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w27656 Richard Hornbeck
Dust Bowl Migrants: Identifying an Archetype
w27604 Hung-Hao Chang
Chad Meyerhoefer
Feng-An Yang

COVID-19 Prevention and Air Pollution in the Absence of a Lockdown
w27603 Joseph E. Aldy
Matthew Kotchen
Mary F. Evans
Meredith Fowlie
Arik Levinson
Karen Palmer

Co-Benefits and Regulatory Impact Analysis: Theory and Evidence from Federal Air Quality Regulations
w27599 Tamma A. Carleton
Amir Jina
Michael T. Delgado
Michael Greenstone
Trevor Houser
Solomon M. Hsiang
Andrew Hultgren
Robert E. Kopp
Kelly E. McCusker
Ishan B. Nath
James Rising
Ashwin Rode
Hee Kwon Seo
Arvid Viaene
Jiacan Yuan
Alice Tianbo Zhang

Valuing the Global Mortality Consequences of Climate Change Accounting for Adaptation Costs and Benefits
w27542 Joshua S. Graff Zivin
Yanjun Liao
Yann Panassie

How Hurricanes Sweep Up Housing Markets: Evidence from Florida
w27541 H. Spencer Banzhaf
V. Kerry Smith

Financing Outdoor Recreation
w27535 John A. List
Non est Disputandum de Generalizability? A Glimpse into The External Validity Trial
w27505 Tatyana Deryugina
Jonathan Gruber
Adrienne Sabety

Natural Disasters and Elective Medical Services: How Big is the Bounce-Back?
w27502 Michael Greenstone
Guojun He
Ruixue Jia
Tong Liu

Can Technology Solve the Principal-Agent Problem? Evidence from China's War on Air Pollution
w27493 Wenzhi Ding
Ross Levine
Chen Lin
Wensi Xie

Competition Laws, Norms and Corporate Social Responsibility
w27488 Gilbert E. Metcalf
James H. Stock

The Macroeconomic Impact of Europe's Carbon Taxes
w27473 Nicholas Ryan
Anant Sudarshan

Rationing the Commons
w27445 John Gibson
Garth Heutel

Pollution and Labor Market Search Externalities Over the Business Cycle
w27423 Marshall Burke
Anne Driscoll
Jenny Xue
Sam Heft-Neal
Jennifer Burney
Michael Wara

The Changing Risk and Burden of Wildfire in the US
w27415 Yuanning Liang
Ivan J. Rudik
Eric Zou
Alison Johnston
Amanda D. Rodewald
Catherine L. Kling

Conservation Co-Benefits from Air Pollution Regulation
w27414 Juan Moreno-Cruz
M. Scott Taylor

Food, Fuel and the Domesday Economy
w27413 Niko Jaakkola
Antony Millner

Nondogmatic Climate Policy
w27398 Aniruddh Mohan
Nicholas Z. Muller
Akshay Thyagarajan
Randall V. Martin
Melanie S. Hammer
Aaron van Donkelaar

The Growth of Nations Revisited: Global Environmental Accounting from 1998 to 2018.
w27391 Christopher R. Knittel
Bora Ozaltun

What Does and Does Not Correlate with COVID-19 Death Rates
w27365 Shaikh M. Eskander
Sam Fankhauser
Joana Setzer

Global Lessons from Climate Change Legislation and Litigation
w27357 Tatyana Deryugina
Nolan H. Miller
David Molitor
Julian Reif

Geographic and Socioeconomic Heterogeneity in the Benefits of Reducing Air Pollution in the United States
w27321 David Popp
Francesco Vona
Giovanni Marin
Ziqiao Chen

The Employment Impact of Green Fiscal Push: Evidence from the American Recovery Act
w27307 Adele Morris
Noah Kaufman
Siddhi Doshi

Revenue at Risk in Coal-Reliant Counties
w27304 Robert S. Pindyck
What We Know and Don't Know about Climate Change, and Implications for Policy
w27297 Ishan B. Nath
The Food Problem and the Aggregate Productivity Consequences of Climate Change
w27285 Stephen P. Holland
Erin T. Mansur
Nicholas Z. Muller
Andrew J. Yates

