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January 2018Censored Quantile Instrumental Variable Estimation with Stata
with Victor Chernozhukov, Sukjin Han, Amanda Kowalski: w24232
Many applications involve a censored dependent variable and an endogenous independent variable. Chernozhukov, Fernandez-Val, and Kowalski (2015) introduced a censored quantile instrumental variable estimator (CQIV) for use in those applications, which has been applied by Kowalski (2016), among others. In this article, we introduce a Stata command, cqiv, that simplifes application of the CQIV estimator in Stata. We summarize the CQIV estimator and algorithm, we describe the use of the cqiv command, and we provide empirical examples.
April 2011Quantile Regression with Censoring and Endogeneity
with Victor Chernozhukov, Amanda E. Kowalski: w16997
In this paper, we develop a new censored quantile instrumental variable (CQIV) estimator and describe its properties and computation. The CQIV estimator combines Powell (1986) censored quantile regression (CQR) to deal semiparametrically with censoring, with a control variable approach to incorporate endogenous regressors. The CQIV estimator is obtained in two stages that are nonadditive in the unobservables. The first stage estimates a nonadditive model with infinite dimensional parameters for the control variable, such as a quantile or distribution regression model. The second stage estimates a nonadditive censored quantile regression model for the response variable of interest, including the estimated control variable to deal with endogeneity. For computation, we extend the algorithm fo...

Published: Chernozhukov, Victor & Fernández-Val, Iván & Kowalski, Amanda E., 2015. "Quantile regression with censoring and endogeneity," Journal of Econometrics, Elsevier, vol. 186(1), pages 201-221. citation courtesy of

December 2010ExtrapoLATE-ing: External Validity and Overidentification in the LATE Framework
with Joshua Angrist: w16566
This paper develops a covariate-based approach to the external validity of instrumental variables (IV) estimates. Assuming that differences in observed complier characteristics are what make IV estimates differ from one another and from parameters like the effect of treatment on the treated, we show how to construct estimates for new subpopulations from a given set of covariate-specific LATEs. We also develop a reweighting procedure that uses the traditional overidentification test statistic to define a population for which a given pair of IV estimates has external validity. These ideas are illustrated through a comparison of twins and sex-composition IV estimates of the effects childbearing on labor supply.

Published: “ExtrapoLATE - ing: External Validity and Overidentification in the LATE Framework,” (with Ivan Fernandez - Val), in D. Acemoglu, M. Arellano, and E. Dekel, eds., Advances in Economics and Econometrics , Cambrid ge University Press: 2013.

April 2004Quantile Regression under Misspecification, with an Application to the U.S. Wage Structure
with Joshua Angrist, Victor Chernozhukov: w10428
Quantile regression(QR) fits a linear model for conditional quantiles, just as ordinary least squares (OLS) fits a linear model for conditional means. An attractive feature of OLS is that it gives the minimum mean square error linear approximation to the conditional expectation function even when the linear model is misspecified. Empirical research using quantile regression with discrete covariates suggests that QR may have a similar property, but the exact nature of the linear approximation has remained elusive. In this paper, we show that QR can be interpreted as minimizing a weighted mean-squared error loss function for specification error. The weighting function is an average density of the dependent variable near the true conditional quantile. The weighted least squares interpretation...

Published: Joshua Angrist & Victor Chernozhukov & Iván Fernández-Val, 2006. "Quantile Regression under Misspecification, with an Application to the U.S. Wage Structure," Econometrica, Econometric Society, vol. 74(2), pages 539-563, 03. citation courtesy of

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