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NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 2018Do Employee Spinoffs Learn Markets From Their Parents? Evidence From International Trade
with Marc-Andreas Muendler: w24302
April 2015Dynastic Entrepreneurship, Entry, and Non-Compete Enforcement

Published: James E. Rauch, 2015. "Dynastic entrepreneurship, entry, and non-compete enforcement," European Economic Review, . citation courtesy of

March 2015The Impact of Entrepreneurial Risk Aversion on Wages in General Equilibrium
with Ying Feng: w20992
December 2013Employee Spinouts, Social Networks, and Family Firms


October 2012Mobilizing Social Capital Through Employee Spinoffs
with Marc-Andreas Muendler: w18459
April 2010Client-Based Entrepreneurship
with Joel Watson: w15933

Published: James E. Rauch & Joel Watson, 2015. "Client-Based Entrepreneurship," Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, Oxford University Press, vol. 31(1), pages 30-60. citation courtesy of

January 2010Employee Spinoffs and Other Entrants: Stylized Facts from Brazil
with Oana Hirakawa, Marc-Andreas Muendler: w15638

Published: Marc Muendler, James E. Rauch, and Oana Tocoian,"Employee Spinoffs and Other Entrants: Stylized Facts from Brazil," International Journal of Industrial Organization 30 (September 2012): 447-458. citation courtesy of

January 2009Adaptation and the Boundary of Multinational Firms
with Arnaud Costinot, Lindsay Oldenski: w14668

Published: Arnaud Costinot & Lindsay Oldenski & James Rauch, 2011. "Adaptation and the Boundary of Multinational Firms," The Review of Economics and Statistics, MIT Press, vol. 93(1), pages 298-308, October. citation courtesy of

June 2007Development Through Synergistic Reform

Published: Rauch, James E., 2010. "Development through synergistic reforms," Journal of Development Economics, Elsevier, vol. 93(2), pages 153-161, November. citation courtesy of

December 2005Neckties in the Tropics: A Model of International Trade and Cultural Diversity
with Vitor Trindade: w11890

Published: Rauch, James E. and Vitor Trindade. "Neckties in the Tropics: A Model of International Trade and Cultural Diversity." Canadian Journal of Economics 42 (August 2009): 809-843. citation courtesy of

January 2002Entrepreneurship in International Trade
with Joel Watson: w8708

Published: "Network Intermediaries in International Trade", Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. Vol 13 (Spring 2004), pp. 69-93.

April 2000Information and Globalization: Wage Co-Movements, Labor Demand Elasticity, and Conventional Trade Liberalization
with Vitor Trindade: w7671

Published: "Information, International Substitutability, and Globalization", American Economic Review, Vol. 93 (June 2003), pp. 775-791.

June 1999Ethnic Chinese Networks in International Trade
with Vitor Trindade: w7189

Published: "Ethnic Chinese Networks in International Trade" , Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 84 (February 2002): 116-130. citation courtesy of

March 1999Starting Small in an Unfamiliar Environment
with Joel Watson: w7053

Published: Rauch, James E. & Watson, Joel, 2003. "Starting small in an unfamiliar environment," International Journal of Industrial Organization, Elsevier, vol. 21(7), pages 1021-1042, September. citation courtesy of

June 1998Overcoming Informational Barriers to International Resource Allocation: Prices and Group Ties
with Alessandra Casella: w6628

Published: "Overcoming Informational Barriers to International Resource Allocation: Prices and Ties" , Economic Journal, Vol. 113 (January 2003), pp. 21-42.

September 1997Anonymous Market and Group Ties in International Trade
with Alessandra Casella: w6186

Published: "Anonymous Market and Group Ties in International Trade" , Journal of International Economics, Vol. 58 (October 2002): 19-47. citation courtesy of

August 1997Openness, Specialization, and Productivity Growth in Less Developed Countries
with Diana Weinhold: w6131

Published: Diana Weinhold & James E. Rauch, 1999. "Openness, Specialization, and Productivity Growth in Less Developed Countries," The Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue canadienne d'Economique, vol 32(4). citation courtesy of

June 1996Networks versus Markets in International Trade

Published: "Networks Versus Markets in International Trade," Journal of International Economics, Vol. 48 (June 1999): 7-35. citation courtesy of

Trade and Search: Social Capital, Sogo Shosha, and Spillovers
July 1995Choosing a Dictator: Bureaucracy and Welfare in Less Developed Polities

Published: "Leadership Selection, Internal Promotion, and Bureaucratic Corruption in Less Developed Polities," Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol. 34 (February 2001), pp. 240-258.

December 1994Bureaucracy, Infrastructure, and Economic Growth: Evidence from U.S. Cities During the Progressive Era

Published: American Economic Review, Vol. 85 (September 1995): 968-979. citation courtesy of

February 1994Balanced and Unbalanced Growth

Published: Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 53 (June 1997): 41-66. Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 54 (December 1997): 493-518(reprinted with corrected page proofs). citation courtesy of

April 1993Does History Matter Only When it Matters Little? The Case of City-Indu try Location

Published: The Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. cviii, issue 3, August 1993, (MIT Press, Cambridge), p. 843-867 citation courtesy of

November 1991Productivity Gains From Geographic Concentration of human Capital: Evidence From the Cities

Published: Journal of Urban Economics, vol. 34, pp. 380-400, (November 1993) citation courtesy of

June 1991Economic Development, Urban Underemployment, and Income Inequality

Published: Canadian Journal of Economics, vol. 26, pp. 901-918-(November 1993) citation courtesy of

January 1991Reconciling the Pattern of Trade with the Pattern of Migration

Published: The American Economic Review, Vol. 81, No. 4, pp. 775-796, (September 1991) citation courtesy of

November 1990Comparative Advantage, Geographic Advantage, and the Volume of Trade

Published: Economic Journal, Vol. 101, pp. 1230-1244, (September 1991). citation courtesy of

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