The Environmental Benefits from Transportation Electrification: Urban Buses
w27263 Jiyong Eom
Frank A. Wolak

Breaking Routine for Energy Savings: An Appliance-level Analysis of Small Business Behavior under Dynamic Prices
w27262 Christoph Graf
Federico Quaglia
Frank A. Wolak

Simplified Electricity Market Models with Significant Intermittent Renewable Capacity: Evidence from Italy
w27260 Trevor L. Davis
Mark C. Thurber
Frank A. Wolak

An Experimental Comparison of Carbon Pricing Under Uncertainty in Electricity Markets
w27247 Antonio Bento
Noah S. Miller
Mehreen Mookerjee
Edson R. Severnini

A Unifying Approach to Measuring Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
w27233 Patrick A. McLaughlin
Casey B. Mulligan

Three Myths about Federal Regulation
w27205 Danae Hernandez-Cortes
Kyle C. Meng

Do Environmental Markets Cause Environmental Injustice? Evidence from California's Carbon Market
w27202 David Laborde
Abdullah Mamun
Will Martin
Valeria Piñeiro
Rob Vos

Modeling the Impacts of Agricultural Support Policies on Emissions from Agriculture
w27197 Erich Muehlegger
David S. Rapson

Measuring the Environmental Benefits of Electric Vehicles (Relative to the Car that Wasn't Bought)
w27165 Evan M. Herrnstadt
Ryan Kellogg
Eric Lewis

The Economics of Time-Limited Development Options: The Case of Oil and Gas Leases
w27163 Chandrayee Chatterjee
James C. Cox
Michael K. Price
Florian Rundhammer

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: Understanding How State Tax Credits Impact Charitable Giving
w27145 David Popp
Jacquelyn Pless
Ivan Haščič
Nick Johnstone

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Energy Sector
w27142 Matthew Kotchen
Kathleen Segerson

The Use of Group-Level Approaches to Environmental and Natural Resource Policy
w27135 Steve Cicala
Stephen P. Holland
Erin T. Mansur
Nicholas Z. Muller
Andrew J. Yates

Expected Health Effects of Reduced Air Pollution from COVID-19 Social Distancing
w27124 Zhihan Cui
Geoffrey Heal
Howard Kunreuther

Covid-19, Shelter-In Place Strategies and Tipping
w27121 Robert S. Pindyck
COVID-19 and the Welfare Effects of Reducing Contagion
w27098 Shooshan Danagoulian
Daniel S. Grossman
David Slusky

Office Visits Preventing Emergency Room Visits: Evidence From the Flint Water Switch
w27086 Douglas Almond
Xinming Du
Shuang Zhang

Ambiguous Pollution Response to COVID-19 in China
w27081 Stephie Fried
David Lagakos

Electricity and Firm Productivity: A General-Equilibrium Approach
w27078 Tatyana Deryugina
Benjamin M. Marx

Is the Supply of Charitable Donations Fixed? Evidence from Deadly Tornadoes
w26845 Joseph S. Shapiro
The Environmental Bias of Trade Policy
w27066 Harrison Hong
Neng Wang
Jinqiang Yang

Mitigating Disaster Risks to Sustain Growth
w27014 Christiane Baumeister
James D. Hamilton

Advances in Structural Vector Autoregressions with Imperfect Identifying Information
w27001 Christiane Baumeister
Dimitris Korobilis
Thomas K. Lee

Energy Markets and Global Economic Conditions
w26991 Joseph E. Aldy
Richard J. Zeckhauser

Three Prongs for Prudent Climate Policy
w26979 Daniel M. Hungerman
Vivek S. Moorthy

Every Day is Earth Day: Evidence on the Long-term Impact of Environmental Activism
w26968 Patrick Bolton
Marcin Kacperczyk

Do Investors Care about Carbon Risk?
w26956 Antonio Bento
Kevin Roth
Andrew R. Waxman

Avoiding Traffic Congestion Externalities? The Value of Urgency
w26921 Philippe Aghion
Roland Bénabou
Ralf Martin
Alexandra Roulet

Environmental Preferences and Technological Choices: Is Market Competition Clean or Dirty?
w26919 Laurence J. Kotlikoff
Felix Kubler
Andrey Polbin
Simon Scheidegger

