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December 1990Maternal Labor Supply and Children's Cognitive Development
with Francine D. Blau: w3536
This paper analyzes the relationship between maternal labor supply and children's cognitive development, using a sample of three- and four-year-old children of female respondents from the 1986 National Longitudinal Surveys Youth Cohort (NLSY). Respondents in the NLSY were aged 21 to 29 in 1986; thus our sample consists of children of relatively young mothers. We show that for this group the impact of maternal labor supply depends upon when it occurs. Maternal employment is found to have a negative impact when it occurs during the first year of the child's life and a potentially offsetting positive effect when it occurs during the second and subsequent years. We find some evidence that boys are more sensitive to maternal labor supply than girls though the gender difference is not significan...

Published: Review of Economics and Statistics, August 1992 citation courtesy of

August 1989Wage and Employment Uncertainty and the Labor Force Participation Decisions of Married Women
with Francine D. Blau: w3081
Over the past 30 years, research on married women's labor force participation has concluded virtually without exception that the principal source of labor force participation rate growth for married women has been the concurrent growth of women's real wages. The experience of the 1970's suggests, however, that real wage growth cannot account for the increase In participation rates that occurred during that period. His paper argues that an Important determinant of married women's current participation decisions is the level of uncertainty associated with expectations of future wages, and that high levels of uncertainty during the 1970's may have contributed substantially to the growth in participation that occurred during that time. Engle's model of autoregressive conditional heteroscedasti...

Published: Economic Inquiry, October 1991.

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