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NBER Working Papers and Publications

May 2004Speculative Growth: Hints from the US Economy
with Ricardo Caballero, Emmanuel Farhi: w10518

Published: Caballero, Ricardo J., Emmanuel Farhi and Mohamad L. Hammour. "Speculative Growth: Hints From The U.S. Economy," American Economic Review, 2006, v96(4,Sep), 1159-1192. citation courtesy of

December 2002Speculative Growth
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w9381

Published: Caballero, Ricardo J., E. Farhi and M. Hammour. “Speculative Growth: Hints from the US Economy." American Economic Review 96, 4 (September 2006): 1159-1192.

August 2000Creative Destruction and Development: Institutions, Crises, and Restructuring
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w7849

Published: Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 2000.

May 2000Institutions, Restructuring, and Macroeconomic Performance
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w7720

Published: Dreze, Jacques (ed.) Macroeconomic Theory. Palgrave, NY: 2001.

September 1999The Cost of Recessions Revisited: A Reverse-Liquidationist View
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w7355

Published: Caballero, Ricardo J. and Mohamad L. Hammour. "The Cost Of Recessions Revisited: A Reverse-Liquidationist View," Review of Economic Studies, 2005, v72(251,Apr), 313-341. citation courtesy of

September 1998Improper Churn: Social Costs and Macroeconomic Consequences
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w6717
October 1997Jobless Growth: Appropriability, Factor Substitution, and Unemployment
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w6221

Published: Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy, Vol. 48 (June 1998): 51-94. citation courtesy of

September 1996The Macroeconomics of Specificity
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w5757

Published: Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 106, no. 4 (August 1998): 724-767. citation courtesy of

February 1996The "Fundamental Transformation" in Macroeconomics
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w5471

Published: American Economic Review, papers and proceedings, 86(2) may 1996 citation courtesy of

July 1995On the Ills of Adjustment
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w5198

Published: Journal of Development Economics, vol. 51, no. 1, October 1996 pp. 161 citation courtesy of

June 1994On the Timing and Efficiency of Creative Destruction
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w4768

Published: Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 446, no. 3 (August 1996): 805-852. citation courtesy of

December 1991The Cleansing Effect of Recessions
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w3922

Published: American Economic Review, Volume 84, No. 5, (December 1994), pp. 1350-1368 citation courtesy of

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