Pareto-Improving Carbon-Risk Taxation
w26904 Youming Liu
Shanjun Li
Caixia Shen

The Dynamic Efficiency in Resource Allocation: Evidence from Vehicle License Lotteries in Beijing
w26853 Koichiro Ito
Shuang Zhang

Reforming Inefficient Energy Pricing: Evidence from China
w26807 Miyuki Hino
Marshall Burke

Does Information About Climate Risk Affect Property Values?
w26805 Peter Christensen
Ignacio Sarmiento-Barbieri
Christopher Timmins

Housing Discrimination and the Toxics Exposure Gap in the United States: Evidence from the Rental Market
w26804 Stephen P. Holland
Erin T. Mansur
Andrew J. Yates

The Electric Vehicle Transition and the Economics of Banning Gasoline Vehicles
w26801 Luigi Butera
Philip J. Grossman
Daniel Houser
John A. List
Marie-Claire Villeval

A New Mechanism to Alleviate the Crises of Confidence in Science-With An Application to the Public Goods Game
w26717 Sabrina T. Howell
J. David Brown

Do Cash Windfalls Affect Wages? Evidence from R&D Grants to Small Firms
w26715 Janet Currie
Henrik Kleven
Esmée Zwiers

Technology and Big Data Are Changing Economics: Mining Text to Track Methods
w26687 Joseph E. Aldy
Maximilian Auffhammer
Maureen L. Cropper
Arthur G. Fraas
Richard Morgenstern

Looking Back at Fifty Years of the Clean Air Act
w26682 Catherine Hausman
Samuel Stolper

Inequality, Information Failures, and Air Pollution
w26659 Janet Currie
John Voorheis
Reed Walker

What Caused Racial Disparities in Particulate Exposure to Fall? New Evidence from the Clean Air Act and Satellite-Based Measures of Air Quality
w26629 Brendan J. Casey
Wayne B. Gray
Joshua Linn
Richard Morgenstern

How Does State-Level Carbon Pricing in the United States Affect Industrial Competitiveness?
w26598 Stephen Jarvis
Olivier Deschenes
Akshaya Jha

The Private and External Costs of Germany's Nuclear Phase-Out
w26594 Richard Hornbeck
Martin Rotemberg

Railroads, Reallocation, and the Rise of American Manufacturing
w26559 John A. List
James J. Murphy
Michael K. Price
Alexander G. James

Do Appeals to Donor Benefits Raise More Money than Appeals to Recipient Benefits? Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment with Pick.Click.Give.
w26551 Gilbert E. Metcalf
Qitong Wang

Abandoned by Coal, Swallowed by Opioids?
w26550 Patrick Baylis
Judson Boomhower

Moral Hazard, Wildfires, and the Economic Incidence of Natural Disasters
w26549 Lubos Pastor
Robert F. Stambaugh
Lucian A. Taylor

Sustainable Investing in Equilibrium
w26541 Panle Jia Barwick
Shanjun Li
Liguo Lin
Eric Zou

From Fog to Smog: the Value of Pollution Information
w26540 Haichao Fan
Joshua S. Graff Zivin
Zonglai Kou
Xueyue Liu
Huanhuan Wang

Going Green in China: Firms' Responses to Stricter Environmental Regulations
w26537 Lawrence H. Goulder
Xianling Long
Jieyi Lu
Richard D. Morgenstern

China's Unconventional Nationwide CO2 Emissions Trading System: The Wide-Ranging Impacts of an Implicit Output Subsidy
w26531 Christopher R. Knittel
Samuel Stolper

Using Machine Learning to Target Treatment: The Case of Household Energy Use
w26528 Kenneth Lee
Edward Miguel
Catherine Wolfram

Does Household Electrification Supercharge Economic Development?
w26497 Christina Atanasova
Eduardo S. Schwartz

Stranded Fossil Fuel Reserves and Firm Value
w26488 Christopher R. Knittel
Shinsuke Tanaka

Driving Behavior and the Price of Gasoline: Evidence from Fueling-Level Micro Data
w26445 Matthew Kotchen
Katherine R.H. Wagner

