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December 2013Capital Reallocation and Aggregate Productivity
with Immo Schott: w19715
September 2013Household Finance: Education, Permanent Income and Portfolio Choice
with Guozhong Zhu: w19455
August 2013Costly Labor Adjustment: General Equilibrium Effects of China's Employment Regulations
with Guan Gong, Ping Yan: w19324
Government Debt and Banking Fragility: The Spreading of Strategic Uncertainty
with Kalin Nikolov: w19278
June 2013Deposit Insurance and Orderly Liquidation without Commitment: Can we Sleep Well?
with Hubert Kempf: w19132
September 2012Fragile Debt and the Credible Sharing of Strategic Uncertainty
March 2012Costly Labor Adjustment: Effects of China's Employment Regulations
with Guan Gong, Ping Yan: w17948
Exit from a Monetary Union through Euroization: Discipline without Chaos
April 2011Consumption Smoothing and Portfolio Rebalancing: The Effects of Adjustment Costs
with Yosef Bonaparte, Guozhong Zhu: w16957
January 2011Deposit Insurance Without Commitment: Wall St. Versus Main St
with Hubert Kempf: w16752
October 2010Dynamic Labor Demand in China: Public and Private Objectives
with Guan Gong, Ping Yan: w16498
May 2010Rationalizing Trading Frequency and Returns
with Yosef Bonaparte: w16022
January 2010Euler-Equation Estimation for Discrete Choice Models: A Capital Accumulation Application
with John C. Haltiwanger, Jonathan L. Willis: w15675
August 2009Costly Portfolio Adjustment
with Yosef Bonaparte: w15227
July 2009Insulation Impossible: Fiscal Spillovers in a Monetary Union
with Hubert Kempf, Dan Peled: w15176
May 2007Implications of Search Frictions: Matching Aggregate and Establishment-level Observations
with John Haltiwanger, Jonathan L. Willis: w13115
October 2005Is It Is or Is It Ain't My Obligation? Regional Debt in a Fiscal Federation
with Hubert Kempf, Dan Peled: w11655
February 2004Dynamics of Labor Demand: Evidence from Plant-level Observations and Aggregate Implications
with John C. Haltiwanger, Jonathan Willis: w10297
January 2004Is it is or is it Ain't my Obligation? Regional Debt in Monetary Unions
with Hubert Kempf, Dan Peled: w10239
October 2003The Cost of Labor Adjustment: Inferences from the Gap
with Jonathan Willis: w10006
May 2002Estimation and Identification of Structural Parameters in the Presence of Multiple Equilibria
October 2001The Economics of Labor Adjustment: Mind the Gap
with Jonathan L. Willis: w8527
March 2001Exhuming Q: Market Power vs. Capital Market Imperfections
with Joao Ejarque: w8182
September 2000On the Nature of Capital Adjustment Costs
with John C. Haltiwanger: w7925
July 2000The Dynamics of Car Sales: A Discrete Choice Approach
with Jerome Adda: w7785
March 2000Designing Stabilization Policy in a Monetary Union
with Hubert Kempf: w7607
January 1999Learning by Doing and Aggregate Fluctuations
with Alok Johri: w6898
November 1998Establishing a Monetary Union
with Hubert Kempf: w6791
July 1997Financial Fragility and the Great Depression
with Dean Corbae: w6094
May 1997Balladurette and Juppette: A Discrete Analysis of Scrapping Subsidies
with Jerome Adda: w6048
April 1997Business Cycles: Theory, Evidence and Implications
July 1996Dynamic Complementarities: A Quantitative Analysis
with Alok Johri: w5691
September 1995Machine Replacement and the Business Cycle: Lumps and Bumps
with John Haltiwanger, Laura Power: w5260
May 1995Financial Intermediation and The Great Depression: A Multiple Equilibrium Interpretation
with Joao Ejarque: w5130
August 1994Financial Intermediation and Aggregate Fluctuations: A Quantative Analysis
with Joao Ejarque: w4819
March 1994Autos and the National Industrial Recovery Act: Evidence on Industry Complementarities
with John Haltiwanger: w4100
December 1993Participation Dynamics: Sunspots and Cycles
with Satyajit Chatterjee, B. Ravikumar: w3438
Entry and Exit, Product Variety and the Business Cycle
with Satyajit Chatterjee: w4562
Evidence on Macroeconomic Complementarities
with John Haltiwanger: w4577
June 1993The Aggregate Implications of Machine Replacement: Theory and Evidence
with John Haltiwanger: w3552
March 1993Macroeconomic Implications of Production Bunching
with John C. Haltiwanger: w2976
November 1991Bank Runs: Liquidity and Incentives
with Thomas W. Ross: w3921
July 1990Inventories and the Propagation of Sectoral Shocks
with John C. Haltiwanger: w2425
March 1989Sharing Some Thoughts on Weitzman's The Share Economy
September 1987Dynamic Behavior of Imperfectly Competitive Economies with Multiple Equilibria
October 1986Optimal Labor Contracts, Imperfect Competition and Underemployment Equilibria: A Framework for Analysis

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