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w27846 Lisa Cameron
Jennifer Seager
Manisha Shah

Crimes Against Morality: Unintended Consequences of Criminalizing Sex Work
w27839 Simeon Djankov
Edward L. Glaeser
Valeria Perotti
Andrei Shleifer

Measuring Property Rights Institutions
w27832 Nikita Melnikov
Carlos Schmidt-Padilla
Maria Micaela Sviatschi

Gangs, Labor Mobility and Development
w27818 Eliana Avitzour
Adi Choen
Daphna Joel
Victor Lavy

On the Origins of Gender-Biased Behavior: The Role of Explicit and Implicit Stereotypes
w27812 Orazio Attanasio
Raquel Bernal
Michele Giannola
Milagros Nores

Child Development in the Early Years: Parental Investment and the Changing Dynamics of Different Dimensions
w27808 Martin Ravallion
On the Origins of the Idea of Ending Poverty
w27806 David O. Argente
Chang-Tai Hsieh
Munseob Lee

Measuring the Cost of Living in Mexico and the US
w27801 Daniel Ovando
Gary D. Libecap
Katherine D. Millage
Lennon Thomas

Coasean Approaches to Ending Overfishing: Bigeye Tuna Conservation in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean
w27799 Ila Fazzio
Alex Eble
Robin L. Lumsdaine
Peter Boone
Baboucarr Bouy
Pei-Tseng Jenny Hsieh
Chitra Jayanty
Simon Johnson
Ana Filipa Silva

Large Learning Gains in Pockets of Extreme Poverty: Experimental Evidence from Guinea Bissau
w27793 Andrin Pelican
Bryan S. Graham

An Optimal Test for Strategic Interaction in Social and Economic Network Formation between Heterogeneous Agents
w27767 Pei-Ju Liao
Ping Wang
Yin-Chi Wang
Chong Kee Yip

To Stay or to Migrate? When Becker Meets Harris-Todaro
w27750 Eric C. Edwards
Martin Fiszbein
Gary D. Libecap

Colonial Origins, Property Rights, and the Organization of Agricultural Production: the US Midwest and Argentine Pampas Compared
w27731 Francisco J. Buera
Joseph P. Kaboski
Martí Mestieri
Daniel G. O'Connor

The Stable Transformation Path
w27708 Anusha Chari
Peter Blair Henry
Hector Reyes

The Baker Hypothesis
w27706 Nathan Nunn
History as Evolution
w27696 Minu Philip
Debraj Ray
S. Subramanian

Decoding India's Low Covid-19 Case Fatality rate
w27681 Carolina Corral
Xavier Giné
Aprajit Mahajan
Enrique Seira

Autonomy and Specificity in Agricultural Technology Adoption: Evidence from Mexico
w27680 Jing Cai
Shing-Yi Wang

Improving Management through Worker Evaluations: Evidence from Auto Manufacturing
w27679 Yuan Tian
Maria Esther Caballero
Brian K. Kovak

Social Learning along International Migrant Networks
w27678 Michael Callen
Saad Gulzar
Syed Ali Hasanain
Muhammad Yasir Khan
Arman B. Rezaee

Data and Policy Decisions: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan
w27675 Anusha Chari
Jennifer S. Rhee

The Return to Capital in Capital-Scarce Countries
w27670 Remi Jedwab
Adam Storeygard

The Average and Heterogeneous Effects of Transportation Investments: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa 1960-2010
w27665 Zhiguo He
Maggie Rong Hu
Zhenping Wang
Vincent Yao

Valuation of Long-Term Property Rights under Political Uncertainty
w27662 Jonas Hjort
Vinayak Iyer
Golvine de Rochambeau

Informational Barriers to Market Access: Experimental Evidence from Liberian Firms
w27656 Richard Hornbeck
Dust Bowl Migrants: Identifying an Archetype
w27644 Jie Bai
Panle Jia Barwick
Shengmao Cao
Shanjun Li

Quid Pro Quo, Knowledge Spillover, and Industrial Quality Upgrading: Evidence from the Chinese Auto Industry
w27636 Samuel S. Bird
Michael R. Carter
Travis J. Lybbert
Mary W. K. Mathenge
Timothy Njagi Njeru
Emilia Tjernström

Filling a Niche? The Maize Productivity Impacts of Adaptive Breeding by a Local Seed Company in Kenya
w27628 Hanming Fang
Chang Liu
Li-An Zhou

Window Dressing in the Public Sector: A Case Study of China's Compulsory Education Promotion Program
w27620 Brian G. Knight
Ana Tribin

Immigration and Violent Crime: Evidence from the Colombia-Venezuela Border
w27611 Joan Hamory
Edward Miguel
Michael W. Walker
Michael Kremer
Sarah J. Baird

Twenty Year Economic Impacts of Deworming
w27609 Clément de Chaisemartin
Jaime Ramirez-Cuellar

At What Level Should One Cluster Standard Errors in Paired Experiments, and in Stratified Experiments with Small Strata?
w27606 Rocco Macchiavello
Andreas Menzel
Atonu Rabbani
Christopher Woodruff

Challenges of Change: An Experiment Promoting Women to Managerial Roles in the Bangladeshi Garment Sector
w27600 Angus Deaton
Randomization in the Tropics Revisited: a Theme and Eleven Variations
w27594 Stefano DellaVigna
Elizabeth Linos

RCTs to Scale: Comprehensive Evidence from Two Nudge Units
w27583 Lasse Brune
Dean Karlan
Sikandra Kurdi
Christopher R. Udry

Social Protection Amidst Social Upheaval: Examining the Impact of a Multi-Faceted Program for Ultra-Poor Households in Yemen
w27570 Pascaline Dupas
Basimenye Nhlema
Zachary Wagner
Aaron Wolf
Emily Wroe

