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w27813 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Drew McNichols
Joseph J. Sabia

The Contagion Externality of a Superspreading Event: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and COVID-19
w27760 Amitabh Chandra
Courtney Coile
Corina Mommaerts

What Can Economics Say About Alzheimer's Disease?
w27753 Isaac Swensen ⓡ
Jason M. Lindo ⓡ
Krishna Regmi

Stable Income, Stable Family
w27741 Marina Azzimonti
Alessandra Fogli
Fabrizio Perri
Mark Ponder

Pandemic Control in ECON-EPI Networks
w27711 Christopher J. Cronin
Matthew P. Forsstrom
Nicholas W. Papageorge

What Good Are Treatment Effects without Treatment? Mental Health and the Reluctance to Use Talk Therapy
w27677 Cormac O'Dea
David Sturrock

Survival Pessimism and the Demand for Annuities
w27616 Rafael Lalive
Arvind Magesan
Stefan Staubli

The Impact of Social Security on Pension Claiming and Retirement: Active vs. Passive Decisions
w27608 M. Keith Chen
Judith A. Chevalier
Elisa F. Long

Nursing Home Staff Networks and COVID-19
w27602 Andreas Haller
Stefan Staubli
Josef Zweimüller

Designing Disability Insurance Reforms: Tightening Eligibility Rules or Reducing Benefits
w27600 Angus Deaton
Randomization in the Tropics Revisited: a Theme and Eleven Variations
w27581 Gordon B. Dahl
Matthew M. Knepper

Age Discrimination across the Business Cycle
w27578 Jason Abaluck
Mauricio M. Caceres Bravo
Peter Hull
Amanda Starc

Mortality Effects and Choice Across Private Health Insurance Plans
w27575 Jacob Goldin
Tatiana Homonoff
Richard W. Patterson
William L. Skimmyhorn

How Much to Save? Decision Costs and Retirement Plan Participation
w27573 Mathias Kronlund
Veronika K. Pool
Clemens Sialm
Irina Stefanescu

Out of Sight No More? The Effect of Fee Disclosures on 401(k) Investment Allocations
w27563 Leila Agha
Soomi Kim
Danielle Li

Insurance Design and Pharmaceutical Innovation
w27534 Jonathan Gruber
Ohto Kanninen
Terhi Ravaska

Relabeling, Retirement and Regret
w27523 Anna Aizer
Shari Eli
Adriana Lleras-Muney

The Incentive Effects of Cash Transfers to the Poor
w27522 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Drew McNichols
Connor Redpath
Joseph J. Sabia

Risk Aversion, Offsetting Community Effects, and COVID-19: Evidence from an Indoor Political Rally
w27518 Axel H. Börsch-Supan
Johannes Rausch
Nicolas Goll

Social Security Reforms and the Changing Retirement Behavior in Germany
w27514 Adriana Lleras-Muney
Joseph Price
Dahai Yue

The Association Between Educational Attainment and Longevity using Individual Level Data from the 1940 Census
w27509 Gordon Dahl
Claus Thustrup Kreiner
Torben Heien Nielsen
Benjamin Ly Serena

Linking Changes in Inequality in Life Expectancy and Mortality: Evidence from Denmark and the United States
w27508 Devon Gorry
Kyung Min Lee
Sita Slavov

Does the Actuarial Adjustment for Pension Delay Affect Retirement and Claiming Decisions?
w27505 Tatyana Deryugina
Jonathan Gruber
Adrienne Sabety

Natural Disasters and Elective Medical Services: How Big is the Bounce-Back?
w27490 Toren L. Fronsdal
Jay Bhattacharya
Suzanne Tamang

Variation in Health Care Prices Across Public and Private Payers
w27467 Jason Abaluck
Leila Agha
David C. Chan Jr
Daniel Singer
Diana Zhu

Mastering the Art of Cookbook Medicine: Machine Learning, Randomized Trials, and Misallocation
w27459 John Beshears
James J. Choi
Christopher Clayton
Christopher Harris
David Laibson
Brigitte C. Madrian

Optimal Illiquidity
w27458 Joseph J. Doyle Jr.
Physician Characteristics and Patient Survival: Evidence from Physician Availability
w27457 Ned Augenblick
Jonathan T. Kolstad
Ziad Obermeyer
Ao Wang

Group Testing in a Pandemic: The Role of Frequent Testing, Correlated Risk, and Machine Learning
w27450 Ian Burn
Patrick Button
Theodore F. Figinski
Joanne Song McLaughlin

