm Performance?
w9079 Kenneth A. Froot
Jessica D. Tjornhom

Decomposing the Persistence of International Equity Flows
w9053 Kristin J. Forbes
Cheap Labor Meets Costly Capital: The Impact of Devaluations on Commodity Firms
w9027 Bruce A. Blonigen
KaSaundra Tomlin
Wesley W. Wilson

Tariff-jumping FDI and Domestic Firms' Profits
w9008 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Gains from FDI Inflows with Incomplete Information
w9019 Michael D. Bordo
Antu Panini Murshid

Globalization and Changing Patterns in the International Transmission of Shocks in Financial Markets
w8998 Ximena Clark
Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson

Where Do U.S. Immigrants Come From, and Why?
w8971 Donald R. Davis
David E. Weinstein

Technological Superiority and the Losses from Migration
w8927 Alan M. Taylor
A Century of Current Account Dynamics
w8929 Bruce A. Blonigen
Ronald B. Davies
Keith Head

Estimating the Knowledge-Capital Model of the Multinational Enterprise: Comment
w8900 Joshua Aizenman
Financial Opening: Evidence and Policy Options
w8887 Ann E. Harrison
Inessa Love
Margaret S. McMillan

Global Capital Flows and Financing Constraints
w8888 Gunnar A. Eskeland
Ann E. Harrison

Moving to Greener Pastures? Multinationals and the Pollution Haven Hypothesis
w8846 Maurice Obstfeld
Alan M. Taylor

Globalization and Capital Markets
w8834 Bruce A. Blonigen
Ronald B. Davies

Do Bilateral Tax Treaties Promote Foreign Direct Investment?
w8809 John W. Budd
Josef Konings
Matthew J. Slaughter

International Rent Sharing in Multinational Firms
w8729 Morris M. Kleiner
Hwikwon Ham

Do Industrial Relations Institutions Impact Economic Outcomes?: International and U.S. State-Level Evidence
w8724 Jonathan E. Haskel
Sonia C. Pereira
Matthew J. Slaughter

Does Inward Foreign Direct Investment Boost the Productivity of Domestic Firms?
w8698 Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley
James R. Hines Jr.

Dividend Policy inside the Firm
w8708 James E. Rauch
Joel Watson

Entrepreneurship in International Trade
w8645 Alberto Alesina
Ignazio Angeloni
Federico Etro

The Political Economy of International Unions
w8659 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka
Chi-Wa Yuen

Why International Equity Inflows to Emerging Markets are Inefficient and Small Relative to International Debt Flows
w8662 John Whalley
Puzzles Over International Taxation of Cross Border Flows of Capital Income
w8665 Robert E. Lipsey
Foreign Direct Investment and the Operations of Multinational Firms: Concepts, History, and Data
w8619 Laura L. Bivins
Kala Krishna

Transferability of Migration Licenses and the Distribution of Potential Rents
w8631 Joshua Aizenman
Nancy Marion

The Merits of Horizontal versus Vertical FDI in the Presence of Uncertainty
w8581 Robert E. Lipsey
Eric D. Ramstetter

Affiliate Activity in Japanese and U.S. Multinationals and Japanese Exports, 1986-1995
w8584 Michael D. Bordo
Marc Flandreau

Core, Periphery, Exchange Rate Regimes, and Globalization
w8507 Mihir A. Desai
C. Fritz Foley
James R. Hines Jr.

Repatriation Taxes and Dividend Distortions
w8529 Sebastian Edwards
Exchange Rate Regimes, Capital Flows and Crisis Prevention
w8535 Carmen M. Reinhart
Vincent R. Reinhart

What Hurts Most? G-3 Exchange Rate or Interest Rate Volatility
w8573 Wolfgang Keller
International Technology Diffusion
w8453 Kathryn M.E. Dominguez
Linda L. Tesar

Exchange Rate Exposure
w8465 Beata K. Smarzynska
Shang-Jin Wei

Pollution Havens and Foreign Direct Investment: Dirty Secret or Popular Myth?
w8472 Kenneth A. Froot
Tarun Ramadorai

The Information Content of International Portfolio Flows
w8414 Carlos Arteta
Barry Eichengreen
Charles Wyplosz

When Does Capital Account Liberalization Help More than It Hurts?
w8408 Ian W. McLean
Alan M. Taylor

Australian Growth: A California Perspective
w8438 Ann E. Harrison
Margaret S. McMillan

Does Direct Foreign Investment Affect Domestic Firms' Credit Constraints?
w8349 Andrew B. Bernard
J. Bradford Jensen

