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NBER Working Papers and Publications

January 2018Industrial Organization
with Liran Einav NBER Reporter 2017 number 4
January 2017Healthcare Spending and Utilization in Public and Private Medicare
with Vilsa Curto, Liran Einav, Amy Finkelstein, Jay Bhattacharya: w23090
August 2015Peer-to-Peer Markets
with Liran Einav, Chiara Farronato: w21496

Published: Liran Einav & Chiara Farronato & Jonathan Levin, 2016. "Peer-to-Peer Markets," Annual Review of Economics, vol 8(1), pages 615-635.

December 2014Can Health Insurance Competition Work? Evidence from Medicare Advantage
with Vilsa Curto, Liran Einav, Jay Bhattacharya: w20818
September 2014Are Dynamic Vickrey Auctions Practical?: Properties of the Combinatorial Clock Auction
with Andrzej Skrzypacz: w20487
August 2014Consumer Price Search and Platform Design in Internet Commerce
with Michael Dinerstein, Liran Einav, Neel Sundaresan: w20415

American Economic Review (Forthcoming)

May 2013The Data Revolution and Economic Analysis
with Liran Einav: w19035
The Data Revolution and Economic Analysis
with Liran Einav
in Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 14, Josh Lerner and Scott Stern, editors
Sales Mechanisms in Online Markets: What Happened to Internet Auctions?
with Liran Einav, Chiara Farronato, Neel Sundaresan: w19021
April 2012Sales Taxes and Internet Commerce
with Liran Einav, Dan Knoepfle, Neel Sundaresan: w18018

Published: Liran Einav & Dan Knoepfle & Jonathan Levin & Neel Sundaresan, 2014. "Sales Taxes and Internet Commerce," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 104(1), pages 1-26, January. citation courtesy of

March 2012Vertical Integration and Market Structure
with Timothy F. Bresnahan: w17889

Published: “Vertical Integration and Market Structure,”with Timothy Bresnahan, in R. Gibbons and D.J. Roberts, ed. Handbook of Organizational Economics, Princeton University Press, 2012.

September 2011Learning from Seller Experiments in Online Markets
with Liran Einav, Theresa Kuchler, Neel Sundaresan: w17385
March 2011The Economics of Internet Markets

Published: The Economics of Internet Markets,îin D. Acemoglu, M. Arellano and E. Dekel, ed. Advances in Economics and Econometrics , Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Set-Asides and Subsidies in Auctions
with Susan Athey, Dominic Coey: w16851

Published: Susan Athey & Dominic Coey & Jonathan Levin, 2013. "Set-Asides and Subsidies in Auctions," American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, American Economic Association, vol. 5(1), pages 1-27, February. citation courtesy of

February 2010Empirical Industrial Organization: A Progress Report
with Liran Einav: w15786


August 2009Beyond Testing: Empirical Models of Insurance Markets
with Liran Einav, Amy Finkelstein: w15241

Published: Liran Einav & Amy Finkelstein & Jonathan Levin, 2010. "Beyond Testing: Empirical Models of Insurance Markets," Annual Review of Economics, Annual Reviews, vol. 2(1), pages 311-336, 09. citation courtesy of

April 2009Early Admissions at Selective Colleges
with Christopher Avery: w14844

Published: Christopher Avery & Jonathan Levin, 2010. "Early Admissions at Selective Colleges," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 100(5), pages 2125-56, December. citation courtesy of

March 2009Winning Play in Spectrum Auctions
with Jeremy Bulow, Paul Milgrom: w14765
December 2008Comparing Open and Sealed Bid Auctions: Evidence from Timber Auctions
with Susan Athey, Enrique Seira: w14590

Published: Susan Athey & Jonathan Levin & Enrique Seira, 2011. "Comparing open and Sealed Bid Auctions: Evidence from Timber Auctions," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Oxford University Press, vol. 126(1), pages 207-257. citation courtesy of

June 2008Pricing and Welfare in Health Plan Choice
with M. Kate Bundorf, Neale Mahoney: w14153

Published: M. Kate Bundorf & Jonathan Levin & Neale Mahoney, 2012. "Pricing and Welfare in Health Plan Choice," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 102(7), pages 3214-48, December. citation courtesy of

August 2007Contracting for Government Services: Theory and Evidence from U.S. Cities
with Steven Tadelis: w13350

Published: CONTRACTING FOR GOVERNMENT SERVICES: THEORY AND EVIDENCE FROM U.S. CITIES† JONATHAN LEVIN1, STEVEN TADELIS2 Article first published online: 3 SEP 2010 DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-6451.2010.00430.x

April 2007Liquidity Constraints and Imperfect Information in Subprime Lending
with William Adams, Liran Einav: w13067

Published: William Adams & Liran Einav & Jonathan Levin, 2009. "Liquidity Constraints and Imperfect Information in Subprime Lending," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 99(1), pages 49-84, March. citation courtesy of

August 2005Matching and Price Competition
with Jeremy Bulow: w11506

Published: Bulow, Jeremy and Jonathan Levin. "Matching And Price Competition," American Economic Review, 2006, v96(3,Jun), 652-668. citation courtesy of

April 2004Estimating Dynamic Models of Imperfect Competition
with Patrick Bajari, C. Lanier Benkard: w10450

Published: Patrick Bajari & C. Lanier Benkard & Jonathan Levin, 2007. "Estimating Dynamic Models of Imperfect Competition," Econometrica, Econometric Society, vol. 75(5), pages 1331-1370, 09. citation courtesy of

June 1999Information and Competition in U.S. Forest Service Timber Auctions
with Susan Athey: w7185

Published: Athey, Susan and Jonathan Levin. "Information And Competition In U.S. Forest Service Timber Auctions," Journal of Political Economy, 2001, v109(2,Apr), 375-417. citation courtesy of

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