Why Retirement, Social Security, and Age Discrimination Policies Need to Consider the Intersectional Experiences of Older Women
w27448 Truc Thi Mai Bui
Patrick Button
Elyce G. Picciotti

Early Evidence on the Impact of COVID-19 and the Recession on Older Workers
w27438 David Blanchett
Michael S. Finke
Jonathan Reuter

Portfolio Delegation and 401(k) Plan Participant Responses to COVID-19
w27378 Nicholas W. Papageorge
Matthew V. Zahn
Michèle Belot
Eline van den Broek-Altenburg
Syngjoo Choi
Julian C. Jamison
Egon Tripodi

Socio-Demographic Factors Associated with Self-Protecting Behavior during the Covid-19 Pandemic
w27357 Tatyana Deryugina
Nolan H. Miller
David Molitor
Julian Reif

Geographic and Socioeconomic Heterogeneity in the Benefits of Reducing Air Pollution in the United States
w27348 Richard Blundell
Margherita Borella
Jeanne Commault
Mariacristina De Nardi

Why Does Consumption Fluctuate in Old Age and How Should the Government Insure It?
w27329 Klaus Desmet
Romain Wacziarg

Understanding Spatial Variation in COVID-19 across the United States
w27328 Edward N. Wolff
Taxes and the Revaluation of Household Wealth
w27322 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Drew McNichols
Joseph J. Sabia

Did the Wisconsin Supreme Court Restart a COVID-19 Epidemic? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
w27289 Michael Barnett
Greg Buchak
Constantine Yannelis

Epidemic Responses Under Uncertainty
w27261 Olivia S. Mitchell
Building Better Retirement Systems in the Wake of the Global Pandemic
w27251 Joshua D. Rauh
Irina Stefanescu
Stephen P. Zeldes

Cost Saving and the Freezing of Corporate Pension Plans
w27229 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Joseph J. Sabia
Samuel Safford

Were Urban Cowboys Enough to Control COVID-19? Local Shelter-in-Place Orders and Coronavirus Case Growth
w27225 Bruce I. Carlin
Tarik Umar
Hanyi Yi

w27223 Liran Einav
Amy Finkelstein
Yunan Ji
Neale Mahoney

Voluntary Regulation: Evidence from Medicare Payment Reform
w27190 Manasi Deshpande
Itzik Fadlon
Colin Gray

How Sticky is Retirement Behavior in the U.S.? Responses to Changes in the Full Retirement Age
w27164 David Altig
Alan J. Auerbach
Laurence J. Kotlikoff
Elias Ilin
Victor Ye

Marginal Net Taxation of Americans' Labor Supply
w27141 Olivier Coibion
Yuriy Gorodnichenko
Michael Weber

The Cost of the Covid-19 Crisis: Lockdowns, Macroeconomic Expectations, and Consumer Spending
w27138 Martin Andersen
Johanna Catherine Maclean
Michael F. Pesko
Kosali I. Simon

Effect of a Federal Paid Sick Leave Mandate on Working and Staying at Home: Evidence from Cellular Device Data
w27123 William G. Gale
Hilary Gelfond
Jason J. Fichtner
Benjamin H. Harris

The Wealth of Generations, With Special Attention to the Millennials
w27110 John Sabelhaus
Alice Henriques Volz

Social Security Wealth, Inequality, and Lifecycle Saving
w27091 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Joseph J. Sabia

When Do Shelter-in-Place Orders Fight COVID-19 Best? Policy Heterogeneity Across States and Adoption Time
w27057 Tim Kaiser
Annamaria Lusardi
Lukas Menkhoff
Carly J. Urban

Financial Education Affects Financial Knowledge and Downstream Behaviors
w27047 Dirk Krueger
Harald Uhlig
Taojun Xie

Macroeconomic Dynamics and Reallocation in an Epidemic
w27046 Andrew Glover
Jonathan Heathcote
Dirk Krueger
José-Víctor Ríos-Rull

Health versus Wealth: On the Distributional Effects of Controlling a Pandemic
w27043 Joshua R. Goldstein
Ronald D. Lee

Demographic Perspectives on Mortality of Covid-19 and Other Epidemics
w27038 Jonathan Gruber
Benjamin R. Handel
Samuel H. Kina
Jonathan T. Kolstad

Managing Intelligence: Skilled Experts and AI in Markets for Complex Products
w27017 Olivier Coibion
Yuriy Gorodnichenko
Michael Weber

