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March 2014Does Classroom Time Matter? A Randomized Field Experiment of Hybrid and Traditional Lecture Formats in Economics
with Sean Crockett, David A. Jaeger, Onur Altindag, Stephen D. O'Connell: w20006
February 2013Do Parental Involvement Laws Deter Risky Teen Sex?
with Silvie Colman, Thomas S. Dee: w18810
August 2012Back to the Future? Abortion Before & After Roe
with Ruoding Tan, Yuxiu Zhang: w18338
March 2010Regulating Abortion: Impact on Patients and Providers in Texas
with Silvie Colman: w15825
June 2009Abortion and Crime: A Review
February 2009Maternal Smoking and the Timing of WIC Enrollment
with Cristina Yunzal-Butler, Andrew D. Racine: w14728
October 2007Parental Education and Child Health: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Taiwan
with Shin-Yi Chou, Jin-Tan Liu, Michael Grossman: w13466
October 2006Further Tests of Abortion and Crime: A Response to Donohue and Levitt (2001,2004, 2006)
Methodological Issues in the Evaluation of Parental Involvement Laws: Evidence from Texas
with Silvie Colman, Robert Kaestner: w12608
September 2004The Changing Association Between Prenatal Participation in WIC and Birth Outcomes in New York City
with Diane Gibson, Silvie Colman: w10796
August 2004What Did the "Illegitimacy Bonus" Reward?
with Sanders Korenman, Robert Kaestner, Jennifer Walper: w10699
June 2004Further Tests of Abortion and Crime
January 2004Family Cap Provisions and Changes in Births and Abortions
with Robert Kaestner, Sanders Korenman, Stanley Henshaw: w10214
July 2003Chip Shots: Association Between the State Children's Health Insurance Programs and Immunization Coverage and Delivery
with Andrew Racine: w9831
December 2002Welfare Reform and Non-Marital Fertility in the 1990s: Evidence from Birth Records
with Robert Kaestner, Sanders Korenman: w9406
October 2002The Effect of Cigarette Excise Taxes on Smoking Before, During and After Pregnancy
with Greg Coleman, Michael Grossman: w9245
June 2001Did Legalized Abortion Lower Crime?
January 1999Does Publicly Provided Health Insurance Improve the Health of Low-Income Children in the United States
with Robert Kaestner, Andrew Racine: w6887
May 1997Impact of Augmented Prenatal Care on Birth Outcomes of Medicaid Recipients in New York City
January 1996The Effect of Maternal Drug Use on Birth Weight: Measurement Error in Binary Variables
with Robert Kaestner, Hassan Wehbeh: w5434
November 1995State Reproductive Policies and Adolescent Pregnancy Resolution: The Case of Parental Involvement Laws
with Robert Kaestner: w5354
March 1994The Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Cocaine on Newborn Costs and Length of Stay
with Andrew D. Racine, Sandra McCalla, Hassan Wehbeh: w4673
February 1992The Consequences and Costs of Maternal Substance Abuse in New York City
with Andrew D. Racine, Naci Mocan: w3987
May 1991Unemployment and Infant Health: Times-Series Evidence from the State of Tennessee
with Naci H. Mocan: w3694
January 1991Unobservables, Pregnancy Resolutions, and Birthweight Production Functions in New York City
with Michael Grossman: w2746
December 1990Self-Selection, Prenatal Care, and Birthweight Among Blacks, Whites and Hispanics in New York City
December 1989The Dynamic Relationship between Low Birthweight and Induced Abortion in New York City: An Aggregate Time-Series Analysis
with Michael Grossman: w3211
June 1989The Impact of a Ban on Legalized Abortion on Adolescent Childbearing in New York City
with Naci H. Mocan: w3002
1989Pregnancy Resolution as an Indicator of Wantedness and its Impact on the Initiation of Early Prenatal Care
with Michael Grossman: w2827
A Time-Series Analysis of Unemployment and Health: The Case of Birth Outcomes in New York City
December 1988Demographic Analysis of Birthweight-Specific Neonatal Mortality
with Hope Corman, Michael Grossman: w2804
August 1987A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Strategies to Reduce Infant Mortality
with Hope Corman, Michael Grossman: w2346
June 1986The Demand for Health Inputs and Their Impact on the Black Neonatal Mortality Rate in the U.S.
May 1986An Assessment of the Benefits of Air Pollution Control: The Case of Infant Health
with Michael Grossman, Fred Goldman: w1928
October 1985Birth Outcome Production Functions in the U.S.
with Hope Corman, Michael Grossman: w1729
The Impact of Induced Abortion on Birth Outcomes in the U.S.

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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