Expanding Access to Clean Water for the Rural Poor: Experimental Evidence from Malawi
w27569 Aidan Coville
Sebastian Galiani
Paul Gertler
Susumu Yoshida

Enforcing Payment for Water and Sanitation Services in Nairobi's Slums
w27564 Quentin Stoeffler
Michael Carter
Catherine Guirkinger
Wouter Gelade

The Spillover Impact of Index Insurance on Agricultural Investment by Cotton Farmers in Burkina Faso
w27562 Saravana Ravindran
Manisha Shah

Unintended Consequences of Lockdowns: COVID-19 and the Shadow Pandemic
w27561 Gang Liu
Barbara M. Fraumeni

A Brief Introduction to Human Capital Measures
w27554 Martin Ravallion
Should the Randomistas (Continue to) Rule?
w27549 Caitlin S. Brown
Martin Ravallion

Inequality and the Coronavirus: Socioeconomic Covariates of Behavioral Responses and Viral Outcomes Across US Counties
w27548 Felipe Barrera-Osorio
Adriana D. Kugler
Mikko I. Silliman

Hard and Soft Skills in Vocational Training: Experimental Evidence from Colombia
w27530 Carl T. Kitchens
Luke P. Rodgers

The Impact of the WWI Agricultural Boom and Bust on Female Opportunity Cost and Fertility
w27513 Eric V. Edmonds
Benjamin Feigenberg
Jessica Leight

Advancing the Agency of Adolescent Girls
w27511 Benjamin Enke
Ricardo Rodríguez-Padilla
Florian Zimmermann

Moral Universalism and the Structure of Ideology
w27506 Yannay Spitzer
Gaspare Tortorici
Ariell Zimran

International Migration Responses to Natural Disasters: Evidence from Modern Europe's Deadliest Earthquake
w27503 Réka Juhász
Mara P. Squicciarini
Nico Voigtländer

Technology Adoption and Productivity Growth: Evidence from Industrialization in France
w27496 Abhijit Banerjee
Marcella Alsan
Emily Breza
Arun G. Chandrasekhar
Abhijit Chowdhury
Esther Duflo
Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham
Benjamin A. Olken

Messages on COVID-19 Prevention in India Increased Symptoms Reporting and Adherence to Preventive Behaviors Among 25 Million Recipients with Similar Effects on Non-recipient Members of Their Communities
w27484 Eric A. Hanushek
Lavinia Kinne
Philipp Lergetporer
Ludger Woessmann

Culture and Student Achievement: The Intertwined Roles of Patience and Risk-Taking
w27479 Christian Dippel
Dustin Frye
Bryan Leonard

Property Rights without Transfer Rights: A Study of Indian Land Allotment
w27475 Hanming Fang
Long Wang
Yang Yang

Competition and Quality: Evidence from High-Speed Railways and Airlines
w27473 Nicholas Ryan
Anant Sudarshan

Rationing the Commons
w27456 Claudio Ferraz
Frederico Finan
Monica Martinez-Bravo

Political Power, Elite Control, and Long-Run Development: Evidence from Brazil
w27449 Seema Jayachandran
Social Norms as a Barrier to Women's Employment in Developing Countries
w27429 Pierre Bachas
Lucie Gadenne
Anders Jensen

Informality, Consumption Taxes, and Redistribution
w27414 Juan Moreno-Cruz
M. Scott Taylor

Food, Fuel and the Domesday Economy
w27395 C. Justin Cook
Manisha Shah

Aggregate Effects from Public Works: Evidence from India
w27377 Chirantan Chatterjee
Eric A. Hanushek
Shreekanth Mahendiran

Can Greater Access to Education Be Inequitable? New Evidence from India's Right to Education Act
w27364 Darin Christensen
Oeindrila Dube
Johannes Haushofer
Bilal Siddiqi
Maarten J. Voors

Building Resilient Health Systems: Experimental Evidence from Sierra Leone and the 2014 Ebola Outbreak
w27351 Diego Daruich
Raquel Fernández

Universal Basic Income: A Dynamic Assessment
w27346 Toman Barsbai
Victoria Licuanan
Andreas Steinmayr
Erwin Tiongson
Dean Yang

Information and the Acquisition of Social Network Connections
w27314 Abhijit Banerjee
Dean Karlan
Hannah Trachtman
Christopher R. Udry

Does Poverty Change Labor Supply? Evidence from Multiple Income Effects and 115,579 Bags
w27304 Robert S. Pindyck
What We Know and Don't Know about Climate Change, and Implications for Policy
w27298 Annie Duflo
Jessica Kiessel
Adrienne Lucas

External Validity: Four Models of Improving Student Achievement
w27290 Orazio Attanasio
Sonya Krutikova

Consumption Insurance in Networks with Asymmetric Information
w27286 Pinelopi K. Goldberg
Tristan Reed

Income Distribution, International Integration, and Sustained Poverty Reduction
w27282 Debraj Ray
S. Subramanian

India's Lockdown: An Interim Report
w27278 Yunfang Hu
Takuma Kunieda
Kazuo Nishimura
Ping Wang

Flying or Trapped?
w27273 Titan Alon
Minki Kim
David Lagakos
Mitchell VanVuren

How Should Policy Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic Differ in the Developing World?
w27271 Grant Miller
Áureo de Paula
Christine Valente

Subjective Expectations and Demand for Contraception
w27253 Ross Levine
Chen Lin
Lai Wei
Wensi Xie

Competition Laws and Corporate Innovation
w27250 Eliot Abrams
Jonathan Libgober
John A. List