Labor Markets During the COVID-19 Crisis: A Preliminary View
w26992 Andrew I. Friedson
Drew McNichols
Joseph J. Sabia
Dhaval Dave

Did California's Shelter-in-Place Order Work? Early Coronavirus-Related Public Health Effects
w26988 David Powell
Rosalie Liccardo Pacula

The Evolving Consequences of OxyContin Reformulation on Drug Overdoses
w26986 Luigi Ventura
Charles Yuji Horioka

The Wealth Decumulation Behavior of the Retired Elderly in Italy: The Importance of Bequest Motives and Precautionary Saving
w26973 Christopher Busch
Dirk Krueger
Alexander Ludwig
Irina Popova
Zainab Iftikhar

Should Germany Have Built a New Wall? Macroeconomic Lessons from the 2015-18 Refugee Wave
w26888 David G. Blanchflower
Carol L. Graham

The Mid-Life Dip in Well-Being: Economists (Who Find It) Versus Psychologists (Who Don't)!
w26876 Raquel Fonseca
François Langot
Pierre-Carl Michaud
Thepthida Sopraseuth

Understanding Cross-country Differences in Health Status and Expenditures
w26849 Jason Abaluck
Giovanni Compiani

A Method to Estimate Discrete Choice Models that is Robust to Consumer Search
w26836 Robert Kaestner
Cuiping Schiman
Jason M. Ward

Education and Health Over the Life Cycle
w26832 Johanna Catherine Maclean
Stefan Pichler
Nicolas R. Ziebarth

Mandated Sick Pay: Coverage, Utilization, and Welfare Effects
w26818 Christine Laudenbach
Ulrike Malmendier
Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi

The Long-lasting Effects of Living under Communism on Attitudes towards Financial Markets
w26784 Jason S. Scott
John B. Shoven
Sita N. Slavov
John G. Watson

Can Low Retirement Savings Be Rationalized?
w26735 Emilia Simeonova
Niels Skipper
Peter R. Thingholm

Physician Health Management Skills and Patient Outcomes
w26715 Janet Currie
Henrik Kleven
Esmée Zwiers

Technology and Big Data Are Changing Economics: Mining Text to Track Methods
w26700 Mattia Landoni
Stephen P. Zeldes

Should the Government be Paying Investment Fees on $3 Trillion of Tax-Deferred Retirement Assets?
w26696 Alexander M. Gelber
Damon Jones
Daniel W. Sacks
Jae Song

The Employment Effects of the Social Security Earnings Test
w26694 Raven Molloy
Christopher Smith
Abigail K. Wozniak

Changing Stability in U.S. Employment Relationships: A Tale of Two Tails
w26684 Olivia S. Mitchell
Stephen Utkus

Target Date Funds and Portfolio Choice in 401(k) Plans
w26679 Jeffrey Clemens
Parker Rogers

Demand Shocks, Procurement Policies, and the Nature of Medical Innovation: Evidence from Wartime Prosthetic Device Patents
w26640 Youssef Benzarti
Jarkko Harju

Using Payroll Tax Variation to Unpack the Black Box of Firm-Level Production
w26638 Hannes Schwandt
Till M. von Wachter

Socioeconomic Decline and Death: Midlife Impacts of Graduating in a Recession
w26635 Corina Boar
Dynastic Precautionary Savings
w26633 Robert L. Clark
Beth M. Ritter

How Are Employers Responding to an Aging Workforce?
w26623 David Neumark
Age Discrimination in Hiring: Evidence from Age-Blind vs. Non-Age-Blind Hiring Procedures
w26621 Charles Yuji Horioka
Emin Gahramanov
Aziz Hayat
Xueli Tang

The Impact of Bequest Motives on Retirement Behavior in Japan: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
w26618 Janet Currie
David Slusky

Does the Marginal Hospitalization Save Lives? The Case of Respiratory Admissions for the Elderly
w26612 Katharine G. Abraham
Brad Hershbein
Susan Houseman

Contract Work at Older Ages
w26597 Steven G. Allen
Demand for Older Workers: What Do Economists Think? What Are Firms Doing?
w26552 Ian Burn
Patrick Button
Luis Felipe Munguia Corella
David Neumark

Older Workers Need Not Apply? Ageist Language in Job Ads and Age Discrimination in Hiring
w26533 Jacob Goldin
Ithai Z. Lurie
Janet McCubbin

Health Insurance and Mortality: Experimental Evidence from Taxpayer Outreach
w26503 Thomas F. Cooley
Espen Henriksen
Charlie Nusbaum

