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NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 2020Bank Liquidity Provision Across the Firm Size Distribution
with Olivier Darmouni, Stephan Luck, Matthew C. Plosser: w27945
July 2020Projecting Unemployment Durations: A Factor-Flows Simulation Approach With Application to the COVID-19 Recession
with John Coglianese: w27566
April 2020Comment on "What Do We Learn From Cross-Regional Empirical Estimates in Macroeconomics?"
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2020, volume 35, Martin Eichenbaum and Erik Hurst, editors
November 2019Regional Data in Macroeconomics: Some Advice for Practitioners

Published: Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, 2020. "Regional Data in Macroeconomics: Some Advice for Practitioners," Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, . citation courtesy of

June 2019Stock Market Wealth and the Real Economy: A Local Labor Market Approach
with Plamen T. Nenov, Alp Simsek: w25959
May 2019The Macroeconomics of the Greek Depression
with Loukas Karabarbounis, Rohan Kekre: w25900
December 2018Cash and the Economy: Evidence from India's Demonetization
with Gita Gopinath, Prachi Mishra, Abhinav Narayanan: w25370

Published: Gabriel Chodorow-Reich & Gita Gopinath & Prachi Mishra & Abhinav Narayanan, 2020. "Cash and the Economy: Evidence from India’s Demonetization*," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol 135(1), pages 57-103. citation courtesy of

August 2018Asset Insulators
with Andra Ghent, Valentin Haddad: w24973
September 2017The Loan Covenant Channel: How Bank Health Transmits to the Real Economy
with Antonio Falato: w23879
July 2017Geographic Cross-Sectional Fiscal Spending Multipliers: What Have We Learned?

Published: Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, 2019. "Geographic Cross-Sectional Fiscal Spending Multipliers: What Have We Learned?," American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, vol 11(2), pages 1-34. citation courtesy of

April 2016The Limited Macroeconomic Effects of Unemployment Benefit Extensions
with Loukas Karabarbounis: w22163
January 2016Secular Labor Reallocation and Business Cycles
with Johannes Wieland: w21864

Published: Gabriel Chodorow-Reich & Johannes Wieland, 2020. "Secular Labor Reallocation and Business Cycles," Journal of Political Economy, vol 128(6), pages 2245-2287.

June 2014Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy on Financial Institutions

Published: Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, 2014. "Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy on Financial Institutions," Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Economic Studies Program, The Brookings Institution, vol. 48(1 (Spring), pages 155-227. citation courtesy of

November 2013The Cyclicality of the Opportunity Cost of Employment
with Loukas Karabarbounis: w19678

Published: Gabriel Chodorow-Reich & Loukas Karabarbounis, 2016. "The Cyclicality of the Opportunity Cost of Employment," Journal of Political Economy, University of Chicago Press, vol. 124(6), pages 1563-1618. citation courtesy of

August 2007Returns on FDI: Does the U.S. Really Do Better?
with Barry Bosworth, Susan M. Collins: w13313

Published: Returns on Foreign Direct Investment: Does the United States Really Do Better? [with Comment and Discussion] Barry Bosworth, Susan M. Collins, Gabriel Chodorow-Reich and Cédric Tille Brookings Trade Forum , Foreign Direct Investment (2007), pp. 177-210 Published by: Brookings Institution Press

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