Why Some Firms Export
w8366 Philip R. Lane
Gian Milesi-Ferretti

Long-Term Capital Movements
w8392 Marianne Baxter
Dorsey Farr

Variable Factor Utilization and International Business Cycles
w8400 Eckhard Janeba
Attracting FDI in a Politically Risky World
w8334 James R. Markusen
Keith E. Maskus

General-Equilibrium Approaches to the Multinational Firm: A Review of Theory and Evidence
w8335 James R. Markusen
Keith E. Maskus

A Unified Approach to Intra-Industry Trade and Direct Foreign Investment
w8346 Mattias Ganslandt
James R. Markusen

Standards and Related Regulations in International Trade: A Modeling Approach
w8347 Ignatius J. Horstmann
James R. Markusen
Jack Robles

Multi-Issue Bargaining and Linked Agendas: Ricardo Revisited or No Pain No Gain
w8299 Robert E. Lipsey
Fredrik Sjoholm

Foreign Direct Investment and Wages in Indonesian Manufacturing
w8301 Antoni Estevadeordal
Alan M. Taylor

A Century of Missing Trade?
w8254 Eckhard Janeba
Global Corporations and Local Politics: A Theory of Voter Backlash
w8150 Wolfgang Keller
The Geography and Channels of Diffusion at the World's Technology Frontier
w8187 Shang-Jin Wei
Yi Wu

Negative Alchemy? Corruption, Composition of Capital Flows, and Currency Crises
w8112 Jonathan Haskel
Holger Wolf

The Law of One Price - A Case Study
w8124 Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson

Demographic and Economic Pressure on Emigration Out of Africa
w8128 Kathryn M.E. Dominguez
Linda L. Tesar

A Re-Examination of Exchange Rate Exposure
w8129 Kathryn M.E. Dominguez
Linda L. Tesar

Trade and Exposure
w8070 Jonathan Eaton
Samuel Kortum

Trade in Capital Goods
w8084 Robert E. Lipsey
Foreign Direct Investors in Three Financial Crises
w8028 Michael A. Clemens
Jeffrey G. Williamson

Where did British Foreign Capital Go? Fundamentals, Failures and the Lucas Paradox: 1870-1913
w8040 Kjetil Storesletten
Chris I. Telmer
Amir Yaron

The Welfare Cost of Business Cycles Revisited: Finite Lives and Cyclical Variation in Idiosyncratic Risk
w8044 Jean-Pierre Danthine
Francesco Giavazzi
Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden

European Financial Markets After EMU: A First Assessment
w8046 Bruce A. Blonigen
Christopher J. Ellis
Dietrich Fausten

Industrial Groupings and Strategic FDI: Theory and Evidence
w8013 Gordon H. Hanson
Scale Economies and the Geographic Concentration of Industry
w8014 John W. Budd
Matthew J.Slaughter

Are Profits Shared Across Borders? Evidence on International Rent Sharing
w8015 Lee Branstetter
Is Foreign Direct Investment a Channel of Knowledge Spillovers? Evidence from Japan's FDI in the United States
w7929 Bruce A. Blonigen
Ronald B. Davies

The Effects of Bilateral Tax Treaties on U.S. FDI Activity
w7962 Neil Gandal
Gordon H. Hanson
Matthew J. Slaughter

Technology, Trade, and Adjustment to Immigration in Israel
w7969 Beata K. Smarzynska
Shang-Jin Wei

Corruption and Composition of Foreign Direct Investment: Firm-Level Evidence
w7880 Eiji Fujii
Menzie D. Chinn

Fin de Siecle Real Interest Parity
w7899 Martin Feldstein
Aspects of Global Economic Intergration: Outlook for the Future
w7292 Robert E. Lipsey
Affiliates of U.S. and Japanese Multinationals in East Asian Production and Trade
w7845 Michael Klein
Joe Peek
Eric Rosengren

Troubled Banks, Impaired Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Relative Access to Credit
w7784 Jeffrey G. Williamson
Land, Labor and Globalization in the Pre-Industrial Third World
w7795 Aart Kraay
Norman Loayza
Luis Serven
Jaume Ventura

Country Portfolios
w7810 Robert E. Lipsey
Interpreting Developed Countries' Foreign Direct Investment
w7736 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka
Chi-Wa Yuen

Do Debt Flows Crowd Out Equity Flows Or the Other Way Round?
w7737 Eli Berman
Kevin Lang
Erez Siniver