Research Registries: Facts, Myths, and Possible Improvements
w27241 Natalie Bau
Martin Rotemberg
Manisha Shah
Bryce Steinberg

Human Capital Investment in the Presence of Child Labor
w27230 Yongheng Deng
Yang Tang
Ping Wang
Jing Wu

Spatial Misallocation in Chinese Housing and Land Markets
w27220 David O. Argente
Chang-Tai Hsieh
Munseob Lee

The Cost of Privacy: Welfare Effects of the Disclosure of COVID-19 Cases
w27203 Bronwyn H. Hall
Patents, Innovation, and Development
w27202 David Laborde
Abdullah Mamun
Will Martin
Valeria Piñeiro
Rob Vos

Modeling the Impacts of Agricultural Support Policies on Emissions from Agriculture
w27200 Caitlin S. Brown
Martin Ravallion
Dominique van de Walle

Can the World's Poor Protect Themselves from the New Coronavirus?
w27198 Aprajit Mahajan
Christian Michel
Alessandro Tarozzi

Identification of Time-Inconsistent Models: The Case of Insecticide Treated Nets
w27192 Apoorv Gupta
Jacopo Ponticelli
Andrea Tesei

Information, Technology Adoption and Productivity: The Role of Mobile Phones in Agriculture
w27188 Erica Bosio
Simeon Djankov
Edward L. Glaeser
Andrei Shleifer

Public Procurement in Law and Practice
w27169 Qingnan Xie
Richard B. Freeman

The Contribution of Chinese Diaspora Researchers to Scientific Publications and China's "Great Leap Forward" in Global Science
w27157 Matthew W. Ridley
Gautam Rao
Frank Schilbach
Vikram H. Patel

Poverty, Depression, and Anxiety: Causal Evidence and Mechanisms
w27153 William Easterly
Steven Pennings

Leader Value Added: Assessing the Growth Contribution of Individual National Leaders
w27091 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Joseph J. Sabia

When Do Shelter-in-Place Orders Fight COVID-19 Best? Policy Heterogeneity Across States and Adoption Time
w27082 Thiemo R. Fetzer
Marc Witte
Lukas Hensel
Jon Jachimowicz
Johannes Haushofer
Andriy Ivchenko
Stefano Caria
Elena Reutskaja
Christopher P. Roth
Stefano Fiorin
Margarita Gómez
Gordon Kraft-Todd
Friedrich M. Götz
Erez Yoeli

Global Behaviors and Perceptions at the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic
w27081 Stephie Fried
David Lagakos

Electricity and Firm Productivity: A General-Equilibrium Approach
w27079 Shilpa Aggarwal
Rebecca Dizon-Ross
Ariel D. Zucker

Incentivizing Behavioral Change: The Role of Time Preferences
w27073 Samuel Bazzi
Masyhur Hilmy
Benjamin Marx

Islam and the State: Religious Education in the Age of Mass Schooling
w27045 John R. Logan
Andrew Foster
Hongwei Xu
Wenquan Zhang

Income Segregation: Up or Down, and for Whom?
w27035 Shilpa Aggarwal
Valentina Brailovskaya
Jonathan Robinson

Saving for Multiple Financial Needs: Evidence from Lockboxes and Mobile Money in Malawi
w27032 Jian Chu
Raymond Fisman
Songtao Tan
Yongxiang Wang

Hometown Ties and the Quality of Government Monitoring: Evidence from Rotation of Chinese Auditors
w27006 Achyuta Adhvaryu
Vittorio Bassi
Anant Nyshadham
Jorge A. Tamayo

No Line Left Behind: Assortative Matching Inside the Firm
w26993 Abhijit Banerjee
Esther Duflo
Amy Finkelstein
Lawrence F. Katz
Benjamin A. Olken
Anja Sautmann

In Praise of Moderation: Suggestions for the Scope and Use of Pre-Analysis Plans for RCTs in Economics
w26992 Andrew I. Friedson
Drew McNichols
Joseph J. Sabia
Dhaval Dave

Did California's Shelter-in-Place Order Work? Early Coronavirus-Related Public Health Effects
w26967 Eric Bettinger
Robert W. Fairlie
Anastasia Kapuza
Elena Kardanova
Prashant Loyalka
Andrey Zakharov

Does EdTech Substitute for Traditional Learning? Experimental Estimates of the Educational Production Function
w26960 Michael Bailey
Abhinav Gupta
Sebastian Hillenbrand
Theresa Kuchler
Robert J. Richmond
Johannes Stroebel

International Trade and Social Connectedness
w26957 Mark R. Rosenzweig
Rafael J. Santos Villagran

Is Fish Brain Food or Brain Poison? Sea Surface Temperature, Methyl-mercury and Child Cognitive Development
w26953 Yue Ma
Robert W. Fairlie
Prashant Loyalka
Scott Rozelle

Isolating the "Tech" from EdTech: Experimental Evidence on Computer Assisted Learning in China
w26930 Kate Baldwin
Dean Karlan
Christopher R. Udry
Ernest Appiah

How Political Insiders Lose Out When International Aid Underperforms: Evidence from a Participatory Development Experiment in Ghana
w26928 Erika Deserranno
Aisha Nansamba
Nancy Qian

Aid Crowd-Out: The Effect of NGOs on Government-Provided Public Services
w26925 Abhijit Banerjee
Nils T. Enevoldsen
Rohini Pande
Michael Walton

Public Information is an Incentive for Politicians: Experimental Evidence from Delhi Elections
w26924 Casey C. Maue
Marshall Burke
Kyle J. Emerick

Productivity Dispersion and Persistence Among the World's Most Numerous Firms
w26890 David Atkin
Benjamin Faber
Thibault Fally
Marco Gonzalez-Navarro

