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NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2017When Demand Increases Cause Shakeouts
with Michael J. Mazzeo: w23639
May 2016The Economics of "Radiator Springs:" Industry Dynamics, Sunk Costs, and Spatial Demand Shifts
with Jeffrey R. Campbell: w22289
February 2009Earnings Inequality and Coordination Costs: Evidence From U.S. Law Firms
with Luis Garicano: w14741
January 2007The Return to Knowledge Hierarchies
with Luis Garicano: w12815

Published: Luis Garicano & Thomas N. Hubbard, 2016. "The Returns to Knowledge Hierarchies," Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, Oxford University Press, vol. 32(4), pages 653-684. citation courtesy of

April 2004Hierarchies, Specialization, and the Utilization of Knowledge: Theory and Evidence from the Legal Services Industry
with Luis Garicano: w10432
May 2003Specialization, Firms, and Markets: The Division of Labor Within and Between Law Firms
with Luis Garicano: w9719

Published: Garicano, Luis and Thomas N. Hubbard. "Specialization, Firms, and Markets: The Division of Labor within and between Law Firms." Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 25, 2 (2009): 339-371.

January 2002Make Versus Buy in Trucking: Asset Ownership, Job Design and Information
with George P. Baker: w8727

Published: Baker, George P. and Thomas N. Hubbard. "Make Versus Buy In Trucking: Asset Ownership, Job Design, And Information," American Economic Review, 2003, v93(3,Jun), 551-572.

October 2001Information, Decisions, and Productivity: On-Board Computers and Capacity Utilization in Trucking

Published: Hubbard, Thomas N. "Information, Decisions, And Productivity: On-Board Computers And Capacity Utilization In Trucking," American Economic Review, 2003, v93(4,Sep), 1328-1353.

May 2001Affiliation, Integration, and Information: Ownership Incentives and Industry Structure

Published: Hubbard, Thomas. "Affiliation, Integration, and Information: Ownership Incentives and Industry Structure." Journal of Industrial Economics (June 2004): 201-228.

April 2000Contractibility and Asset Ownership: On-Board Computers and Governance in U.S. Trucking
with George P. Baker: w7634

Published: Baker, George P. and Thomas N. Hubbard. "Contractibility And Asset Ownership: On-board Computers And Governance In U.S. Trucking," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2004, v119(4,Nov), 1443-1479.

September 1999How Wide is the Scope of Hold-Up-Based Theories? Contractual Form and Market Thickness in Trucking

Published: Hubbard, Thomas N. "Contractual Form And Market Thickness In Trucking," Rand Journal of Economics, 2001, v32(2,Sumer), 369-386.

March 1998Why Are Process Monitoring Technologies Valuable? The Use of On-Board Information Technology in the Trucking Industry

Published: Hubbard, Thomas N. "The Demand For Monitoring Technologies: The Case Of Trucking," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2000, v115(2,May), 533-560.

October 1997Consumer Beliefs and Buyer and Seller Behavior in the Vehicle Inspection Market

Published: Published as "An Empirical Examination of Moral Hazard in the Vehicle Inspection Market", RAND Journal of Economic, Vol. 29, no. 2 (Summer 1998): 406-426.

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