Language-Skill Complementarity: Returns to Immigrant Language Acquisition
w7693 Magnus Blomstrom
Denise Konan
Robert E. Lipsey

FDI in the Restructuring of the Japanese Economy
w7645 Jose De Gregorio
Sebastian Edwards
Rodrigo O. Valdes

Controls on Capital Inflows: Do they Work?
w7623 Robert E. Lipsey
Eric D. Ramstetter
Magnus Blomstrom

Outward FDI and Parent Exports and Employment: Japan, the United States, and Sweden
w7531 Michael P. Dooley
Can Output Losses Following International Financial Crises be Avoided?
w7509 Wolfgang Keller
Geographic Localization of International Technology Diffusion
w7389 Joshua Aizenman
Nancy P. Marion

Uncertainty and the Disappearance of International Credit
w7398 Joshua Aizenman
Capital Controls and Financial Crises
w7400 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka
Chi-Wa Yuen

Excessive FDI Flows Under Asymmetric Information
w7402 Eckhard Janeba
John D. Wilson

Tax Competition and Trade Protection
w7336 Richard Portes
Helene Rey

The Determinants of Cross-Border Equity Flows
w7357 Robert E. Lipsey
Foreign Production by U.S. Firms and Parent Firm Employment
w7369 Wolfgang Keller
Arik Levinson

Environmental Compliance Costs and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to U.S. States
w7315 Gordon H. Hanson
Antonio Splimbergo

Political Economy, Sectoral Shocks, and Border Enforcement
w7202 Joshua Aizenman
Nancy Marion

Reserve Uncertainty and the Supply of International Credit
w7274 David N. Figlio
Bruce A. Blonigen

The Effects of Direct Foreign Investment on Local Communities
w7275 Bruce A. Blonigen
KaSaundra Tomlin

Size and Growth of Japanese Plants in the United States
w7150 Dani Rodrik
Tanguy van Ypersele

Capital Mobility, Distributive Conflict, and International Tax Coordination
w7154 Bruce A. Blonigen
In Search of Substitution Between Foreign Production and Exports
w7163 James R. Markusen
Keith E. Maskus

Multinational Firms: Reconciling Theory and Evidence
w7164 James R. Markusen
Keith E. Maskus

Discriminating Among Alternative Theories of the Multinational Enterprise
w7195 Michael D. Bordo
Barry Eichengreen
Douglas A. Irwin

Is Globalization Today Really Different than Globalization a Hunderd Years Ago?
w7115 Assaf Razin
Chi-Wa Yuen

Understanding the "Problem of Economic Development": The Role of Factor Mobility and International Taxation
w7133 Woochan Kim
Shang-Jin Wei

Offshore Investment Funds: Monsters in Emerging Markets?
w7145 William J. Collins
Jeffrey G. Williamson

Capital Goods Prices, Global Capital Markets and Accumulation: 1870-1950
w7074 Gordon H. Hanson
Matthew J. Slaughter

The Rybczynski Theorem, Factor-Price Equalization, and Immigration: Evidence from U.S. States
w7093 Daniel Kaufmann
Shang-Jin Wei

Does "Grease Money" Speed Up the Wheels of Commerce?
w7100 Lee G. Branstetter
Robert C. Feenstra

Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in China: A Political Economy Approach
w6992 Michael B. Devereux
Charles Engel

The Optimal Choice of Exchange-Rate Regime: Price-Setting Rules and Internationalized Production
w7011 Marjorie Flavin
Robust Estimation of the Joint Consumption / Asset Demand Decision
w7013 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Unskilled Migration: A Burden or a Boon for the Welfare State
w7040 Bruce A. Blonigen
Matthew J. Slaughter

Foreign-Affiliate Activity and U.S. Skill Upgrading
h0116 William J. Collins
Jeffrey G. Williamson

Capital Goods Prices, Global Capital Markets and Accumulation, 1870-1950
w6921 Richard E. Baldwin
The Core-Periphery Model with Forward-Looking Expectations
w6923 Zadia Feliciano
Robert E. Lipsey

Foreign Ownership and Wages in the United States, 1987 - 1992
w6946 Kenneth F. Scheve
Matthew J. Slaughter

Labor-Market Competition and Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy
w6968 Woochan Kim
Shang-Jin Wei

Foreign Portfolio Investors Before and During a Crisis
w6876 Robert E. Lipsey
The Location and Characteristics of U.S. Affiliates in Asia
w6899 Richard E. Baldwin
Rikard Forslid