A New Engel on Price Index and Welfare Estimation
w26868 David Lagakos
Samuel Marshall
Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak
Corey Vernot
Michael E. Waugh

Migration Costs and Observational Returns to Migration in the Developing World
w26853 Koichiro Ito
Shuang Zhang

Reforming Inefficient Energy Pricing: Evidence from China
w26850 Philippe De Vreyer
Sylvie Lambert
Martin Ravallion

Unpacking Household Engel Curves
w26849 Jason Abaluck
Giovanni Compiani

A Method to Estimate Discrete Choice Models that is Robust to Consumer Search
w26835 Pierre Mouganie
Ruba Ajeeb
Mark Hoekstra

The Effect of Open-Air Waste Burning on Infant Health: Evidence from Government Failure in Lebanon
w26809 Sebastian Galiani
Paul Gertler
Camila Navajas Ahumada

Trust and Saving in Financial Institutions
w26806 Arun G. Chandrasekhar
Melanie Morten
Alessandra Peter

Network-Based Hiring: Local Benefits; Global Costs
w26788 Jonas Hjort
Xuan Li
Heather Sarsons

Across-Country Wage Compression in Multinationals
w26775 Michael Kremer
Jonathan D. Levin
Christopher M. Snyder

Advance Market Commitments: Insights from Theory and Experience
w26770 Fabian Eckert
Andrés Gvirtz
Jack Liang
Michael Peters

A Method to Construct Geographical Crosswalks with an Application to US Counties since 1790
w26754 Davide Cantoni
Noam Yuchtman

Historical Natural Experiments: Bridging Economics and Economic History
w26746 Pedro Bessone
Gautam Rao
Frank Schilbach
Heather Schofield
Mattie Toma

The Economic Consequences of Increasing Sleep Among the Urban Poor
w26744 Karthik Muralidharan
Paul Niehaus
Sandip Sukhtankar

Identity Verification Standards in Welfare Programs: Experimental Evidence from India
w26733 Oriana Bandiera
Michael Carlos Best
Adnan Qadir Khan
Andrea Prat

The Allocation of Authority in Organizations: A Field Experiment with Bureaucrats
w26732 James Berry
Rebecca Dizon-Ross
Maulik Jagnani

Not Playing Favorites: An Experiment on Parental Fairness Preferences
w26730 Pushkar Maitra
Sandip Mitra
Dilip Mookherjee
Sujata Visaria

Decentralized Targeting of Agricultural Credit Programs: Private versus Political Intermediaries
w26716 Stefano DellaVigna
Nicholas Otis
Eva Vivalt

Forecasting the Results of Experiments: Piloting an Elicitation Strategy
w26715 Janet Currie
Henrik Kleven
Esmée Zwiers

Technology and Big Data Are Changing Economics: Mining Text to Track Methods
w26699 Oded Galor
Ömer Özak
Assaf Sarid

Linguistic Traits and Human Capital Formation
w26698 Maria Jones
Florence Kondylis
John Loeser
Jeremy Magruder

Factor Market Failures and the Adoption of Irrigation in Rwanda
w26693 Monira Essa Aloud
Sara Al-Rashood
Ina Ganguli
Basit Zafar

Information and Social Norms: Experimental Evidence on the Labor Market Aspirations of Saudi Women
w26691 George Wehby
Robert Kaestner
Wei Lyu
Dhaval M. Dave

Effects of the Minimum Wage on Child Health
w26690 Yi Chen
Hanming Fang

The State of Mental Health Among the Elderly Chinese
w26661 Seema Jayachandran
Microentrepreneurship in Developing Countries
w26658 Debraj Ray ⓡ
Dilip Mookherjee

Growth, Automation and the Long Run Share of Labor
w26656 Haoyuan Ding
Hanming Fang
Shu Lin
Kang Shi

Equilibrium Consequences of Corruption on Firms: Evidence from China's Anti-Corruption Campaign
w26642 David G. Blanchflower
Unhappiness and age
w26636 Daniel R. LaFave
Evan D. Peet
Duncan Thomas

Farm Profits, Prices and Household Behavior
w26615 M. Shahe Emran
Dilip Mookherjee
Forhad Shilpi
M. Helal Uddin

Credit Rationing and Pass-Through in Supply Chains: Theory and Evidence from Bangladesh
w26600 Dennis Egger
Johannes Haushofer
Edward Miguel
Paul Niehaus
Michael W. Walker

General Equilibrium Effects of Cash Transfers: Experimental Evidence from Kenya
w26594 Richard Hornbeck
Martin Rotemberg

Railroads, Reallocation, and the Rise of American Manufacturing
w26590 Michael Lokshin
Martin Ravallion

A Market for Work Permits
w26585 Li Gan
Qing He
Ruichao Si
Daichun Yi

Relocating or Redefined: A New Perspective on Urbanization in China
w26584 Joshua Angrist
Brigham Frandsen

Machine Labor
w26581 Jie Bai
Jiahua Liu

The Impact of Intranational Trade Barriers on Exports: Evidence from a Nationwide VAT Rebate Reform in China
w26577 Bryan S. Graham
Network Data
w26562 Karthik Muralidharan
Mauricio Romero
Kaspar Wüthrich

Factorial Designs, Model Selection, and (Incorrect) Inference in Randomized Experiments
w26554 Alexander Bick
Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln
David Lagakos
Hitoshi Tsujiyama

Why are Average Hours Worked Lower in Richer Countries?
w26542 Xuepeng Liu
Aaditya Mattoo
Zhi Wang
Shang-Jin Wei

Services Development and Comparative Advantage in Manufacturing
w26530 Zoë B. Cullen
Ricardo Perez-Truglia