Demographic Obstacles to European Growth
w26498 John Beshears
James J. Choi
Mark Iwry
David John
David Laibson
Brigitte C. Madrian

Building Emergency Savings Through Employer-Sponsored Rainy-day Savings Accounts
w26472 Mark Shepard
Katherine Baicker
Jonathan S. Skinner

Does One Medicare Fit All? The Economics of Uniform Health Insurance Benefits
w26467 David C. Chan Jr
Matthew Gentzkow
Chuan Yu

Selection with Variation in Diagnostic Skill: Evidence from Radiologists
w26463 Susan Athey
Raj Chetty
Guido W. Imbens
Hyunseung Kang

The Surrogate Index: Combining Short-Term Proxies to Estimate Long-Term Treatment Effects More Rapidly and Precisely
w26437 Vanya Horneff
Raimond Maurer
Olivia S. Mitchell

How Would 401(k) 'Rothification' Alter Saving, Retirement Security, and Inequality?
w26406 Vanya Horneff
Daniel Liebler
Raimond Maurer
Olivia S. Mitchell

Implications of Money-Back Guarantees for Individual Retirement Accounts: Protection Then and Now
w26403 J. Michael McWilliams
Laura A. Hatfield
Bruce E. Landon
Michael E. Chernew

Spending Reductions in the Medicare Shared Savings Program: Selection or Savings?
w26379 Alicia H. Munnell
Geoffrey T. Sanzenbacher
Abigail N. Walters

How do Older Workers use Nontraditional Jobs?
w26352 Hitoshi Shigeoka
Long-Term Consequences of Growing up in a Recession on Risk Preferences
w26338 Leila Agha
Dan Zeltzer

Drug Diffusion Through Peer Networks: The Influence of Industry Payments
w26337 Guillermo Ordoñez
Facundo Piguillem

Retirement in the Shadow (Banking)
w26332 Péter Hudomiet
Michael D. Hurd
Andrew Parker
Susann Rohwedder

The Effects of Job Characteristics on Retirement
w26327 Javier Cravino
Andrei A. Levchenko
Marco Rojas

Population Aging and Structural Transformation
w26292 Rebecca Mary Myerson
Reginald Tucker-Seeley
Dana Goldman
Darius N. Lakdawalla

Does Medicare Coverage Improve Cancer Detection and Mortality Outcomes?
w26288 Michael Geruso
Timothy J. Layton
Grace McCormack
Mark Shepard

The Two Margin Problem in Insurance Markets
w26285 Gastón Illanes
Manisha Padi

Retirement Policy and Annuity Market Equilibria: Evidence from Chile
w26272 Robert L. Clark
Robert G. Hammond
Siyan Liu

Work after Retirement: Worklife Transitions of Career Public Employess
w26269 Itzik Fadlon
Jessica N. Van Parys

Primary Care Physician Practice Styles and Patient Care: Evidence from Physician Exits in Medicare
w26263 Robert L. Clark
Denis Pelletier

Does Automatic Enrollment Increase Contributions to Supplement Retirement Programs by K-12 and University Employees?
w26237 Francesco D’Acunto
Ulrike Malmendier
Juan Ospina
Michael Weber

Exposure to Daily Price Changes and Inflation Expectations
w26234 Robert L. Clark
Denis Pelletier

Impact of Defaults in Retirement Saving Plans: Public Employee Plans
w26176 Anya Samek
Arie Kapteyn
Andre Gray

Using Vignettes to Improve Understanding of Social Security and Annuities
w26168 Sendhil Mullainathan
Ziad Obermeyer

A Machine Learning Approach to Low-Value Health Care: Wasted Tests, Missed Heart Attacks and Mis-Predictions
w26162 Liran Einav
Amy Finkelstein
Tamar Oostrom
Abigail J. Ostriker
Heidi L. Williams

Screening and Selection: The Case of Mammograms
w26161 Mariana Carrera
Heather Royer
Mark Stehr
Justin Sydnor
Dmitry Taubinsky

How are Preferences For Commitment Revealed?
w26144 Nathaniel Hendren
Ben Sprung-Keyser

A Unified Welfare Analysis of Government Policies
w26128 M. Martin Boyer
Philippe d'Astous
Pierre-Carl Michaud

Tax-Sheltered Retirement Accounts: Can Financial Education Improve Decisions?
w26125 Pamela Giustinelli
Charles F. Manski
Francesca Molinari