The Core-Periphery Model and Endogenous Growth: Stabilising and De-Stabilising Integration
w6778 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Migration and Pension
w6797 Guy Meredith
Menzie D. Chinn

Long-Horizon Uncovered Interest Rate Parity
w6773 David L. Carr
James R. Markusen
Keith E. Maskus

Estimating the Knowledge-Capital Model of the Multinational Enterprise
w6728 James R. Hines

"Tax Sparing" and Direct Investment in Developing Countries
w6733 Patrick F. Rowland
Linda L. Tesar

Multinationals and the Gains from International Diversification
w6738 Michael D. Bordo
Barry Eichengreen
Jongwoo Kim

Was There Really an Earlier Period of International Financial Integration Comparable to Today?
w6703 Joshua Aizenman
Capital Mobility in a Second Best World -- Moral Hazard With Costly Financial Intermediation
w6624 John F. Helliwell
Ross McKitrick

Comparing Capital Mobility Across Provincial and National Borders
w6563 Barry Eichengreen
Olivier Jeanne

Currency Crisis and Unemployment: Sterling in 1931
w6530 Philippe Bacchetta
Eric van Wincoop

Capital Flows to Emerging Markets: Liberalization, Overshooting, and Volatility
w6538 Andrew B. Bernard
Joachim Wagner

Export Entry and Exit by German Firms
w6448 James R. Markusen
Contracts, Intellectual Property Rights, and Multinational Investment in Developing Countries
w6483 Richard E. Baldwin
Gianmarco I. P. Ottaviano

Multiproduct Multinationals and Reciprocal FDI Dumping
w6383 Rosanne Altshuler
Harry Grubert
T. Scott Newlon

Has U.S. Investment Abroad Become More Sensitive to Tax Rates?
w6338 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka
Chi-Wa Yuen

Channeling Domestic Savings into Productive Investment Under Asymmetric Information: The Essential Role of Foreign Direct Investment
w6339 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka
Chi-Wa Yuen

Quantitative Implications of the Home Bias: Foreign Underinvestment, Domestic Oversaving, and Corrective Taxation
w6344 Linda S. Goldberg
Michael W. Klein

Foreign Direct Investment, Trade and Real Exchange Rate Linkages in Developing Countries.
w6255 Shang-Jin Wei
Why is Corruption So Much More Taxing Than Tax? Arbitrariness Kills
w6265 Robert W. Fairlie
Bruce D. Meyer

Does Immigration Hurt African-American Self-Employment?
w6205 Magnus Blomstrom
Gunnar Fors
Robert E. Lipsey

Foreign Direct Investment and Employment: Home Country Experience in the United States and Sweden
w6209 Daniel Trefler
Immigrants and Natives in General Equilibrium Trade Models
w6231 James R. Markusen
Trade versus Investment Liberalization
w6232 James R. Markusen
Stephen Zahniser

Liberalization and Incentives for Labor Migration: Theory with Applications to NAFTA
w6203 Kevin H. Zhang
James R. Markusen

Vertical Multinationals and Host-Country Characteristics
w6123 Joshua Aizenman
Sang-Seung Yi

Controlled Openness and Foreign Direct Investment
w6103 Matthew T. Jones
Maurice Obstfeld

Saving, Investment, and Gold: A Reassessment of Historical Current Account Data
w6116 James R. Hines

Taxed Avoidance: American Participation in Unsanctioned International Boycotts
w6059 William J. Collins
Kevin H. O'Rourke
Jeffrey Williamson

Were Trade and Factor Mobility Substitutes in History?
w6065 Wolfgang Keller
Are International R&D Spillovers Trade-Related? Analyzing Spillovers Among Randomly Matched Trade Partners
w6066 Lee Branstetter
Mariko Sakakibara

Japanese Research Consortia: A Microeconometric Analysis of Industrial Policy
w6067 Kristin F. Butcher
Anne Morrison Piehl

Recent Immigrants: Unexpected Implications for Crime and Incarceration
w6030 Shang-Jin Wei
How Taxing is Corruption on International Investors?
w6019 Magnus Blomstrom
Ari Kokko

Regional Integration and Foreign Direct Investment
w5958 S. Lael Brainard
David A. Riker

Are U.S. Multinationals Exporting U.S. Jobs?
w5959 David A. Riker
S. Lael Brainard

U.S. Multinationals and Competition from Low Wage Countries
w5850 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Tax Burden and Migration: A Political Economy Perspective
w5867 Ashley S. Timmer
Jeffrey G. Williamson