The Old Boys' Club: Schmoozing and the Gender Gap
w26528 Kenneth Lee
Edward Miguel
Catherine Wolfram

Does Household Electrification Supercharge Economic Development?
w26526 Marius Brülhart
Klaus Desmet
Gian-Paolo Klinke

The Shrinking Advantage of Market Potential
w26520 Hui Chen
Zhuo Chen
Zhiguo He
Jinyu Liu
Rengming Xie

Pledgeability and Asset Prices: Evidence from the Chinese Corporate Bond Markets
w26511 Marcos Rangel
Duncan Thomas

Decision-Making in Complex Households
w26492 Xiaojia Bao
Sebastian Galiani
Kai Li
Cheryl Long

Where Have All the Children Gone? An Empirical Study of Child Abandonment and Abduction in China
w26463 Susan Athey
Raj Chetty
Guido W. Imbens
Hyunseung Kang

The Surrogate Index: Combining Short-Term Proxies to Estimate Long-Term Treatment Effects More Rapidly and Precisely
w26462 David Neumark
Luis Felipe Munguia Corella

Do Minimum Wages Reduce Employment in Developing Countries? A Survey and Exploration of Conflicting Evidence
w26460 Zachary Wagner
Somalee Banerjee
Manoj Mohanan
Neeraj Sood

Does The Market Reward Quality?: Evidence from India
w26446 Kenichi Ueda
Somnath Sharma

Listing Advantages Around the World
w26444 Allan Drazen
Anna Dreber Almenberg
Erkut Y. Ozbay
Erik Snowberg

A Journal-Based Replication of "Being Chosen to Lead"
w26422 Hao Bo
Sebastian Galiani

Assessing External Validity
w26420 Ran Abramitzky
Victor Lavy
Maayan Segev

The Effect of Changes in the Skill Premium on College Degree Attainment and the Choice of Major
w26414 William J. Collins
Ariell Zimran

Working Their Way Up? US Immigrants' Changing Labor Market Assimilation in the Age of Mass Migration
w26400 Kevin Lang
Kaiwen Leong
Huailu Li
Haibo Xu

Lending to the Unbanked: Relational Contracting with Loan Sharks
w26390 Gharad Bryan
Edward Glaeser
Nick Tsivanidis

Cities in the Developing World
w26388 Thomas Bossuroy
Clara Delavallade
Vincent Pons

Biometric Tracking, Healthcare Provision, and Data Quality: Experimental Evidence from Tuberculosis Control
w26359 Marek Kapička
Finn Kydland
Carlos Zarazaga

Exploring The Role of Limited Commitment Constraints in Argentina's "Missing Capital"
w26357 Dietmar Fehr
Günther Fink
Kelsey Jack

Poverty, Seasonal Scarcity and Exchange Asymmetries
w26346 Abhijit Banerjee
Emily Breza
Esther Duflo
Cynthia Kinnan

Can Microfinance Unlock a Poverty Trap for Some Entrepreneurs?
w26339 Martín Caruso
Sebastian Galiani
Federico Weinschelbaum

Poverty Alleviation Strategies Under Informality: Evidence for Latin America
w26331 Fernando M. Aragon Sanchez
Diego Restuccia
Juan Pablo Rud

Are Small Farms Really more Productive than Large Farms?
w26327 Javier Cravino
Andrei A. Levchenko
Marco Rojas

Population Aging and Structural Transformation
w26318 William Easterly
In Search of Reforms for Growth: New Stylized Facts on Policy and Growth Outcomes
w26313 Gaurav Khanna
Carlos Medina
Anant Nyshadham
Christian Posso
Jorge A. Tamayo

Job Loss, Credit and Crime in Colombia
w26304 Namrata Kala
The Impacts of Managerial Autonomy on Firm Outcomes
w26294 Erica M. Field
Rohini Pande
Natalia Rigol
Simone G. Schaner
Charity Troyer Moore

On Her Own Account: How Strengthening Women's Financial Control Affects Labor Supply and Gender Norms
w26293 Christopher Blattman
Horacio Larreguy
Benjamin Marx
Otis R. Reid

Eat Widely, Vote Wisely? Lessons from a Campaign Against Vote Buying in Uganda
w26286 Erwin Bulte
John A. List
Daan Van Soest

Toward an Understanding of the Welfare Effects of Nudges: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Uganda
w26283 Jie Bai
Ludovica Gazze
Yukun Wang

Collective Reputation in Trade: Evidence from the Chinese Dairy Industry
w26282 Clément de Chaisemartin
Luc Behaghel

Estimating the Effect of Treatments Allocated by Randomized Waiting Lists.
w26280 Rosangela Bando
Emma Näslund-Hadley
Paul Gertler

Effect of Inquiry and Problem Based Pedagogy on Learning: Evidence from 10 Field Experiments in Four Countries
w26273 Albert Bravo-Biosca
Experimental Innovation Policy
w26271 Conrad Miller
Jennifer Peck
Mehmet Seflek

Integration Costs and Missing Women in Firms
w26250 Fiona Burlig
Louis Preonas
Matt Woerman

Panel Data and Experimental Design
w26241 Raúl Duarte
Frederico Finan
Horacio Larreguy
Laura Schechter

Brokering Votes With Information Spread Via Social Networks
w26230 David Atkin
Amit Khandelwal

How Distortions Alter the Impacts of International Trade in Developing Countries
w26224 Abhijit Banerjee
Esther Duflo
Daniel Keniston
Nina Singh

The Efficient Deployment of Police Resources: Theory and New Evidence from a Randomized Drunk Driving Crackdown in India
w26211 Martin Ravallion
On Measuring Global Poverty
w26209 Mark Rosenzweig
Junsen Zhang

