2014 NBER books

Measuring Wealth and Financial Intermediation and Their Links to the Real EconomyCharles Hulten and Marshall Reinsdorf, editors(2014)
Improving the Measurement of Consumer ExpendituresChristopher Carroll, Thomas Crossley, and John Sabelhaus, editors(2014)
The Economics of Food Price VolatilityJean-Paul Chavas, David Hummels, and Brian Wright(2014)
Measuring Economic Sustainability and ProgressDale W. Jorgenson, J. Steven Landefeld, and Paul Schreyer, editors(2014)
How the Financial Crisis and Great Recession Affected Higher EducationJeffrey Brown and Caroline Hoxby, editors(2014)
Strained Relations: U.S. Monetary Policy and Foreign-Exchange Operations in the Twentieth CenturyMichael D. Bordo, Owen F. Humpage, and Anna J. Schwartz(2014)
Human Capital in History: The American RecordLeah P. Boustan, Carola Frydman, and Robert A. Margo, editors(2014)
Economics of DigitizationAvi Goldfarb, Shane Greenstein, and Catherine Tucker, editors(2014)
The Changing Frontier: Rethinking Science and Innovation PolicyAdam Jaffe and Benjamin Jones, editors(2014)
Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 28Jeffrey Brown, editor(2014)
Measuring and Modeling Health Care CostsAna Aizcorbe, Colin Baker, Ernst Berndt, and David Cutler, editors(2014)
Enterprising America: Businesses, Banks, and Credit Markets in Historical PerspectiveWilliam J. Collins and Robert A. Margo, editors(2014)
Causes and Consequences of Corporate CultureLuigi Zingales and James Poterba, organizers(2014)
Standards, Patents and InnovationsTimothy Simcoe, Ajay K. Agrawal, and Stuart Graham, organizers(2014)
High-Skill ImmigrationSarah Turner and William Kerr, organizers(2014)
Understanding the Capital Structures of Non-Financial and Financial CorporationsViral V. Acharya, Heitor Almeida, and Malcolm Baker, organizers(2014)
The Labor Market in the Aftermath of the Great RecessionAlexandre Mas and David Card, organizers(2014)
State and Local Health Plans for Active and Retired Public EmployeesRobert Clark and Joseph Newhouse, organizers(2014)
Lessons from the Financial Crisis for Monetary PolicyMark Gertler, organizer(2014)
Sovereign Debt and Financial CrisisSebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Carmen Reinhart, and Kenneth Rogoff, organizers(2014)
Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: Disability Insurance Programs and RetirementDavid A. Wise, editor(2014)
African Successes: Modernization and DevelopmentSebastian Edwards, Simon Johnson, and David N. Weil, editors(2014)
African Successes: Human CapitalSebastian Edwards, Simon Johnson, and David N. Weil, editors(2014)
African Successes: Government and InstitutionsSebastian Edwards, Simon Johnson, and David N. Weil, editors(2014)
Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 15William R. Kerr, Josh Lerner and Scott Stern, editors(2014)
NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2014, Volume 29Jonathan Parker and Michael Woodford, editors(2014)
African Successes: Sustainable GrowthSebastian Edwards, Simon Johnson, and David N. Weil, editors(2014)
Color Matters: Colorism and African-American Well-being in the Nineteenth-Century SouthHoward Bodenhorn(2014)
Globalization in an Age of Crisis: Multilateral Economic Cooperation in the Twenty-First CenturyRobert C. Feenstra and Alan M. Taylor, editors(2014)
NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2013Richard Clarida, Gita Gopinath, and Lucrezia Reichlin, organizers(2014)
NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2013, Volume 28Jonathan A. Parker and Michael Woodford, editors(2014)
Business Taxation (Trans-Atlantic Public Economics Seminar)Michael Devereux and Roger Gordon, organizers(2014)
Hospital Organization and ProductivityAmitabh Chandra, David M. Cutler, Robert S. Huckman, and Elizabeth Martinez, organizers(2014)
Economic Regulation and Its Reform: What Have We Learned?Nancy L. Rose, editor(2014)
Discoveries in the Economics of AgingDavid A. Wise, editor(2014)
Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 14Josh Lerner and Scott Stern, editors(2014)
Housing and Mortgage Markets in Historical PerspectiveEugene N. White, Kenneth Snowden, and Price Fishback, editors(2014)
Risk Topography: Systemic Risk and Macro ModelingMarkus K. Brunnermeier and Arvind Krishnamurthy, editors(2014)
Retirement Benefits for State and Local Employees: Designing Pension Plans for the Twenty-First CenturyRobert Clark, Joshua Rauh, and Mark Duggan, editors(2014)
Economics of Religion and CultureDaniel Hungerman and Daniel L. Chen, editors(2014)
Experiments for Development: Achievements and New DirectionsShin-ichi Fukuda and Takeo Hoshi, editors(2014)
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