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December 2013Revenue Tariff Reform
with James E. Anderson: w19752
What kind of tariff reform is likely to raise welfare in situations where tariff revenue is important? Uncertainty about specification and risk from imprecise parameter estimates of any particular specification reduce the credibility of simulation estimates. A promising alternative is to develop rules which are robust with respect to such uncertainty. We present sufficient conditions for a class of linear rules that guarantee welfare-improving tariff reform. The rules span cones of welfare-improving tariff reforms consisting of convex combinations of (i) trade-weighted-average-tariff-preserving dispersion cuts; and (ii) uniform tariff cuts that preserve domestic relative prices among tariff-ridden goods.

Published: Journal of International Economics Volume 98, January 2016, Pages 150–159 Cover image Sufficient statistics for tariff reform when revenue matters ☆ James E. Andersona, b, , J. Peter Nearyc, d, e,

January 2012Who Shrunk China? Puzzles in the Measurement of Real GDP
with Robert C. Feenstra, Hong Ma, D.S. Prasada Rao: w17729
The latest World Bank estimates of real GDP per capita for China are significantly lower than previous ones. We review possible sources of this puzzle and conclude that it reflects a combination of factors, including substitution bias in consumption, reliance on urban prices which we estimate are higher than rural ones, and the use of an expenditure-weighted rather than an output-weighted measure of GDP. Taking all these together, we estimate that real per-capita GDP in China was 50% higher relative to the U.S. in 2005 than the World Bank estimates.

Published: Robert C. Feenstra & Hong Ma & J. Peter Neary & D.S. Prasada Rao, 2013. "Who Shrunk China? Puzzles in the Measurement of Real GDP," Economic Journal, Royal Economic Society, vol. 123(12), pages 1100-1129, December. citation courtesy of

1983Real Adjustment and Exchange Rate Dynamics
with Douglas D. Purvis
in Exchange Rates and International Macroeconomics, Jacob A. Frenkel, editor
1982Intersectoral Capital Mobility, Wage Stickiness, and the Case for Adjustment Assistance
in Import Competition and Response, Jagdish N. Bhagwati, editor
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