Housing Prices, Inter-generational Co-residence, and "Excess" Savings by the Young: Evidence using Chinese Data
w26208 Michael Carter
Rachid Laajaj
Dean Yang

Subsidies and the African Green Revolution: Direct Effects and Social Network Spillovers of Randomized Input Subsidies in Mozambique
w26205 Joshua S. Graff Zivin
Tong Liu
Yingquan Song
Qu Tang
Peng Zhang

The Unintended Impacts of Agricultural Fires: Human Capital in China
w26204 Abhijit Banerjee
Amy Finkelstein
Rema Hanna
Benjamin A. Olken
Arianna Ornaghi
Sudarno Sumarto

The Challenges of Universal Health Insurance in Developing Countries: Evidence from a Large-scale Randomized Experiment in Indonesia
w26203 Gaurav Khanna
Carlos Medina
Anant Nyshadham
Jorge A. Tamayo

Formal Employment and Organized Crime: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Colombia
w26191 Alison Andrew
Orazio Attanasio
Raquel Bernal
Lina Cardona Sosa
Sonya Krutikova
Marta Rubio-Codina

Preschool Quality and Child Development
w26190 Eric V. Edmonds
Caroline B. Theoharides

The Short Term Impact of a Productive Asset Transfer in Families with Child Labor: Experimental Evidence from the Philippines
w26185 Shing-Yi Wang
The Labor Supply Consequences of Having a Boy in China
w26161 Mariana Carrera
Heather Royer
Mark Stehr
Justin Sydnor
Dmitry Taubinsky

How are Preferences For Commitment Revealed?
w26150 M. Chatib Basri
Mayara Felix
Rema Hanna
Benjamin A. Olken

Tax Administration vs. Tax Rates: Evidence from Corporate Taxation in Indonesia
w26096 Abhijit Banerjee
Eliana La Ferrara
Victor H. Orozco-Olvera

The Entertaining Way to Behavioral Change: Fighting HIV with MTV
w26092 Erica M. Field
Leigh L. Linden
Ofer Malamud
Daniel Rubenson
Shing-Yi Wang

Does Vocational Education Work? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Mongolia
w26089 Mark R. Rosenzweig
Junsen Zhang

The Effects of Schooling on Costless Health Maintenance: Overweight Adolescents and Children in Rural China
w26082 Costas Meghir
Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak
Corina D. Mommaerts
Melanie Morten

Migration and Informal Insurance
w26075 Panle Jia Barwick
Myrto Kalouptsidi
Nahim Bin Zahur

China's Industrial Policy: an Empirical Evaluation
w26066 Kibrom A. Abay
Leah Bevis
Christopher B. Barrett

Measurement Error Mechanisms Matter: Agricultural Intensification with Farmer Misperceptions and Misreporting
w26065 Rute Martins Caeiro
From Learning to Doing: Diffusion of Agricultural Innovations in Guinea-Bissau
w26054 Joshua W. Deutschmann
Maya Duru
Kim Siegal
Emilia Tjernström

Can Smallholder Extension Transform African Agriculture?
w26052 Denise Hörner
Adrien Bouguen
Markus Frölich
Meike Wollni

The Effects of Decentralized and Video-based Extension on the Adoption of Integrated Soil Fertility Management - Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia
w26050 Sebastian Horn
Carmen M. Reinhart
Christoph Trebesch

China's Overseas Lending
w26045 Fo Kodjo Dzinyefa Aflagah
Tanguy Bernard
Angelino Viceisza

Cheap Talk and Coordination in the Lab and in the Field: Collective Commercialization in Senegal
w26035 Girum Abebe
Marcel Fafchamps
Michael Koelle
Simon Quinn

Learning Management Through Matching: A Field Experiment Using Mechanism Design
w26025 Dean Jolliffe
Juan Margitic
Martin Ravallion

Food Stamps and America's Poorest
w26023 Rafael De Hoyos
Orazio Attanasio
Costas Meghir

Targeting High School Scholarships to the Poor: The Impact of a Program in Mexico
w26021 Victor Lavy
Rigissa Megalokonomou

Persistency in Teachers' Grading Bias and Effects on Longer-Term Outcomes: University Admissions Exams and Choice of Field of Study
w26006 Harounan Kazianga
Leigh L. Linden
Ali Protik
Matthew Sloan

The Medium-Term Impacts of Girl-Friendly Schools: Seven-Year Evidence from School Construction in Burkina Faso
w25998 Pedro Bento
Diego Restuccia

The Role of Nonemployers in Business Dynamism and Aggregate Productivity
w25994 Nicholas Ingwersen
Harounan Kazianga
Leigh L. Linden
Arif Mamun
Ali Protik
Matthew Sloan

The Long-Term Impacts of Girl-Friendly Schools: Evidence from the BRIGHT School Construction Program in Burkina Faso
w25992 Federico Droller
Martin Fiszbein

Staple Products, Linkages, and Development: Evidence from Argentina
w25982 Andreas Menzel
Christopher Woodruff

Gender Wage Gaps and Worker Mobility: Evidence from the Garment Sector in Bangladesh
w25981 Guadalupe Bedoya
Aidan Coville
Johannes Haushofer
Mohammad Isaqzadeh
Jeremy P. Shapiro

No Household Left Behind: Afghanistan Targeting the Ultra Poor Impact Evaluation
w25980 Samuel Bazzi
Robert A. Blair
Christopher Blattman
Oeindrila Dube
Matthew Gudgeon
Richard Merton Peck

The Promise and Pitfalls of Conflict Prediction: Evidence from Colombia and Indonesia
w25979 Charles W. Calomiris
Mauricio Larrain
Sergio L. Schmukler
Tomas Williams

