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April 2014Financial Health Economics
with Ralph Koijen, Harald Uhlig: w20075
August 2013International Health Economics
with Mark Egan: w19280
May 2013Adjusting National Accounting for Health: Is the Business Cycle Countercyclical?
with Mark L. Egan, Casey B. Mulligan: w19058
April 2013Economic Analysis of Risk and Uncertainty induced by Health Shocks: A Review and Extension
with George Zanjani: w19005
November 2012Public Liabilities and Health Care Policy
with Kristopher J. Hult: w18571
May 2011Can Medical Progress be Sustained? Implications of the Link Between Development and Output Markets
with Anup Malani: w17011
January 2010Terminal Care and The Value of Life Near Its End
with Gary Becker, Dana Goldman, Kevin M. Murphy: w15649
The Impact of Comparative Effectiveness Research on Health and Health Care Spending
with Anirban Basu: w15633
December 2009The Effects of Product Liability Exemption in the Presence of the FDA
with Eric C. Sun, Dana Goldman: w15603
An Economic Evaluation of the War on Cancer
with Eric C. Sun, Anupam B. Jena, Darius N. Lakdawalla, Carolina M. Reyes, Dana P. Goldman: w15574
June 2009Endogenous Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health Care Technology Adoption
with Anupam Jena: w15032
July 2008The Value of Life in General Equilibrium
with Anupam Jena, Casey Mulligan, Eric Sun: w14157
May 2008Is the Obesity Epidemic a Public Health Problem? A Decade of Research on the Economics of Obesity
with Richard Posner: w14010
October 2007Is the Food and Drug Administration Safe and Effective?
with Eric Sun: w13561
August 2007The Value of Life Near its End and Terminal Care
with Gary Becker, Kevin Murphy: w13333
January 2007Integrated Insurance Design in the Presence of Multiple Medical Technologies
with Dana Goldman: w12870
October 2006Intellectual Property and Marketing
with Darius Lakdawalla, Y. Richard Wang: w12577
April 2006Antitrust in the Not-For-Profit Sector
with Richard A. Posner: w12132
February 2006Surplus Appropriation from R&D and Health Care Technology Assessment Procedures
with Anupam B. Jena: w12016
January 2006Health Care, Technological Change, and Altruistic Consumption Externalities
with Stephane Mechoulan, Anupam Jena: w11930
December 2005Who Benefits from New Medical Technologies? Estimates of Consumer and Producer Surpluses for HIV/AIDS Drugs
with Anupam B. Jena: w11810
October 2005Assessing the Safety and Efficacy of the FDA: The Case of the Prescription Drug User Fee Acts
with Ernst R. Berndt, Adrian H. B. Gottschalk, Matthew W. Strobeck: w11724
October 2004Assessing the Impacts of the Prescription Drug User Fee Acts (PDUFA) on the FDA Approval Process
with Ernst R. Berndt, Adrian H. B. Gottschalk, Matthew W. Strobeck: w10822
June 2003The Quantity and Quality of Life and the Evolution of World Inequality
with Gary S. Becker, Rodrigo R. Soares: w9765
April 2003Intellectual Property & External Consumption Effects: Generalizations from Pharmaceutical Markets
with Stephane Mechoulan: w9598
November 2002The Dual Effects of Intellectual Property Regulations: Within- and Between- Patent Competition in the US Pharmaceuticals Industry
with Frank R. Lichtenberg: w9303
May 2002The Growth of Obesity and Technological Change: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination
with Darius Lakdawalla: w8946
February 2001Antitrust and the Not-For-Profit Sector
with Richard A. Posner: w8126
May 2000Merit Motives and Government Intervention: Public Finance in Reverse
with Casey B. Mulligan: w7698
January 2000External Treatment Effects and Program Implementation Bias
November 1999The Long-Run Growth in Obesity as a Function of Technological Change
with Richard A. Posner: w7423
March 1999Economic Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases
February 1999Aging and the Growth of Long-Term Care
with Darius Lakdawalla: w6980
May 1998The Rise in Old Age Longevity and the Market for Long-Term Care
with Darius Lakdawalla: w6547
January 1998Nonprofit Production and Competition
with Darius Lakdawalla: w6377
October 1997Consumption vs. Production of Insurance
with George Zanjani: w6225
May 1997The Future of Old-Age Longevity: Competitive Pricing of Mortality Contingent Claims
with Charles Mullin: w6042
February 1997Observational Agency and Supply-Side Econometrics
September 1996Mortality Contingent Claims, Health Care, and Social Insurance
with Gary S. Becker: w5760
July 1996An Empirical Examination of Information Barriers to Trade in Insurance
with John Cawley: w5669
August 1995Disease Complementarities and the Evaluation of Public Health Interventions
with William H. Dow, Jessica Holmes, Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w5216

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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