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December 2013The Nature and Incidence of Software Piracy: Evidence from Windows
with Susan Athey: w19755
October 2013Contracting Over the Disclosure of Scientific Knowledge: Intellectual Property and Academic Publication
with Joshua S. Gans, Fiona E. Murray: w19560
July 2012Clusters, Convergence, and Economic Performance
with Mercedes Delgado, Michael E. Porter: w18250
The Determinants of National Competitiveness
with Mercedes Delgado, Christian Ketels, Michael E. Porter: w18249
March 2009Of Mice and Academics: Examining the Effect of Openness on Innovation
with Fiona Murray, Philippe Aghion, Mathias Dewatripont, Julian Kolev: w14819
July 2007Complementarity Among Vertical Integration Decisions: Evidence from Automobile Product Development
with Sharon Novak: w13232
The Impact of Uncertain Intellectual Property Rights on the Market For Ideas: Evidence From Patent Grant Delays
with Joshua S. Gans, David H. Hsu: w13234
How Does Outsourcing Affect Performance Dynamics? Evidence from the Automobile Industry
with Sharon Novak: w13235
September 2006Climbing Atop the Shoulders of Giants: The Impact of Institutions on Cumulative Research
with Jeffrey L. Furman: w12523
July 2005Do Formal Intellectual Property Rights Hinder the Free Flow of Scientific Knowledge? An Empirical Test of the Anti-Commons Hypothesis
with Fiona Murray: w11465
June 2002Are All Patent Examiners Equal? The Impact of Examiner Characteristics
with Iain M. Cockburn, Samuel Kortum: w8980
September 2000The Determinants of National Innovative Capacity
with Michael E. Porter, Jeffrey L. Furman: w7876
When Does Funding Research by Smaller Firms Bear Fruit?: Evidence from the SBIR Program
with Joshua S. Gans: w7877
The Impact of Information Technology on Emergency Health Care Outcomes
with Susan Athey: w7887
Measuring the "Ideas" Production Function: Evidence from International Patent Output
with Michael E. Porter: w7891
August 2000When Does Start-Up Innovation Spur the Gale of Creative Destruction?
with Joshua S. Gans, David H. Hsu: w7851
October 1999Do Scientists Pay to Be Scientists?
September 1999The Diffusion of Science-Driven Drug Discovery: Organizational Change in Pharmaceutical Research
with Iain Cockburn, Rebecca Henderson: w7359
January 1999Balancing Incentives: The Tension Between Basic and Applied Research
with Iain Cockburn, Rebecca Henderson: w6882
Patient Welfare and Patient Compliance: An Empirical Framework for Measuring the Benefits from Pharmaceutical Innovation
with Paul Ellickson, Manuel Trajtenberg: w6890
December 1998Empirical Implications of Physician Authority in Pharmaceutical Decisionmaking
with Manuel Trajtenberg: w6851
June 1998The Adoption and Impact of Advanced Emergency Response Services
with Susan Athey: w6595
An Empirical Framework for Testing Theories About Complimentarity in Organizational Design
with Susan Athey: w6600
August 1996Market Segmentation and the Sources of Rents from Innovation: Personal Computers in the Late 1980's
with Timothy F. Bresnahan, Manuel Trajtenberg: w5726

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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