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February 2019Immigration and Invention: Does Language Matter?
with Kirk Doran
in The Roles of Immigrants and Foreign Students in US Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Ina Ganguli, Shulamit Kahn, Megan MacGarvie, editors
Economists have long noted that linguistically diverse immigrant flows might have a particularly large impact on innovation and creativity, through the introduction and combination of new perspectives, information, and habits (Alesina and La Ferrara, 2005). On the other hand, if innovation depends on communication, and communication depends on a common language, then linguistically uniform immigration flows may have the largest impact on innovation. In this paper, we make use of features of the 1920s U.S. immigration quotas that caused some of the “missing immigrants" to be absent from cities which had many residents who happened to speak their language, while other “missing immigrants" were absent from cities which had few residents who spoke their language. The resulting changes in innov...
March 2018Political Campaigns and Church Contributions
with Daniel M. Hungerman, Kevin Rinz, Tim Weninger: w24374
We combine a new dataset of weekly Catholic church donations with a new dataset of presidential-election campaign stops to explore the impact of stops on donations. We find that stops increase donations, with a campaign stop generating 2 percent more donations in the following week. Our results suggest that this effect is of short duration. Further, it does not appear to vary based on the political language used by the parish in its own church bulletins. However, the effect does appear to vary based on the religiosity of the candidates themselves, with Catholic candidates generating the largest increases.

Published: Daniel Hungerman & Kevin Rinz & Tim Weninger & Chungeun Yoon, 2018. "Political campaigns and church contributions," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol 155, pages 403-426. citation courtesy of

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