Using NX for GUI access to NBER computers

Full screen access to the NBER servers is via X-Windows, using either a standard X-server, or the newer NX protocol, which offers better performance. These instructions have been tested with nomachine_4.0.360_1.exe. Our servers will also work with the OpenNX client.

Installing NX

  1. Do not do this ==> Latest Nomachine (6.x) does not work with public nomachine ssh login. Download the client from:
    Explanation is at
    Do this ==> Download and install older Nomachine 5.1.26 client from:
    Windows Client:
    MacOS Client:
  2. Start up nomachine (nomachine...exe) and read and click through the boilerplate. Restart your computer.
  3. Login and select the Red NoMachine icon on the desktop. Read and click through the tutorial instructions.
  4. You will be put on a page of Recent connections (obviously there are no recent connectsion yet). You will see a tab with a looking glass. Next to it is lightning icon. To the right of this you see a icon with a computer monitor and a plus sign. Select this to add an NBER server such as "" as a host computer.
  5. Now you are in the "Create a connection" window. For "Name" enter a name you want the connection to be named, e.g. "nber4" Select the drop down for Protocol to pick "ssh" (not NX) You will notice the port will change from 4000 to 22. For "Host" enter an NBER computer hostname, e.g. "" Select "Continue" (blue box on right bottom).
  6. On the next window, click on "Edit" (blue box) Click on the Advanced (blue box at bottom left) For How do you want to authenticate on the host? Select "Use the NoMachine login" Select "Continue" (blue box on right bottom)
  7. Select "Connect" Since these are all ssh connections, ssh will expect a host key for every host. So the first time you connect you will see a warning message "The authenticity of host ... can't be established. The RSA key fingerprint ....." Please accept the key and continue. You will not be prompted with the warning again unless the host IP address is changed.
  8. You will be put in a window, where you will be asked for username and password. Select "Ok", then "New virtual destop or custom session". Then choose "Create a new GNOME virtual desktop" and "Continue.
  9. On the next window, you will be able to change resolution settings. At the bottom, are 6 boxes. Choose the rightmost (a rectangle with a circle at bottom right corner)
  10. Next is a screen for "Display settings". A setting we prefer has Quality to right and the resolution to the left. Feel free to explore other options.
  11. Select "Done", then "OK" several times.

These settings are saved, so you do not have to go over them again. To log in, select the red NoMachine icon on the desktop, and follow the prompts. You can add more servers with the "Configure" button on the login screen.


Does another NBER server work better? Otherwise, contact Mohan Ramanujan or other IT staff.

Last update 20 June 2014