Crowding In with Impure Altruism: Theory and Evidence from Volunteerism in National Parks
w26436 Erica Myers
Steven L. Puller
Jeremy D. West

Effects of Mandatory Energy Efficiency Disclosure in Housing Markets
w26398 H. Spencer Banzhaf
Yaqin Liu
Martin Smith
Frank Asche

Non-Parametric Tests of the Tragedy of the Commons
w26395 Matthew J. Neidell
Shinsuke Uchida
Marcella Veronesi

Be Cautious with the Precautionary Principle: Evidence from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident
w26385 Arik Levinson
Emilson Silva

The Electric Gini: Income Redistribution through Energy Prices
w26384 Jiyoon Kim
Ajin Lee
Maya Rossin-Slater

What to Expect When It Gets Hotter: The Impacts of Prenatal Exposure to Extreme Heat on Maternal Health
w26381 Karen Clay
Nicholas Z. Muller

Recent Increases in Air Pollution: Evidence and Implications for Mortality
w26322 Amine Ouazad
Matthew E. Kahn

Mortgage Finance in the Face of Rising Climate Risk
w26309 Antonio M. Bento
Mark R. Jacobsen
Christopher R. Knittel
Arthur A. van Benthem

Estimating the Costs and Benefits of Fuel-Economy Standards
w26178 Sruthi Davuluri
René García Franceschini
Christopher R. Knittel
Chikara Onda
Kelly Roache

Machine Learning for Solar Accessibility: Implications for Low-Income Solar Expansion and Profitability
w26268 Andrew B. Ayres
Kyle C. Meng
Andrew J. Plantinga

Do Property Rights Alleviate the Problem of the Commons? Evidence from California Groundwater Rights
w26250 Fiona Burlig
Louis Preonas
Matt Woerman

Panel Data and Experimental Design
w26205 Joshua S. Graff Zivin
Tong Liu
Yingquan Song
Qu Tang
Peng Zhang

The Unintended Impacts of Agricultural Fires: Human Capital in China
w26189 Gabriel K. Innes
Pranay R. Randad
Anton Korinek
Meghan F. Davis
Lance B. Price
Anthony D. So
Christopher D. Heaney

External Societal Costs of Antimicrobial Resistance in Humans Attributable to Antimicrobial Use in Livestock
w26173 Matilde Giaccherini
David H. Herberich
David Jimenez-Gomez
John A. List
Giovanni Ponti
Michael K. Price

The Behavioralist Goes Door-To-Door: Understanding Household Technological Diffusion Using a Theory-Driven Natural Field Experiment
w26172 Ryan Kellogg
Output and Attribute-Based Carbon Regulation Under Uncertainty
w26169 Hans B. Christensen
Luzi Hail
Christian Leuz

Adoption of CSR and Sustainability Reporting Standards: Economic Analysis and Review
w26167 Matthew E. Kahn
Kamiar Mohaddes
Ryan N.C. Ng
M. Hashem Pesaran
Mehdi Raissi
Jui-Chung Yang

Long-Term Macroeconomic Effects of Climate Change: A Cross-Country Analysis
w26146 Soren T. Anderson
Ioana Marinescu
Boris Shor

Can Pigou at the Polls Stop Us Melting the Poles?
w26107 Sam Heft-Neal
Jennifer Burney
Eran Bendavid
Kara Voss
Marshall Burke

Air Pollution and Infant Mortality: Evidence from Saharan Dust
w26093 Marc A. C. Hafstead
Roberton C. Williams III

Jobs and Environmental Regulation
w26091 Christopher Severen
Arthur van Benthem

Formative Experiences and the Price of Gasoline
w26086 Geoffrey Heal
Wolfram Schlenker

Coase, Hotelling and Pigou: The Incidence of a Carbon Tax and CO2 Emissions
w26084 Geoffrey Heal
The Cost of a Carbon-Free Electricity System in the U.S.
w26077 David A. Keiser
Joseph S. Shapiro

US Water Pollution Regulation over the Last Half Century: Burning Waters to Crystal Springs?
w26072 Lucas W. Davis
James M. Sallee