Search for Yield in Large International Corporate Bonds: Investor Behavior and Firm Responses
w25969 Snaebjorn Gunnsteinsson
Achyuta Adhvaryu
Parul Christian
Alain Labrique
Jonathan Sugimoto
Abu Ahmed Shamim
Keith P. West Jr

Protecting Infants from Natural Disasters: The Case of Vitamin A Supplementation and a Tornado in Bangladesh
w25967 David Card
Stefano DellaVigna
Patricia Funk
Nagore Iriberri

Are Referees and Editors in Economics Gender Neutral?
w25955 Sylvie Démurger
Eric A. Hanushek
Lei Zhang

Employer Learning and the Dynamics of Returns to Universities: Evidence from Chinese Elite Education during University Expansion
w25951 Tilman Graff
Spatial Inefficiencies in Africa's Trade Network
w25947 Debopam Bhattacharya
Pascaline Dupas
Shin Kanaya

Demand and Welfare Analysis in Discrete Choice Models with Social Interactions
w25941 Jonas Hjort
Diana Moreira
Gautam Rao
Juan Francisco Santini

How Research Affects Policy: Experimental Evidence from 2,150 Brazilian Municipalities
w25937 Achyuta Adhvaryu
Prashant Bharadwaj
James Fenske
Anant Nyshadham
Richard Stanley

Dust and Death: Evidence from the West African Harmattan
w25929 Orazio Attanasio
Matthew Bird
Lina Cardona-Sosa
Pablo Lavado

Freeing Financial Education via Tablets: Experimental Evidence from Colombia
w25921 Neeraj Kaushal
Mauro Lanati

International Student Mobility: Growth and Dispersion
w25920 Guido Friebel
Matthias Heinz
Mitchell Hoffman
Nick Zubanov

What Do Employee Referral Programs Do? Measuring the Direct and Overall Effects of a Management Practice
w25918 Sylvain Chassang
Christian Zehnder

Secure Survey Design in Organizations: Theory and Experiments
w25916 Brian Knight
Ana Tribin

Opposition Media, State Censorship, and Political Accountability: Evidence from Chavez's Venezuela
w25913 Edward L. Glaeser
Naomi Hausman

The Spatial Mismatch Between Innovation and Joblessness
w25904 Clément de Chaisemartin
Xavier D'Haultfoeuille

Two-way Fixed Effects Estimators with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
w25903 Isaac Mbiti
Mauricio Romero
Youdi Schipper

Designing Effective Teacher Performance Pay Programs: Experimental Evidence from Tanzania
w25901 Hanming Fang
Linke Hou
Mingxing Liu
Lixin Colin Xu
Pengfei Zhang

Factions, Local Accountability, and Long-Term Development: Theory and Evidence
w25894 Mark R. Rosenzweig
Christopher R. Udry

Assessing the Benefits of Long-Run Weather Forecasting for the Rural Poor: Farmer Investments and Worker Migration in a Dynamic Equilibrium Model
w25884 Karen Clay
Peter Juul Egedesø
Casper Worm Hansen
Peter Sandholt Jensen
Avery Calkins

Controlling Tuberculosis? Evidence from the First Community-Wide Health Experiment
w25880 Emily Breza
Supreet Kaur
Nandita Krishnaswamy

Propping Up the Wage Floor: Collective Labor Supply without Unions
w25871 Paula Bustos
Juan Manuel Castro-Vincenzi
Joan Monras
Jacopo Ponticelli

Industrialization without Innovation
w25866 Achyuta Adhvaryu
Teresa Molina
Anant Nyshadham

Expectations, Wage Hikes, and Worker Voice: Evidence from a Field Experiment
w25865 Achyuta Adhvaryu
Namrata Kala
Anant Nyshadham

Management and Shocks to Worker Productivity
w25852 Achyuta Adhvaryu
Anant Nyshadham
Jorge A. Tamayo

Managerial Quality and Productivity Dynamics
w25848 Omar Al-Ubaydli
John A. List
Dana Suskind

The Science of Using Science: Towards an Understanding of the Threats to Scaling Experiments
w25844 Maximilian W. Mueller
Joan Hamory Hicks
Jennifer Johnson-Hanks
Edward Miguel

The Illusion of Stable Preferences over Major Life Decisions
w25843 Michael Bailey
Drew M. Johnston
Theresa Kuchler
Johannes Stroebel
Arlene Wong

Peer Effects in Product Adoption
w25839 Chong-En Bai
Chang-Tai Hsieh
Zheng Michael Song

Special Deals with Chinese Characteristics
w25802 Uzma Afzal
Giovanna D'Adda
Marcel Fafchamps
Simon R. Quinn
Farah Said

Implicit and Explicit Commitment in Credit and Saving Contracts: A Field Experiment
w25789 Esther Delesalle
The Effect of the Universal Primary Education Program on Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Tanzania
w25788 Christopher Blattman
Stefan Dercon
Simon Franklin

Impacts of Industrial and Entrepreneurial Jobs on Youth: 5-year Experimental Evidence on Factory Job Offers and Cash Grants in Ethiopia
w25785 Ingvild Almås
Maximilian Auffhammer
Tessa Bold
Ian Bolliger
Aluma Dembo
Solomon M. Hsiang
Shuhei Kitamura
Edward Miguel
Robert Pickmans

Destructive Behavior, Judgment, and Economic Decision-making under Thermal Stress
w25780 Tasso Adamopoulos
Diego Restuccia

Land Reform and Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis with Micro Data
w25779 Marshall Burke
Vincent Tanutama

Climatic Constraints on Aggregate Economic Output
w25754 Wei Chen
Xilu Chen
Chang-Tai Hsieh
Zheng Song