Racism, Xenophobia or Markets? The Political Economy of Immigration Policy Prior to the Thirties
w5824 Dongchul Cho
Youngsun Koh

Liberalization of Capital Flows in Korea: Big-Bang or Gradualism?
w5825 Joshua Aizenman
New Activities, the Welfare Cost of Uncertainty and Investment Policies
w5841 Joshua Aizenman
Nancy P. Marion

Volatility and the Investment Response
w5755 Mihir A. Desai
James R. Hines

"Basket" Cases: International Joint Ventures After the Tax Reform Act of 1986
w5771 Zhaoyong Zhang
The Exchange Value of the Renminbi and China's Balance of Trade: An Emp irical Study
w5696 James R. Markusen
Anthony J. Venables
Denise Eby Konan
Kevin H. Zhang

A Unified Treatment of Horizontal Direct Investment, Vertical Direct Investment, and the Pattern of Trade in Goods and Services
w5725 Leonardo Bartolini
Allan Drazen

Capital Account Liberalization as a Signal
w5727 Leonardo Bartolini
Allan Drazen

When Liberal Policies Reflect External Shocks, What Do We Learn?
w5589 James R. Hines

Tax Policy and the Activities of Multinational Corporations
w5592 Gordon H. Hanson
Antonio Spilimbergo

Illegal Immigration, Border Enforcement, and Relative Wages: Evidence from Apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico Border
w5529 James R. Markusen
Anthony J. Venables

The Theory of Endowment, Intra-Industry, and Multinational Trade
w5475 Bruce A. Blonigen
Robert C. Feenstra

Protectionist Threats and Foreign Direct Investment
w5483 James R. Markusen
Anthony J. Venables

Multinational Production, Skilled Labor and Real Wages
w5490 James R. Markusen
Costly Pollution Abatement, Competitiveness, and Plant Location Decisions
w5513 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka
Chi-Wa Yuen

Tax Principles and Capital Inflows: Is It Efficient to Tax Nonresident Income?
w5424 Robert C. Feenstra
Gordon H. Hanson

Globalization, Outsourcing, and Wage Inequality
w5385 Robert E. Lipsey
Magnus Blomstrom
Eric Ramstetter

Internationalized Production in World Output
w5386 Joshua Aizenman
Nancy Marion

Volatility, Investment and Disappointment Aversion
w5340 Michael D. Bordo
The Gold Standard as a `Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval'
w5323 Eli Bartov
Gordon M. Bodnar
Aditya Kaul

Exchange Rate Variability and the Riskiness of U.S. Multinational Firms:Evidence from the Breakdown of the Bretton Woods System
w5253 Matthew J. Slaughter
Multinational Corporations, Outsourcing, and American Wage Divergence
w5255 Robert E. Lipsey
Trade and Production Networks of U.S. MNCs and Exports by Their Asian Affiliates
w5266 James R. Hines

Forbidden Payment: Foreign Bribery and American Business After 1977
w5239 Assaf Razin
Chi-Wa Yuen

Can Capital Controls Alter the Inflation-Unemployment Tradeoff?
w5241 Joshua Aizenman
Capital Markets Integration, Volatility and Persistence
w5160 Dani Rodrik
Why is there Multilateral Lending?
w5102 Brian Aitken
Ann Harrison
Robert E. Lipsey

Wages and Foreign Ownership: A Comparative Study of Mexico, Venezuela and the United States
w5120 Willem H. Buiter
Kenneth M. Kletzer

Capital Mobility, Fiscal Policy and Growth under Self-Financing of Human Capital Formation
w5121 Robert C. Feenstra
Gordon H. Hanson

Foreign Investment, Outsourcing and Relative Wages
w5122 Robert C. Feenstra
Gordon H. Hanson

Foreign Direct Investment and Relative Wages: Evidence from Mexico's Maquiladoras
w5028 Assaf Razin
Chi-Wa Yuen

Capital Income Taxation and Long Run Growth: New Perspectives
w5029 Ignatius J. Horstmann
James R. Markusen

Exploring New Markets: Direct Investment, Contractual Relations and the Multinational Enterprise
w5032 Shang-Jin Wei
David C. Parsley

Purchasing Power Disparity During the Floating Rate Period: Exchange Rate Volatility, Trade Barriers and Other Culprits
w5036 James R. Markusen
Anthony J. Venables

Multinational Firms and The New Trade Theory
w4967 Brian Aitken
Gordon H. Hanson
Ann E. Harrison