Should Electric Vehicle Drivers Pay a Mileage Tax?
w26068 Ian W.R. Martin
Robert S. Pindyck

Welfare Costs of Catastrophes: Lost Consumption and Lost Lives
w25997 Nicholas Z. Muller
Time Preference and the Great Depression: Evidence from Firewood Prices in Portland, Oregon
w25984 Nicholas Z. Muller
Caroline A. Hopkins

Hurricane Katrina Floods New Jersey: The Role of Information in the Market Response to Flood Risk
w25969 Snaebjorn Gunnsteinsson
Achyuta Adhvaryu
Parul Christian
Alain Labrique
Jonathan Sugimoto
Abu Ahmed Shamim
Keith P. West Jr

Protecting Infants from Natural Disasters: The Case of Vitamin A Supplementation and a Tornado in Bangladesh
w25961 Kilian Heilmann
Matthew E. Kahn

The Urban Crime and Heat Gradient in High and Low Poverty Areas
w25950 Caroline Flammer
Green Bonds: Effectiveness and Implications for Public Policy
w25939 Joseph E. Stiglitz
Addressing Climate Change through Price and Non-Price Interventions
w25937 Achyuta Adhvaryu
Prashant Bharadwaj
James Fenske
Anant Nyshadham
Richard Stanley

Dust and Death: Evidence from the West African Harmattan
w25912 Robert Stavins
The Future of U.S. Carbon-Pricing Policy
w25910 Nicholas Z. Muller
Long-Run Environmental Accounting in the U.S. Economy
w25904 Clément de Chaisemartin
Xavier D'Haultfoeuille

Two-way Fixed Effects Estimators with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
w25851 Akshaya Jha
Frank A. Wolak

Can Financial Participants Improve Price Discovery and Efficiency in Multi-Settlement Markets with Trading Costs?
w25845 Kenneth Gillingham
Sébastien Houde
Arthur van Benthem

Consumer Myopia in Vehicle Purchases: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
w25843 Michael Bailey
Drew M. Johnston
Theresa Kuchler
Johannes Stroebel
Arlene Wong

Peer Effects in Product Adoption
w25840 Kenneth Gillingham
Fedor Iskhakov
Anders Munk-Nielsen
John P. Rust
Bertel Schjerning

Equilibrium Trade in Automobile Markets
w25835 Stefano Gagliarducci
M. Daniele Paserman
Eleonora Patacchini

Hurricanes, Climate Change Policies and Electoral Accountability
w25831 James M. Sallee
Pigou Creates Losers: On the Implausibility of Achieving Pareto Improvements from Efficiency-Enhancing Policies
w25797 Kenneth A. Castellanos
Garth Heutel

Unemployment, Labor Mobility, and Climate Policy
w25785 Ingvild Almås
Maximilian Auffhammer
Tessa Bold
Ian Bolliger
Aluma Dembo
Solomon M. Hsiang
Shuhei Kitamura
Edward Miguel
Robert Pickmans

Destructive Behavior, Judgment, and Economic Decision-making under Thermal Stress
w25779 Marshall Burke
Vincent Tanutama

Climatic Constraints on Aggregate Economic Output
w25778 James D. Hamilton
Measuring Global Economic Activity
w25771 Jianwei Xing
Benjamin Leard
Shanjun Li

What Does an Electric Vehicle Replace?
w25760 Laurence J. Kotlikoff
Felix Kubler
Andrey Polbin
Jeffrey D. Sachs
Simon Scheidegger

Making Carbon Taxation a Generational Win Win
w25734 Robert F. Engle III
Stefano Giglio
Bryan T. Kelly
Heebum Lee
Johannes Stroebel

Hedging Climate Change News
w25726 Bernard Salanié
Frank A. Wolak

Fast, "Robust", and Approximately Correct: Estimating Mixed Demand Systems
w25722 Sébastien Houde
Erica Myers

Heterogeneous (Mis-) Perceptions of Energy Costs: Implications for Measurement and Policy Design
w25717 Patrick Bolton
Tao Li
Enrichetta Ravina
Howard L. Rosenthal

