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September 2012Cost-Sharing and Productivity
with Teresa B. Gibson, Michael E. Chernew: w18402
A growing body of literature examines the cross price elasticities between different health care services. For example, increasing the patient out of pocket price for some health care services increases the utilization of other health care services. Yet, the literature has generally ignored the connection between cost sharing for health care services and labor market outcomes. This paper examines the direction and magnitude of the reduced form relationship between patient cost-sharing and work loss following methods used to study the impact of cost-sharing and medical spending, finding a positive, quantitatively meaningful association between cost-sharing and hours absent. We find no such association between cost-sharing and the probability of incurring short-term disability days. This...
December 2001Payer Type and the Returns to Bypass Surgery: Evidence from Hospital Entry Behavior
with Michael Chernew, Gautam Gowrisankaran: w8632
In this paper we estimate the returns associated with the provision of coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery, by payer type (Medicare, HMO, etc.). Because reliable measures of prices and treatment costs are often unobserved, we seek to infer returns from hospital entry behavior. We estimate a model of patient flows for CABG patients that provides inputs for an entry model. We find that FFS provides a high return throughout the study period. Medicare, which had been generous in the early 1980s, now provides a return that is close to zero. Medicaid appears to reimburse less than average variable costs. HMOs essentially pay at average variable costs, though the return varies inversely with competition.

Published: Chernew, Michael, Gautam Gowrisankaran and A. Mark Fendrick. "Payer Type And The Returns To Bypass Surgery: Evidence From Hospital Entry Behavior," Journal of Health Economics, 2002, v21(3,May), 451-474.

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