Precise or Imprecise Probabilities? Evidence from Survey Response on Late-onset Dementia
w26118 Faical Akaichi
Joan Costa-Font
Richard Frank

Uninsured by Choice? A Choice Experiment on Long Term Care Insurance
w26087 Pamela Giustinelli
Matthew D. Shapiro

SeaTE: Subjective ex ante Treatment Effect of Health on Retirement
w26078 Gopi Shah Goda
Matthew R. Levy
Colleen Flaherty Manchester
Aaron Sojourner
Joshua Tasoff

Who is a Passive Saver Under Opt-In and Auto-Enrollment?
w26058 Darius N. Lakdawalla
Charles E. Phelps

Evaluation of Medical Technologies with Uncertain Benefits
w26042 Timothy J. Layton
Nicole Maestas
Daniel Prinz
Boris Vabson

Private vs. Public Provision of Social Insurance: Evidence from Medicaid
w26038 Michael D. Frakes
Jonathan Gruber
Anupam Jena

Is Great Information Good Enough? Evidence from Physicians as Patients
w26036 Leandro Carvalho
Dan Silverman

Complexity and Sophistication
w25985 Michael J. Boskin
Diego J. Perez
Daniel S. Bennett

The Political Economy of Social Security Reform
w25976 Kate Bundorf
Maria Polyakova
Ming Tai-Seale

How do Humans Interact with Algorithms? Experimental Evidence from Health Insurance
w25975 Amy Finkelstein
Matthew Gentzkow
Heidi L. Williams

Place-Based Drivers of Mortality: Evidence from Migration
w25944 Miguel Sánchez-Romero
Ronald D. Lee
Alexia Prskawetz

Redistributive Effects of Different Pension Systems When Longevity Varies by Socioeconomic Status
w25940 Portia Y. Cornell
David C. Grabowski
Edward C. Norton
Momotazur Rahman

Do Report Cards Predict Future Quality? The Case of Skilled Nursing Facilities
w25936 Johanna Catherine Maclean
Sebastian Tello-Trillo
Douglas Webber

Losing insurance and behavioral health inpatient care: Evidence from a large-scale Medicaid disenrollment
w25932 Jonathan Gruber
Benjamin D. Sommers

The Affordable Care Act's Effects on Patients, Providers and the Economy: What We've Learned So Far
w25930 Richard K. Crump
Stefano Eusepi
Marc Giannoni
Ayşegül Şahin

A Unified Approach to Measuring u*
w25904 Clément de Chaisemartin
Xavier D'Haultfoeuille

Two-way Fixed Effects Estimators with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
w25898 Silvia H. Barcellos
Leandro S. Carvalho
Patrick Turley

Distributional Effects of Education on Health
w25889 James J. Heckman
Ganesh Karapakula

Intergenerational and Intragenerational Externalities of the Perry Preschool Project
w25888 James J. Heckman
Ganesh Karapakula

The Perry Preschoolers at Late Midlife: A Study in Design-Specific Inference
w25876 John Beshears
James J. Choi
David Laibson
Brigitte C. Madrian
William L. Skimmyhorn

Borrowing to Save? The Impact of Automatic Enrollment on Debt
w25870 Olesya Fomenko
Jonathan Gruber

Reclassification to Avoid Consumer Cost-Sharing in Group Health Plans
w25850 Patrick Button
Population Aging, Age Discrimination, and Age Discrimination Protections at the 50th Anniversary of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act
w25846 Shari Eli
Trevon D. Logan
Boriana Miloucheva

Physician Bias and Racial Disparities in Health: Evidence from Veterans' Pensions
w25842 Hunt Allcott
Benjamin Lockwood
Dmitry Taubinsky

Should We Tax Sugar-Sweetened Beverages? An Overview of Theory and Evidence
w25841 Hunt Allcott
Benjamin Lockwood
Dmitry Taubinsky

Regressive Sin Taxes, With an Application to the Optimal Soda Tax
w25750 Hugh Hoikwang Kim
Raimond Maurer
Olivia S. Mitchell

How Cognitive Ability and Financial Literacy Shape the Demand for Financial Advice at Older Ages
w25738 Bruce D. Meyer
Nikolas Mittag

Combining Administrative and Survey Data to Improve Income Measurement
w25737 Bruce D. Meyer
Nikolas Mittag

An Empirical Total Survey Error Decomposition Using Data Combination
w25733 Didier Blanchet
Antoine Bozio
Simon Rabaté
Muriel Roger

