Haichao Fan

School of Economics
Fudan University

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Institutional Affiliation: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 2019Quality, Variable Markups, and Welfare: A Quantitative General Equilibrium Analysis of Export Prices
with Yao Amber Li, Sichuang Xu, Stephen R. Yeaple: w25611
Modern trade models attribute the dispersion of international prices to physical and man-made barriers to trade, to the pricing-to-market by heterogeneous producers and to differences in the quality of output offered by firms. This paper presents a general equilibrium model that incorporates all three of these mechanisms. Our model allows us to confront Chinese firm-level data on the prices charged and revenues earned across markets. We show that all three mechanisms are necessary to fit the distribution of prices and revenues across firms and markets. Accounting for endogenous quality heterogeneity across markets and firms is shown to be critical for the welfare implications of trade and for the response of prices to trade and tariff shocks
March 2018The Dynamic Effects of Computerized VAT Invoices on Chinese Manufacturing Firms
with Yu Liu, Nancy Qian, Jaya Wen: w24414
This paper uses a balanced panel of large manufacturing firms to provide novel evidence on the dynamic effects of computerizing VAT invoices on tax revenues and firm behavior in China, 1998-2007. We find that computerization explains 14.38% of cumulative VAT revenues and increases the effective average tax rate by approximately 4.7-14% in the seven subsequent years. The evidence suggests that the effects of computerization change over time: tax revenue gains are likely to be smaller in the long run. Meanwhile, firms reduce output and input, and increase productivity monotonically over time.
August 2017On the Relationship Between Quality and Productivity: Evidence from China's Accession to the WTO
with Yao Amber Li, Stephen R. Yeaple: w23690
This paper presents an analysis of the effect of China's entry into the WTO on the quality choices of Chinese exporters in terms of their outputs and their inputs. Using highly disaggregated firm-level data, we show that the quality upgrading made possible by China's tariff reductions was concentrated in the least productive Chinese exporters. These firms, which had been laggards in terms of quality prior to the tariff reduction, were the most aggressive in increasing the quality of their exports and their inputs and in redirecting their exports toward high income markets where demand for high quality goods is strong. Our empirical results are consistent with a simple model featuring scale effect and non-Hicks' neutral productivity that disproportionately affects the efficiency with which ...

Published: Haichao Fan & Yao Amber Li & Stephen R. Yeaple, 2017. "On the Relationship Between Quality and Productivity: Evidence from China’s Accession to the WTO," Journal of International Economics, . citation courtesy of

July 2014Trade Liberalization, Quality, and Export Prices
with Yao Amber Li, Stephen R. Yeaple: w20323
This paper presents theory and evidence from highly disaggregated Chinese data that tariff reductions induce a country's producers to upgrade the quality of the goods that they export. The paper first documents two stylized facts regarding the effect of trade liberalization on export prices and its relation with product differentiation. Next, the paper develops a simple analytic framework that relates a firm's choice of quality to its access to imported intermediates. The model predicts that a reduction in the import tariff induces an incumbent importer/exporter to increase the quality of its exports and to raise its export price in industries where the scope for quality differentiation is large while to lower its export price in industries where the scope for quality differentiation is sm...

Published: Haichao Fan & Yao Amber Li & Stephen R. Yeaple, 2015. "Trade Liberalization, Quality, and Export Prices," The Review of Economics and Statistics, MIT Press, vol. 97(5), pages 1033-1051, December. citation courtesy of

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