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January 2017Supply-Side Drug Policy in the Presence of Substitutes: Evidence from the Introduction of Abuse-Deterrent Opioids
with Abby Alpert, David Powell: w23031
July 2015Do Medical Marijuana Laws Reduce Addictions and Deaths Related to Pain Killers?
with David Powell, Mireille Jacobson: w21345
April 2015How Increasing Medical Access to Opioids Contributes to the Opioid Epidemic: Evidence from Medicare Part D
with David Powell, Erin Taylor: w21072
August 2013Assessing the Effects of Medical Marijuana Laws on Marijuana and Alcohol Use: The Devil is in the Details
with David Powell, Paul Heaton, Eric L. Sevigny: w19302

Published: Assessing the Effects of Medical Marijuana Laws on Marijuana Use: The Devil is in the Details Rosalie L. Pacula, David Powell, Paul Heaton andEric L. Sevigny Article first published online: 20 OCT 2014 Journal of Policy Analysis and Management Volume 34, Issue 1, pages 7–31, Winter 2015

June 2013Economic Downturns and Substance Abuse Treatment: Evidence from Admissions Data
with Johanna Catherine Maclean, Jonathan H. Cantor: w19115
November 2012Does Mandatory Diversion to Drug Treatment Eliminate Racial Disparities in the Incarceration of Drug Offenders? An Examination of California's Proposition 36
with Nancy Nicosia, John M. MacDonald: w18518
June 2012An Alternative Framework for Empirically Measuring the Size of Counterfeit Markets
with Srikanth Kadiyala, Priscillia Hunt, Alessandro Malchiodi: w18171
May 2009A Search-Theoretic Model of the Retail Market for Illicit Drugs
with Manolis Galenianos, Nicola Persico: w14980

Published: Manolis Galenianos & Rosalie Liccardo Pacula & Nicola Persico, 2012. "A Search-Theoretic Model of the Retail Market for Illicit Drugs," Review of Economic Studies, Oxford University Press, vol. 79(3), pages 1239-1269. citation courtesy of

August 2008Why the DEA STRIDE Data are Still Useful for Understanding Drug Markets
with Jeremy Arkes, Susan M. Paddock, Jonathan P. Caulkins, Peter Reuter: w14224
June 2008Marijuana Use and High School Dropout: The Influence of Unobservables
with Daniel F. McCaffrey, Bing Han, Phyllis Ellickson: w14102

Published: Marijuana Use and High School Dropout The Influence of Unobservables by Daniel F. McCaffrey, Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Bing Han, Phyllis L. Ellickson Save to My RAND Print Share Cover: Marijuana Use and High School Dropout Published In: Health Economics, v. 19, no. 11, Nov. 2010, p. 1281-1299

September 2007Risks and Prices: The Role of User Sanctions in Marijuana Markets
with Beau Kilmer, Michael Grossman, Frank J. Chaloupka: w13415

Published: Rosalie Liccardo Pacula & Beau Kilmer & Michael Grossman & Frank J. Chaloupka, 2010. "Risks and Prices: The Role of User Sanctions in Marijuana Markets," The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Berkeley Electronic Press, vol. 10(1). citation courtesy of

October 2003Marijuana and Crime: Is there a Connection Beyond Prohibition?
with Beau Kilmer: w10046
September 2003Does Marijuana Use Impair Human Capital Formation?
with Karen E. Ross, Jeanne Ringel: w9963
May 2003Marijuana Decriminalization: What does it mean in the United States?
with Jamie F. Chriqui, Joanna King: w9690
July 2001Alcohol and Marijuana Use Among College Students: Economic Complements or Substitutes?
with Jenny Williams, Frank J. Chaloupka, Henry Wechsler: w8401

Published: J. Williams & Rosalie Liccardo Pacula & Frank J. Chaloupka & Henry Wechsler, 2004. "Alcohol and marijuana use among college students: economic complements or substitutes?," Health Economics, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., vol. 13(9), pages 825-843. citation courtesy of

May 2000Marijuana and Youth
with M. Grossman, F. J. Chaloupka, P. M. O'Malley, L. Johnston, M. C. Farrelly: w7703

Published: Marijuana and Youth, Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Michael Grossman, Frank J. Chaloupka, Patrick M. O'Malley, Lloyd D. Johnston, Matthew C. Farrelly. in Risky Behavior among Youths: An Economic Analysis, Gruber. 2001

October 1999The Effectiveness of Workplace Drug Prevention Policies: Does 'Zero Tolerance' Work?
with Stephen L. Mehay: w7383
February 1999Do Higher Cigarette Prices Encourage Youth to Use Marijuana?
with Frank J. Chaloupka, Matthew C. Farrelly, Lloyd D. Johnston, Patrick M. O'Malley: w6939
The Effects of Prices and Policies on the Demand for Marijuana: Evidence from the National Household Surveys on Drug Abuse
with Matthew C. Farrelly, Jeremy W. Bray, Gary A. Zarkin, Brett W. Wendling: w6940
April 1998An Examination of Gender and Race Differences in Youth Smoking Responsiveness to Price and Tobacco Control Policies
with Frank J. Chaloupka: w6541

Published: Frank J Chaloupka and Rosalie Liccardo Pacula "Sex and race differences in young people's responsiveness to price and tobacco control policies," Tobacco Control 1999; 8: 373-377.

February 1998Does Spending on Medical Services Change as HMOs Grow and Mature?
with Patricia Born: w6423
January 1998Adolescent Alcohol and Marijuana Consumption: Is There Really a Gateway Effect?

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