Workers' Employment Rates and Pension Reforms in France: the Role of Implicit Labor Taxation
w25718 Paul D. Adams
Stefan Hunt
Christopher Palmer
Redis Zaliauskas

Testing the Effectiveness of Consumer Financial Disclosure: Experimental Evidence from Savings Accounts
w25681 Janjala Chirakijja
Seema Jayachandran
Pinchuan Ong

Inexpensive Heating Reduces Winter Mortality
w25671 Amanda E. Kowalski
Counting Defiers
w25670 Amanda E. Kowalski
A Model of a Randomized Experiment with an Application to the PROWESS Clinical Trial
w25652 Michael P. Keane
Jonathan D. Ketcham
Nicolai V. Kuminoff
Timothy Neal

Evaluating Consumers' Choices of Medicare Part D Plans: A Study in Behavioral Welfare Economics
w25642 Manasi Deshpande
Tal Gross
Yalun Su

Disability and Distress: The Effect of Disability Programs on Financial Outcomes
w25637 Luigi Butera
Robert Metcalfe
William Morrison
Dmitry Taubinsky

Measuring the Welfare Effects of Shame and Pride
w25632 Johanna Catherine Maclean
John Buckell
Joachim Marti

Information Source and Cigarettes: Experimental Evidence on the Messenger Effect
w25618 Yiqun Chen
Petra Persson
Maria Polyakova

The Roots of Health Inequality and The Value of Intra-Family Expertise
w25607 Nikhil Agarwal
Itai Ashlagi
Michael A. Rees
Paulo J. Somaini
Daniel C. Waldinger

Equilibrium Allocations under Alternative Waitlist Designs: Evidence from Deceased Donor Kidneys
w25601 Christian Dippel
Political Parties Do Matter in U.S. Cities ... For Their Unfunded Pensions
w25586 Itzik Fadlon
Shanthi P. Ramnath
Patricia K. Tong

Market Inefficiency and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Social Security's Survivors Benefits
w25572 Robert L. Clark
Steven Nyce
Beth Ritter
John B. Shoven

Employer Concerns and Responses to an Aging Workforce
w25564 Philip Armour
Claire O’Hanlon

How Does Supplemental Medicare Coverage Affect the Disabled Under-65 Population?: An Exploratory Analysis of the Health Effects of States' Medigap Policies for SSDI Beneficiaries
w25561 Kanin Anantanasuwong
Roy Kouwenberg
Olivia S. Mitchell
Kim Peijnenberg

Ambiguity Attitudes about Investments: Evidence from the Field
w25556 Jason Scott
John B. Shoven
Sita Slavov
John G. Watson

Retirement Implications of a Low Wage Growth, Low Real Interest Rate Economy
w25540 Victor Stango
Jonathan Zinman

We are all Behavioral, More or Less: Measuring and Using Consumer-level Behavioral Sufficient Statistics
w25526 Su H. Shin
Dean R. Lillard
Jay Bhattacharya

Understanding the Correlation between Alzheimer's Disease Polygenic Risk, Wealth, and the Composition of Wealth Holdings
w25518 Mary J. Lopez
Sita Slavov

Do Immigrants Delay Retirement and Social Security Claiming?
w25498 Finn Kydland
Nick Pretnar

The Costs and Benefits of Caring: Aggregate Burdens of an Aging Population
w25496 Francesco D’Acunto
Daniel Hoang
Maritta Paloviita
Michael Weber

IQ, Expectations, and Choice
w25492 Simon Jäger
Benjamin Schoefer
Josef Zweimüller

Marginal Jobs and Job Surplus: A Test of the Efficiency of Separations
w25491 Katja Hanewald
Hazel Bateman
Hanming Fang
Shang Wu

Is There a Demand for Reverse Mortgages in China? Evidence from Two Online Surveys
w25483 Frank R. Lichtenberg
How Many Life-Years Have New Drugs Saved? A 3-Way Fixed-Effects Analysis of 66 Diseases in 27 Countries, 2000-2013
w25480 Dora Costa
Noelle Yetter
Heather DeSomer

Wartime Health Shocks and the Postwar Socioeconomic Status and Mortality of Union Army Veterans and their Children
w25473 John Beshears
James J. Choi
David Laibson
Brigitte C. Madrian

Active Choice, Implicit Defaults, and the Incentive to Choose
w25436 Leslie E. Papke
Retirement Choices by State and Local Public Sector Employees: The Role of Eligibility and Financial Incentives

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