Spillovers, Foreign Investment, and Export Behavior
w4924 Kenneth A. Froot
James R. Hines

Interest Allocation Rules, Financing Patterns, and the Operations of U.S. Multinationals
w4927 Robert E. Lipsey
Foreign-Owned Firms and U.S. Wages
w4932 James R. Hines

Taxes, Technology Transfer, and the R&D Activities of Multinational Firms
w4876 Gene Grossman
Elhanan Helpman

Foreign Investment with Endogenous Protection
w4878 Keith Head
John C. Ries
Deborah L. Swenson

The Attraction of Foreign Manufacturing Investments: Investment Promotion and Agglomeration Economies
w4892 Alan M. Taylor
Domestic Saving and International Capital Flows Reconsidered
w4902 Joel Slemrod
Free-Trade Taxation and Protectionist Taxation
w4903 Assaf Razin
Efraim Sadka

Resisting Migration: The Problems of Wage Rigidity and the Social Burden
w4851 Martin Feldstein
Tax Policy and International Capital Flows
w4867 Joel Slemrod
Carl Hansen
Roger Procter

The Seesaw Principle in International Tax Policy
w4868 Louis Kaplow
A Note on Subsidizing Gifts
w4869 Harry Grubert
Joel Slemrod

The Effect of Taxes on Investment and Income Shifting to Puerto Rico
w4796 Roger H. Gordon
A. Lans Bovenberg

Why is Capital so Immobile Internationally?: Possible Explanations and Implications for Capital Income Taxation
w4767 Keith Head
John Ries
Deborah Swenson

Agglomeration Benefits and Location Choice: Evidence from Japanese Manufacturing Investment in the United States
w4703 Jason G. Cummins
R. Glenn Hubbard

The Tax Sensitivity of Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Firm-Level Panel Data
w4710 Robert E. Lipsey
U.S. Foreign Trade and the Balance of Payments, 1800-1913
w4711 Alan M. Taylor
Jeffrey G. Williamson

"Convergence in the Age of Mass Migration"
w4686 Jonathan Eaton
Cross-Border Banking
w4691 Robert E. Lipsey
Outward Direct Investment and the U.S. Economy
w4639 Magnus Blomstrom
Ari Kokko

Home Country Effects of Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Sweden
w4563 Elise S. Brezis
Paul Krugman

Immigration, Investment and Real Wages
w4580 S. Lael Brainard
An Empirical Assessment of the Proximity-Concentration Tradeoff between Multinational Sales and Trade
w4583 S. Lael Brainard
An Empirical Assessment of the Factor Proportions Explanation of Multi-National Sales
w4534 Maurice Obstfeld
International Capital Mobility in the 1990s
w4500 Philip L. Brock
Stephen J. Turnovsky

The Dependent Economy Model with Both Traded and Non-Traded Capital Goods
w4420 Herschel I. Grossman
Murat Iyigun

The Profitabality of Colonialism
w4289 Magnus Blomstrom
Ari Kokko

Policies to Encourage Inflows of Technology Through Foreign Multinationals
w4269 S. Lael Brainard
A Simple Theory of Multinational Corporations and Trade with a Trade-Off Between Proximity and Concentration
w4191 James R. Hines Jr.
Credit and Deferral as International Investment Incentives
w4192 Michael W. Klein
Eric Rosengren

The Real Exchange Rate and Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: Relative Wealth vs. Relative Wage Effects
w4131 Magnus Blomstrom
Ari Kokko
Mario Zejan

Host Country Competition and Technology Transfer by Multinationals
w4132 Magnus Blomstrom
Robert E. Lipsey
Mario Zejan

What Explains Developing Country Growth?
w4124 Robert E. Lipsey
Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S.: Changes Over Three Decades
w4102 Joshua Aizenman
Foreign Direct Investment as a Commitment Mechanism in the Presence of Managed Trade
w3953 Joshua Aizenman
Exchange Rate Flexibility, Volatility, and the Patterns of Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment
h0032 Alan M. Taylor
Jeffrey G. Williamson

Capital Flows to the New World as an Intergenerational Transfer
w3924 David Harris
Randall Morck
Joel Slemrod
Bernard Yeung

Income Shifting in U.S. Multinational Corporations
w3895 Alan J. Auerbach
Kevin Hassett

Taxation and Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: A Reconsideration of the Evidence
w3825 Wilfred J. Ethier
James R. Markusen

Multinational Firms, Technology Diffusion and Trade
w3767 Joshua Aizenman
Foreign Direct Investment, Productive Capacity and Exchange Rate Regimes

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