A Forensic Examination of China's National Accounts
w25752 Brian Beach
W. Walker Hanlon

Censorship, Family Planning, and the Historical Fertility Transition
w25731 Johannes Haushofer
Anett John
Kate Orkin

Can Simple Psychological Interventions Increase Preventive Health Investment?
w25729 Nina Buchmann
Erica M. Field
Rachel Glennerster
Reshmaan N. Hussam

Throwing the Baby out with the Drinking Water: Unintended Consequences of Arsenic Mitigation Efforts in Bangladesh
w25728 Giovanni Peri
Akira Sasahara

The Impact of Global Warming on Rural-Urban Migrations: Evidence from Global Big Data
w25711 Ingvild Almås
Johannes Haushofer
Jeremy P. Shapiro

The Income Elasticity for Nutrition: Evidence from Unconditional Cash Transfers in Kenya
w25704 Sabrin A. Beg
Adrienne M. Lucas
Waqas Halim
Umar Saif

Beyond the Basics: Improving Post-Primary Content Delivery through Classroom Technology
w25694 Prachi Mishra
Nagpurnanand R. Prabhala
Raghuram G. Rajan

The Relationship Dilemma: Organizational Culture and the Adoption of Credit Scoring Technology in Indian Banking
w25693 David Atkin
Eve Colson-Sihra
Moses Shayo

How Do We Choose Our Identity? A Revealed Preference Approach Using Food Consumption
w25689 D. Mark Anderson
Daniel I. Rees
Tianyi Wang

The Phenomenon of Summer Diarrhea and its Waning, 1910-1930
w25687 Martin Ravallion
Is a Decentralized Right-to-Work Policy Feasible?
w25683 Samuel Bazzi
Arya Gaduh
Alexander D. Rothenberg
Maisy Wong

Unity in Diversity? How Intergroup Contact Can Foster Nation Building
w25678 Jonathan I. Dingel
Antonio Miscio
Donald R. Davis

Cities, Lights, and Skills in Developing Economies
w25675 Susan Athey
Mohsen Bayati
Guido Imbens
Zhaonan Qu

Ensemble Methods for Causal Effects in Panel Data Settings
w25669 Haseeb Ahmed
Benjamin W. Cowan

Mobile Money and Healthcare Use: Evidence from East Africa
w25665 Aminou Arouna
Jeffrey D. Michler
Jourdain C. Lokossou

Contract Farming and Rural Transformation: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Benin
w25660 Wyatt J. Brooks
Joseph P. Kaboski
Yao Amber Li
Wei Qian

Exploitation of Labor? Classical Monopsony Power and Labor's Share
w25640 Martin Ravallion
Ethnic Inequality and Poverty in Malaysia Since 1969
w25627 Johannes Haushofer
Charlotte Ringdal
Jeremy P. Shapiro
Xiao Yu Wang

Income Changes and Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from Unconditional Cash Transfers in Kenya
w25608 Manisha Shah
Bryce Millett Steinberg

The Right to Education Act: Trends in Enrollment, Test Scores, and School Quality
w25604 Prashant Bharadwaj
William Jack
Tavneet Suri

Fintech and Household Resilience to Shocks: Evidence from Digital Loans in Kenya
w25598 Abhijit Banerjee
Paul Niehaus
Tavneet Suri

Universal Basic Income in the Developing World
w25593 Arun G. Chandrasekhar
Victor Chernozhukov
Francesca Molinari
Paul Schrimpf

Best Linear Approximations to Set Identified Functions: With an Application to the Gender Wage Gap
w25589 Vivi Alatas
Arun G. Chandrasekhar
Markus Mobius
Benjamin A. Olken
Cindy Paladines

When Celebrities Speak: A Nationwide Twitter Experiment Promoting Vaccination In Indonesia
w25548 Jon Kleinberg
Jens Ludwig
Sendhil Mullainathan
Cass R. Sunstein

Discrimination In The Age Of Algorithms
w25547 Nicholas Ryan
Contract Enforcement and Productive Efficiency: Evidence from the Bidding and Renegotiation of Power Contracts in India
w25523 Timothy J. Kehoe
Carlos Gustavo Machicado
José Peres-Cajías

The Monetary and Fiscal History of Bolivia, 1960-2017
w25502 Anders Jensen
Employment Structure and the Rise of the Modern Tax System
w25501 Klenio Barbosa
Fernando V. Ferreira

Occupy Government: Democracy and the Dynamics of Personnel Decisions and Public Finances
w25499 Manoj Mohanan
Katherine Donato
Grant Miller
Yulya Truskinovsky
Marcos Vera-Hernández

Different Strokes for Different Folks: Experimental Evidence on the Effectiveness of Input and Output Incentive Contracts for Health Care Providers with Varying Skills
w25497 Abhijit Banerjee
Emily Breza
Arun G. Chandrasekhar
Markus Mobius

Naive Learning with Uninformed Agents
w25462 Gabriel Zucman
Global Wealth Inequality
w25456 Isaiah Andrews
Toru Kitagawa
Adam McCloskey

Inference on Winners
w25447 Jonathan I. Dingel
Kyle C. Meng
Solomon M. Hsiang

Spatial Correlation, Trade, and Inequality: Evidence from the Global Climate
w25440 Douglas Gollin
Christopher R. Udry

Heterogeneity, Measurement Error and Misallocation: Evidence from African Agriculture
w25437 Mengjia Ren
Lee G. Branstetter
Brian K. Kovak
Daniel E. Armanios
Jiahai Yuan

Why Has China Overinvested in Coal Power?
w25430 Stelios Michalopoulos
Melanie Meng Xue


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