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NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 2020The Economic Case for Protecting Biodiversity
September 2020Economic Aspects of the Energy Transition
May 2020Covid-19, Shelter-In Place Strategies and Tipping
with Zhihan Cui, Howard Kunreuther: w27124
July 2019Coase, Hotelling and Pigou: The Incidence of a Carbon Tax and CO2 Emissions
with Wolfram Schlenker: w26086
The Cost of a Carbon-Free Electricity System in the U.S.
August 2017Price Uncertainty and Price-Contingent Securities
October 2016Notes on the Economics of Energy Storage
August 2016Collective Intertemporal Choice: the Possibility of Time Consistency
with Antony Millner: w22524
What Would it Take to Reduce US Greenhouse Gas Emissions 80% by 2050?
November 2015Host-MNC Relations in Resource-Rich Countries
with Natasha Chichilnisky-Heal: w21712
April 2015Goldilocks Economies? Temperature Stress and the Direct Impacts of Climate Change
with Jisung Park: w21119
November 2014Resolving Intertemporal Conflicts: Economics vs Politics
with Antony Millner: w20705
March 2014Global Benefits of Marine Protected Areas
with James Rising: w19982
December 2013Feeling the Heat: Temperature, Physiology & the Wealth of Nations
with Jisung Park: w19725
April 2013Discounting under Disagreement
with Antony Millner: w18999
March 2013Uncertainty and Decision in Climate Change Economics
with Antony Millner: w18929

Published: Reflections Uncertainty and Decision Making in Climate Change Economics Geoffrey Heal* and Antony Millner† Rev Environ Econ Policy (Winter 2014) 8 (1): 120-137. doi: 10.1093/reep/ret023

December 2012Risk Management and Climate Change
with Howard Kunreuther, Myles Allen, Ottmar Edenhofer, Christopher B. Field, Gary Yohe: w18607

Published: Nature Climate Change | Perspective Print Share/bookmark Risk management and climate change Howard Kunreuther, Geoffrey Heal, Myles Allen, Ottmar Edenhofer, Christopher B. Field & Gary Yohe Affiliations Contributions Corresponding author Nature Climate Change 3, 447–450 (2013) doi:10.1038/nclimate1740 Received 29 June 2012 Accepted 09 October 2012 Published online 24 March 2013

June 2012Managing Catastrophic Risk
with Howard Kunreuther: w18136

Published: "Managing Catastrophic Risk" (with Geoffrey Heal). Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Economics (ed.) J. Shogren, Elsevier, Vol. 3, pp 52-59 2013.

February 2012From Growth to Green Growth - a Framework
with Stéphane Hallegatte, Marianne Fay, David Treguer: w17841
May 2011Sustainability and its Measurement
April 2011Tipping Climate Negotiations
with Howard Kunreuther: w16954

Published: “Tipping Climate Negotiations” (with Geoffrey Heal). In: Climate Change and Common Sense: Essays in Honour of Tom Schelling. R. Hahn and A. Ulph (eds.) Oxford University Press (2012).

June 2010Ambiguity and Climate Policy
with Antony Millner, Simon Dietz: w16050

Published: “Scientific ambiguity and climate policy”, with Geoffrey Heal and Simon Dietz, Environmental and Resource Economics, Vol 55 (1), pp 21-46, 2013. Also appeared as NBER Working Paper no. 16050.

February 2010Environment and Energy: Catastrophic Liabilities from Nuclear Power Plants
with Howard Kunreuther
in Measuring and Managing Federal Financial Risk, Deborah Lucas, editor
June 2009The Economics of Renewable Energy

Published: Geoffrey Heal, 2010. "Reflections--The Economics of Renewable Energy in the United States," Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, Oxford University Press for Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, vol. 4(1), pages 139-154, Winter.

April 2008Climate Economics: A Meta-Review and Some Suggestions

Published: Geoffrey Heal, 2009. "Climate Economics: A Meta-Review and Some Suggestions for Future Research," Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, Oxford University Press for Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, vol. 3(1), pages 4-21, Winter.

November 2007Social Reinforcement: Cascades, Entrapment and Tipping
with Howard Kunreuther: w13579

Published: Geoffrey Heal & Howard Kunreuther, 2010. "Social Reinforcement: Cascades, Entrapment, and Tipping," American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, American Economic Association, vol. 2(1), pages 86-99, February. citation courtesy of

June 2006Supermodularity and Tipping
with Howard Kunreuther: w12281
August 2004Interdependent Security: A General Model
with Howard Kunreuther: w10706
August 2003You Only Die Once: Managing Discrete Interdependent Risks
with Howard Kunreuther: w9885

Published: Richardson, H.W., P. Gordon and J.E. Moore II (eds.) The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2005.

April 2002Interdependent Security: The Case of Identical Agents
with Howard Kunreuther: w8871

Published: Kunreuther, Howard and Geoffrey Heal. "Interdependent Security: the case of identical agents." Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 2003.

August 1993Who Should Abate Carbon Emissions? An International Viewpoint
with Graciela Chichilnisky: w4425

Published: Chichilnisky, G. and G. Heal. "Who Should Abate Carbon Emissions? An International Viewpoint," Economics Letters, 1994, v44(4), 443-450. citation courtesy of

Sustainable Growth and the Green Golden Rule
with Andrea Beltratti, Graciela Chichilnisky: w4430

Published: Published as "The Green Golden Rule", EL, Vol. 49, no. 2 (1995): 175-179.

1980The Taxation of Exhaustible Resources
with Partha Dasgupta, Joseph E. Stiflitx: w0436

Published: Dasgupta, P.; Heal, G. M.; and Stiglitz, J. E. "The Taxation of Exhaustible Resources." Public Policy and the Tax System, edited by G. A. Hughes and G . M. Heal, pp. 150-172. London: George Allen & Unwin, 1980.

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