Roger Huang

Graduate School of Management
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37203

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NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 1994The Impact of the Federal Reserve Bank's Open Market Operations
with Campbell R. Harvey: w4663
The Federal Reserve Bank has the ability to change the money supply and to shape the expectations of market participants through their open market operations. These operations may amount to 20% of the day's volume and are concentrated during the half hour known as `Fed Time'. Using previously unavailable data on open market operations, our paper provides the first comprehensive examination of the impact of the Federal Reserve Bank's trading on both fixed income instruments and foreign currencies. Our results detail a dramatic increase in volatility during Fed Time. Surprisingly, the Fed Time volatility is higher on days when open market operations are absent. In addition, little systematic differences in market impact are observed for reserve-draining versus reserve-adding operations. ...

Published: Harvey, Campbell R. and Roger D. Huang. "The Impact Of The Federal Reserve Bank's Open Market Operations," Journal of Financial Markets, 2002, v5(2,Apr), 223-257. citation courtesy of

1985Debt and Equity Yields, 1926-1980
with Patric H. Hendershott
in Corporate Capital Structures in the United States, Benjamin M. Friedman, editor
June 1983Debt and Equity Yields: 1926-80
with Patric H. Hendershott: w1142
The study is divided into four broad parts, beginning with an exploratory analysis of the data on expost returns on corporate equities and bonds for the 1926-80 period. In Part 2, we estimate the relationships between one-month expost returns on corporate bonds and equities andvariations in Treasury bill rates, economic activity, and other variables.The major other variable is unanticipated changes in new issue coupon rates on long-term Treasury bonds. Parts 3 and 4 contain econometric investigations of the determinants of one-month Treasury bill rates and unanticipated changes in long-term Treasury coupon rates, respectively. These parts extend the analysis of Part 2 by explaining variables that determine expost corporate bond and equity returns and provide evidence on the determination o...

Published: Friedman, Benjamin M. (ed.) Corporate Capital Structures in the United States. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1985.

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