Investor Ideology
w25712 Thomas R. Covert
Richard L. Sweeney

Relinquishing Riches: Auctions vs Informal Negotiations in Texas Oil and Gas Leasing
w25708 Joseph E. Aldy
Birds of a Feather: Estimating the Value of Statistical Life from Dual-Earner Families
w25699 H. Spencer Banzhaf
Kyle Mangum

Capitalization as a Two-Part Tariff: The Role of Zoning
w25696 Don Fullerton
Chi L. Ta

Costs of Energy Efficiency Mandates Can Reverse the Sign of Rebound
w25689 D. Mark Anderson
Daniel I. Rees
Tianyi Wang

The Phenomenon of Summer Diarrhea and its Waning, 1910-1930
w25681 Janjala Chirakijja
Seema Jayachandran
Pinchuan Ong

Inexpensive Heating Reduces Winter Mortality
w25674 Christopher R. Knittel
Elizabeth Murphy

Generational Trends in Vehicle Ownership and Use: Are Millennials Any Different?
w25666 Erin T. Mansur
Glenn Sheriff

Do Pollution Markets Harm Low Income and Minority Communities? Ranking Emissions Distributions Generated by California's RECLAIM Program
w25643 Grischa Perino
Robert A. Ritz
Arthur van Benthem

Understanding Overlapping Policies: Internal Carbon Leakage and the Punctured Waterbed
w25641 Wes Austin
Garth Heutel
Daniel Kreisman

School Bus Emissions, Student Health, and Academic Performance
w25636 Juliano Assunção
Robert McMillan
Joshua Murphy
Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues

Optimal Environmental Targeting in the Amazon Rainforest
w25631 David Popp
Environmental Policy and Innovation: A Decade of Research
w25615 Laura Mørch Andersen
Lars Gårn Hansen
Carsten Lynge Jensen
Frank A. Wolak

Can Incentives to Increase Electricity Use Reduce the Cost of Integrating Renewable Resources
w25594 Matthew E. Kahn
Pei Li

The Effect of Pollution and Heat on High Skill Public Sector Worker Productivity in China
w25591 Sébastien Houde
Erica Myers

Are Consumers Attentive to Local Energy Costs? Evidence from the Appliance Market
w25582 Don Fullerton
Chi L. Ta

Environmental Policy on the Back of an Envelope: A Cobb-Douglas Model is Not Just a Teaching Tool
w25580 V. Kerry Smith
Ben Whitmore

Amenities, Risk, and Flood Insurance Reform
w25576 Jesse Burkhardt
Kenneth Gillingham
Praveen K. Kopalle

Experimental Evidence on the Effect of Information and Pricing on Residential Electricity Consumption
w25570 Scott P. Burger
Christopher R. Knittel
Ignacio J. Pérez-Arriaga
Ian Schneider
Frederik vom Scheidt

The Efficiency and Distributional Effects of Alternative Residential Electricity Rate Designs
w25560 Meredith Fowlie
Edward A. Rubin
Reed Walker

Bringing Satellite-Based Air Quality Estimates Down to Earth
w25554 Wolfram Schlenker
Charles A Taylor

Market Expectations About Climate Change
w25547 Nicholas Ryan
Contract Enforcement and Productive Efficiency: Evidence from the Bidding and Renegotiation of Power Contracts in India
w25537 Charles D. Kolstad
Frances C. Moore

Estimating the Economic Impacts of Climate Change Using Weather Observations
w25489 Jennifer Heissel
Claudia Persico
David Simon

Does Pollution Drive Achievement? The Effect of Traffic Pollution on Academic Performance
w25475 Ann Harrison
Marshall Meyer
Peichun Wang
Linda Zhao
Minyuan Zhao

Can a Tiger Change Its Stripes? Reform of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in the Penumbra of the State
w25451 Eszter Czibor
David Jimenez-Gomez
John A. List

The Dozen Things Experimental Economists Should Do (More of)
w25447 Jonathan I. Dingel
Kyle C. Meng
Solomon M. Hsiang

Spatial Correlation, Trade, and Inequality: Evidence from the Global Climate
w25437 Mengjia Ren
Lee G. Branstetter
Brian K. Kovak
Daniel E. Armanios
Jiahai Yuan

Why Has China Overinvested in Coal Power?

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