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NBER Working Papers and Publications

March 2018Climate Policy under Cooperation and Competition between Regions with Spatial Heat Transport
with Yongyang Cai, Anastasios Xepapadeas, Kenneth Judd: w24473
July 2013Linear Social Interactions Models
with Lawrence E. Blume, Steven N. Durlauf, Rajshri Jayaraman: w19212

Published: Lawrence E. Blume & William A. Brock & Steven N. Durlauf & Rajshri Jayaraman, 2015. "Linear Social Interactions Models," Journal of Political Economy, University of Chicago Press, vol. 123(2), pages 444 - 496. citation courtesy of

June 2009Adoption Curves and Social Interactions
with Steven N. Durlauf: w15065

Published: William A. Brock & Steven N. Durlauf, 2010. "Adoption Curves and Social Interactions," Journal of the European Economic Association, MIT Press, vol. 8(1), pages 232-251, 03. citation courtesy of

October 2008Competitive Lending with Partial Knowledge of Loan Repayment
with Charles F. Manski: w14378

Published: Competitive Lending with Partial Knowledge of Loan Repayment: Some Positive and Normative Analysis WILLIAM A. BROCK1, CHARLES F. MANSKI2 Article first published online: 21 MAR 2011 DOI: 10.1111/j.1538-4616.2010.00380.x © 2011 The Ohio State University Issue Journal of Money, Credit and Banking Journal of Money, Credit and Banking Volume 43, Issue 2-3, pages 441–459, March-April 2011

September 2008Design Limits and Dynamic Policy Analysis
with Steven N. Durlauf, Giacomo Rondina: w14357

Published: Brock, William A. & Durlauf, Steven N. & Rondina, Giacomo, 2013. "Design limits and dynamic policy analysis," Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Elsevier, vol. 37(12), pages 2710-2728. citation courtesy of

November 2004Model Uncertainty and Policy Evaluation: Some Theory and Empirics
with Steven N. Durlauf, Kenneth D. West: w10916


October 2004Economic Growth and the Environment: A Review of Theory and Empirics
with M. Scott Taylor: w10854

Published: Brock, William A. & Taylor, M. Scott, 2005. "Economic Growth and the Environment: A Review of Theory and Empirics," Handbook of Economic Growth, in: Philippe Aghion & Steven Durlauf (ed.), Handbook of Economic Growth, edition 1, volume 1, chapter 28, pages 1749-1821 Elsevier.

June 2004The Green Solow Model
with M. Scott Taylor: w10557

Published: William Brock & M. Taylor, 2010. "The Green Solow model," Journal of Economic Growth, Springer, vol. 15(2), pages 127-153, June. citation courtesy of

May 2004Elements of a Theory of Design Limits to Optimal Policy
with Steven N. Durlauf: w10495

Published: William A. Brock & Steven N. Durlauf, 2004. "Elements of a Theory of Design Limits to Optimal Policy," Manchester School, University of Manchester, vol. 72(s1), pages 1-18, 09. citation courtesy of

October 2003Policy Evaluation in Uncertain Economic Environments
with Steven N. Durlauf, Kenneth D. West: w10025

Published: Brock, William A., Steven N. Durlauf and Kenneth D. West. "Policy Evaluation In Uncertain Economic Environments," Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 2003, v2003(1), 235-322. citation courtesy of

April 2003The Kindergarten Rule of Sustainable Growth
with M. Scott Taylor: w9597
March 2003Multinomial Choice with Social Interactions
with Steven N. Durlauf: t0288
December 2000Growth Economics and Reality
with Steven N.Durlauf: w8041
August 2000Interactions-Based Models
with Steven N. Durlauf: t0258
October 1995Discrete Choice with Social Interactions I: Theory
with Steven N. Durlauf: w5291

Published: Brock, William A. and Steven N. Durlauf. "Discrete Choice With Social Interactions," Review of Economic Studies, 2001, v68(235,Apr), 235-260.

January 1995A Dynamic Structural Model for Stock Return Volatility and Trading Volume
with Blake D. LeBaron: w4988

Published: Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. LXXVIII, no. 1, February 1996, pp. 94-110 citation courtesy of

January 1990Liquidity Constraints in Production-Based Asset-Pricing Models
with Blake LeBaron
in Asymmetric Information, Corporate Finance, and Investment, R. Glenn Hubbard, editor
September 1989Liquidity Constraints in Production Based Asset Pricing Models
with Blake LeBaron: w3107
May 1982Stochastic Capital Theory I. Comparative Statics
with Michael Rothschild, Joseph E. Stiglitz: t0023

Published: pp. 591-622, 1989. MacMillan Press: LOndon. Joan Robinson and Modern Aconomic Theory

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